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2000 GMC Sierra



  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    The dealer who called you stupid sounds pig headed. Perfectly good to change your oil early. I waited till 1500 miles, but who knows? (Mobil-1 5W/30 at every change)

    To reset the oil minder on mine, I turn the ignition key to "on" but not "start." I let the seat belt chime quit, and the message center glows red since the alternator is not charging. Then I press the accelerator to the floor 3 times within five seconds. The red backlight turns to amber as it flashes "change oil" five times to confirm the reset.
  • mikey42mikey42 Member Posts: 28
    Thanks for the explanation Quad, its not working on mine. I can't get the oil light to flash indicatting a reset.
    Oh well...
  • shiftless1shiftless1 Member Posts: 9
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    But mine don't work either.
  • mikey42mikey42 Member Posts: 28
    in the manual but it is NOT working. In a earlier post I already had stated that I had read the manual and tried it MANY times. Its NOT working, I know how to do it, its not working. I am also ignoring it, I am not a idiot so I should not need a idiot light, especially since I have no intention on following it for changing the oil, I like changing my oil far more often than that light will tell me to.
  • gmcnutgmcnut Member Posts: 14
    Stopped by my dealer to have my '96 Sierra serviced and went over to check on the status of my new HD 2500 Sierra SLE Shortbox, Pewter/Pewter, Z85 pkg, 3.73 locking diff, tow package, etc. etc. The truck manager took me into his office pulled out his five page listing of trucks on order and showed me that mine was in production as of 10/4/99 with an expected delivery date of 10/29/99. I ordered it on Aug. 2nd. Looks like 12 to 14 weeks isn't too bad a number afterall. We'll see. Let you all know when I touch it.
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    I went looking today at the dealers in my area Chevrolet & GMC. And what I came away with is actually liking the GMC better then the
    Silverado. I have been looking through all the truck magazines and the Silverado is
    by far the most popular. I like the front end on the Sierra.

    Anyway, GMC was my last dealer to go to. I asked if they had a Black Extended
    cab SLT with Oak leather and the 5.3. They only had one and the GM was driving
    as a demo. It had 2000 miles on it. I drove it and like it very much. It was fully
    loaded except the Fog Lights :=(

    Well, we sat down and I explained to him I was going to order one for 100 over
    invoice. He told me to come up with a number, and I basically said 500 under
    invoice. They accepted, darn I should have said 1000. I have a 97 Maxima that has
    to go back in January. GM is also offering a 1000 rebate if you are trading in a
    Japanese car. How convenient. The Invoice price is 26,484 including destination
    fees. Also I have to subtract the 500 and 1000 on top of that.

    I will have to pay the remainder of my lease off which is 4 months left. It would be
    nice if I don't have to worry about any mileage or excessive wear and tear.

    Does this sound like a good deal for a demo with 2000 miles on it?

    I can't wait to throw some Headers and Exhaust on it. Planning a 2/4 drop as well.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    More like $2000 below...if not more..

    Buy one new....drive it 2000 miles...then ask the dealer to buy it back for $500 under invoice..

    No way Hoss

    - Sounds good though..

    - Tim
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    So true, and on top of that they pissed me off by trying to rush the deal! I felt so rushed!
    I told him I wanted to go home and revisit the numbers. I told them to backoff or else I would not step one foot back in that dealer.

    So you think I could get it for 2000 under?
    It is also the sportside. If it is a 2000 5.3 does it have 285 HP. I heard not all 2000's had the 285 upgrade.

    Thanks again,
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    As for 285 HP..that's the 2000 spec...but I have no idea about not all 2000's getting the increase.

    I can't say for sure about 2K under...but In my eyes..if it had 200 miles ..that would be a lot and $500 under would be OK. But 2000 miles is a whole new ballgame. Being used as a demo for that long..who knows how the first miles were? If several people have been driving it...Guarantee ya it's been hammered several times. Personally..I'd skip on it...but if you really want it...$500 under is too much.

    If they agreed to your price too quick...it was probably too cheap. Start at $3000...you can always go down. If you start too low..and they agree...you can't go up. $3000 is way too much..but who knows?

    Good Luck

    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    They wanted to rush you to close the deal because they knew they were tapping you. You didn't give any cash or buy it yet..did ya?
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    No deposit, however they had me sign my offer.
    I just called them and told them 2000 under invoice and I will pick it up now.

    He tries to tell me the Truck hasn't been titled yet and everything. I said it doesn't matter it is still used with 2K miles. He said I know you are trying to use this as a bargaining tool. He said he will call me back.

    I got an Insurance quote and it beats my current Maxima by 300 a year.

    The General Manager just called me back and will not budge on the 500 under invoice.

    We went through the whole spiel about that he can send it through the auction and make more money.
    I told him to meet me halfway and he said no!

    Here is the Truck and Options
    2000 Sportside SLT Black
    Oak leather Buckets
    Deep Ray Tinted Glass
    Locking Differential
    3.73 Axle
    High Capacity Air Cleaner
    5.3 Vortec
    R6U Comfort Group
    1SD Package
    Polished Wheels and 255 upgraded tires

    And he threw in a bedliner.

    I am going to work out the numbers and see if it is feasible to pay this.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    ..But i don't know how hard they are to come by where you are...

    Tell him to toss in a while lot more than a bedliner. Be silent...and let him call you. if you seem to anxious...it's gonna hurt you.

    - Tim
  • powerisfunpowerisfun Member Posts: 358
    Like Tim says, it depends on how hard they are to
    come by where you are. If you're in an area where the dealers aren't coming down below $1,000 over
    invoice, then you got $1,500 + bedliner for 2000 miles. Not bad, I'd say. Most people are not getting below $200 over invoice in which case you're getting $700 + bedliner. Still not bad. Plus there's one benefit to getting a GM truck with some miles on it. Since some of the new body-style trucks are having vibration/clunking problems that apparently don't show up till it has some miles on it (i.e. don't show up in the test-drive for most people), if this truck with 2000 miles on it doesn't have any symptoms, it has a better chance of never having them in my mind.
    Good luck whatever you decide.
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    Thanks for all the replies. I got pr-approved for the loan yesterday and went it at 2:00 to buy the truck. When I first arrived at the dealer I went back to where the truck was and started looking it over real close. I got cold feet and got in my car and drove away.

    I thought, hear was my first experience with a new truck, and why blow it on something that someone and who knows else has been driving. I looked under the wheel wells and it had a lot of dirt underneath.

    Nice truck though! It didn't have a few things I wanted, such as the Fog Lights. And had a few to many things I didn't want. I don't plan on using this Truck to tow anything and may customize it as a Sport Truck so the trailering package would have been a waste of money.

    I called and thanked him for his time. He was the the Big Cheeze GM. He said he wanted my business and to let him know what else he could do.

    They have already called me this morning wanting my business. I told them Invoice price plus no dealer or add fees for a new truck. I told him I will build one at Home and call him with the options.

    How does Pewter with the Oak interior look?

    Thanks again for all the responses. I have at least narrowed down that I want the GMC Extended Cab with Sportside.

  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    vechiles and there really is no such thing as a sale. Part of being a salesperson was to get a new vechile to drive back and forth to work. It's true they don't title them, but there is no special price they pay for them. At the dealership I used to work for they tried to break even on these vechiles. So with that in mind I would not expect to get much under invoice. I think the holdback for GM is 3%, so subtract that from the invoice and that's probably the best you'll get - espically on a truck!! That's the way we always did it, but maybe there different. Good Luck...
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    These guys want my business and to sell me a truck bad. Now they tell 500 under invoice for any new Truck I want. Not bad huh?

    I gave him my choices and they will try to have it there tomorrow. I have picked a 2000 SLT Sportside with the 5.3 and either Black or Pewter with the Oak interior. I like the Oak with Black don't know how it would look with Pewter though.

    BTW> I live in South Florida.
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    The salesman made a mistake now they call me and tell me 500 over. Jeesh, what the Hell. I told him invoice no ad or dealer fees. Let's see what happens now!

    What a game.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    and go elsewhere...
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    to many games - that's not a way to earn business!
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    That's why if I do business with them it is on my terms!

    I have called them this morning and made my final offer on the demo. 2000 under invoice. Which equates to 24,484.

    If this falls through I will order a 4th door SLT Sportside with the options I want. And from another dealer.

    I was at the International Auto show last night in Miami and I asked the rep about the fourth door option. His reply was they go into production November 6th and into showrooms January.

    Price: 288 Invoice and 330 MSRP

    Thanks for all the support, for 24,484 do you think it's a good deal?
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    it's probably a good deal. My father works for GM and I got 17% off the MSRP - I think $2000 under invoice would beat my discount!
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    I am through with this dealer.
    His final offer is 600 under invoice for the demo with 2000 miles. Not worth the money for a used truck.

    I am going to order an Extended cab Fourth door tomorrow for 100-250 over invoice from my original dealer.

    It should be hear by January which is when my lease is up anyway.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    But yours didn't have 2000 miles on it..
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    From what I hear this is the break in period. I think newer is better anyway - never know what kind of abuse it took.

    Tim - been reading your post on dodge vs. chevy post and would like to join your fan club! Can't figure out the name though..

    Get my 2000 in Dec. hopefully...
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    I have followers?


    The name....spell it out...pretty simple..
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    takes me a while sometimes....
  • kernickkernick Member Posts: 4,072
    My God Von Hyman ???
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    MGD - Used to be my favorite beer...I still collect oodles of MGD stuff though..

    VH - Van Halen - All time favorite band to collect. I probably am one of the biggest collectors world wide?

    Man - a man!


    Pretty easy eh?

    had no idea what to use for a name....so came up with that one.

    - Tim
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    Did you happen to check out Car & Driver TV today?? They compared the Sierra 3/4 ton 6.0L against a F250 Super Duty with the V-10 and as Car and Driver put it the GMC is a much better vechile!! I thought the F250SD was a good truck, but the GMC beat it in every catagory, power, towing unloaded AND LOADED, comfort, livability. Just wait till the new HD truck come out - Ford doesn't have a chance.....
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    to see it.

    But i don't need a TV to tell me that Chevrolet beats Ford!


    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Myabe the 2000 miles are cuz it was really a buy back that has been "fixed"??

    Just thought of that...

    - Tim
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    Thanks I did decide to pass on that deal. And called my other dealer of choice today. She has always been honest and straightfoprward with me. Well she had told me 250 over invoice with no delaer or ad fees on any new Sierra. I called her today ready to order. She said she could not sell me the 4th door model at the special rate she quoted me. She says she has to get full MSRP. DAMN what Gives!

    I am really getting aggravated over this crap!
    No wonder I plan on this being my last purchase for at least ten years!

    Can anyone recommend a delaer in South Florida that will not rape me?

  • mfreeman1mfreeman1 Member Posts: 13
    What gives is supply and demand. There is a lot of demand for the 4th door, and a limited supply (for now anyway). They will sale them at the highest price they can get for them, at present that is evedently close to MSRP. When people are not welling to pay that much for them, they will start to come down again. She is just doing her job.

  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    I know she is, but I am ordering and willing to wait until January when it get's here. ZIt's not like I am taking it off the lot. GMC should make enough of them to go around. I won'y pay a premium for the 4th door option so I will order a 3 door SLT.

  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    Does anyone know of any other GM Truck forums. If so please post.

  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    I went to http://www.invoicedealers.com and found a dealer in a smaller town about five hours away willing to do 250 over invoice even on the 4th door.

    I told him to drop the ad and delaer fees and I will put a deposit down tomorrow. He thinks delivery will be around mid December.
    I will probably fly to the destination and drive it back. At least those 300-400 miles will be mine!

    I will let you all know how it goes.
  • ruxbinruxbin Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone have any information on the ZX3 suspension package being offered on the 2000 GMC SLT 4x4.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    2WD only
  • mfreeman1mfreeman1 Member Posts: 13

    Your right about the price on that 4door truck. I 'm sure the price will dive very quickly if you wait a little(or look around to another dealer). I had the same problem with the new corvettes, they wouldn't deal on them, so I bought a truck instead.

  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    About the same as me, I was going to get a Pontiac GTP but like RWD and a V8 to much!
    Which Truck did you get and how happy are you. I am just about ready to order as soon as we work out a few cost.


    Yes I have been using that site as well. Here is another one. http://www.sportruck.com
  • mmorris64mmorris64 Member Posts: 23
    I can't believe this these dealers are to much! I finally started dealing with this new dealer I told you about that was going to accept 250 over invoice no dealer or ad fees. He agreed!

    I have been working with him for two days agreeing on a price and options. Well today I finally asked him to provide the invoice price breakdown because it kept coming to 1000 + over what I calculated.

    I also noticed a adjustment of 289.86, right away I knew it was advertisement cost. I also noticed a service fee of 158.50 and admin fees of 99.00. I question this and the sales rep said well they won't let me do anything with these fees.

    Oh and the extra 1000 well he says that is all the sales manager will let him go on it. I said man you should have told me instead of dragging me on. I thought I was getting a good deal because of the five hours drive to Jacksonville I would have to make!

    This really is pissin me off!
    Dishonest dealers!
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    the saying goes - good luck...
  • blucy2blucy2 Member Posts: 7
    I mean to add this- please let me know about price at blucy2@inreach.com This is in reference to message #101 Thanks
  • odenmeyerodenmeyer Member Posts: 61
    I too was informed there is a new suspension available on the new 4X4's. I know in the past the ZX3 was only available on the 2X models but now there is another choice for the 4X4 model. The only place I saw this was when I was on the GM ordering system with a salesman. I believe it wasn't the ZX3 but rather something called Auto Ride Suspension which is something available on the new 2000 Yukons. I will go back to the dealership and check for a order code and get some clarification.

  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    I have been on these boards since Dec '98, and have not yet read a post from anyone who has ZX3 even. Many people ask about it, no one has.

    A good shock, like the Bilstein or Edelbrock will work good for most buyers, offering firm control, but with a plush ride.

    A rod adjustable shock....I don't know. I think it could be a gimmick.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Ya Think?

    - Tim
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    I don't have a crystal ball to actually know if it's a gimmick or not, but something tells me I'd be throwing them away after 10-15k, ie sophisticated concept, cheap execution.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    I thought the same thing about Tow/Haul. But now I really do like it. Works good on grasshoppers.
  • scottayscottay Member Posts: 91
    >>My guy in So Cal is a GM owned no haggle dealer.
    $500 over invoice for Sams club, Costco, AAA, who
    ever, same deal. Same goes for the four doors,
    which is a good deal, cuz most guys can make a
    killing on these for the first coupla months.
    Dealers are doing loss leaders now, due to
    inventory on the lot over three months old. I.E.
    one has a z71 4x4 MSRP of $31k going for $4K under
    Cant find green trucks out here. Dealers say
    nobody bought them last year, so they wont order
    them this year. I have a green boat, so at least I
    will have an uncommon color. I am going to order
    my four door tonite. Dealer says he has an
    allocation, I had to prod him to find that out.
    Hopefully I am early enuff to customize

    My dealer added $131 for advertising fee, upped destination chg. to $665, M30 4speed auto went up to $941 from $856 and had invoice for a Y2K four door version @ $19,845 (up $288, the cost of the fourth door) but noted the fouth door cost could be added later. Any advise?
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