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Ford Expedition Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The three rebates were all mentioned on the partners site at the time I bought mine - it was 4k+1k+1k all put together in a chart.
  • jim52jim52 Posts: 161
    I am looking to lease a Lincoln Navigator and the dealer is pushing Wearcare. Is this a good deal or is Ford typically very lenient at lease end?
  • estevesesteves Posts: 12
    Getting ready to make a deal on an 2003 EB Expedition 4x4. TBooth2 mentioned to make sure the last six of the VIN number starts with a "C".

    What's the purpose of this? Is there a certain build date to avoid?

    Also to test drive it at freeway speed and check for vehicle shake. How evident is this? Significant or you really have to be on a flat road, going straight and really listening?

    Anything else to look for?

    Vehicle comes with the following:

    Rear-seat DVD
    Advance Trac
    Climate Controlled Seats
    Airbag Canopy
    Power Rear-Fold Seats

  • tbooth2tbooth2 Posts: 33
    A,B,C revisions: A is early build, B is build date before 6/03, C is build date after 6/03. If you look at TSBs for "steering wheel shimmy" and others, you'll find that the fix is only indicated for vehicles built before 6/03 which tells me that whatever was defective has since been corrected or minimized with later builds. The vibration and shake will be fairly obvious. It's not a sound, it's a feel. If after asking for a balance and rotation of the tires before you buy and the symptoms still exist, put your purchase on hold and test drive another Expedition, a GMC Yukon/Denali, Tahoe, and/or a Toyota Sequoia, and if you feel a difference in the ride (especially through the steering wheel and gas pedal), then you might have a problem that will totally frustrate you when you go in to have it fixed (remember, you've already had the tires balanced and rotated, so if it's not that, then what is it?) PS - rear seat DVD is a great option and the canopy protection will make your insurance company happy. Power fold down seats? I guess it depends on how long you want to stand there and hold the button down - as far as I know, it's not one touch. Plus, if you have small children, it could be a safety hazard as it doesn't sense objects in its path. With mine, I just pull the handle up on mine, push, and poof - the seats are down. Hope you get a good one and enjoy!
  • estevesesteves Posts: 12
    Thanks for the information.

    Didn't have much of choice with the power fold seats. With it being end of October, not too many '03 out there with the options and color I wanted. Didn't really care for power fold seats, but oh well. It had all I wanted and the color I wanted, so I went with that. I'll check on the VIN. Thanks for the info.
  • estevesesteves Posts: 12
    Okay, it looks like an A build. So, your post seems to indicate that A and B builds are the ones that have a TSB out for them and only the C builds don't have a TSB or are you saying that ONLY those with the letter B is the last six digits of the VIN get the TSB.

    What does A build mean? Early build, meaning built in 2002?
  • tbooth2tbooth2 Posts: 33
    A build (Aug-Sept 2002), B build (around Feb. 2003) and C build beginning of June 2003. Hope this helps - these are not exacts, but they at least give you an idea. I have friendsand neighbors who have "A" builds and have no problems whatsoever, but as I stated before, you want to improve your chances of being a happy Expy owner hence the reason you want to do as much research as possible. I thought I did and got unlucky.
  • estevesesteves Posts: 12
    I was also told that with regardsto the Rear Seat DVD option, A Builds did not receive wireless headsets because those DVDs did not have wireless ports built into the monitors and people with A builds got WIRED headsets. While B & C builds got the wireless headsets.

    Anyone confirm this?
  • tbooth2tbooth2 Posts: 33
    As far as I can tell, that's true. When I first looked at Expys when they came out, the dealer was really pushing the aftermarker DVD due to the fact it was "wireless" and factory was not. Then when I bought this summer (mine was Feb. 03 "B" build), mine is wireless. If you buy, make sure the dealer doesn't pull a switcheroo on you and give you the old DVD system. I've heard of that happening.
  • Dealers in New England insist on $405 Ford Adv. fee built into invoice. That said, 3 area dealers agreed to a 2004 EB Expedition with moon roof, heat/cool seats, DVD, safety canopy, second row captains chairs, limited slip rear axle, tow package, and power fold third seat for $300 below invoice (plus I get the $2000 rebate). Due to a dealer quote error, I will not be charged for the tow package. My net price before deducting the rebate is $41,887.50 (includes destination but not tax). The dealer gets 100% of their 3% hold back of MSRP plus as a blue oval dealer they get 1.25% of invoice from Ford. Two of the three dealers low balled my trade in then matched my best trade in offer. I started the process with 12 emails to area dealers requesting the vehicle at invoice before stepping into the showroom. The dealer is also matching a 4.09% local interest rate.
  • Amcurrnan, nice job. I'm curious though. Procedurally, after asking for a quote at invoice, how did you get a lower figure? Did you have a second round of solicited bids? How did you establish your legitimacy, sight unseen, to get such good responses? Anyone in the New England area not responsive to email type rfq's or game players? Who was the lucky guy that got a chance to make 5.25% (and even more if he had a spiff on the financing) on a 41K invoice (do the math: that's much better than any bond, even a junk bond, pays)?
  • Currently there is a $4000 rebate for the Expedition.

    I was also told by a Fleet Sales Manager that there is a $500 rebate as well and the total rebate should be $4500.

    Does anyone know where the $500 rebate comes from and how to get it?
  • After initial Email responses from dealers regarding 04 Expedition at invoice I sent out new emails asking for a reasonable yet more competitive bid as I had 3 dealers at the same price point (invoice). The strategy resulted in 3 more offers from $100 - $200 below invoice. I then sent out a final email asking for $300 below invoice and all three dealers agreed. Establishing legitamcy was easy. I gave the dealers my home phone number and a timeline (3 weeks) as to when I was going complete my research and purchase. Their loan rate was based on a $8000-$9000 note as I elected not to pull the needed funds from a 401K loan (too lucrative lately). The selected dealer was initially advised that I was securing my own financing. I just agreed to let them compete on financing after I got my best local rate. The dealer I worked with is fairly sizeable for our area and is located in Agawam, Massachusetts.
  • Thanks for the info. I'm still intrigued by your no sweat approach: how did you get the email addreses? Is there a public list of email addresses for Ford dealers?

    In re-reading your specs, I was struck by how close they were to a Navigator and so I wondered why you didn't consider a Nav. Is it that perhaps Lincoln dealers don't wheel and deal as much as Ford stores so not only would the MSRP be higher but perhaps the discount less?
  • For Ford dealer email addresses go to and click on dealerships/locate a dealer. Plug in your zip code for a local dealer search. Click on the dealer name and the next pop up has a "contact us" bar for email. I ruled out the navigator for many reasons. There is a ford dealer within 1/2 mile from my office (service), the Navigator was more expensive, and I prefer the aesthetics of the Expedition. The 2003 Navigator program vehicles I tested had the auto lift gate feature. I am 5'8" and hit my head on the ceiling while seated in the third row of the Navigator. The Expedition does not offer the auto liftgate feature and the dealer thought the reduction in ceiling height of the Navigator was due to the lift gate motor. I am not sure if this is true but I know the ceiling height of the Navigator (third row) was reduced due to the differently contoured ceiling. I believe the 2004 Navigator has a better rebate ($2500) than the 2004 Expedition and the Lincoln dealers get 2% MSRP holdback and 2.5% of invoice from Lincoln (high volume dealers).
  • Found a great deal and took it. 04' Eddie Bauer 4x2, 4.6L with only extra option of 3.73 Limited Slip Diff. Brand New with 10miles in it.
    Paid $31,500 not including tax/tags/transfer. That price did include the Destination Fee and $100 Doc Fee.
    I still cannot believe how little they sold it for. I know that the 4x2 with 4.6L is not the most desirable but I paid less than i would have for an Explorer and it has all the standard options of the Eddie Bauer!!
  • I am in the market now for a full size SUV. I am in Austin TX and will use it mostly for highway trips and around town. 2WD is all I need. However, I currently drive a Nissan frontier and I know rwd can be scary when road is wet. Can you experts help me decide on which feature do I need, limited slip differential or the Electronic stability control system? Looks like it is only available one or the other.

    BTW, Do you think invoice+100-rebate will be a fair deal for a 2004?

  • Just found a remaining 03 XLT. Smaller V8, Leather and a couple other options bringing the MSRP to 38635.00 What is a good price for this vehicle? MFG rebate is $4500.

    Please tell me if my thoughts are out of line. I think a fair offer would be:

    Invoice ($34270) less rebate ($4500) less $1000 for a grand total of $28870.

    The extra 1000 gives me a total of $3000 discount compared to a similar equipped 04 model.

    Your opinions are appreciated
  • Did my homework and got a great deal on a loaded '03 demo w/ 8K miles on it.

    My mistake was not being prepared for the ESP programs. Ended up paying $2,000 for ExtraCare ESP for 6yr/100,000 with 100% refund available if no claims are made. Also paid $1,595 for the 4yr/60,000 QualityCare Maintenance plan.

    I have 30 days to cancel these contracts and get the refund against my loan. What have others paid for these contracts? (I do need some extended contract as I am a "buy & keep" kind of owner. Typically keep vehicles past 100k mileage.)
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I would really ditch the 1600 maintenance plan. There is no way you should spend that much on maintenance in 60k. Check edmunds maintenance guide and add it up. If you spend more than 400/yr on maintenance just to break even.
  • WAS 31070 out the door !!! no bs with 10 miles. if u live if fla , it is worth checking out brandon ford
  • corpuscorpus Posts: 37
    I drove home a 2003 Fx4 with leather and 6-disc CD today. My price was $29,445 plus $50 doc. fee plus TTL. I started at invoice ($35,656), subtracted the $4,000 rebate, then subtracted 33 cents/mile (6700 miles). The check I wrote was $31,400 with TT&L (6.25% tax).

    On the way home I realized why I've been happy with my 1994 Suburban for ten years and 120,000 very hard miles (towing, off road). It still is more comfortable than the Expedition on the road. You can really feel the road in the Expedition, which is why I thought I liked it around town--very stiff feeling and responsive. I won't look forward to road trips in this vehicle.

    I fell for the convenience of the third row seat folding down, the independent rear suspension, and the good looks. We'll see how much I get used to it.
  • Greetings,

    After working with several local dealerships for an '04 E.B., I picked up my white, 5.4l with climate control package, power 3rd row seat, and rear seat DVD from John Bleakley Ford, in Atlanta area, this past Friday. Price was $33.5k and change. They treated me well, and got my business.

    I did a combination of internet and face to face dealing with other dealers, plus a LOT of searching via FordDirect for a vehicle with the options I wanted. A caveat on FordDirect; what they say a dealers has and what a dealer actually has can sometimes mismatch. I found one vehicle with exactly what I wanted, but with I checked the dealership, the vehicle with the same VIN# had more factory options (we are talking about computer data entry here, after all...).

    Serious searching/negotiating took a week, and I learned some new tricks. Check my post in the Expedition Trade-in board, where I talk about my CarMax experience.

    Overall, I had a good time, and got what I wanted for my price.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    A tv reporter is looking to interview a recent carbuyer who had to sign an arbitration contract at the dealership. Please respond to or by 12/12/03 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your experience.
    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director


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  • Kristie,

    How would I know if I signed one? I just got a new expy last Friday.

  • In the market for the following Eddie Bauer Expy with the following options. Please let me know what the lowest price I should expect to pay... your help is greatly appreciated.

    2004 4X4 EDDIE BAUER
    Price Information MSRP
    Key Standard Equipment
    Optional Equipment
    2004 MODEL YEAR
    .5.4L EFI V8 ENGINE
    .P265/70R-17 OWL ALL-TERRAIN
    TOTAL MSRP $49,670
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Check the True Market Value for starters. Then try to beat it :-)

    Steve, Host
  • corpuscorpus Posts: 37
    I posted above that the Expedition was not comfortable on the road. I have since learned that the ContiTrac tires are to blame. I had the dealer balance them, to no avail. He then agreed to pay $250 towards replacing them.

    I am now on Cooper Discoverer AT LT265/70/17's, with a noticeable improvement on the road. The steering wheel was vibrating before with the ContiTrac's, because they couldn't get them into balance. Now it is smooth as silk. The Cooper's were $575 with tax, mounted and balanced. Money well spent.
  • I currently own a 99 Expedition and am in the process of purchasing a 04’. I just started reading the posts on this site and I am getting nervous with what I am hearing about the vibrations and the body clad rattles. I can’t find what I want on the dealer lot so I will be ordering one, the problem is that I won’t know the VIN until after I order the car and I will not have the opportunity to test drive it.
    Any advice you can give me regarding the “shacking” would be appreciated
  • The VIN specific issues were the '03. I haven't seen any mention of '04 specific VIN information.
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