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2000 GMC Sierra



  • rskrsk Member Posts: 38
    GM's quality control. I was wondering how many Silverado owners were looking at this topic and I figured that comment would bring them out of the wood work. As for the painted bumper mine is fine. No stone chips at all I haved my truck for 9 months. As for looks well I prefer the Sierra, however the deciding factor when I purchased my truck was the dealership.
  • willimjowillimjo Member Posts: 73
    I realize I'm going off topic asking about the 2001 model, but hopefully you'll indulge me. I've seen the announcements of a composite bed being an option on the 2001 Silverado Ext. Cab, 4WD, SB, but no mention that it would also be available on the Sierra in the same configuration. I want a 2001 Sierra, but I also want the composite bed and would take a Silverado if that's the only way to get it. Anyone have more information on Sierra composite bed availability?
  • truckchictruckchic Member Posts: 105
    Help me out guys. When does the 2001 Sierra come out? I'm getting dealer prices on the 2000 now, but maybe I'll be better off waiting for the 2001 to arrive and get a brand spanking new one.

  • rskrsk Member Posts: 38

    The 2001s should be hitting the showroom floors sometime around mid August. Should you buy a 2000 or wait for the 2001? Thats a good question, I wish I had a good answer. It comes down to value of the truck. A 2000 will lose its value quicker than a 2001. There are however some great deals on the 2000s and some low interest rates. Basically you have to decide do you want to save money on the front end or on the back end of the deal ( a 2001 being worth more down the road when you decide to get rid of it).


    The composite bed will be available on the Sierra. I beleive it will not be available until after January if I remember correctly. That also goes for the Silverado. You will most likely have to talk to your dealer to find out when it will be available.
  • truckchictruckchic Member Posts: 105
    I'm actually getting 2 quotes from a dealer who works with my company and is supposed to get us good prices. He told me today that orders are being placed July 17th for production on the 2001 and should be done around September. So, I'm going to see how much of a difference the 2 $$$ are and go from there.

    I'll let everyone know what I find out and what i decide.
  • willimjowillimjo Member Posts: 73
    I assumed that there would be no reason for the composite bed not to be offered on the Sierra as well. Thanks for the confirmation.
  • toisantoisan Member Posts: 1
    Which would be better for a working truck, cab chassis arrangement Siverado or Sierra ?
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    cosmetic details...they both come of the same line at the assembly plant. Sorry to say...
  • rcoosrcoos Member Posts: 167
    I agree with obyone - 110%. The trucks come down the same line. Sierra, Sierra, Silverado, Sierra, Silverado, etc., etc.

    The only difference is the front grille, hood & front fenders.
  • sierramansierraman Member Posts: 1
    Well, two weeks ago my '99 SLE Xcab 4X4 had a radical F150 enema. No one was hurt, but looks like will be fatal to my Sierra. Although it limped home, the frame is badly "tented" and it now looks like a total. No trouble in the first 38K miles. I will be going back for another GM truck.

    I'm not smug enough enough to think there is any major difference between the Sierra and Silverado. I use a dealership that has both. I just basically like the "big mouth bass" look better. Also prefer the GMC mouldings and especially the wheels. The Chevy's seem to come mostly with the cheesy "plastic nut" wheel covers. I hated 'em when they were on my '95 Sierra as well. But really I think the Chevy is an excellent truck. The one you prefer depends on your taste and there isn't a right or wrong.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    influence my decision more than the looks or the $300 difference..for there is nothing worse than an uncooperative service manager or advisor...
  • popeepopee Member Posts: 3
    I am about to purchase a new GMC truck, and wonder if anyone has comments on whether I would be better off with a Z71(which I have now) or the new ZX3 suspension which lets you choose between smooth and firm ride. I use the truck mostly for highway, and occasionally for off-road.

    Thanks for the responses,
  • 2timer2timer Member Posts: 27
    I have a 00 sierra slt ext cab 4dr 5.3l with tow package. Last week the brake warning light came on while I was stuck in traffic, I pulled over and checked fluids etc and didn't see any obvious problems and it still seemed to stop ok. I got it into the dealership a few days later by this time the brake pedal was going all the way to the floor after the truck had been sitting for a while(after hitting the brakes a few times its ok till it sits again). The master cyclinder was replaced because of a "leaking bypass valve". I drove off and all seemed fine till the next day, the warning light is not on anymore but the brakes are still mushy and sink very close to the floor. The worst part now is that I have noticed some vibration in the steering wheel when at highway speeds 65-75 mph.
    Has anyone else had any problems with their brakes? I only have 1500 miles on it and can't believe that I am having parts replaced already.

    I just want to be able to enjoy driving my new truck like I did with the 98 I traded in.
    Any ideas or tips would by appreciated.
  • rcoosrcoos Member Posts: 167
    Did you know that if you select the Z71 package, you can select the FW1 Ride Control package. It lets you adjust the 46mm Tennenco shocks (that come with the Z71 package). You can adjust between soft ride & handling settings. The button will be beside the on-off passenger air bag switch on the dash board.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    The mushy brakes that make the truck feel like its not going to stop has been normal for a bunch of us. So far, they haven't failed and the truck stops on a dime.

    Vibrations at 65-75. Does the front end wobble when going over bumps on the freeway? Do you have the 255/70R16? What is the manufacture date of your truck?

    Best check out topic #969 and #1638 Silverado vibrations. Your vibrations are not uncommon and can be related to tires, rims, and/or manufacture date. And yes, they usually start between 1000-1500 miles...
  • meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
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