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2000 GMC Sierra



  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    I have been trying to buy/order a 2000 Silverado LS with full options. I can't do it, no allocations until Dec. Does GM expect to stay in the automobile business, without selling any? I
    can get any 1500 that I want, the dealer (Lewiston, Idaho) has gobs. But for a 2500 it is just no deal. Weird set up, bet it doesn't last too long. Like to long nosed, no trunk Toronado.
  • tganleytganley Member Posts: 15
    I finally got an allocation, after 2.5 months for a y2K 2500 Sierra. I called numerous dealers in Idaho, Wash and Ut. Mostly what I heard was forget it. The only thing that worked was to place an order with a dealer and be patient.
  • sandhoppersandhopper Member Posts: 2
    Ordered my SLE Xcab 4wd with all the whistles on September 20th. Still waiting. The original estimate given by the dealer was the early part of November. Haha... Now it is the first of December. Wish I hadn't sold my Jeep so fast.

    What are the allocations I keep hering about? I ordered through GMO and was told that there would be no other hold-ups other then orders placed prior to mine.
  • scanmanscanman Member Posts: 8
    Hey Guys I placed my order for my 2000 GMC 1500 4 wd extended cab pickup on July 13 and the build date will be tomorrow ( November 8th ) Hopefully will have it delivered to the dealership on Nov. 22nd, then I am going to have it all decked out with all kinds of accessories I have already ordered and hopefully will be able to take possession of it on Nov. 24th just in time for Turkey day... I thought I was never going to get my new truck... I wanted an awful long time for it.. Cant wait to see it... Im excited now...Just wanted to let you know how long I have been waiting for mine to get here...
  • scanmanscanman Member Posts: 8
    Hey Guys I placed my order for my 2000 GMC 1500 4 wd extended cab pickup on July 13 and the build date will be tomorrow ( November 8th ) Hopefully will have it delivered to the dealership on Nov. 22nd, then I am going to have it all decked out with all kinds of accessories I have already ordered and hopefully will be able to take possession of it on Nov. 24th just in time for Turkey day... I thought I was never going to get my new truck... I wanted an awful long time for it.. Cant wait to see it... Im excited now...Just wanted to let you know how long I have been waiting for mine to get here...
  • studebaker1studebaker1 Member Posts: 8

    I plan to put on mud flaps and maybe a bug deflector, and that's it. I already have a Snugtop Expo cap (GM licensed) and a bedrug. Man, is it ever a sweet looking setup. I would not recommend using synthetic oil until the engine is fully broken in (at least 5000 miles). I have heard more than once that the synthetics are so slippery that your rings won't seat properly. Also, notice that 5W30 is the recommended weight! I will probably try the synthetic at 5k miles, just to see if I get better mileage. If I don't get at least 1 mpg, then the extra cost is not worth it.

    Good luck on yours!

  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    Thanks Steve, I am very interested in this topic of synthetic oil. I am confued as to why Chevrolet delivers the Vettes with Mobil 1 if there was any harm in using it before breakin.

    Any pictures of your bed setup, it sounds sweet.

  • obiggsobiggs Member Posts: 33
    Was that a 4door ext. cab you ordered?
  • gregyargregyar Member Posts: 5
    Should you go on the original break-in oil? I have around 1500 currently on my y2k sierra and I can't find anything in the owner's guide about it.
  • scanmanscanman Member Posts: 8
    No I didn't order the 4th door... My dealer talked me out of it because of it still being new and with the noise and vibrations that it causes. Guess GM will have to make some modifications to this until they get it right.. So mine will be with a 3rd door only.
  • scanmanscanman Member Posts: 8
    No I didn't order the 4th door... My dealer talked me out of it because of it still being new and with the noise and vibrations that it causes. Guess GM will have to make some modifications to this until they get it right.. So mine will be with a 3rd door only.
  • alwysl8alwysl8 Member Posts: 59
    I don't know of to many people who have driven a new 4 door nor have I read any test reports about the 4th door. What is the dealer basing his vibration statment on?
  • pierce5pierce5 Member Posts: 9
    basing his vibration statement on bull [non-permissible content removed]. He probably had 3 door trucks on the lot and that is what he bases his opinion on.
  • duwamishduwamish Member Posts: 1
    Allright boys you think you got it bad try this. I ordered a Sierra 2500 SLE 4WD Regular Cab in October of 1998 It is now November of 1999 and I still do not have a truck. I have been told every story in the book of bull. I have been a GM man for a long time but my support is fading fast. GM seams to think they are to big to satisfy the customer. The hoot of all of this is they have had a deposit for over a year they have not paid me any interest. But they want me to pay the price difference from then till now.
  • jdrogersjdrogers Member Posts: 7
    Are you sure you went to a GMC dealer???

    Just kidding... Maybe it's just the dealer you are dealing with?

    Have you checked other dealers in your area?

    Have you tried the site www.gmbuypower.com? I just searched the Phoenix, AZ area and found two trucks like you ordered at Midway GMC. This site will let you search all areas.

    Hope this helps.
  • scanmanscanman Member Posts: 8
    For those who are dogging the 4th door vibration from my earlier posting get off it...I totally trust my dealer and take his word on things very seriously and will keep buying from him. He is totally honest and up front about everything so I don't want to hear anymore about what I have said in the past about this okay???
  • alwysl8alwysl8 Member Posts: 59
    scanman, since I see only two posts that, as you say, are dogging your vibration statement, one of which is mine, I am not sure what your problem is. I think it is a perfectly legitimate question to ask how your dealer got his information. I was not saying your dealer was lying or attempting to mislead you, but I would like to know why he made the statement. Did he drive one? Did he attend a factory info. session, or did he actually go to the factory? If there are legitimate concerns based upon factual data, then perhaps I might have to rethink the 4-door option. It still seems like a reasonable question to me.
  • gwmooregwmoore Member Posts: 230
    I think I will be joining alwys18 in "dogging the 4th door vibration" topic. Car dealers are known for a lot of things, but TOTAL HONESTY has never been one. And like alwys18 said, it would be hard for anyone to know that the 4th door causes vibration since they have not been in production, and GM would be the only ones to know the truth, and I don't see GM releasing that information. I would rethink your feelings about this "totally honest and up front about everything" dealer. I dare you to find one other car buyer that would say the same thing about a car dealer.

    Any critical thinking about the matter would lead to the conclusion that GM wants to clear the lots of 3-doors before releasing the 4-doors, then they can get all the suckers to come back and trade in for the 4-doors.

    Pure economics for a company that has not been known in recent years to be overly concerned with innitial product quality. Judging by all the other vibration, rattle, and clunking problems people have been having, I don't think a little vibration in the 4th door would stop them from producing it.
  • sandhoppersandhopper Member Posts: 2
    Well after learning that the production week that the dealer gave me was incorrect, and they could not give me one, I decided to take one from the lot. Well it's almost what I wanted. With exception of the Light pewter int., no wheel flairs, and the Long bed.
    All I can say is... It's great. I don't even mind the fact the rear bumper is two states behind me.
    I am pretty hard to please and I am unable to find anything to complain about.
    Good Luck...
    It's worth the wait
  • iwantagmctruckiwantagmctruck Member Posts: 12
    I am picking up my 2500 ext cab SLT 4WD
    tomorrow! It will be just short of 11
    weeks from order to delivery. Something
    of a record from what you read on these
  • tuckyboy1tuckyboy1 Member Posts: 36
    Can't speak for GM, but I couldn't get any order information out of Chevrolet despite repeated phone calls and numerous arguments with the people on the telephone. Am I alone?
  • surmansurman Member Posts: 6
    I ordered a 2000 2wd ext cab sle with my dealer on oct 15th and was just given a production date of dec 6th. I am paying 500 over invoice and have been to a hundred lots. From reading these posts it seems to me that the only difference in my luck and that of some others, is that I finally found an honest dealer who is just as willing to order as to sell off the lot. He told me that delivery of my truck should be around Christmas. I'm getting a 4.8 indigo with oak after market leather and bucket seats with tow pkg and deep tinted glass for 25k before tax.
  • surmansurman Member Posts: 6
    My order date was actually november 15th not october 15th.
  • scanmanscanman Member Posts: 8
    I finally got my VIN number from my dealer yesterday so Im flying high now...so it shouldn't be much longer and it will be delivered to the dealer so all my accessories can be put on it before I pick it up and bring my baby home. It has been a long time waiting but now well worth it.
  • alwysl8alwysl8 Member Posts: 59
    Petriheil - Was your order #6 characters long. I got an order # from my dealer, but it is only 5 characters and one number long?
  • alwysl8alwysl8 Member Posts: 59
    Was yours a 4 door?
  • petriheilpetriheil Member Posts: 19
    Six alpha characters. No numbers. However I see on the "Vehicle Order Management In System" printout my dealer gave me some of the other order numbers are five alpha and one numeric characters. I ordered a three door because I still don't have full faith in the structural integrity of the four doors and don't feel the overwhelming need for a fourth door. Since I keep my vehicles for +/- 10 years I'm not too worried about resale value. I ordered mine the last week of September, so it'll be about 10 weeks from order to delivery (Y2K SLT with every freakin' option available). This definitely beats the GMC dealer I placed my order with in July who after nine weeks had not even submitted my order to GM.
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    After all this reading on status I decided to check up on my Truck that was to start being built Sunday November 14th. Well I just called the GMC number and was told the Truck was built! YES.

    Now how long do you think it will take to get to Homestead, Florida for me to take delivery?

    I got excited when I saw the identical truck I ordered today at lunch. A Black 2000 SLT Extented cab with Medium Oak leather. This one had the High Polished wheels, they looked nice but I ordered the aluminum star wheels. I wish I would have upgraded. I wonder if the dealer will allow me to do it when it is delivered.

    See Ya,
  • steve226steve226 Member Posts: 1
    Is it possible to order the 4door yet at invoice from factory, your thoughts?
  • surmansurman Member Posts: 6
    My dealer told me he has been allocated five 4 dr trucks but none has arrived. he also has 3 people who want a four door but he can't order yet (as of last week). I decided to go with a more proven product and ordered the 3 dr.
  • tomawi1tomawi1 Member Posts: 6
    Anyone know what the current base price of the sle extented for 00 ? On the chevy LS, edmunds & kelly blue book are not up to date. Would think if chevy is off ----. But now the 4th door is coming up as a std. on the dealer inv. Edmunds shows 23009 vs 23297 w/ 4th door--a wash. didn't know that the advertising was profit to dealer--thanks for the info.

    You folks out there that ordered with buckets ad those with 40,20,40, which is best,or is it worht 322? I have driven both but not long enough to form an opinion. 40,20,40 has the feature of riding 3 up front.

  • surmansurman Member Posts: 6
    I think the bucket seat option is one of the best deals as far as options go because when you order it it includes the larger center console and the larger overhead console.
  • louis10louis10 Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone been able to add an option after they have been given the Target Production Date (TPW) from the dealer. I have not been given the Build Date yet. The TPW is three and half weeks away, so it seems like plenty of time. Trying to add wheel flares that i forgot at order time. 00' ext cab 3dr 4wd
  • afs11afs11 Member Posts: 86

    I was told by my dealership that orders (changing options) could be done up to the time of a build date given. Once the build date has been established, that is it. All your options are put into the computer & no alteration can happen.

    Talk to your salesman & ask to him to speak to whoever put the order into the GM system. Either a Sales Manager or like in my case the computer data person. Someone at your dealership has to enter the information, find out who? Soon!

    Good luck,
  • fred122fred122 Member Posts: 1
    Surman, how are you getting the aftermarket leather? Also, what about aftermarket audio. I want a CD changer, but of course it's not available stock because I want front bench seating. Thanks.
  • surmansurman Member Posts: 6
    Every dealer I talked to worked with after market upholsterers that do a much better job on the leather than what you get from the factory. I am paying $1195 for the front buckets, the back seat and the side panels. The quality of the leather is far better and you have a big selection of colors. The factory leather feels much stiffer and has a different backing. I've also heard that it cracks easier. When you compare the price it's actually about the same because the $1580 extra you would pay for factory leather includes the power seats, which I don't need. I don't know what I'm going to do about the sound system yet but I will probably upgrade the speakers to start with. I am planning on putting in a line-x over the rail spray in bed liner because it oxidizes less than the rhino and has better tensile strength.
  • jbrowning2jbrowning2 Member Posts: 1
    I took delivery of my 99 Sierra 1500 2WD 3-door ext cab in April, and from the start experienced problems with what's now been classified as "launch shudder", along with "high speed vibration". Dealership has attempted a number of fixes, including changing out the tires from the factory-supplied Generals to Goodyear Wranglers. Nothing has helped. Finally decided after 7 months and four visits, since I live in Texas, to try using our Lemon-Law to get them to either fix, replace or re-purchase the truck. In the interim, has anyone gotten GMC to fully resolve the vibration problem, or are they still trying fixes like changing tranny shift points, checking drive shaft angles, shimming the rear leaf springs, ad infinitum.....? Excepting the vibration problems, I really like the truck and would prefer to keep it, but they're going to have to fix it first! Anyone?
  • iwantagmctruckiwantagmctruck Member Posts: 12
    Does anyone have the Sierra with the Cell Phone Ready wiring option? I got this with my truck
    but trying to get info on it from the dealer
    has been difficult. What the truck came with
    from the factory was a blunt cut wiring harness
    that is underneath the center console.
    The dealer says I have to buy an additional
    accessory to connect the phone - but it
    is no longer available! Imagine that!
    It is not even Y2K and they cannot get
    a Y2K accessory any more.

    Has anlyone hooked up to this harness?
    If so, please let me know what phone and
    how you did it. Any information is
    greatly appreciated!

  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    Iwantagmc, I did not get this hookup, but I think if the dealer can't help you a cellular install dealer can. Check out AT&T or Sprint depending on what area you are in. I decided just to get me one of those handheld handsfree kits that plug into your cigarette lighter. We sure have enough cigarette lighter inputs :-)
  • etohetoh Member Posts: 13
    Can anyone explain why the GMC is rated 1500 pounds less than the Chevy in towing capacity? I'm told it is the same truck with a different grill. Big difference between 8000 and 6500 pounds. jim
  • iwantagmctruckiwantagmctruck Member Posts: 12
    mmorris64, thanks for the response.
    I have a cellphone already I'm trying to get
    it integrated into the stereo system so
    that when I get a phone call it mutes the
    radio and uses the car stereo speakers.
    The hands free mike wiring is in the
    "A pillar" so the mic can be attached to
    the car near the visor. The factory radio
    supports this however getting the details
    on it has been like pulling teeth.
  • jdrogersjdrogers Member Posts: 7
    You must not be comparing the same models/options or someone gave you bad information...

    I have a 2000 GMC Extended Cab Z71, 5.3 engine and 3.73 gears and the tow rating is 8,500 lbs according to the window sticker.
  • jkrcmjkrcm Member Posts: 3
    I placed an order for a 2000 New Sierra K2500 Extended Cab 4 Door a few weeks ago with the truck manager of a local GMC dealer with whom I have been doing business for over 20 years. I'm replacing a 1988 GMC K3500 Extended Cab. We were perhaps a bit optimistic about a March/April 2000 delivery. Today, the truck manager showed me a bulletin just received from GMC that says production of 4 door models of the C/K 3/4 ton extended Cab will now not be started until May 2000. If this holds, I probably would not see a truck in my hands before late Summer 2000 at best. So we're now looking into Plan B: opting for the 3 Door model, and what the realistic build/deliver time frame would be.

    In any event, has anyone else heard this, or does anyone have any other/additional knowledge to share about C/K 2500 4 Door Model production start-up dates, availability, etc., etc.? Would appreciate seeing any/all relative comments, as I need to make a decision as to whether I want to wait it out for the 4 Door model, or change the order to the 3 Door model.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    You can do a lot better than $1,195 for aftermarket leather seat coverings at Sew Fine.

    Remember, the upholsterers are not making custom covers from scratch. They are putting on kits, for which they remove the seat from its track, and tie them with D-rings. I believe Cat Skinz is the trade name.

    They even make some vinyl seat covers that are very hard to tell the difference from leather, at least when they are new.

    The dealer will use the best installers, no question they have figured out who, so there is some value added.
  • gwmooregwmoore Member Posts: 230
    You are mixing up C/K and New Sierra and not making sense. It is either a C/K OR a New Sierra, not both (no such thing as a "2000 New Sierra K2500"). The C/K is the older style truck that GMC and Chevy still produce in 3/4-ton and 1-ton. The New Sierra is only produced in 1/2-ton and 3/4-ton. Since both styles are produced in the 3/4-ton extended cab configuration, and there is a big difference in ordering/delivery between the two (I'm guessing, since they are on entirely different assembly lines), it's hard to know know which you are talking about and help you.

    At any rate, you can only buy a crew cab (full four doors) in the C/K style, and I have no idea about delays in ordering/delivery for crew cab C/K pickups.

    The New Sierra is available with the extended Cab (slightly smaller than the Crew Cab), which is the most common truck you see on the road. I'm guessing this is the truck you are talking about. So here's the latest:

    The most current rumor with the New Sierra is that they will only be building 4-doors from now on (discontinuing the 3-doors), and that the production will be scheduled by order of demand (ie: 1. 4wd shortbed 1/2-ton, 2. 2wd shortbed 1/2-ton, . . . until finally they build the 3/4-ton longbed). So if you are like me, and want the last truck to be built (3/4-ton ext. cab 4-door longbed), it is very likely you will have to wait 'till sometime in the summer. Otherwise, it should be anytime from around March to ???. Since GM is afraid to be clear about all of this and openly tell people the truth, it's hard to tell for sure what is going on. So much for giving the customer what they want. I'm guessing they will end up losing a considerable share of the market they are gaining due to these kinds of delays. Good luck!
  • powerisfunpowerisfun Member Posts: 358
    I say unless your current truck really needs to be replaced soon, just wait for the 4-door. Your patience will be rewarded when you get the truck that you really want. 6-8 months will fly by.
  • jkrcmjkrcm Member Posts: 3
    To "gwmoore" and "powerisfun":

    Thanks very much for your prompt responses, and good info and advice. Yes, I was inadvertently mixing apples and oranges with New Sierra and C/K designations. I guess that comes from driving an SLE K3500 for the past 12 years. 1988 was the first year of that design. Had a 1986 GMC 3/4 ton regular cab long bed prior to that.

    Anyway, what I have ordered is a 2000 New Sierra SLE 3/4 ton extended cab 4 door long bed. And if GMC is indeed not going to build any more 3 door models as they switch over to 4 door production, then it would make no sense for me to order what would shortly become an "obsolete" vehicle. So the advice to wait for the 4 door, even if the wait is stretched out to late summer, makes the most sense. My current truck has given me 12 good years, and 116,000 miles, so I'm sure it's going to serve me at least another good 8 to 9 months. And as you say, that time will indeed fly by.

    Again, thanks very much for your responses.
  • barbour1barbour1 Member Posts: 17
    on 12-1-99 i bought a new sierra reg.cab short bed.should have driven it more before buying it.I traded in my 97 dakota club cab,what a woeful mistake,the dakota rode smoother,cornered better,much quieter and had much more solid feel.this truck likes to bob up and down going down the road like an old buick electa with worn shocks.it shudders at various times especially at around 35 to 45 mph.wind noise is ridiculous and steering seems to need constant correctios on a straight stretch of road,more later.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Did you test drive a Tundra or F-150. If so, what led you to purchase the silv.
  • barbour1barbour1 Member Posts: 17
    I intended to buy a new Dakota Quad cab,too high in price and much less trade-in than what the GMC dealer gave.Tundra,price,I had some bad Ford experiences in the past.Hope I can adjust to the GMC.I miss my Dakota!!
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