Ford Expedition Prices Paid and Buying Experience

shand32783shand32783 Member Posts: 76
2001 EB w/ 2nd row captains,reverse sensors,heated seats,skid plates,moonroof,leveling/side air bags/ a whoping 36,900.. Did I do OK?


  • bodymanbodyman Member Posts: 23
    $38,330 before discounts. By the time I got my various discounts and rebate, $29,564 got me a 2002 2WD E.B. with the moonroof. Too good to pass up.
  • bornzobornzo Member Posts: 19
    new 2001 XLT w/sports pkg, comfort & conv. pkg, sunroof, cd changer, limited slip, 4x4, I paid $32,500 out the door with extended warranty. I think this was not too bad.
  • moomartinmoomartin Member Posts: 1
    Where do you reside? Not CA? We are looking at a 2002 4x 2 E.B. with everthing but the 5.4L engine for 39,700. W/$2000 rebate I hope out the door in CA it's $37,000. The TMV is $36,863, so I maybe wishful. Seems shand,body and bornzo did fine.
  • shand32783shand32783 Member Posts: 76
    I live in WA state. I honestly feel that you should be able to get that car WITH the 5.4 for about the price your at now. A couple of suggestions. I would try You put in all the specs and a price and if it's accepted youwin. And you can put in a lower price and maybe even get a better deal.
    What I did was Email about 15 different dealerships. Tell them you want blah blah blah...What color you want. If they have it in stock and ask what they want for it. Let them know that you know what a fair market price for the vehicle is and that you've done your homework. What works best is if you have all the email addresses do it at once or cc to all dealerships so they know they are going to have to fight for your buisness. I did that and had 8 dealerships email me back the same day. It was actually kinda funny. And when the prices come back. let them know dealer X has it for this price and see if they can beat. Go around and around until you feel like you got a steal of a deal. My MSRP on mine w/ delivery was $44,665.00 and I paid 36,900 I have the actually dealer invoice in hand and that was $37491. I walked away feeling like I got the best deal in the world. I was so happy. And thats how you should be able to walk out of the dealership. All haggling was done through email or over the phone. I didnt have to goto all the dealerships. It was awesome. Let me know what you finnaly get and for how much. Am very interested. 1 other positive you have is the 2003 is coming out soon and they are gonna wanna move the 2002's. Good Luck
  • shand32783shand32783 Member Posts: 76
    also Just to let you know TMV on the 2002 EB W/4X4 and 5.4 engine is $37,394 thats NOT INCLUDING the $2000 discount. So you should be able to get the Full monty for about$35,500 or so + options. You should be able to get a steal of a deal.
  • shand32783shand32783 Member Posts: 76
    Just wondering what people are paying for there 2002 Expy's.What do you have on them? Xlt's or EB's...and so on =)
  • giridgirid Member Posts: 19
    I am getting a 2002 brand-new EB 5.4V, with Rear TV/VCP for $29000+TTL (total discount of $10,700). Unbelievable, but at least 3 dealers have close to this price. I really am waiting for the 2003, does anyone know what they will go for? I am wondering if I should just settle for the 2002 version for that kind of price. Any thoughts?
  • pantherburnpantherburn Member Posts: 15

    Curious, what is the sticker price? $39,700 ? Is that with second row captain's chairs? Moonroof? I'm in the market also, and that sounds like a very attractive deal. I'm on the fence as to whether to hold out for (anticipated) increased rebates on the 2002's or buy now. I like the new features advertised on the '03's, but am hesitant on purchasing a 1st run new model year. TIA
  • giridgirid Member Posts: 19
    I think it is $39K odd MSRP. No 2nd row captains or moonroof. I am waiting for the '03 model, and I don't mind buying a 1st run but am apprehensive whether it will sell closer to the MSRP than the invoice, whaddaya think?
  • pantherburnpantherburn Member Posts: 15

    I would expect it to hold close to MSRP until '02's are blown through the pipeline. I'm looking for a $5000 rebate to be offered on the '02's when the 2003's are released. Maybe wishful thinking, but I've got a feeling...

    BTW, I really want to see the 2003 and evaluate the independent rear suspension - which IMO results in the best improvement - the split folding 3rd seat and increased leg room back there.

    My personal strategy is to wait and see then make a move on a 2002 probably, unless the 2003 is VERY significantly improved over the 2002. Comments ?
  • giridgirid Member Posts: 19
    May be you are correct -- but if 2003s sell close to MSRP, THEY WON'T SELL much, and Ford will be in a deeper hole. So I am hoping Ford will at least sell half way between MSRP and invoice. If not they can kiss my business goodbye -- Hello GMC Yukon XL, hehehe
  • pantherburnpantherburn Member Posts: 15
    Get ready for some sticker shock on a comparably equipped Yukon XL. I've had 3 suburbans, counting the one I have currently. In my experience, the 85 model was a POS, 93 model was superb, current 98 model is another POS. I'm dismayed with the lack of quality inherent in GM products vs. Ford/Lincoln. This is just my experience only - no flames please! Your results may vary. Good Luck !
  • cloudpiercercloudpiercer Member Posts: 2
    I just paid 31500 for a loaded 2002 XLT 5.4L with leather and a moonroof package. It was invoice. I think I did good but not sure. Believe it or not it's better to take the rebate than the low financing. Did I do good?
  • ronz28ronz28 Member Posts: 1
    We paid $2500 under invoice at Covert Ford in Austin, TX. We verified the invoice using the Edumunds website. The $2,500 was the rebate and the dealer still makes money with the 3% holdbacks- about $1,000 but he pays financing costs out of that. I didn't see an advertising charge. The SUV is perfect and drives like we are floating on a cloud. We have the XLT with comfort and convenience group, sports package, leather seats and 6CD package.
  • permenjlpermenjl Member Posts: 5
    Just bought a black and tan '02 E.B. w/ 5.4L and tv/vcp with 21 miles. MSRP was $39,100. I took the $2500 rebate, $1500 loyalty rebate, $2040 cash back for engine and entertainment package, $500 rebate for being a CCA member, and dealer discounts. Total selling price was $27,600. Too good to pass up!
  • bodymanbodyman Member Posts: 23
    You killed 'em on that one. I got mine on one of the Ford employee purchase plans, and you did better than I did. That IS too good to pass up.
  • giridgirid Member Posts: 19
    For 2003 Ford expedition quotes? I am getting one for slightly less than $898 above invoice (for the options I want), and $131 below Edmunds TMV. Not one dealer quote from the ones I got was higher than 1400 above invoice. Unbelievable huh? Can anyone else share what they are getting (especially people that have already ordered)
    thanks in advance
  • giridgirid Member Posts: 19
    Bought 2003 Expy, EB 2WD for $250 below invoice price!!! Man this forum is D E A D!
  • DallavecchiaDallavecchia Member Posts: 3
    Girid, or anyone else that purchased 2003 Expy below/around invoice: can you share the dealer name?
  • giridgirid Member Posts: 19
    If so, that's a long ways, I bought from a dealer in Dallas, TX.
  • DallavecchiaDallavecchia Member Posts: 3
    Dallas is a long way. Anyone bought in CT/NY/NJ ?
  • kinkajoukinkajou Member Posts: 2
    Got almost fully loaded Eddie Bauer for $750 over invoice.
    My sister was in a big hurry otherwise I think we could have gotten it for less.
    Just e-mail the dealers in the area telling them what you want and how much over invoice they can sell it for.
  • rocky02rocky02 Member Posts: 1
    I Ordered 2003 Expedition EB fully loaded except for tire pressure monitoring not available yet. Dealer agree to sell for $44,000. Is that a good deal or what? Any comments?
  • mentor34mentor34 Member Posts: 60
    We would like to order a 2003 EB 4X4, most options, live in Madison, Wi. Anyone have any pricing data for this area or within 150 miles??
  • the5folksthe5folks Member Posts: 4
    I just found out from my company that I can buy a Ford on the X-Plan (since they are a fleet buyer of Fords). I am interested in the 2003 Expy Fx4. So I got my number and registered. Looking at the website, I find that I can purchase the car for the A-Plan price + 4% + $150. The question I have is: How do you figure out what the A-Plan price is? I understand that the A-Plan is what Ford employees can purchase the vehicle for. Also, can one generally find that the X-Plan price is better or worse than asking for individual bids through the this website.

    Thanx in advance for your help.
  • bodymanbodyman Member Posts: 23
    I purchased using the D plan, which is essentially the same price as the A plan. The A plan selling price is actually printed on the dealers invoice sheet. Your sales manager should be able to produce that sheet for you upon request. In my case, I E-mailed various dealers that I found on the internet. I chose a few within 100 miles, who had their inventories listed online. I explained the plan I wished to buy through, provided the VIN and/or stock numbers of vehicles I wanted quotes for, and got prompt replies from each of them. All were very cooperative. Hope my answer helps. Good luck.
  • the5folksthe5folks Member Posts: 4
    Bodyman, thanks for the reponse. Do you recollect how the A-plan price compared to the invoice price?
  • bodymanbodyman Member Posts: 23
    Roughly $2500 less, I believe. You also get to use any current rebates to further reduce the price. Using a combination of manufacturer sticker discounts, regional rebate offer, and the D plan, I ended up getting mine for around 9K under full sticker.
  • the5folksthe5folks Member Posts: 4
    Bodyman, are you saying the A-Plan is $2500 less than invoice or $2500 less than MSRP? If it is less than invoice, that is a GOOD DEAL! I appreciate your respones.
  • bodymanbodyman Member Posts: 23
    Invoice. I also did not have to pay the $700+ transportation fee.
  • glennbillingglennbilling Member Posts: 1
    I managed to get the Premium XLT with a 5.4L engine and a dealer installed DVD entertainment system for $37,000. This was less than the price that were quoting at $37,300 so I wasn't too upset. As I was re-leasing I also received a $1000 rebate from the lease company.

    The dealer tried to "fiddle" with the leasing figures to recover about $1000 extra profit for them but I had downloaded a demo version of the leasewizard software which allowed me to verify the accuracy of all of the numbers.

    Love the vehicle and would recommend to anyone.
  • ariderarider Member Posts: 1
    One of my best quotes from an Austin, TX dealer for a '03 Expy XLT 5.4L, 2WD w/ cloth capt. chair/console is X-plan priced at $30,800(which my employer qualifies me for)--the A-plan was noted at $29,400. Is this X-plan $ a good deal? even with the destination charge included? Anyone know what a "holdback" is?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    This explains what a holdback is.

    Dealer Holdback

  • robmonarobmona Member Posts: 1
    I just bought my new E.B. yesterday. I did all my negotiating over the internet.

    I payed Invoice for the car plus 233 for advertising( which I negotiated down from 370)

    Total sale price was: 34500+ TT&L

    I ended up getting better financing by telling the dealer my approved rate was better then it was...of coarse they beat it...LOL. So I shaved .50% off my Credit Union going w/ Rate 5.50 for 48mos.(Heck I had to get my advertising fee back)

    Hope this helps good luck.
  • timoatimoa Member Posts: 1
    Have A Plan purchase privledges, but was wonding if it was possible to improve the price which is calculated at 2% LESS than dealer cost....looking for a Michigan dealer to use...Thanks
  • jwd5460jwd5460 Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone bought a '03 EB in the Dallas area and gotten a good deal? If so, what did the deal look like and what dealer did you purchase from? Thanks. . .
  • euroteen2001euroteen2001 Member Posts: 1
    I was putting some options together to go with a 2003 2003 Ford Expedition Full size SUV
    Eddie Bauer 2WD 4dr SUV (4.6L 8cyl 4A), and I was wondering which price would he pay to buy the car. Invoice or MSRP. How much would that type with all but 3 option features costs? On the calculator it seems too high?? please e-mail me at euroteen20[email protected]
  • jlamourjlamour Member Posts: 2
    On 8/25 we bought the 2003 EB, 4x4- fully loaded, but with no DVD player- had the dealership install a sun roof and paid: $44K (Cash). After reading the other comments, I think I've just been hoodwinked by Fronteir Ford in N. Cal.
  • toolmanntoolmann Member Posts: 3
    I just bought a loaded one on the X-Plan. In addition to the plan pricing, I got the $1000 rebate plus got $2000 over the Blue Book "excellent" trade-in value for my '01 Explorer. On top of that, they had to move the truck in from another dealer to get my business. Just proves, they are really hungry to close the deals. You just have to hold your ground.
  • acarrenoacarreno Member Posts: 1
    can someone please tell me how I can use one of these plans to get a good deal on a 03 expedition. I have the X.-plan through my employer, but if there is a better plan out there I would like to find out more about it.
  • toolmanntoolmann Member Posts: 3
    I can tell you that A Plan is for Ford employees only
  • frankno1frankno1 Member Posts: 68
    2003 Wedgewood Blue, XLT 5.4L XLT, Cloth Captain Chair, 6 CD, 2wd, 3.73 Axle w/limited Slip, Class IV towing package,
    aux heater, & rear A/C, Keyless entry, Security anti-theft system, 17" wheels plus many more options. Total purchase price was $29707. Thought this was too good a deal to pass up. Does this sound okay.
  • davantdavant Member Posts: 294
    Frank, sounds like you got a good deal. Does that price include the $1,000 rebate or did you get it back? Depending on your zip code the rebate could be $1,500, a change as of Nov 4th.

    As long as you came close to invoice, (+/- a few hundred) you did fine. Financing can impact the price as dealers make money if they arrange it. Ford isn't offering any special percentage on this model.

    This next part is for those who are still thinking about it in the hopes they make the right (Ford) choice. The best aspect is driving & living with your Expie. We researched, test drove, and compared for months and consider the Eddie-B (ours has 5.4L, power 3rd row, side airbags), the best bargain and most capable large SUV on the market today.

    Here's what we think in the first 1,000 miles, I'm sure you'll grow to love yours even more: Common sense touches like speed sensitive wipers & adjustable speed increase audio, a huge console and a dash that doesn't feel like a space ship with a port hole. Mirrors that kick-down when backing up and a truly useful 'Dukes of Hazard' reverse warning system. More than adequate power (forget about the 4.6L), and acceptable mileage (17 combo C/H thus far). Solid feel, precise steering, outstanding non-rockin' & rollin' independent rear suspension (solid, refined, and compliant, very forgiving). Big cupholders everywhere, nifty second row sliding center seat perfect for infants/toddlers, good air back there not to mention a third row that wasn't an afterthought/strap-on and disappears in seconds.

    Here's why we didn't choose the others:

    GM/Chevy: All seem to have a squishy yet unforgiving (pothole=roller coaster) ride versus the Ford independent rear. If you like boating you'll love the GM yachts. If you're prone to sea-sickness take Dramamine before a test drive, really! Star Trek dash/window appeal and stupid seat belt mount locations (you'll see). Funky option packages that make a Chinese family-style dinner menu seem simple. 3rd row...well the kids will like it, until they grow thighs. Despite cosmetic changes they're old school (reciprocating ball steering, c'mon?). Buy the best value SUV, not just 0/0/0 financing.

    Toyota Sequoia (a Japanese word meaning we make plenty money?): Good vehicle, boring but dependable, small feeling 3rd row seats that have to be removed like GM but in pieces. Definitely over priced, good overall but a poor value.

    Navigator: Awesome but very pricey. Bells, whistles, and the factory that built them. We aren't rich and don't like the second row not having a center seat. If you like the Navi's config buy a minivan.

    Cadillac: Separate so I could point out it's everything GM is plus the Navigator touch, cha-ching!

    No, I don't work for Ford, never have, never will. I've owned a variety of vehicles in my 25 years of driving (not in a row, I stopped to sleep & pee, LOL), both US (Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Cadillac), and Japanese (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu). We are thrilled with ours and feel the Expedition is a spectacular package. It's just what Ford needs to boost it's large SUV share. Note: No animals were harmed in the creation of this vehicle, the cows used for seat leather died of natural causes, your mileage may vary, beefy battery is included.
  • chris202chris202 Member Posts: 3
    Am currently starting to price EB '03 Expedition in my area. I have the X plan through my employer. When obtaining a price (either via the internet or in person) do you identify yourself initially as a plan participant. If so, are you automatically locked into the "X plan" price or do dealers go lower than that? The reason why I ask is that I did visit a nearby dealership and once I identified myself as a plan participant, it didn't seem like the salesman was overly interested in selling a vehicle and included gas, destination charge and another surcharge in the estimated price. Would appreciate any advice. Also, generally when you obtain a quoted price,is that with or without the destination charge of $740? Is that generally negotiable? Thanks.
  • homebizhomebiz Member Posts: 5
    To get a price go to , enter the partner code supplied by your employer. If you click on pricing it will explain how it works. From that screen you can click on Ford Direct and you will be able to check local inventory and see the x-plan prices. These prices include destination charges. The dealers are not allowed to add on a lot of the bogus fees that they use to drive up their profit such as advertising fees,etc. X-Plan pricing is right about invoice, but dealers do get a holdback that ranges from 3% to 4.25%. You can find an explanation of holdback here on the Edmunds website. You may be able to do better than x-plan in certain areas if the dealers are anxious to make a deal but x-plan is still an excellent deal as is. Good Luck
  • chris202chris202 Member Posts: 3
    Homebiz, Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.
  • christophers1christophers1 Member Posts: 18
    I am not convinced that the x plan is the best way. I think it best to shop many dealers and see who is willing to give you the best deal.
    When x plan first happened I think it was a fair deal, now I think Ford and GM have bumped it up so it becomes kind of a no hassle sale.

    I think you can do better than xplan, especially now with F stock down.
    It never hurts to ask for A plan pricing and it should not bother you if they tell you no deal.
    Plenty of cars and dealers everywhere.

    EB 03 offered at 37354 +TTT.
    Sounds okay but I am seeking better.
  • brian125brian125 Member Posts: 5,243

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • chris202chris202 Member Posts: 3
    brian125, I am also looking in the NJ area and would like to have an idea of what a realistic price would be and/or good dealerships to work with. Just don't want to find out later that I could have gotten a much better deal.
    Christophers1, what EB 03 model/options did you get the $37,354 for? Thanks.
  • laz1laz1 Member Posts: 4
    Here in Dallas they're giving over 6000.00 discount on the XLT (with the 1500 rebate) and up to 7500 on the EB Expeditions. This are not just one unit..most dealers have a selection.

    As far as the X-plan, it's really very limited on Fords because most Ford dealerships give huge discounts on their cars already and you can't combined both the x-plan and take the dealers' own discounts. Exmp:

    Price of Expedition I'm trying to buy

    MSRP: 34075
    Rebate: -1500
    Dealer discount: -4576
    Final Price: 27999.00

    MSRP: 34075
    Rebate: -1500
    X-plan discount: -3899.00
    Price: 28676.00

    The only reason I have not bought the 03 Expedition is because of what they want to give me on my trade. Anyway, I'm going to the dealer tomorrow and try to get more for my trade. Just my .02. BTW, does anybody know if the middle seat on the 2nd row seats can come out. This would make it really easy for my kids to get to the back row without having to fold the side seat up.

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