2000 GMC Sierra

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Try carwizard.com....They have 2000 specs...but the 99 prices are just carried over...it will give you an Idea though..


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    My dealer puts out a poop sheet outlining the process from placing of order to delivery. It runs something like: place order; GM assigns order #; GM preferences for production; etc., etc. At each step I'm supposed to be notified when it happens. I ordered my 2000 GMC on 10 July and haven't heard anything since. I don't want to seem overly anxious (actually I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas) and bug him, but I am wondering. How was the process for y'all out there in truck land? How long before you started hearing something or knowing that progress was being made? Once you have an order number or something, is there a GM or other site on the web where you can track progress? Thanks for any info on this matter. I sure would like to join the ranks of those bragging on their new truck rather than just sitting and waiting. SFT
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    orderd my truck 3 days before you .i am in the same boat.but i did change my order 3 weeks later [additional options]. so this means dealer has allocation but no build date. he did tell me that no more changes can be made after about the 1st [aug].i also read that after you get build date & order# you can track it by gms 1 800 #.also dont be afraid to call your dealer and ask how the progress is comming on your 25000+ dollar truck; let them earn the money. i even renegoitiated & got a big v8 for one phone call. all in all you should be driving by mid to late sept good luck p.s. go to www.wheels.com. its a link to factory production.
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    I just ordered a new 2000 2500 HD Sierra SLE 4wd extended cab this week and my dealer here in the northeast is telling me not to expect the truck much before Christmas. I would be interested in how GM allocates their trucks, or if there is an allocation to various parts of the country. I'm in the middle of New York State and was sure hoping to get mine before the snow flies. October would be nice.
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    Just ordered a 2000 2500 SL 4WD on Monday 8/2. Im in central Massachuestts and was told it should be in 12 weeks or so..
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    ?? Why can't I order a 5 speed w/ extended cab
    in two wheel drive ??
    Can get standard 5 speed tran in long bed or
    4WD w/ 5 speed in short bed but no 5 speed tran
    with short bed extended cab in 2WD.
    Whats the deal?
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    I spoke with a dealer last night, and he told me that they don't even have pricing yet for the 2000's, and that they won't even be arriving until late October, maybe as late as December. I got the impression he was giving me the run around so I would buy a 99 off the lot. Anyone in South Florida had a similar experience?
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    They have been building 2000's for 2 months now?

    Any dealer that says they don't have pricing....move on to the next one...
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    ordered a 2000 SLT 2 weeks ago...used online data base at the dealership with my GMC sales rep to place the order with all list and invoice pricing.
    Got the loaded slt for $500 over list plus delivery and 1% a&p charge
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    Finally! Got my Y2K 3/4 ton 4x4 Saturday. Was ordered 6/5. Sure feels a lot like my '89, smells different though. No sqeaks, rattles, shakes so far.
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    hey greg...

    I also live in South Florida... prices are in (that is for chevy)for sure ... Most dealers already have a few 2000's on the lot!
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    Greg, If I were you I'd be looking for another dealer. What my dealer told me here in NY when they priced my new Sierra out two weeks ago was that the prices they gave me (and they showed me invoice and msrp) were good for the 2000 trucks. This is my 3rd vehicle from this dealer in 4 years and he's always been upfront with me. Go somewhere else and get a straight answer. Good Luck
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    I ordered a 1999 Sierra on apr 24. I received my 2000 Sierra on Aug 27. I got it for $200 over invoice.
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    Which dealer in NY did you use?
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    Anybody have info on the changes for the 2000 model year? Automobile magazine says that both the 4.8 and 5.3 V-8s have 15 more Hp. I haven't seen anything from GM though. Other changes?
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    4.8= 270hp
    5.3= 285hp
    6.0= 325hp

    Awesome Dave-40
    Commander In Chief/U.S.TruckForce
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    Apparently the kbb web page was wrong. I just got my hands on the 2000 silverado brochure and the 6.0 still has the same 300hp. Sorry Dave40. I'm bummed too, I have a 2000 3/4 ton on order!
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    My dealer is Van-Atta Buick/GMC in Vestal, N.Y.
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    Just wanted to let ya'll know that I WAS able to order a 2000 SLE extended cab - but I had to go out of South Florida to do it. I went to 3 separate dealers in the Miami area, and all of them told me they did not have pricing. So I contacted a dealership in the Jacksonville area and they said they've had pricing since mid July. I ordered my truck yesterday and the dealer said I can expect delivery in late September. Can't wait!
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    I have a 99 SLE GMC sierra. It's a solid white extended cab z71 package and towing package 5.3 engine. It has everything including leather, power everything You could call it an SLT really minus the heated seats

    I don't have any complaints at all, ok one My GF likes it too much and likes to dive it.. Me in the passinger seat.. uuugggg and she hated driving my 96 basic SL go figure

    There are a couple of things I would like to see changed though
    1. The storage place for the cd's it needs to flip down not up, cig lighter and power oulets need to flip down as well.
    2.Door handles need to be placed in another location and needs more resistance

    Other than that it's been great and still remains great
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    Is the 2000 ext cab GMC SLE Sierra gonna have 4 doors vs 3 doors?
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    I was just looking at the wheels.com page for august, and the following is listed

    Extended cab fourth door option (E24)

    This option is not yet available, is it?
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    please tell me how your sierra z71 rides.
    we haven t had a p/u but now close to retirement
    and are thinking of using it for family car as
    well as a utility vehicle. wife is concerned
    about ride. thanks dbecker2
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    Cancelled the new Cavalier so they could build more trucks and Suburbarados in existing plants. And trucks/suvs are HIGHEST PROFIT segment for the mfr. Cavaliers, they lose money on every one they sell. By the way, my old '90 Cavalier, (3.1L V6 5 spd) is running great. My sister drives it now. Has over 100,000. I had it for about 85,000. Put in a clutch, 1 spark plug wire, and that's about it. Took good routine care, and took it easy driving most of the time. But it was still fast enough to earn 12 points when I raced a 280Z. Won the race, plea bargained the case.
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    What is GM doing for a diesel in 2000 have they
    got any plans to install a heavy puller in the 2500's
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    Ok folks tell me like it is. I just ordered
    (9/2/99) my 2000 SLE 3/4 ton ext cab long box
    with every option except the engine block heater.
    When can I get my truck? Before I bought
    the sales manager claimed 8-10 weeks. After the
    deal was done the salesman said it could take four months. I ordered from the highest volume dealer in the area to increase my odds of getting it sooner rather than later but Idaho only has
    1.2 million people so high volume is a relative
    thing here. All comments appreciated.
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    Man I never knew Idaho was so small. I think there is more people in city then that (irving, TX just outside of dallas)

    I've heard 8-12 weeks from most places for 1/2 ton trucks, but 3/4 ton trucks are usually longer waits. 12 weeks is 3 month, so 4 month doesn't seem out of the question.

    Good luck, I ordered a Sierra SLT 1/2 ton with every single option save the block heater (I'm in Texas... It would be a hard winter if we could just get it to freeze for more then 1 or 2 days in the winter)

    Mike Freeman
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    12 weeks today for me, order a 1500 exendo and build date is this week.im lookin at 4 months by the time it gets here.high allocation dealer also.new york.ther selling them faster then there getting them.next time i buy off the lot.
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    September 1 1999 press release GM says:
    "With GM's award-winning Silverado and Sierra fully ramped up..."

    About halfway down the page at:

    Maybe those allocations will start rolling in!
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    I have 99 extended cab 2WD LT with heavy duty shocks and tire upgrade. The truck had bad chassis squeaks. GM replaced front control arms (squeak in rubber bushings) and later the rear springs. Both were factory fixes for design problems. The truck is great now except when on poor country roads where the chassis will squeak when the shocks are extended. This is not a big problem but does anyone know if there is a shock change for 2000 or a known fix for this problem.
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    Anyone know why when you log on to GM's web site they show a 2000 FOUR DOOR 1500? Is GM offering a four door for this year? If so when?
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    I've been following with great interest all the postings related to the 1999/2000 Chevy and GMC trucks. After all, having ordered one on July 10, I was going to be driving one soon. On September 3 (eight weeks later) I checked on the status of my
    order with the sales manager at SOUTHERN GMC in Shelbyville, TN, and found my order had NOT EVEN BEEN PLACED to GMC. He did not know when it would be submitted because he had to sell his on-hand vehicles first. ? . I wasn't very happy but said that I wanted the order processed as soon as possible. To my surprise, with no prior notice, yesterday the mail brings me a refund of my down payment and letter saying if I don't like the way they do business I should go elsewhere. Which I will now gladly do. Anyway, gang, if you're within driving distance of Shelbyville, TN, and are looking for a new truck, I recommend you drive past old Southern GM, regardless of what they advertise. I will drive a GMC (sooner or later). SFT
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    Any dealer that treats a customer like that....should be avoided at all costs..

    - Tim
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    Just to bring my order up to date (FYI). I ordered my 2000, 2wd, ext cab, 4.8 eng, 3.42 locker rear, tinted glass, HD susp Z85, automatic, SLE. Went to dealer second week of July. Went back in on 22nd july and ordered. 500.00 over invoice. Order sent in and accepted one week later. Just called and build date is week of Sept 27th. Should be into dealer by second week of Oct. I have been getting anxious by some of the horror stories I have read in this forum. Now that I have the build date I feel much better. Wish me luck.
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    I found invoice price and msrp for the forth door on extended cab pick-ups they are $289 and $330 respectively.
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    I was told by someone recently that the new 2000 Sierra 5.3's did NOT get the HP increase yet and that they will only get them mid-year. How do I check to see what I have ? Supposedly there was a cam change that gave the engine some extra ponies.
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    How and where did you find the prices for the four doors? - Thanks
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    did you try this web site. "GMC extended cab"
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    I have been a GM customer for over 30 years, as was my family before that...GM's arrogance never fails to amaze me. These guys are losing market share, and the fact that there is even a forum with these kinds of questions is laughable. All of 1999 I tried to get some information on the new 3/4 ton GMC (I had an '89 GMC 3/4 ton), but the dealer never knew when they would get one that I could drive...finally all allocation was gone in May. All other dealers in the area were the same story...no 1999 3/4 tons would be available. I finally went to a Ford dealer and bought a Super Duty 3/4 ton extended cab (4 doors, no problem) with a V-10 (275 hp, 410 ft-lb torque)1999 model. I have been very pleased with the truck for the first 10K miles, and pleasantly surprised by Ford customer service and the way the vehicle was engineered to anticipate what a driver would want. An example of how Ford treats customers: 2 weeks after I got my truck, a package came in the mail from Ford with a complementary bottle of touch up paint in my color and a thank you letter. Contrast that with the typical GM response which is "We don't have the new colors in yet, and won't do an order unless you want a case. Try an auto store." My suggestion to all you frustrated GMC and Chevy truck buyers --- try the Ford Super Duty.
    Bill in NH
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    Time and time again you hear about people who ordered and then had to wait and wait. Now, smart people, why do think that is, hmmm? You gotta figure its a pain for dealers to order special when they got all these units sitting out on the lot costing money. Unless of course you were dumb enough to pay full price so the dealer make 15%. Think about it. Ordering represents risk to the dealer that he might get stuck if you back out or if they screw up the so called order. My theory (based on my own prior experience with ordering, a lesson indeed) is that most dealers have no intention of actually spending the time and effort to track your lonely little order and mess with the factory when they know chances are they'll just get one like it sent to them or find another dealer trying to unload one that sat on the lot too long. Hey its a big country and there's thousands of trucks built just like yours (and you thought you were so original!). I mean, why give the scum sucking dealer the upper hand? He's not there to baby sit your order. He's there to take you for everything he can get for crying out loud!! Just get off your butt and spend the time to find one out there and get your instant gratification plus save some money. MY2CENTS
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    Even though I have a Silverado on order, I just had to address the other side of the coin from the above post.
    I went to the closest dealer on 7/31 with a Kelley Blue Book printout in-hand. I had every option highlighted. We sat down, went through the order on the GM computer, settled on $500 over invoice + 1% advertising (I have a $500 GM card rebate), and was out of there in about an hour.
    I am not spending hundreds extra for options I don't want like bucket and power seats, the optional rearview mirror, etc. I got exactly what I wanted: gold exterior w/oak interior, ext. cab, Z-71, Autotrac, rear defroster w/heated mirrors. I hardly ever see a gold truck, never mind this combination. What's also nice over buying off the lot? No customer's will have pawed it or played with every switch and knob, or god forbid - testdrove it and checked out how it accelerates, etc.
    Anyway the truck is built, and I have about 2-3 weeks left until delivery. 10 weeks? I'll keep you posted.
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    yeah, i think ksystems is a little confused. first of all, how can dealers make money on trucks that they dont have. gm is not making enough trucks to sell to everyone. especially in the color i want. (3/4 ton, reg cab, long bed, 4x4, black, fully loaded) i had my dealer check every dealer in california and there was not one in my color. if you order your truck you actually get a better deal because the dealer does not have to pay any financing to keep it on the lot. the longer the truck is on the lot, the more profit it eats up. i got mine for $500 over invoice too. i saw the same exact truck i wanted (except it was a chevy)but it was grey and they wanted $33,450!! now i paid $26,480. yeah i guess ordering is for suckers.
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    I'm going to order a 2000 chevy/gmc in the next 2 weeks. I've used autobytel, and gone to 2 non autobytel dealers all Chevy. They all gave me similar prices,(12% off of list approx.)autobytel was at invoice, but $80 cheaper than the other dealers. Has anyone(non-GM employed) gotten a price lower than invoice? I've heard rumors that GM won't allow dealers to go below invoice, to make it fair for all dealers big and small? Is this correct?

    I know GM employee's/families get big discounts 15-18% off list.
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    I think the tranny temp guage is for 2500's only. My 2000 2500 came with one.

    - Tim
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    yeah the trans temp guage is only on 3/4 tons with the trailering package. not all 2500's.
    by the way LT-1, i had the dealer search the whole state of california and not one in the color i wanted( black with grey int. 2500. reg cab long bed 4x4, fully loaded). i order mine for 500 over invoice and will get it 3 months after order date. all i got is time.
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    Southern GM of Shelbyville, TN, advertises that they'll sell for $200.00 below invoice, but you couldn't prove it by me. I made a downpayment for a fully loaded GMC Sierra SLT on 10 July. As of 7 September they still had not submitted my order to GM. After I demanded to know what was going on from the dealership's general manager, on 9 September he wrote me a letter telling me he was not accustomed to being questioned and arbitrarily refunding my deposit. Since then have I placed an order for a loaded Y2K Chevrolet LT for $300.00 over invoice with a dealer who promptly processed my request. Southern GM is a prime example of the scumbags in the automobile business and a warning to check your back when the promises seem to be too good to be true.
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    I changed the oil in my 2000 5.3L over the weekend and the owners manual says to reset the idiot light when you change the oil. To do this you are supposed to smack the gas pedal 3 times with the ignition on but the engine not running. The light should then flash and go off. Well its not flashing, but it was NOT on to begin with since the truck only had 700 miles on it. Should it flash ? or since it was not ON you can't reset it. Does this mean that its not resettable if you change your oil more often than the book says ? I always change my oil on a new motor around 500-750 miles and then switch to a normal schedule of 2,500 to 3,000 miles. If the light is not resettable then it will come on even though my oil is clean, gives a new meaning to idiot light.
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    I just learned from classifieds2000.com that the 2000 gmc sierras with build dates starting at around november will all have 4 doors. It is a "mandatory option" however and at midyear will be "standard". The Silverado is a different story. The 4th door will be an option only for the 2000 model year.
    Also. HD crewcabs will have a slightly enhanced body style from the allnew Gmc Sierra including stamped in fender flairs hood bulge (and other minor changes) will come late summer/fall of 2000
    no sooner. As for the 1/2 ton cc i dont know.
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    Hey Mike...
    250 miles on my 2000 SLE 5.3, I'm preparing to make the first oil change.....at....500 miles....
    Wondering about the idiot light code. Funny though, that it should even exist. Trying to thwart to do-it-your-selfers GM ? I guess so...
    What's Mr. Goodwrench charge ?
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    The TEMP GAUGE for the transmission is only for the 6.0 engine this infomation is in the GMC truck book

    I just got my 2000 SL 2x4 in Delaware today and yes I found the truck I was looking for so I wanted white it is PUTTER HD towing package the works

    I wanted a GMC but CHEVY is just as good
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    I never got an answer here on resetting the oil idiot lights but I talked to my dealer about it. Yup, the thing will go off when it thinks it should and it will ignore that I changed my oil at 700 miles. The dealer also said I was foolish (actually he used the words "pretty stupid") to change my oil on the brand new motor. He said I should wait till the light tells me to change, oh well to each his own. Its MY new motor and with all the metal shavings that were on the plug, I am very happy to have followed my usual routine of changing the oil early on a new motor.
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