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2000 GMC Sierra



  • gashfordgashford Member Posts: 2
    In a previous message I'd indicated that had problems of not getting my order entered. The frosting on the cake is that besides order windows, dealer allocations based on volume, allocations because of option desirability, etc., I'm now are unable to get an order entered because GM does not have sliding rear windows or even tinted rear windows without sliders. All these factors add up to an 8-week delay, and I even haven't started the manufacturing queue yet. I am really getting on the bad side of local dealers because of my inability to accept such rank stupidity from the likes of GM. For the first time in 20 years, I've found a GM product that I really like and I am being given a wave on internal jargon as to why they cannot take an order (or at least enter and order) from a customer. Has anyone had similar problems? Never had the least issue with Ford. Their central customer service lines at GMC push the problem back to the dealer getting me in hot water with them. The reason I am so noisy about this whole issue is that I know human nature and if one does not act on a process immediately, it will be set aside and forgotten, as was an order with the previous dealer I worked with.
  • afs93afs93 Member Posts: 30
    I feel your pain!!! I ordered a '00 Silverado LT 4WD X/C (4dr) 0n 11/05/99. I JUST received a TPW this week, yes only this week. My truck will be built the week of 02/21/00.

    Hang in there! Your order will be built! Do you have an order number? If not, get one from your dealer! If you do have an order number, just keep on GM. Phone every day until you get an answer!

    All the best,
  • al2al2 Member Posts: 73
    Congratulations! Your truck should be arriving mid-March, the rain will be gone and the sun will be shining in beautiful Vancouver.
    My truck is arriving about mid-February (now in shipment)and I must admit I've forgotten what the damn thing is supposed to look like. I've stayed patient and unconcerned, but now I have to sell my F150 -- more hassle than waiting for the GMC in my opinion.
  • white6white6 Member Posts: 588
    I was thinking of doing this myself (grill surround). My Sierra SLE is White with the Pewter 2-tone. I already continued the 2-tone on the tailgate (GMC abruptly ends the 2-tone at the tailgate). I was definitely considering doing the grill surround, too. I think I'll wait till winter is over, though. The paint dries quicker in the warmer temps. I am also a little worried about matching the white. The spray can pewter paint I bought at the auto parts place matched pretty good. I also clear-coated it with the same brand of paint. I'm also a little worried about the paint chipping on the grill surround. It gets a lot of punishment out there on the nose of the truck.
  • maggie25maggie25 Member Posts: 2
    My husband and I currently have a 92 GMC K1500 (reg cab SB) & a 97 Chevy K1500 (ex cab SB). Both are 350s with manual transmissions (we have both replaced too many automatics in all makes and models). In addition to smaller stuff, we tow an 8,000 lb capacity trailer for work and while the 1/2 tons will pull it, tongue weight is always an issue (if we load the trailer wrong, sway is a huge concern). Also, with the trailer loaded, we can't put much in the bed.

    We are definitely GM folks, but he is looking at the F-250 SD because he really likes the manual Power Stroke diesel and the fact that it is rated for 12,900lbs of trailer weight (giving us room to grow in what we're pulling). We would rather get an all-new GMC 2500 with the 6.0 manual, but haven't seen one to test drive before ordering. Questions...

    Does anybody out there have the manual, if so, have you been pleased with it?

    Has anybody gotted the 4.10 instead of the 3.73? It is rated for about 2,000 more lbs than the 3.73.
    Any trailering concerns to date?

    Thanks, just trying to avoid a Ford if at all possible.
  • maggie25maggie25 Member Posts: 2
    My husband and I currently have a 92 GMC K1500 (reg cab SB) & a 97 Chevy K1500 (ex cab SB). Both are 350s with manual transmissions (we have both replaced too many automatics in all makes and models). In addition to smaller stuff, we tow an 8,000 lb capacity trailer for work and while the 1/2 tons will pull it, tongue weight is always an issue (if we load the trailer wrong, sway is a huge concern). Also, with the trailer loaded, we can't put much in the bed.

    We are definitely GM folks, but he is looking at the F-250 SD because he really likes the manual Power Stroke diesel and the fact that it is rated for 12,900lbs of trailer weight (giving us room to grow in what we're pulling). We would rather get an all-new GMC 2500 with the 6.0 manual, but haven't seen one to test drive before ordering. Questions...

    Does anybody out there have the manual, if so, have you been pleased with it?

    Has anybody gotted the 4.10 instead of the 3.73? It is rated for about 2,000 more lbs than the 3.73.
    Any trailering concerns to date?

    Thanks, just trying to avoid a Ford if at all possible.
  • boggy1boggy1 Member Posts: 1
    What is the difference between the two? I had a 1987 GMC 4x4 and numerous 4x4 Chevy's and the GMC was quite more of a truck. In Edmund's review of GMC, it stated that GMC is a premium truck and if one wanted a rock-rippen, dirt crunching truck that GM offers, then Chevy would be the one. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE??? Does anybody know??
  • kablotskykablotsky Member Posts: 14
    my wife and i found ourselves in a similar situation: we wanted to order a 5spd but couldn't find one to drive ... and i didn't feel comfortable ordering a vehicle i hadn't driven. i finally found two local dealerships to do a regional search, one a chevy and one a gmc.

    i live outside boston. the dealerships found 6.0/5spd trucks in maine, vermont, new jersey and pennsylvania. although i am buying the reg. cab 4x4, i told them i'd drive anything with the 5spd and 6.0L. we made a day of it and drove up to vermont for a test drive.

    mine hasn't arrived yet, so i can only tell you my impressions from a 30minute test drive. to start with, they were good enough that i decided to order one!

    1. i've always driven a stick...and my three other vehicles have a stick. i know that automatics have come a long way and that they no longer incur a significant mileage and performance hit, but i was surprised when i first drove the auto how sluggish it seemed. the 5spd seemed to respond much better to one's right foot.

    2. the vehicle i test drove was never driven before. at first, the shifter was VERY stiff. by the end of the test drive it had loosened up considerably -- not loose in the sense of imprecise, but requiring less effort. the dealer claimed it would continue to loosen over the first month. even if it stayed as it was at the end of the drive, that would have been fine.

    3. gearing. first gear is quite low (5.61 methinks). although i wasn't pulling a trailer when i tested it, my guess would be that it is plenty low to get an 8000# trailer rolling. (perhaps someone that has the 5spd/6.0L could comment). the high 5th gear (about 0.75) made highway cruising and passing easy, although i imagine that with a heavy trailer you'd be in 4th for any hills. i decided to go with the 3.73 for the extra mpg (its bad enough as it is), for the lower-rpm on the highway, and because even with the 3.73 it'll be able to pull anything i expect to need.

    so, my advice is to ask local dealers to do a regional search. i liked the truck much better with the 5spd and decided the 3.73 was better for me.

    good luck.
  • sirfamsirfam Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a phone # for GM to check on an order? My build date was 2/14 in Pontiac MI and the dealership has not received an invoice yet.
    Thanks, Shaun
  • dsmazzdsmazz Member Posts: 5
    The intake to the throttle body needs to be removed. The throat of the throttle body ends up with black soot. The throttle sticks on this soot when you first press on the accelerator. Carb cleaner and a soft cloth do the trick. However, if you don't do this on a regular basis, it will eventually affect the throttle body to the point of requiring replacement, as did mine (under warranty).

    Poor fuel quality may be the cause.
  • aggie91aggie91 Member Posts: 3
    I ordered my truck with the following, 1SC trim level, R6T convience group, Z71, etc.. The dealer has told me that the Autotrack Transfer Case is not! included in the R6T option. I hace seen it listed on several window stickers as included with the convience group. My question, to anyone who has ordered simular options, was this included on your order or were you charged extra? I have been given some runaround by the dealer and I just got an order number. My concern is that the order was entered wrong or they are trying to stick additional profit on the deal. We had settled on invoice + 300. Just curious if anyone else has been told the same thing. Thanks for any help on the matter.
  • cbernardcbernard Member Posts: 4
    Call GMC at 1-800-8782 and ask for customer service. Customer service can help you with build date and may be able to give you a shipping date. If your truck was already built, then your dealer should be able to give you some info. I had a TPW date of 2/14. My dealer called and told me that he received invoice number and the truck should be delivered by the end of the month. Hope this helps.
  • rcoosrcoos Member Posts: 167
    What is the R6T convience group? Is this only for the Sierra? I looked at the options available in the ordering book at a dealership & didnot notice any R6T option? All the Silverado options had to be selected one at a time.
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    Go to Kelly Blue Book, that explains what is included in that option.
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    It only shows up in the GMC Accessory Pkgs., and only available on the SLE 4x4.
  • jerrycarjerrycar Member Posts: 4
    Ordered from dealer 9/10/99, ordered accepted by GMC 12/7/99 (had to drop power seats for order to be accepted), built in Canada 1/17/00 (I live in Southern MN), delivered 2/8/00. WOW - it's beautiful. Red Sierra SLE, 4 dr, 5.3, Z71, locker, polished rims, 265 tires, buckets, etc. Only have 100 miles but absolutely no vibration, no wind noise, extremely quite. I'm impressed. For those of you still waiting - it's worth it. The 4th door is great - the truck is very solid.
  • jamesk4jamesk4 Member Posts: 55
    Guys (and Girls), I guess we are lucky by preferring GMC trucks over Chevrolet. Reading the Chevrolet column, one would think the new trucks are not worth buying, based on the vibration problem. Interesting isn't it, same frame and suspension,but the GMC trucks have virtually no vibration problems at all. One could reason that the Ford group is trying to downplay the success of the new trucks by beating up on the Chevrolet trucks through false and misleading comments. As we all know, Ford has nothing on GMC and looks to reason they have enough sense to stay away from this column. All that to say this, please list your experiences with the 99/00 trucks, it will only make us stronger as a forum.
  • lincoln5lincoln5 Member Posts: 40
    I don't where you came up with the idea that GMC's don't have their share of vibration problems. My 99 Sierra had the problem and when it was finally fixed the service department owned up to have quite a few trucks with similar problems. They had about 6 at the time my was finally fixed. (replaced tires and one chrome rim)
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    a '99 SLT, 2500 4x4, all options. He had one problem, outside of a electric window control switch that was replaced, and that was a clunking noise when he would stop. The dealer changed the fluid in the gear box, since then, SOLID as a ROCK. Smooth ride, no wind noise, great truck.

    Have a nice day image

  • gwmooregwmoore Member Posts: 230
    Obviously you have not been reading the posts for long. If there are less complaints recently about GMC, it is only because people are tired of complaining about the same problems. Look back, you will see plenty of complaints about vibration/clunk/wind noise/passenger side window/etc. It does seem to be that GM has had less of these problems in the newer trucks (both GMC and Chevy). Hopefully their improvement continues. I personally just hope the new heavy duties come out with less problems, that's what I am waiting for.
  • bucky44bucky44 Member Posts: 19
    I test drove both the Silverado and Sierra 1/2 tons (several of each, 3 & 4 dr)and none showed any signs of the problems mentioned here. All seemed to be well built.

    Has anyone out there done any research on Southern GM in Shelbyville, TN. For those not "in the know," they're a dealership offering GMC vehicles (and other GM products as well) for $200 UNDER invoice. Their web address is either one of the following: www.southerngm.com or www.autos-at-cost.com. Check it out!
  • bucky44bucky44 Member Posts: 19
    gwmoore: Is GMC going away from the Classic Sierra bodystyle in the HD's? If so, when are they scheduled to come out? Will they be offering the new engines in this line?
  • wtkingwtking Member Posts: 43
    I pick-up my Y2K 4-door 4x4 SLE tomorrow. It has been a long process. Anybody out there with four-doors, let me know your first impressions. Any wind noise, rattles, vibrations, etc. I've only driven one other 4-door, and it was very solid. How are yours!
  • durango508durango508 Member Posts: 37
    There are several people that have posted here
    that have had problems with Southern GM. You can read posts earlier in this topic. A few were returned their deposit when they tried to find out order status from the dealer. I myself tried to contact them with some specific questions back in Novemeber and all I got back was a form e-mail telling me to check out their web site. Gee, that is where I got your e-mail address. In general I have found them and other places that have a no haggle price (i.e. Autobytel) to try and screw you on trade-in....just my experience.

    I do see some people at work that are driving their vehicles. I don't know any of them personally, though. Maybe if you buy off of the lot or reserve one they currently have on order you will have luck.

    If you use them good luck and let us know how the experience goes!

  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    try Southern GM. Contacted them, got good price for the pickup. Only problem was, it has to be picked up at their dealership. Since I live in No. Idaho, the transportation price to get over there added about $500 to that amount. Not including the cost to drive back across the U.S.
    So I backed out..Got one $500 over invoice flat here about 150 miles from home.

    Have a nice day image.

  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    Yes I was, Dad dropped the "s" on Roger. He was my Dad's 3rd cousin. All of them came from Hornsby's Bend, Texas. My grandfather was born there, so was Raja's dad and him. Quite a story behind all of this.

    Have a nice day image

  • mcrmcr Member Posts: 15
    Say Jerry, do you find that the locking rear makes a big diff. in getting around in the snow and do you have extra weight in the bed?
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    ordered 2/9/00 got TPW of 4/1/00 this morning. Will miracles never cease? It is an Ext. Cab, 4x4, 4 dr., all options except locker, leather and cell phone. image.

    Got it from George Gee Pontiac/GMC in Spokane, WN.
    For $500 over invoice, no other fees at all. Good dealership I think..

    Have a nice day everyone..

  • jerrycarjerrycar Member Posts: 4
    MCR asked about the locker in snow and if I had any extra weight in the back. Believe it or not, all of the snow is gone in Southern MN, in fact we had thunderstorms today so I don't know yet. I did carry about 200# in the back of my 91 Silverado 4X4 that really helped. As soon as the snow comes back (we still have March to get through) I'll let you know. I'm more impressed with this truck every time I drive it. I'm especially impressed with the way it takes bumps and railroad track crossings - solid, no rattles, very responsive steering and brakes. I Love It!!
  • smikessmikes Member Posts: 130
    I'm looking at purchasing my first pickup and am seriously considering the 2000 1/2T Chevy or GMC 4x4 Ext. Cab SB. I've been following the CHEVY/GMC truck posts and am familiar with some of the mechanical troubles new owners are experiencing. In the 80's, I worked as a Sears automotive center service writer while in highschool and college. As a generalization, I noticed the GM paint and interiors didn't seem to hold up very well compared to some other makes of cars/trucks I pulled into the garage. I'd appreciate hearing how the interior/exteriors of your 90's Chevy/GMC trucks have held up over the years. It's an awesome looking truck! I plan on having the truck I buy for quite a while, and want to make sure it will look good for some time to come.
  • rdve80rdve80 Member Posts: 139
    Shouldn't you be worried about that April 1st TPW? The factory may put the cab backwards on the frame. Better have a drink and try not to think about it. Really, best of luck.

  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    think I will image. I bought a new '70 Olds 4-4-2, when I got it home from the dealer (picking it up) my wife opened the passenger side door. The lower hinge hardware fell in the floor, the right side rear window wouldn't roll down straight, it would cock. The bolts that held the bumper on were loose and rattling, front and back, on right side. Talking about someone having a bad day, the idiots that assembled must have been on a hangover Monday.
  • al2al2 Member Posts: 73
    Congratulations, Roger, on getting a lot closer to
    D-day (D for delivery).

    My truck arrived last Thursday and they wanted a couple of days to prep it, so I said Monday is ok. My wife checked with the bank who said we'd lose a couple of hundred by cashing bonds before the end of Feb. Phoned the dealer and said March 1 was soon enough. How's that for Mr. Cool? I don't even remember what the truck looks like, but what's a few more days. Ran an ad for my old F150 and the first guy to come bought it. A good truck for an '84. Just got a new computer too. Told my wife that I was going to replace her next. Now I'm too beat up to drive the new truck or use the new computer!

    Cheers, Al
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    I was surprised that I got the Order # & TPW so quickly. I ordered it 2/9/, got notified 2/25. That is a lot quicker than the first one I ordered. That was from very early Nov., and up in January still didn't have anything, so I cancelled it. This dealer seems to be very good to do business with, $500 over invoice, and no advertising "adjustment" (extra profit) at all. I wouldn't tick the little lady off very much, if she is anything like mine. Stands 5', very pleasant until I tick her off, and then it's off to the races. After 47 years with her, I just don't tick her off very often.image
    Have a nice day image

  • kct2kct2 Member Posts: 4
    My truck has arrived!!! I ordered a FireRed ext/oak leather int SLT on Dec 28th from the dealership. I ordered all options including stepside & fourth door (except foglights). It's a 5.3 2WD with a 3.73 locker. The dealer sent the order out on a January 18th slot allotment ("GM was on a 3 week Christmas vacation"). The truck was made in Fort Wayne Indiana the week of Feb 14th, and delivered to the dealership on Feb 25th. When I saw it, it had the aluminum wheels (not the bright machined ones I ordered) and the fog lights which I also didn't order. It was so beautiful, I didn't really care. I paid $100 over invoice from Carl Black GMC/Buick in Kennesaw, GA and the service was great (free lifetime oil changes:-)) So far the 3 days I've had it, it's been solid & quiet. I drove down some really bad Georgia roads, hitting a few potholes, not so much as one shake or rattle. The workmanship appears to be flawless. Tomorrow I'll be ordering a fiberglass leer tonneau cover & lund bugshield.
    BTW, when pulling out of the dealership, I barely touched the gas and left some rubber on the street behind me-Ar-r-r-r
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    the Fog Lights are standard I think....

    Have a nice day..image

  • stvokcstvokc Member Posts: 32
    does anyone have an ideal when they usually start production for the new model year? I am thinking about waiting and getting one of the first 2001 models instead of a 2000 model. I would order a 2000 model but by the time it comes in it would only be a few months before the 2001 models could be had. Ordering a 2000 model now looking at first part of May to get in. I think you could get a 2001 model by the first of September.
  • stvokcstvokc Member Posts: 32
    Explain difference in the two. Is it better to go for the 3.73 and not worry about the extra gas? Is the 3.73 peppier then the 3.42. I drove both but thought 3.42 was peppier. I thought it was suppose to be the other way around. I was leaning toward the 3.42 would I be making a mistake?
  • rcoosrcoos Member Posts: 167
    Which model & engine are you going to select? If your not going to be towing & hauling much, get the 3.42. I hope that you will select the locking rear axle, a must have on a 2WD truck.

    p.s. I am getting a 'oo 4WD X/C with the 5.3 V8. I had to select the rear axle ratio also. It was between the 3.73 or the 4.10. Well, it's nice to have the low end torque the 4.10 would provide but since I'm not going to be towing or hauling to often I selected the 3.73. Choose the one that will fit your everyday needs more!
  • stvokcstvokc Member Posts: 32
    When do they usually change over the model years (to the 2001 trucks)? By the time it would come in now if I ordered. It would not be here until May. I am thinking if I get my order in now I could get one of the first 2001 models in late August or early Sept.
  • gnippergnipper Member Posts: 120
    The model year usually changes about the time of the summer shut down. This is usually in July I believe. They do any retooling during the summer break and then begin making the new models. By the time the pipeline gets populated it is August/September when the new model year gets to the dealers.

    It has also been my experience that typically they will either accept your order or they won't. There will be a cut off for ordering a 2000. Not sure when it is. Then they won't accept any orders for a couple of months, then later summer they will begin taking orders again for a 2001.

    It probably would be May if you ordered now, it seems to be getting back to a normal order time of about 8 weeks. I went to Sewell in Dallas on 2/21 and spec'd the truck - 4X4 Z71 xtnd cab - SLT. I asked if they had allocations and was told it wouldn't be a problem, but not to get my hopes up because the black paint was constrained. They actually called me back two days later 2/23 with an order number and a TPW of 3/20 - told me to expect the truck mid April.

    I think that is all good news, but I've called the GMC number twice now, once each week. They have the order, but they won't tell me that a TPW has been assigned yet. They said they won't have that for another two weeks. So it is wait and see. I don't know if the dealer didn't want to disappoint me or if GMC just doesn't want to commit yet - time will tell. But the dealer has been great. I actually prefer the looks of the Chevy, but I went back to them because their service department has been impecable with the 96 that I currently own.
  • al2al2 Member Posts: 73
    Picked up my GMC Sierra today from late November order. Built in Oshawa and test drive and inspection was excellent. Has Goodyear 255's with polished aluminum wheels (2WD ex-cab 4.8 and locker), and not a ripple on the test up to 120k (70mph to you southerners).

    Question: how do you remove the warning stickers from the visors? Long ago there was some discussion about this, perhaps concerning a gentle application of heat from a blowdryer. They've gotta go.

    Thanks, Al
  • al2al2 Member Posts: 73
    I was sitting idly while the truck warmed up this morning and stared again at those visor stickers. I remembered something way back about picking a corner and slowly peeling the sticker away -- nothing to it. May all my problems be this insignificant and easily solved!
  • barbour1barbour1 Member Posts: 17
    At about 500miles my new Sierra started making a loud rumbling noise at idle and at speeds up to 50 mph,the dealer replaced the muffler assembly and the noise was gone,now, 500 more miles later the same noise is back loud and clear,anyone else had this problem??
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    LUCKY people that have gotten your Sierra's. I have a question about oil filters. Since GM uses AC Delco, what is the number PF-??.

    Thank you....Have a nice day image Roger.
  • gmcsierragmcsierra Member Posts: 40
    I have a 00' sierra 1500 w/5.3, auto and it has a mellow tone at idle. It is a deep tone, but it is not so loud that you notice it inside with the windows up. I only have 450 miles on mine so far, but I have noticed that it is a little louder at idle now than when new. I think the muffler uses baffle plates in it similar in design to flowmaster so in theory the sound should stay the same even with age. Of course gm could have changed designs!

    If you are somewhere where it is still cold enough for you to see your breath, you could start up your truck on a cold morning and look under it for any leaks. You will see steam anywhere there is an exhaust leak. This could help the service guys diagnose the problem.
  • barbour1barbour1 Member Posts: 17
    My muffler was coming apart internally according to the dealer,the second one is now also defective.
  • green18green18 Member Posts: 1
    My first order of an SLE came in stripped because there were so many constraints on power seats, autotrac, chrome QC3 wheels and white letter tires. On Feb 14th I went ahead and ordered an SLT to ensure I got everything I wanted. It should be here by the end of March. (The QC3 wheels are possibly being funneled to the Yukon program to create the shortages in the Sierras.)
  • hstewart3hstewart3 Member Posts: 1
  • tlm08tlm08 Member Posts: 1
    I ordered a '00 Sierra 2500 SLE 2wd ext.cab long-bed, black and gray 2-tone with limited slip(I tow a ski boat). Is there anyone who has any idea how long I should expect to wait for my new 2500 Sierra? I spoke with my dealer on 2-29 and he said that he should have a build date on 3-15. Any info would be nice.
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