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Ford Expedition Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • And post your SSN and credit card numbers too....
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    This might help the Texans hungry for good Expie price. They're cutting great deals here in Pensacola FL, meaning they're likely doing the same or better in larger cities. There isn't zero percent financing and I bet Ford won't do it on this model since it's their new flagship. As you know you do get either a thou or thou-and-a-half rebate depending on purchase zip code, here it's $1,000 (lease plans are different compared to purchase). The best source for no BS financing offers is of all places,

    Our deal, not under a lettered plan, just intense haggling, was for an '03 Expie 4x2 Eddie Bauer, 5.4L, Side airbags, elect 3rd row seat (about as stripped an EB as you'll find) and had a sticker of $39,540 MSRP total. We got it for $33.5 cash (OK-credit union loan)+ tax & tags, no trade, dealer kept the rebate, that includes the $740 destination fee. I got the Consumer Reports wholesale pricing guide ($12) and it says we paid around $700 below dealer invoice. I believe it because I got a peek at the check paper work cut to the dealer it came from (read on). If you think this is way off let me know, I feel mighty good about it and beat the nearest dealer by hundreds. I believe Blue Oval dealers (the designation most bigguns' have) can sell this low because they not only get the standard 3 percent holdback of the MSRP sticker, they also get an additional 1.25% as well, 4.25% of MSRP total (that's $1,680 in our deal). Whether you get a portion of that off your deal might depend on house policy and how long it was on the lot, but most of all how well you can play & win the buying game. Our vehicle was transferred from another dealer and they tried to charge $400 extra, no dice. They also threw in the Ford tinted nose deflector/shield.

    A friendly word of warning to anyone that gets the Ford plastic nose protector shield thingy on an '03 Expie. It definitely causes minor wind noise that sounds like loose molding on the roof but it isn't. Our dealership actually replaced someone else's windshield before they realized the problem. I noticed it on test drives, they told me about it at delivery and offered to take it off. We feel the minor flutter is worth it to protect it from rocks and suicidal bugs.

    If you're going to load up an XLT with leather, etc. consider an EB as you get so much more. The best feature if you switch off drivers is the seat/mirror/pedal memory, standard on the EB, not available on an XLT. I know this sounds like hype/fluff but if you've ever bumped your shins getting in or cursed your significant others choice of mirror placement, you'll love this feature and wonder how you ever lived without it. You can set it to move positions when you unlock with the remote or turn the key, and the drivers seat goes all the way back when you turn the key off. You also get a better stereo with std. 6 CD and sub-woofer, 3rd row electric pop-out windows, the useful back-up obstacle warning system (it works well), two tone paint versus one color with plastic trim, and two tone leather. The decked out XLT we considered was just a couple of grand less than what we got an EB for. We love everything about ours, outstanding package & dealer, great finish and design thoughtfulness, and we're getting 17 MPG C/H mix thus far. Your feedback is welcomed.
  • Davant,
    I live in the Mobile, AL area looking for an Expedition XLT popular w/captains cloth seats and changer (wife wants cloth only). I believe MSRP is just under 35k and invoice is about 31k. I went to the biggest Ford Dealer in town (treadwell ford) and they are talking about a ford price increase from models made after mid November.

    I don't trust these guys very much, but I want to see if this is true. Is it worth it to go to P'cola for a deal? They quoted me a price on an Eddie Bauer for $34k with MSRP of 37.5k. They tried to push me on the EB since the one I wanted was not on the lot.

    If you don't mind, could you tell me the dealer name there? The local places here are not that receptive. I would think they would be more motivated to sell (at a better price). I hate to haggle and would ratherwalk than give them the satisfaction of ripping me off.

    I might be better off with or somthing of that nature.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294

    Try World Ford, Dave E. in particular, low pressure, knows his poop. They beat everyone short of checking your town by enough to make it worth the drive. Only drawback might be tax on an out of state purchase.

    Good luck, you'll love the vehicle!
  • Greetings Expedition affecianados(I probably spelled that wrong! I'm lost without spellcheck.) My wife wants a new '03 Expedition. I downloaded all the info on that vehicle from Consumer reports($12) and have chosen an XLT popular,2wd, invoice price of $29,703 plus $740 destination charge. Ford is offering $1000 rebate and there is a dealer hold-back of $1,014 on that model. I am adding captains chairs in the front and the safety canopy. About $1000 in options.
    So far I have two prices back from the 10 dealers in the Atlanta area I have contacted. The best price is a walkout (including 7% tax, tag, title and doc fees) of $32,198.35. But that dealer says they don't have the car on their lot, but will get it from another local dealer. She also said that she can't give me a better deal because the dealer hold-back money isn't available since they have to get the car from another dealer. This sounds like a good deal and I don't want to be penny wise and pound foolish but can I do better?
    Is it worth paying more to get the premium or Eddie Baur? Just wondering. How much is it worth to a dealership to sell the car before the end of the year? If anyone is looking to buy a new car you have to go get the info from consumer reports. It will save you hundreds and maybe even thousands off the price. Knowledge is power. Most people get taken advantage of at the dealership because they get involved emotionally in the new car they want. Then the dealer starts piling on junk fees, (i.e. undercoating, clearcoating, fabric protection, inspection fees, rust proofing, extended warranties, and dealer advertising fees) pretty soon your 30k price turns into 35k and you walk out ticked off because you feel as if you got taken advantage of when you should be walking out happy because, after all, most of us don't buy a new car very often and it should bring you joy. At least I think so. Merry Christmas! Maybe my Honey will have a new Exp under the tree this year.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    I used C'Reports also, it rules! We started the quest just like you looking at an XLT w/similar options but wound up with a 'spartan' EB instead. 2WD, 5.4L, side-canopy, elec 3rd row, nothing else. If you scroll up to 21 Nov and then another 30 days you'll see my babbling about the EB versus the competition and XLT. Summary is may fave Eddie-B features are the back-up warning system, seat/mirror/pedal driver memory, leather captains, lux 6 CD stereo, set & forget temp controls w/digital display, climate/cruise/stereo wheel controls, and two-tone paint, all standard on the EB. With destination, FL tag transfer, and the dealer picking it up from out of state too (they wanted another $400), cash price was $33.5K plus tax (dealer kept $1K rebate off the end). My Oct CR report shows that's about $700 below invoice. We haggled and then found the vehicle. I believe dealers get hold-back on all they sell, remember, that's figured as 3% of MSRP, 4.25% for Blue Ovals, but there are variables so you may only get a scosh. The hold-back sob story sounds like BS to me, stick to your guns. Splurge, get the EB, you won't regret it!

    P.S.- Spell check is the center button at the bottom while entering your reply.
  • After reading your prices I think I am being offered too high a price
    Expedition Premium -4x4 with 5.4L with reverse sensing and side canopy - $36,000 from dealer outside Phila. I have not included the $1500 rebate or $1750 from my credit card that I can deduct from the above total. Is this deal any good at all?
    I'm willing to travel up and down the coast for bettee deals if they're worth it.
  • davant,
    I just got an XLT Popular 4.6 (Arizona Beige) w/cloth captain's seats here in Mobile (Treadwell Ford) for a few hundred under invoice (before 4.5% sales tax, title and doc fee). I got $2,000 in standard rebates (it was $1,000 until dec 7th when they told me an extra $1,000), $1,000 Ford Loyalty, and $400 recent grad rebate. Most other dealers quoted a bit over invoice (31,200 & 32,000 some examples), but all claimed to beat the best deal. I searched World Ford's inventory, but did not see the vehicle we were looking for. I did find out it was dealer xferred from Pascagoula, Miss.

    I searched Montgomery, Birmingham and even some Atlanta online inventories (I don't know about the accuracy, but it was helpful). I found the car and let them know about it (that particular suv "had slipped their minds"). There is one dealer website in Atlanta that listed a coupon to sell at $500 under invoice (imageine the sales pressure on the back end). I can't recall that dealer, but it didn't sound familiar.

    It is much larger that our '97 Explorer! It sure does ride so much nicer. The internet manager was very nice and gave me a few "no haggle" prices that were around invoice before rebates.
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    First of all, don't rearrange the message title. It sounds like you got a good deal, congrats on your new wheels. If you used the CR sheet and figure you got it for invoice or below you did fine. I think most dealers will sell right about invoice without giving blood...yours. The rebates stacked up for you and made an even nicer discount. You did the legwork of locating the vehicle for them, so did I but kept my mouth shut until the end. The feedback I got was dealers will swap vehicles most of the time but can refuse if they know it's one of their customers, this doesn't make sense to me. I guess they stand to make more if it's sold in house. The losing dealer was affiliated/owned by the same group as the dealer I bought from so politics wasn't a factor. A competing local dealer ran our desired config & color and came up with zilch when I knew of two from web listed inventories within striking distance, go figure. I thought the dealerships locator would be better, oh well.

    Are you satisfied with performance of the 4.6L? I felt the added cost and one MPG trade-off of the 5.4 was worth having a little more ba**s even though I don't tow (with all the broken down Dodge's I see I may have too, LOL).

    I hope all this typing helps somebody buy the right Ford at the right price. You'll be able to tell our EB Expie from others real soon by the custom bumper sticker touting the independent rear suspension that says, "WHAT POTHOLE?"

    Merry A-Fordin' X-mas!
  • bytrebytre Posts: 2
    Parked in my driveway is our new EB 4x4 5.4l Expedition with safety canopy, advancetrac, climate controlled seats, powerfold 3rd seat, DVD system. We didn't exactly want the climate seats and DVD, but had a tough time finding a model that fit our exact specification.

    MSRP: $45970
    Invoice: $40235
    Price: $37640, dealer taking the $2000 rebate

    Got the vehicle from our closest Ford dealer (we have 34 within 20 miles, here in Southern California) who had to trade for it, but they didn't try charging me for that.

    I got some options I didn't want, but got the car in the $2000 rebate period and close to my target price cap.
  • I went to San Diego. I found that several dealer advertise $9000 off on Expedition EB. The best one is $9500 of $42XXX EB and it said 5 at this price.

    Good Luck For all You Guys
  • Which dealership in SOCA did you use?
  • tonyd39tonyd39 Posts: 12
    I'm considering a 2003 XLT Popular with captains chairs, 6 disc CD, 5.4L engine, AdvanceTrack, Side Curtain with rollover. Selling price from my dealer is $ 500 over dealer invoice. The XLT was acquired by the dealer via a trade with another dealer and has been on my dealers lot for approximately 2 months. The XLT completed manufacturing in 8/2002. What does everyone think of this selling price and for that matter the options and the fact that it was manufactured back in august 2002?
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    I think you should be able to buy this vehicle at least a few hundred below dealer invoice. You didn't mention a trade or which rebate you get, or if it was included in the $500 over invoice. Rebates vary by locale so head to and enter your zip code, most likely it's $1,000 or 1,500. The best $12 you'll ever spend is on Consumer Reports no BS pricing guide. The info here at Edmunds is darn close too. If you take time to review this post and others, many folks aren't just bragging, they actually bought a vehicle well below invoice. We got our EB about $700 below and I've seen better deals listed. The fact that the dealer traded for this vehicle may actually hurt as they can only do so much and might only get a smidge of holdback. Try bargaining on another vehicle or with another dealer for comparison. We looked at one equipped like yours and settled for an EB with a few less options. I don't think August production matters much but there are so many available why settle for one already 6 months old? My advice is skip the exchanged one, be patient, bicker hard, walk out if you need to. Keep your new car fogged up goggles clean, and insist they hack off at least $750 on the traded one or one just like it the dealer orders for you.

    Happy a-ford-ing, keep us posted.
  • tonyd39tonyd39 Posts: 12
    OK ... now my dealer has a demo XLT 4x4 Premium with 5k miles with the 4.6L engine, leather, moonroof, 6-CD, reverse sensor, safety canopy, and DVD. They are offering this at a cost of approx $ 1,100 below invoice. I also do qualify for the additional Ford discounts. The questions now are (a) is the demo pricing fair, and (b) is the XLT premium with the features above a better vehicle then the XLT 4x4 Popular with 5.4L, AdvanceTrac, Captains cloth, safety canopy, and 6-CD. I do not do a lot of hauling as the XLT will be used by the wife. Is the 5.4L and the AdvandTrack worth passing up to get the demo XLT premium with the leather, moonroof, and DVD, reverse sensor, canopy, etc?
  • davantdavant Posts: 294
    Obviously it's a personal choice but I'd take the 5.4 because it seems less labored in daily use. They're both good engines capable of moving the 5,600 lbs around. The 4.6 seemed to huff & puff getting on the highway and downshifted heading upwind. The dealer probably still has the demo because most folks that typically would would want/afford those options would opt for the bigger V-8. If your wife is the primary driver and she's happy with the 4.6, enjoys the leather, DVD, backup doober, and feels safer with canopy and advance-track, go for that one. Just recognize it's even more of a used vehicle than the Popular one with 5.4. I've read numerous reviews at that say the 4.6 is plenty if you don't tow or load up. Our 5.4 seldom breaks 2 grand RPM's and is nearly silent, I like that. Have you considered a "stripped" Eddie Bauer? We got a 5.4 with side-bags & elec 3rd row for 33.5K before tax and including a $1K rebate. Let us know what else you consider.
  • Well the wife won out. Decided to go with the dealer demo 2003 XLT premium with the 4.6L engine with leather, 6-CD, moonroof, safety canopy, and reverse sense. The demo price with Ford rebates just seemed to good to pass up. I just hope I dont regret the smaller engine and that I didn't go with the other XLT with less features but the bigger 5.4L engine. I guess time will tell ...
  • Excuse me for "double posting" as I just realized I posted this message first in a different section. Anyway ... I was all set to pick up my "new" XLT today. This is a dealer demo with 5k miles on it since it was made last July/August. The dealer was offering it to me at $1,500 below invoice which I thought was a fair price. This was also approx $ 6,500 below MSRP. Additionally I qualified for $3,500 in Ford rebates. So all in all I thought the deal was pretty fair. Now the dilemma ... I was supposed to pick up the car today. However last night I stopped by just to look at it one more time before I signed the papers today. It was late and the dealership was closed. To my surprise my soon to be XLT was parked in front of the dealership body shop. Someone apparently backed into it while it was on the dealers lot. Damage included the rear bumper and tail light. The dealer did not inform me of this when I called to arrange for a time to pick up my new XLT this morning. I at first played dumb to see if they would say anything. They didn't and then I brought it up. Their response was that they were going to inform me when I did in fact come in to sign the papers. Now I have been dealing with this dealership for 17 years. I have always had very good experiences with them and right or wrong I will take them at their word for this. After I brought it up they informed me of what happened and said that they replaced the rear bumper today along with the rear tail light. There was no damage to the body or frame as it was only backed into on the lot. They also had to paint the new bumper to match the color of the truck. Soooo ... I said OK then what additional discount can you give to me now that this 6 month old demo with 5k miles on it has been in an accident. The answer is that all they can do is offer me a 5 yr/60k mile extended warranty. I was hoping to receive this plus an additional reduction in the selling price. My questions are as follows: (a) this Expie does have everything in it that I want. A new Expie with the same features will most likely be at a minimum $500 above invoice which means approx $2,000 more then this vehicle. Should I take this vehicle as is with no additional discount? Or should I demand an additional price reduction and if not received take my business elsewhere knowing that I will end up paying $2k more for the same options but for a brand new XLT? (b) do I have any legal recourse here which would require the dealer to offer a new, different XLT with the same features as this demo and at this demo price? As I stated I did not sign any papers yet but my bank, insurance company, and dealer did fax the purchase agreement and insurance binders to each other and I did verbally agree to buy this vehicle so the process was underway.
  • Just bought our 2003 EDDIE BAUER. We paid $33,501.76 out the door. The only two options we wanted and got were 3rd row power folding seat and climate controlled seats. This is our first SUV and we love it. This replaced our 2002 Bonneville SSEi.
  • CJ

    Do you know what invoice was on your EB? Sounds like a great deal. I just started looking an want to purchase by the end of the month. The best I've done so far is $100 below invoice. Does anyone have any idea if Ford will continue or increase the $2000 rebate. It is currently scheduled to end on Feb 28th.

  • The invoice price for our expy was $35,301.76. Our price was $100 under invoice - $2000 rebate + $300 sales tax = $33,501.76. South Carolina caps the sales tax at $300 for autos. We purchased using the Ford X-plan. The X-plan is 4% + $150 over what a Ford employee pays.
  • Just bought a 4X4 XLT Premium with 6 disc changer, power moonroof and safety canopy. Paid $33,458 + TT no tax in NH. Was about $3000 under invoice and it was upfront pricing - no haggle. I guess with a little shopping could have done better, but this was stress free and quick.
  • Just bought a FX4 with Leather, a six cd changer and advance trac, it invoiced for 41500 and I paid 34000 out the door (including rebates, tax, tag and title in NC). I think I did alright, any comments. This replaces an Isuzu Trooper and I love it already.
  • res1510res1510 Posts: 3
    I am going to lease a 2003 Black EB 4x2 w/DVD, Moonroof, Safety Canopy, Power 3rd Row Seats w/an MSRP of $42,410. indicates that the TMV is $37,226. I am going to lease for 24 months and make a lump sum payment for the entire term at lease inception. If anyone has an inform opinion as to what a fair price for that lump sum is w/brief explanation of how you arrived at that figure, please advise. Thank you very much.
  • svevsvev Posts: 2
    Gotta sell the convertible for a SUV, new baby needs more room I am told. Comparing Expedition vs Denali, as far as feature/ benfits/price goes.

    Here's my question to the forum:

    "Is $45,000 a good price for the fully loaded (every factory option installed, DVD/Nav/Heat-Cool Seats/Etc) EB 4x4 and with 1900 miles as dealer demo?"

    $2,000 rebate or 0% for 3 yrs is offered on this demo still, so price is now $43,000 not including T/T/L.

    I want to have all of the toys, but not at the price.
    Any thoughts is appreciated.
  • aggiebartaggiebart Posts: 37
    Invoice +/- $300 is the market price less the $2500 rebate. Check out the invoice on this website.
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    Invoice for an EB 4x4 with EVERY option and destination is $43638, less 2500 makes it $41138 for a brand new one not a 1900 mile demo.
  • svevsvev Posts: 2
    You both mentioned $2500 rebate, is that based on regionality? I live in CT and was told $2000, is there another $500 I am not aware of that I can obtain?
  • alwaysfordsalwaysfords Posts: 210
    I was just using aggie's figure - it is actually $2000 (using Danbury's zip on Edmunds). The vehicle is still too over priced. What are your thoughts?
  • aggiebartaggiebart Posts: 37
    Every region is different. Regarding the demo
    take alteast $500 off for the 1900 miles.
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