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Ford Expedition Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • If I were you....I'd offer them 29 and go from there. Also, look in your local paper to see if other dealers are offering specials. take the ad with you and stick it in their face.


    again, I got 12.5k off of a sticker that was 7k less than yours.


    work 'em hard...they'd luv to sell by 12/31
  • I picked up my '04 EB this evening.


    I was not able to do as good as the rest of you you seem to have done, but after going around with 5 separate dealerships all were perfectly happy to let me walk out the door with offers at no more than $11.5k under sticker.
    some of these were even demos with 6000 miles and 7 months on the warranty clock.


    At the 6th dealer, The deal I finally got was a new '04 Eddie Bauer for $12,100 under an MSRP of $44,600, for a total selling price of $32,500. This includes the $5500 in rebates.


    I did get an offer of $13k under sticker for an EB with a list of $49,000. but it had more options than I needed.


    Congratulations for those who were able to get theirs at $15k under list.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I was browsing the inventory of 2005 Expeditions at my favorite dealer (whom I buy from since 1998) and since they list their inventory online I saw an Expedition 2005 (EB)and the sticker of the unit had a line reading Job 2. Does this mean that it is second production run?....all the others did not read anything....maybe someone, like ANT14 can shed some light on this...thanks in advance
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    here I go with a second posting....I hope for better luck in replies.......

    I am considering an EXPY 05 EB...any suggestions on prices or anyones expirience?....I will appreciate all suggestions...thanks
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    ....I hope for better luck in replies.......

    I am considering an EXPY 05 EB...any suggestions on price"


    Just go to the new car section and build an Expedition like the one you are looking at. Edmunds will give you a TMV to use as a guide. Remember that this board is for folks who recently bought or were quoted on a new Expedition. It's not a thread of Ford sales managers telling you what to buy the vehicle for. Every deal is different. Is your trade a desirable one? In other words, are you trading a Honda or a Kia? Is your trade paid off? Do you even have a trade? Is your credit outstanding or in a rebuilding period? Is it the 5th of the month or the 25th of the month? Is your dealer having a record sales month or is there dust settling on the inventory? Everyone's deal will be different. Don't rely on anyone here to tell you what you will be able to buy your new Expedition for. No matter what you pay for yours, someone here will have paid more and someone will have paid less. It's the nature of the beast that is car buying. Get the TMV and start from there. Good luck to you!
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Thanks for your reply, but I DO understand evrything that pointed out. I was looking for some feed back from people's expiriences...I did the EDMONDS TMV and yes it is very helpfull. You are also correct and I understand that NO ONE pays the same the price for the same vehicle. Thanks again
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,023
    You need to provide more details in order for folks to help you. What part of the country are you going to be purchasing in? What options & color are you after?



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  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I am in NJ...looking for amd Expy 05 Eddie Bauer..Estate Green,no DVD or Navigation system..butt warmer a must as well as reverse sensing system...anyone with ideas about are rebates running on leases...thanks all
  • I have not seen any posts in the last few weeks for prices paid on 2005 EB Exps, but here goes. I am looking at an EB with a list of $46360 and was offered $40716 - $3000 (rebates) = $37716. I was hoping to get this SUV for $34000 plus T & T leaving us $4000 apart. Has anybody out there received a deal on a similar truck close to the price I am willing to pay?
  • I checked the paper today and found Expedition EB's for $28,995 and $31k with NAV. They must really be hurtin to move these off the lot. $37k is waaay to much to pay.
  • Looking at a 2005 expedition limited 4x2. looks pretty loaded (nav.dvd moonroof etc..), the price on the window says 47,890. I live in so. california. this was the same dealership i bought my first one from. iasked the salesperson what he could do on the price, he says he would "work it out for me" VAGUE.......
    there arent any rebates on them right now, how much can I expect them to come down from the sticker price?
  • bixsterbixster Posts: 6
    Hello, thought i would seek some advice on what kind of price i should expect to pay for this 2004 NBX expy still sitting on the dealer floor this first week of March 2005. A short negotiation last week resulted in the dealer dropping 11,600 off of the 44,000 sticker price, but i was cool to the offer feeling i could get much better of a deal since the salesman had been hinting for an hour how badly the dealer needed to move this vehicle. Went back today and the vehicle still is sitting there. Another salesman indicated to me they needed to move this thing before the end of the month, so, i was planning on trying to negotiate for about 15,000 off of sticker and some free maintenance and extended warranty throw-ins as well as some tires for life. Just read an article in the local paper about how ford is in the midst of a ninth consecutive month of loss over last year's sales and that the dealers are overloaded with '05 inventory. Got me thinking i should be able to steal this thing from them. Any thoughts on a reasonable price to expect to pay as well as the freebies i might get? i live on the east coast in pennsylvania. Thanks in advance for the advice
  • wkohlerwkohler Posts: 74
    I would think you could do a lot better than the 11500; don't know about the 15000 though. Look for a data sticker on the drivers door and see when the vehicle was built. At the top of the sticker it should show a build date using month and year. i.e. 03 04. If it was built in 03, it's really been sitting around a long time and that should work in your favor. Also, ask the dealer (you may have to get a technicians input) if the vehicle has had the brake upgrade. Unless the vehicle has the upgraded brake pads you'll have to put up with a tremendous amount of brake dust and constantly dirty wheels. Not sure at what point in time the brakes were changed, but it was during the 04 build year.
  • bixsterbixster Posts: 6
    I did see the past posts regarding the brake dust and will surely point it out when i return to the dealer on monday. Thanks for the tip on the build date as well. My 15000 is a reach i know, but with 3 model 04's still sitting within his fences on the property, and the same 05's sitting there that were present a month ago, i thought why not shoot for the stars and take advantage of an obvious slow time and hopefully get him to edge closer to the 12,500 or 13,000 discount. With the news today that gas prices in our region are to be expected to rise to $2.50 a gallon for the summer, and with record losses for Ford it is certainly a buyer's market. Oh, one other thing, when i test drove this vehicle, the engine was loud, and i recently read an article that expanded on the new engine for 05 and that ford has "cast adrift" the 04 engine, i wandered if i might just want to stay away from the 04's obvious shortcomings that would lead them to change the engine? Thoughts? Thanks again.
  • Hey shopokane, I'm also shopping for '05 Expy's in SoCal, and I'm finding an average of about $5700 dealer discount, $3000 factory rebate (as of 3/1, it increased $1K), and $1500 FMCC bonus.

    For example, there's ten "ad cars" in today's LA Times for '05 Expy EB's with powerfold, MSRP $41,185, minus the $10,195 in discounts/rebates = $30,990.

    For reference, those Expy EB's would be $41,185 MSRP, $36,352 X-Plan ($4833 off), $35,490 Ad Price ($5695 off), and $34,810 A/Z Plan ($6375 off).

    At $5695 discount, that should be a few hundred back of invoice, so not a bad deal...
  • wkohlerwkohler Posts: 74
    Your right, you might as well "shoot for the stars", you never know. As for the 3V engines on the 05, I have never driven one, so don't know if the engine is any better or not. I know the HP went up to about 300 from 260 in the 03/04. Other web sites have indicated there is no appreciable difference in the driveability and fuel mileage is about the same. My expedition engine isn't loud unless accelerating aggresively. You indicated they have several other 04's on the lot. Drive one or two others and compare. Good luck!!
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Well, I just decided to go with the 05 Expi since the 06 Explorer (by looking at the Mountanier for 06) did not do much for me....I am NJ...and the deal that I got on EB 2005 Expi is $5k down and $325/monthly...the sticker price is $46280 and it has plenty of extra goodies....I will report how much off I got from sticker (my dealer always gives me invoice plus $100)...beside the $3500 in rebates...sounded pretty good to me....I am seeing them tomorrow and pick up the EXPI....
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    Sir, I only offer this for what it's worth -- a well established dealer here (who I bought by truck from) is offering Expeditions at $6000 BELOW INVOICE. I have no idea how they're doing that, but, as I say, there it is, FWIW. At that price, it must include every incentive ever created for mankind, some of which may not apply to you or I. I did notice that it includes FMCC financing, is for in stock units only, and excludes the limited edition. So there you go. With gas what it is, you should be able to bargain the heck out of these vehicles. Good luck, can't wait to see your deal.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Thanks for the info....I got an EXPI 2005 EB fully loaded sticker was $46280 (no dvd,no navigation) dealer gave me $41,200 (what I consider just invoice) and then $3500 from Ford rebates..with all due respect I can not imagine any dealer givin $6k below invoice....I actually got $3500 below the selling price,which in my case was below invoice....this dealer (a very large one) and I have done business with for the last 10 years...and I believe thay treat me fairly no gimmicks...i must clarify my previous post.....the $5k was in addition to the $8k for my trade in..if I had not put down an additional $5k then the payments would have been about $478,which is what I had calculated before I went there instead of $307 which is what I got was a better deal to put down the additional $5k since the bank is only paying about 1.5% interest...and after calculating the additional $171 in monthly payments it would have cost me $6156..that is 20% I making sense?.......i hope this helps others...
  • lagirl99lagirl99 Posts: 3
    I bought my 2002 Explorer with the X-Plan. Good price, happy with the deal. But that was then. Now I'm buying a 2005 Expedition. Would like the EB but can't quite afford the prices they're quoting. So will probably get an XLT Sport. I live in the Inland Empire just east of Los Angeles. I had one dealer quote me a good price in the parking lot but not be able to do it when it's dealtime inside with the jerky finance guy. It was a 2005 EB Expedition priced at $43,500 on the window. The salesguy said they could do it for $34,500 but then his closer dealmaker guy couldn't come through with it. He actually laughed at us! So we walked away.

    I didn't use X-plan for that deal - I mentioned it but he scoffed and said it would be a better deal without. However, I get skeptical when dealers scoff.

    X-plan is 11.5% off the window sticker for 2005 Expy's and then any incentives can be added to that. However, the only good one I'm seeing is the $1,000 cash back with 1.9% FMCC financing for 60 months. The other one, the $2,500 incentive, means that I'd get a higher interest rate and it would cost more than the $2,500 incentive.

    Thanks! I'm trying to buy this week. Also - are some dealers better with X-Plan than others? I loved my first X-Plan salesguy. He's far from my current home - an hour's drive - but I'm thinking about going back to him anyway. He ordered my Explorer as a dealer trade all the way from San Diego - 100 miles away!

  • 4x44x4 Posts: 114
    I am also buying a 05 eddie expedition...msrp of 42,345....its got the dvd, power third seat and second row captain chairs......I am in texas and have gotten the deal down to 33,000 drive I guess that is about 30,500+TTL...I think this is a good deal...this unit has 241 miles on it....

    They also have one just like it, a demo..with navigation and sunroof...It has 4K miles on it..I plan on offering them the same deal, 33K...with those extra options I would think that deal is about equal, I dont see many people paying more for a car with 4K more miles.....what do you think?

    Also anyone know if you can take out the 6 disc radio and put in the navigation radio? Or are there other hookups needed? I did this on my 04 chevy and it works....
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    All I can say that,from I have learned, is that when one gets a 10-12% off sticker, one is in invoice territory. In my case my 05EB had a sticker of $46280 and the invoice shown to me (I trust the gm at this dealer since I been going to him for the past 10 years) read $41245 then $3500 in rebates. This is a brand new unit no mileage, but then I am in NJ and can't speak about other parts of the country.
    My advise is to get the best deal you can and maybe try to get a good rate for a loan ouside of FORD...sometimes we can't beat FORD rates...some other the dealer refuses to give a lower unit price unless you finance through them, which could be ok...who cares if they get a commision if your rate is good (even if 1/4% higher than FORD) open to all offers and nost important be as informed as they say "knowledge is power".....good luck gys...
  • dalmurdalmur Posts: 3
    I am also looking for a 05Expi EB. I am in DFW area. Can you tell me the dealer you went to and also tips on how you got the price down to 33K out of store.
  • scdscd Posts: 15
    Last week bought a 2005 XLT, stickered at 39,265. Included 3rd row powerfold seat, front Captain's chairs leather, heavy duty tow package. Paid 32,069 +
    2,848 T+L for 34,918 out the door. This deal doesn't sound as good as some of the others posted here. Does the Southern California market have anything to do with it, or am I a terrible researcher (sucker) :cry: ? Hit me where it hurts and let me know what you think I could have paid. I went to two dealers and walked out of both of them. Got a call back from the second one that said they would meet my price. Love the Expy though, Dark Stone Metallic with leather parchment interior. :shades:
  • wkohlerwkohler Posts: 74
    Well.............I think you could have done a little better, however, if you like it, that's what counts. I'm not sure what your liscense costs in california, but I figured taxes for where I live at 6.5% which would come to $2084. Liscense fees around here are about $35 dollars plus $50 for paperwork which comes to about $2169 for T+T+L. Not too bad a deal really; doubt you could do too much better on a XLT. I just hope you plan on keeping it for a long time. Depreciation really is a big hit on these types of vehicles especially now with higher gasoline prices. I know liscense fees are a lot higher in California. Dealers are knocking of $10 to 12 thousand dollars around here, but that's for fairly well loaded Eddie Bauer models, which would sticker for about $10,000 more than the XLT. Enjoy!
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    There is a dealer in Tustin, Calif. that was offering 5 ('05) Eddie Bauer Expeditions at $27,991.00.This price INCLUDED all APPLICABLE REBATES. I discussed the price with them at length. These vehicles listed for around 40K. I called them to find out what colors there were on Mother's Day. When I asked-"Why so cheap?". They said they have been in inventory too long. So - there is your deal in perspective......
  • scdscd Posts: 15
    Our California tax varies by County, our is 7.75%. I looked at the EB's but I couldn't see paying that much extra for stuff I didn't want. I was real happy when I found mine equipped with just what I wanted. Could have done without the powerfold seat, manual fold would have been fine. I'm keeping this one, our third XLT, for a long time. The wife drives this one around town so gas mileage wasn't too much of a concern. I'm sure it will kill us on the long trips. Also got 3.9 financing. I checked the "advertised specials" for the "really good deals", but when it came down to negotiations, no one would knock that much off the unit that I wanted, it was always the wrong color, or cloth seats. Thanks a mil for your input. :shades:
  • scdscd Posts: 15
    Did you get one? They sure are nice. When we test drove the EB's my wife fell in love with it. I was sweating because I didn't want to pay that much. One of the dealers I went to tried to push them, probably for the reason you stated, in the inventory too long. But just couldn't pay their price. The 27k price seems pretty good. I probably would have had to trade off one of the rebates for the long financing deal. Thanks for the info. :shades:
  • mrammram Posts: 3
    Which Ford dealer in Tustin is it may I ask? I am looking for an 05 EB as well.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    The dealership is PowerFord in Tustin, CA. Now please note that the price "expired" Saturday, but as of Sunday (Mother's Day) they had not sold any of the "specials". They were either black or white in color. Also, the salesmen stated if you wanted another color, they were discounting all others $7,000.00 plus rebates. He said he could "probably" get them to honor the ad price on Sunday if I wanted one of the "specials". I did not buy one yet, I am thinking if gas doesn't get near $2.00/gal (here in Calif.) there might be more rebates to come.......
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