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2000 GMC Sierra



  • Going to pick up my truck monday or tuesday, Sextons has to go to Ky. to get it. Has everything I want and more, and will be at the price I can stand.. Still haven't totally figured out the 1SC package...D.
  • I ordered a GMC Sierra SLE 1500 4WD Ext Cab with most of the options on 15 October and am interested in anyone knowing how to track production progress. From the sounds of it, my dealer may have been dreaming when he said 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. I definitely am not the most patient man on the face of the earth and lord knows when you spend 30K for a truck the waiting period stinks. I'm truckless after my poor Mazda took it's last breath at 179,000. I'm really excited about my first GMC truck and hope I made a great choice. I need the bigger truck to pull my 6,000 lb. boat and the GMC seemed to be the ticket for reliability, value and overall packaging for trailering equip. and the HD TRANS cooler. Where are these types of options on the TUNDRA? Anyway!

    Thanks and look forward to hearing from someone about tracking production and getting a realistic timeframe for my new beast's delivery!

    Also, Is the vibration problem discussed in other topics still a problem or have the engineers fixed the problem? I'll definitely test drive for 20 mins. before signing the final papers.

    Thanks again,

  • Tom;

    From the items you mention, there should not a
    problem getting the truck you ordered. The
    real problems are with GMC 3/4 ton ANYTHING
    and Long beds. Other items that can be seen
    at are limited availability.
    Check that list against your order and you will
    know if you are in for trouble. Ask your GMC
    dealer for the status codes for production.
    He/She gets the status updated weekly in
    their computer system. The "build date" is
    the magic milestone. Once you have your build
    date, you can expect your truck within 4 weeks
    after that date.
  • gwmooregwmoore Posts: 230
    Your getting about what I want (3/4-ton, 4wd, 4-door ext. cab, longbed, camper/trailering). How much are you paying? What kind of options? How have the dealers been for you with ordering the 3/4-ton? What kind of down-payment? About how long are you expecting between order and delivery?
  • I ordered my truck with just about every option
    including the heated leather seats with memory
    settings. Easier to say what I did not order.
    No limited slip, fog lights,two tone paint,
    fourth door or rear
    slider window (you cannot order the rear defroster
    AND the slider). I paid invoice + 2% advertising
    - $99 + $640 destination charge. Order to delivery
    will be about 11 weeks. This is only possible
    because I spent HOURS over a period of several
    days on the phone with GM
    complaining about the situation until I got
    to the people that could do something about it.
    (No I will not tell you who they are! That
    would not be very nice after them helping me).
    The dealer was completely blown away that I got a
    allocation from GMC specificly for me.
    Before you order find a dealer who does NOT
    have a stack of orders ahead of you waiting
    for an allocation. The big question is how
    long you will wait until you get an allocation.
    Without an allocation you are getting nowhere
    fast. Good Luck!
  • Well, after sitting down and writing the first note I decided to call my friendly GMC dealer and guess what?.......... MY TRUCK hasn't been ordered. The dealership orders on Fridays and they got no allocations or so they say. I find it hard to believe that they would place my order above an allocation for their lot considering I'm a united buying service purchaser with a guaranteed $100.00 over factory invoice price. They only make the 100 plus 3% dealer hold back and from what I've been hearing they can't keep them on the lots. I may have to do something like GWMOORE and call GMC and see if I can get squeeky real quick. How does GMC distibute allocations and is the dealer required to order my truck before he /she orders any other truck for their lot? I hate to by a truck on the lot for 30K and sacrifie color and a few options but as I said earlier I want my GMC. I'll let you know how it goes and thanks for the info! Patiently waiting!

  • gmcnutgmcnut Posts: 14
    Tom, Best thing to do is talk to your dealers truck manager. He should have the build date as soon as your order hits the production floor. I ordered my Y2K 2500 GMC SLE with locking diff. L85 suspension, engine oil cooler, AutoTrac 4WD, Power everything, skid plates etc, on Aug. 2nd and received notice the week of Oct. 4th that it was in build. The dealer had a code 3400 after my order which meant it was in frame assembly. At that point he told me I would have the truck by the end of October. Last Monday, 10/18 they unloaded it from the hauler and I picked it up that Thursday afternoon. About 10 weeks from order placement to delivery. Not bad, especially after all the horror stories I heard and read about in these chat rooms. Maybe I got lucky, but it's exactly the truck I ordered and so far I can't complain about a thing with it. Good Luck.
  • gwmooregwmoore Posts: 230
    iwantagmctruck, thanks for the info.

    gmcnut, sounks like you are set. you don't happen to be in the Great Northwest? I wouldn't mind talking to your dealer. What kind of down payment did they want?

    iwantagmctruck & gmcnut, any mileage figures yet?
  • scottayscottay Posts: 91
    Is there any way of knowing if they REALLY have allocation? My local GMC dealer wants my business (at least thats what he says!) and after telling him I ordered a 4th door Silver over the hill, he magically claims he can order one also. I dont want to get into a relationship with a dealer I dont trust, and would prefer to buy local( he will give me free oil changes too), but like someone else stated "if their lips are movin', they're lyin'".
  • gmcnutgmcnut Posts: 14
    Sorry gw, I live in the greater Northeast, the Southern Tier of N.Y. to be exact. I got my GMC from VanAtta Buick/GMC in Vestal, N.Y. All I put down was $100.00 and with my 1996 trade in wound up paying $128.00 over dealer invoice. I will tell you that this is the third new vehicle that I've purchased from this dealer in five years, so that probably didn't hurt me. It pays to stick with a dealer if he's honest, the product is high quality and the service dept. is trustworthy. I've found this dealer to have all of those traits plus I've had the best luck with Buicks and GMC's. Good luck.
  • swobigswobig Posts: 634
    what you paid for any vehicle when you trade something else in. Having worked at a dealership a lot of times you try to find what a persons motivation is. Sometimes people want to buy a vehicle at invoice, other times they want top dollar for there trade. Usually this drive the other factor up or down. That's just the way it works - the dealer has to make money too and they usually make a lot more on used cars than new. Not saying you didn't get a great deal, but you will always get the best deal if you sell your car outright then buy another. Unfortunatly 99% of us cannot do that. Good luck with yours...
  • gmcnutgmcnut Posts: 14
    Filled up after first 140 miles, ( couldn't wait to see what I was getting compared to my 1/2 ton with the 5.7 liter 3.42 gears ) and was surprised it was right at 13.9 mpg. Not bad for a 6.0 liter with 3.73 gears. This was a combination of highway and around town. I can't wait until I get through the breakin period and then do some serious highway hauling. I'll keep you posted.
  • To all,

    Wish us luck, tomorrow is the dealers day to place orders. Prayin for GMC to accept the order and prayin that the dealer pushes it through. Although, based on the locking diff. may be a delay. Well, so far three weeks and counting for my order. Good luck to everyone else waiting for an order and happy truckin to those of you having the pleasure of driving the one and only 1%'er. I'll let you know how everything goes.

  • Well, I just received my order number from the dealer. called GMC @ 1-800-GMC-8782. They verified the truck goes into production November 15th.
    Should be built in a week and shipped to the dealer in two weeks. It should be at the dealer by 1-2 week of December.
  • Has anyone noticed an excessive creaking noise in the lumbar area of their power seats when they lean back in them? I've noticed the driver's side is worse than the passenger's side. Is this normal?
  • Well, I lost it! The dealer him-haughed around and around but I lost it. All this talk an really no explanation on allocations. Finally, after demanding to speak to the manager the final word is......GMC won't give them an allocation without the dealership selling a truck off their lot. Three weeks and waiting, I don't understand how the dealership can hold up the production of a sold vehicle? Why penalize me for the dealership not producing sales on the lot. I may pull pin and go to another dealership because this wasn't explained to me when I ordered and I know the salesman knew and of course he said the order would be placed the next day. What a crock! I realize $100.00 over factory invoice is not a lot of money, but that coupled with 3% dealer hold back and the consumer paying for advertisement is a pretty good way to make money for an hours worth of work. WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE IT PAINLESS! Well congrats mmorris64 and to those of you in production! I'll keep you informed.

  • tganleytganley Posts: 15
    I've been waiting almost two and half months for an allocation and don't have any confidence I'll get one soon. I've talked to a number of dealers in my area (Idaho) and none of them give me the impression that they would have any better luck.

    Hope it works better for you than it has for me.
  • gwmooregwmoore Posts: 230
    I've gone over the Edmunds car-buying advice, but anyone know exactly what (how much) the advertising fee is (I'm in Oregon)? Sierra 4wd 2500 HD
  • I was at the Corona Chevrolet dealer this weekend and they told me they just got 16 allocations for 4rth door trucks. He checked with the GM and was told they were going to sell them all at MSRP since the demand out here is so high and they are one of the first dealers in SoCal to get an allocation. Because of this he is eager to sell his 3rd door inventory and was willing to talk about $500 over invoice. The demand is so high here that they have been selling them for $1000-$1500 over invoice. I think I may wait it out and try for a 4rth door in Feb. or March.
  • next week. Should have my GMC Sierra 1500, SLT, 4 dr, 5.3 in the driveway the 1st week or 2 of December. Originally ordered through GMO on 3 Sep.
  • doudisdoudis Posts: 45
    pierce5 did you have to wait for an allocation when using GMO? I've been waiting on an allocation for about a month or so here in Phoenix. I'm ordering about the same truck you did. Please let me know as the waiting is driving me crazy. I'm also using GMO. What did yours cost? I have a feeling this dealer is trying to slide by using GMS. thanks
  • There is a topic on GMO/GMS futher on this BBS. I think it stated no allocation was needed for GMO.
  • I have a Y2K Sierra Z71 on order from a dealer in Milwaukie, Or and they are charging me $500 for advertising. Otherwise, I paid $350 above invoice. I ordered on 9/11 and they told me last Fri that it should arrive around 12/8.
  • gwmooregwmoore Posts: 230
    Thanks for the info. I'm over here in Bend, but am going to look all over Oregon and Dave Smith in Kellogg, ID for the best deal. Our local dealer came within a couple hundred dollars of Dave Smith when he purchased his '99 1500 Sierra. What kind of down payment did they require? When did they require the down? Thanks again.
  • Well, after speaking to GMC and the District Sales Manager I've come to the conclusion that an allocation for my truck will definitely not come in November and possibly not in December. I canceled my order and purchased a Silverado with the same color and options. GMC says build times are 12 weeks with 4WD EXT CABS Z71, Z82, G80 and all the bells and whistles. Truckless and can't wait 5 months. I am picking it up today.

    For everyones info! PRICES WENT UP Nov 01 on the Chevy and the GMC. It's not the base price it's the options that increased. The trucks prices delivered after 1 November reflect the new prices. Make sure if you ordered your truck before November 1 that you're price protected. My GMC dealer told me my deal was the price at delivery but the Chevy dealer I'm dealing with said all his customers are price protected and the dealership recoups the difference in price from the factory instead of the customer. Well, good luck to everyone, I guess the GMC wasn't the truck for me. I love both trucks so I'm happy with my decision but disappointed in General Motors ordering program. I got the skinny from the dealer and it's the dealerships in the past fault that we're waiting so long. It seems that dealerships were making up sold orders in the past to get trucks so now sold orders mean absolutely nothing. We wait based on dealer allocations and wait on "constraints" like 3/4 tons, lond wheel bases, G80 (locking diff) and certain colors. Ordering constraints can be given to you by your dealership, they get a list every week. See ya, going to check out RHINO LINERS and find a fiberglass toneau cover.

  • When the prices increased on Nov 1, do you know how much they went up?
  • doudisdoudis Posts: 45
    i called the gmo people and they did not know anything about allocations so they referred me to gmc. gmc simply said you always have to wait for an allocation. i ordered on 10/6 and it still has not been ordered. i get the feeling the dealer could care less about placing my order cause they make so little on the transaction. plus they have to, according to him use an allocation on such a hot veichle. patience wearing thin here in phoenix. thanks for the info guys.
  • I got my Sierra Ext. cab 4.8L 2wd SLT last Friday, and it was really worth the wait. Mine took 10 weeks from order date, but I am totally happy with it. I am a car nut and very picky about quality, I have not found a single defect in my new truck, it is perfect. I am very impressed with the drivetrain and steering. Wow! this is really a big improvement over the old design.

    I was really spooked by some of the posts complaining of vibrations, launch shutters and other problems, but mine is solid and smooth as glass.

    I almost chickened out and bought the Toyota, but I couldn't deal with the rear seat. I'm glad now. This is a better truck and so much better looking!

    Good luck to you all. Trust me, it's worth the wait.

  • Congrats Steve. Yes it is encouraging to hear these words while we wait and read other horror stories from these forums. Mine should be hear in mid December. I got the 5.3/3.73 Extended Sportside SLT. I am really looking forward to getting it. It will be my first Truck but is almost like a Cadilac extra storage.

    Do you plan on making any mods to your new Truck.
    I went last night to the Mobil 1 page and am convinced I will be using synthetic oil.

  • I had to make a $500 deposit when they wrote up the order. I think that is pretty standard. I have a daughter living in Bend but her husband is a Ford man. I think it is his only flaw.
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