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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • a 9-5 Aero with the touring package on Ebay. Did not recieve a single bid.

    Could it be that the new 9-3 is so good that the 9-5 Aero is being discounted on the scale of $6000 dollars and STILL not selling?

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Looking at a 9-5 and 9-3 sitting beside each other, I don't notice a lot of difference in size.
  • heard from a saab salesman that they are about to (or have) discounted the launch package $1000. and are offering a new incentive in addition to the 0 down, 0% apr for 36 months on 9-3's. if true, i'll join the "missed opportunity" discussion. anyone hear anything??? my salesman didn't return my call. IF Saab discounted an option package 3 weeks after the release of the car, would they rebate it to past buyers? how many of us can be out there??? I know, i'm dreaming. will check with my dealer in the morning.
    by the way. .several bmw owners in my lot have stopped me to check out my 9-3. they think its much bigger looking then their 3 series, and were shocked at the size of the trunk
    . I never heard of speakers "breaking in" either. the inside of a 9-5 seems bigger then the 9-3.
  • cb22cb22 Posts: 2
    I drove the new 9.3 last night. I give it high marks. Great feel for a smaller sedan. Most importantly, it was very comfortable to drive. I'm about 6'3, and there was more room in it than I have in the drivers seat of my Ford Explorer. Seats fit body well. Great acceleration - not much lag at all. Did not get a real good shot at it, as salesman was in passengers seat.

    Couple of questions, any ideas?
    - Will GM extend the term of 0% to 48 or 60 in the near future?

    - How long until more base models will show up on the lot? Right now they all seem to have all options, many of which, I'd rather not pay for. In my opinion, the car is sufficiently "loaded" at the base model.

    Thanks in advance to any responders.
  • Is the '02 I-4 turbo a higher quality / better engineered engine than that in the new '03? Is its also used in a Saturn? Where did Saab source the I-4 that went into the Viggen?

    Should I look for an '02 instead?

    Thanks, John
  • Yes, I was quoted 29,794 excluding the 1000 rebate (w/your own financing). The total being 28,794.
    The car has Launch, heated seats, 17 inch wheels (swapped) and auto. Non-metallic color.
  • To start, I had the fader set 100% to the rear speakers w/the bass turned all the way up. There is no way "breaking them in" is going to produce bass a month later. There is no bass from the rear. I wrote to Saab asking for the specs on the system. Another dealer told me that the 300 watt system is substantially more. You're right, upgrading the rear speakers may not do a thing. Right now, there are not many options an replacing the stereo with a non-factory item would make for silly-looking aesthetics on the dash. I still don't understand how this could be overlooked or passed up. There are cars which price at 20k with better stock systems...
  • I to thought the stereo was weak but after a few weeks it has inproved or i have gotten used to it..the best way to describe my exp with the system is that the sound feels far away from the dont feel the music all around you..maybe its the location of the not an expert but i have adjusted it almost every time in the car and i think i have found the right pitch from the speakers...has any one asked the dealer if the 300 watt/13 speaker set up that will be on the arc/vector can be upgraded on the linear? How much?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Speakers do need to break in. The surrounds become more flexible and the woofer will have greater excursion once it is broken in.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Bass, Bass, Bass...You guys need to try salmon!
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    When do the Arc and Vector become available in the states?

    cb22, I'm too looking for a more lightly equipped 9-3. The touring package and maybe heated seats are really all I want.
  • I asked question about the $1000 launch package discount. Got answer from them. They said the discount comes from Saab and only give away when the dealer sell certain amount of car w/ launch package. So hopely the car we buy from dealer which sell lots of car. But we can get $1000 cut if we have our own car loan.
    Also thanks sander1228 to answer my question.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    So dealers who sell a certain number of 9-3s with the luanch package can give you a $1000 discount? I might consider one with the launch package if this is the case.
  • boy, this doesn't sound fair to those who helped those dealers sell 9-3's, and bought without a discount!
  • If it's a factory rebate then it doesn't affect them...
  • Does anyone know the color of the new photos of the 9-3 linear?
  • The I4 used in the 2003 Saab is different from previous models. It is now aluminum. Saab has always been known for producing great engines.
    It is not the exact same engine used in Saturns, that one is little bit smaller (87 cubic centimeters), and not turbocharged.

    The Saabs also have the Trionic engine management system which is far superior to the Saturn engine management. The 2003 Trionic-8 is better than the Trionic used in the 2002 model (as far as I know, don't have specific details, for some reason Saab won't tell me their secrets)

    The 2.3 turbo I4 is found in the Saab 9-5, it was rated to 230 hp in the Viggen, 250 hp in the 9-5 Aero and 185 hp in the 9-5 Linear for 2002.

    If you are looking to buy a Saab the 2003 9-3 is the one to go for. Go drive both model years and see for yourself.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Been told Arc and Vector will be at dealers late February or early March...
  • I picked up my new Laser Red 2003 9-3 Friday afternoon. Vehicle is equipped with Launch, Touring Package, heated (grey leather) seats and 16 in. wheels. As all reviews are somewhat subjective, FYI, my point of reference is my prior vehicle, a 1999 Audi A-4 2.8L 6Cyl Quattro.
    First impression upon seeing car waiting for me at dealership is that the 9-3 in Laser Red really kicks Butt! What a great looking car!
    I was so excited about this car that I had trouble sleeping Friday night(and I'm not a kid anymore, I'm 47 years old!).
    Anyway, after running around in the rain all weekend, here are my first impressions:
    Fit and finish on exterior is excellent. Vehicle seems to be well engineered and put together. Fit and finish on interior is also excellent, though not quite up to Audi standards. Although I'm certainly not disappointed, there are a few minor "nits". I wish there were more "soft touch" surfaces, such as top of dash, etc. These are currently made out of a hard plastic material. To the right of the parking brake lever, there is an odd plastic cover that can be removed and replaced if you purchase an optional CD or cup holder. This particular piece seems cheap. Overall though, interior is a nice place to be. Dash layout is very cool and aircraft-like. Guages are well laid out, clear and readable. They glow a soft green, much better than the Audi's red.
    The "Infotainment" center (stereo) is not really bad at all. Even though there have been a number of complaints on this board, I'd rate it less than great, but certainly not bad. All the bass is generated up front. The rear speakers in the rear deck are small and produce no bass. Overall, the sound is good. I have no great urge to upgrade it. It's not quite up to the Audi's system, but not that far behind either. Plus, it does more, such as traffic reports, integration with On Star, etc.
    The seats are far superior to the German seats. You tend to sit "on" the Audi seats, whereas the Saab seats seem to embrace you. They are great.
    The 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine is unbelievable. This motor produces a lot of low end torque and seems to be willing to rev as high as you're willing to go. This engine is smooth as silk and very quiet. Until you get used to the clutch, turn the stereo off! Honda is always cited for their eerily smooth "sewing machine-like" engines, but I'd put this engine up against the best they have to offer any day. This is a great engine. I think it's better than the 6 in the Audi and seems to have more low end urge and better gas mileage to boot. This car is faster than the Audi (and the Audi has a 5 cylinder).
    The handling of this car is excellent. Again, I really think it outhandles the Audi. It seems to be more nimble and it corners flatter. (This with the 16-in wheels...don't waste your money on the 17's, particularly if you live where there is snow...)
    The 5 speed manual is an excellent trans. It shifts smoothly and surely. Clutch takeup is progressive and among the best I've driven.
    So far, there have been no surprises or glitches to ruin my new-car fun. The only negative has been the fact that the extra remote (Saab-speak for "key") is missing the Saab emblem. Dealer promised to make good...The only other oddities are that the dealer is not sure about the service intervals, as the vehicle incorporates algorythms to tell you when it is due. But, they were clear about the 30 day service where they check a bunch of stuff. Saab recommends 0-W -30 oil, which I found strange, never having heard of it before this car. They recommend 90 octane gas.
    So, overall, I'm still ecstatic about this car and would recommend it to anyone wanting a sport sedan. I think this is a great value.
    Well, I'm glad that Edmunds doesn't limit space on these posts, as I surely have used up my fair share. I'll be checking back to see what you all think, and I'll post an update after I have some more experience under my belt.
    ---*** Mooselook ***---
  • Audi has a 6 cylinder, not a 5. The "5" key is a little too close to the "6" key!!
  • Also, the Saab has 2.2 four-cylinder, not a 2.0... but that's a small error :)
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Congrats on the new wheels. Sounds like you are happy with your car.

    Keep up updated, it's much appreciated.
  • Isn't it 1988 cc (121 cu in)?
    Which is the same as recent model 2.0 liter engines. Based on the 1985 cc engine that debuted in 1972, maybe?

    I've only seen one report (velocity journal) of it being 2171 cc (and I'm pretty sure they are wrong).
  • For all you owners,

    How does the car feel and handle on gravel roads?

    My 2001 is decent, the steering feedback gets interesting when going 50 mph in gravel. I feel that rear end wants to swing around on you at any moment. Odd because I haven't felt it in other fwd cars (with less steering feedback) until a bit faster. By no means a rallye car.
  • jdisanjdisan Posts: 28
    Just test drove (again) the G35 and the Saab...these are two cars that on paper easily lead you to the G35. But, the reason I test drove these two twice, and nearly 30 days apart, is that it allowed me to get a feeling for what car you will want to live with. The first look and drive are always exciting and you end up wanting to buy the car you just drove. Don't do it if you can, and take a step back. I was nearly ready to order the G35 with a 6 speed when the back to back drives made it clear that the Saab will be my choice (albeit the ARC/Vector when introduced in March-According the the Dealer). Infiniti -while fast as hell and fun to drive-does not have any "soul". The interior is nothing special and you do not feel any attachment to the car (emotional that is) when driving. Physically it is great - and looks good from the outside..but when inside you feel as though you are in a high end (at the time) 1995 Japanese sedan.

    The Saab, on the other hand, I noticed after spending more time in actually want to spend more time in it. You wear this car like a fine tailored suit. Similar feel to my old Audi A4 and current Audi A6 Turbo. No the interior is not as high quality as the Audi's, but its pretty close and SEVERAL notches above the G35. Plus the cockpit style dash is great without being as overpowering as it is in the 9-5. It is also full of the latest 2003 technology - its all around you. Maybe you won't use much of it, but if I am buying a new car I want the very latest tech - BMW and Audi are great at providing this..Infinity falls way short (there was not even a simple trip computer). I also drove the new Audi A4 and while a wonderful car, is simply a smaller version of the A6 I currently drive (the A6 came out first and then new A4 is a mirror image inside and out but on a reduced scale.) So while a great car - nothing new there to excite (the 3.0 is also several thow more than the 9-3, the 1.8t can't compete in performace)

    The other thing I will do, when it comes time to call the internet sales guy and conduct the trasaction over the phone. When I went in to look at the 9-3, the Saab dealer tried desperately to sell me a Saab 9-5 Aero - to the point of telling me that the new 9-3 "made him cry" when it came out. He also said it was a dresssed up Honda and not worth the money and that the 9-5 is the only true Saab, and that the 9-3 felt as though it would snap in half when hit (this was during the test drive!). This guy should be fired. Joke. I drove the 9-5 at his beckoning and while fast, I can see why it always finishes in the middle of the pack against the competition. It's that type of car. Very good - not great.

    Oh, I did learn that because of the On-star scew up on the 9-3, they will be giving two years for free plus 200 minuets vs. one year when it becomes available.

    OK, one last point..besides the on-star thing noted above - ever notice that no matter what car you are buying--you always seem to know alot more about it than the salesman? Maybe they should visit their own web-site every now and again.
  • The new 9-3 has a 2.2, I don't know about the current one.
  • jdisanjdisan Posts: 28
    this should help clear things up on the engine specs..for the 2003 9-3.

  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Good points.

    That salesperson is a joke! The new 9-3 is clearly going to steal sales from the 9-5.

    Most likely GM and the dealership have given the salespeople all sorts of incentives to move the 9-5. The 9-3 is selling itself, so the salesperson won't get anything over the basic commission.

    The fleet salespeople have to get on the phone and move the 9-5s en masse to the corporate buyers and the rental agencies. Until the new 9-5 comes out, the only 9-5 that will sell in any numbers to individual buyers will be the wagon.

    In the meantime, the salesperson better get used to the fact that a lot of people think the new 9-3 is what Saab is all about.
  • jdisanjdisan Posts: 28
    this should help clear things up on the engine specs..for the 2003 9-3.

  • sorry guys there is one thing I forgot
    The european spec engines are:
    1.8 liter turbo (110 kiloWatt)
    2.0 liter turbo (129 kiloWatt)
    2.0 liter Turbo (154 kiloWatt)
    and of course
    2.2 liter turbo injected diesel (92 kiloWatt)

    If you really want to know 1 kiloWatt = 1.34 horsepower (well close to it)
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