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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jammikejammike Posts: 38
    This is a good deal. You got $500 below invoice along with .9% apr. The dealer is going to make money some where which he did on the labor for accessories. I bought the MDX in Dec 07. Then got the side steps from NY dealer and got it installed from a local shop for $75. The total labor on your vehicles was around 2-3 hrs. So $600 on that was good profit for them thats why he agreed on such a good overall price.
    How come the taxes were so low ? Which state did you buy ?

    Enjoy your vehicle.
  • mlinenbmlinenb Posts: 10
    "Was that $38,885 price for the tech package with the power liftgate?"

    not sure, sorry... but you would still have to add $499 dealer 'fees', tax, tag, title to get OTD proce...
  • josephd05josephd05 Posts: 46
    Cars direct can get it for 40,001.00 Is this a good deal?
  • josephd05josephd05 Posts: 46
    So wait, you can't get the 2k dealer incentive AND 2.9% financing? Can anyone else verify this please?
  • mlinenbmlinenb Posts: 10
    "So wait, you can't get the 2k dealer incentive AND 2.9% financing? Can anyone else verify this please?"

    The dealers in the ATL area- were offering one or the other- as the incentive is from Acura- not the dealer... and these are purchase incentives. They were all really firm about it.
  • vantage78vantage78 Posts: 7
    Carsdirect is showing 40,901 for teh MDX with tech AND power lift gate. The lift gate is an extra option, at $499.

    I think the price that you have at 40,001 is without the pwr lift gate?
  • josephd05josephd05 Posts: 46 e=false

    No, MDX with tech and liftgate for 40001. Maybe its my region? If this is the case, maybe my region has 2.9 AND 2k dealer incentives?
  • vantage78vantage78 Posts: 7
    I stand corrected. It is the region. I am in Houston, and you look to be in Jersey.

    I will, however, negotiate using the Jersey price though; it's better. ;)
  • josephd05josephd05 Posts: 46
    Just an update, not only does it say it on the Edmunds rebate section, but the dealer told me they could not do both. So basically, I'm working on an MDX+tech+liftgate for invoice, 40,900. AND 2.9% financing.
  • dakineguydakineguy Posts: 46
    Just wondering what is the best way to get the bidding started with my local dealers. There are numerous websites that allow you to get bids from local dealers. Is that the best or would it be better to take info from this website and other buyer's recent experience to leverage the best deal?
  • dishwash42dishwash42 Posts: 89
    1. take info from recent posts from this site, taking into consideration your local market.

    2. email 3-5 dealers in your area, telling them that you are prepared to buy this week and request them to give you their best offer within 72 hours.

    3. sit back and let the bidding war begin.

    3a. don't go to a houston area acura dealer and give a lowball offer. i did and i found out that this is a bad idea the hard way.
  • fminusfminus Posts: 1
    I just leased a 08 MDX Yesterday

    Tech Package w Powerliftgate
    Sport steps
    Rear cargo cover

    MSRP: $44960.00
    Sport Steps: $5 hundred something?
    Cargo Cover: ~$180

    Cap Cost: $40100.56
    Drive off $979.75
    36 month lease
    15k a year
    tax rate 7.75%
    total monthly payment $650.00
  • dakineguydakineguy Posts: 46
    What do you think about using the web to get an offer to begin the offer process?
  • madaktmadakt Posts: 3
    Hi all, I'm in the process of closing a MDX-Sport/Ent deal in Texas. I had a price closed on the phone ... but when I went in to get it in writing, they said they couldn't do the deal with the 2.9% financing. They ASSUMED the $2k dealer incentive in their phone deal with me. They couldn't do both. :mad:
  • dishwash42dishwash42 Posts: 89
    not really worth it. do your research here and elsewhere and then come to them with the knowledge rather than waiting for them to set the price.
  • dakineguydakineguy Posts: 46
    I'm ready to buy a Tech/Entertainment package this month. For those of you who have recently purchased such a model, I would appreciate it if you could share specifics of your deals, including any options, etc.

  • jsb16jsb16 Posts: 64
    I have read many recent posts and don't see much activity in my area. My preference is to pick up a 2006 Touring/Nav for under 30K but most dealers are looking for over 32K and I won't pay that if I can get a 2008 Tech for 38K.
  • aquaacuraaquaacura Posts: 8
    Yeah I know that $600 is a bit too much on the labor; if it wasn't for the high trade-in value they've offered on my 03 Camry ($8200 + Tax savings vs. $7500 no tax savings from carmax or vs. $6000 + Tax savings from another Acura dealer whom by the way, is still calling me every other day), I would have walked away and let them think about it.

    I am located in Texas, 6.25% Tax, my doc fee is only $55.
  • anshuanshu Posts: 3
    We are looking to buy a MDX ASAP,and i dont know whats wrong with the Acura dealers,they make it look like people are flocking to buy a lux suv in this economy!!!
    Our sorry price was just at 40500 OTD Base model with just a roof rack and running boards(the base option at that) and 2.9% financing.Its not asking for the moon is it??!!They quote 43750....jeez!!!! :mad:
    SO after reading posts here i feel reassured i can stick to my guns..this is in Austin,TX..i am also looking at SA,Houston and Dallas...a drive to save a few brainer.
  • aquaacuraaquaacura Posts: 8
    If you come to Dallas, try McDavid Acura and ask for Arthur. I got my MDX through them, not much pain. Never try Goodson Acura, no good service and think they can play you in their hands and now they are calling you every other day with regret not accepting my original offer.
  • dakineguydakineguy Posts: 46
    You bought a 2008 MDX Tech/Entertainment for $41,000 OTD? This includes the $715 destination charge, but does not include taxes? Can you email me details as I am looking for the same right now.
  • austinpoweraustinpower Posts: 11
    Do me a favor....DO NOT buy an acura from Austin/Hou/Dallas as the price in texas is at least $1500 more from some other cities. here is a quick comparison based on
    City/St - Acura MDX price (base model)
    New Jercy- $36,328
    Houston- $37,228
    Chicago- $37,000
    Dallas- $37,228
    SanDiego- 35,628
    Los Angeles-$35,528
    Atlanta - $35,628

    So if you fly out somewhere else for 200 bucks and then can drive still could save a good one grand. Hope this helps!
  • aquaacuraaquaacura Posts: 8
    That's not necessary true... My base model was offered at $35,588 and $35,529 from two different dealers in Dallas (incl. $715 destination) and I ended up paying $36,517 (including destination) for my MDX Base with a 0.9% (and pretty much additional $1000 in incentives) and extra $700 + Tax savings in trade in than if I were to sell to carmax.

    By buying out of state, you have to count the gas and mileage which I believe many owners hesitate in driving such a long road for a newly purchased MDX.

    Even if you make a deal online and have them ship it to your home, you are talking about at least $700 in shipping door to door.
  • anshuanshu Posts: 3
    Hey guys thanks for the input....I worked it till it sweat a sweet deal...
    OTD 41k
    Base + TTL with
    Cargo trays,All weather mats,Wheel locks,Roof rack,Sports running boards.
    For the price with 2.9%,
    In austin itself,so saved us a trip to Hous/Dallas/SanAnt.
    Called up almost all dealers in the 4 cities and got a few e-mails assuring me of the price and Int rate which i took the dealer here and they matched it.So in the end worked the phone and had a painless closing.
    Good luck all you guys.I hope i did good,then again why dint i ask for packages :) i am rally happy though.We got the car we wanted.
  • burgermacburgermac Posts: 35
    Just put deposit down on a 2008 MDX Tech w/ Power Tailgate
    Invoice $40901
    Neg. Price $41401, less 2K dealer cash
    $39401 plus dlr cost for Sport Running Boards($715) and All season mats ($109)
    Qualified for the last promotional financing rate (4.9%)- (qualified for the lowest super preferred rate, but dealer cash can't be combined with 2.9%)- payment is the same with invoice @ 2.9 or invoice less 2k at 4.9- figured it's better to owe less on the car overall.
    Dealer is in Memphis- they've figured out that it'll cost anyone about $500 between gas, car rental, plane ticket, whatever, to get to Atlanta, St.Louis, etc., and drive the car back here, so that's how much they marked it up over invoice.
    Makes sense to do the deal since we'll be getting it serviced at the dealer we bought from, etc. Already bought a 07 TL from them- worked that deal same way.

    Atlanta dealers (Ed Voyles Acura) generally deal at invoice and will offer the 2k dealer cash fairly readily. St. Louis wants to keep about $700, offering you about $1300 of the dealer cash (so deal would be $1300 under invoice)

    Dealers seem to have a lot of MDXs right now with more arriving daily. People seem to be interested in the power tailgate option, so you may be able to work an attractive deal on an existing inventory unit without that option (standalone option became available mid year). The 2009 TL drops this fall and most dealers want to move as much volume as they can to get a good allocation of TLs when they start arriving. Use this to your advantage when negotiating.
  • dishwash42dishwash42 Posts: 89
    i've said it before and i'll say it again: power tailgate is for pu**ies.
  • burgermacburgermac Posts: 35
    are you researching the purchase of a car or did you pilfer your dad's laptop so you could act like a jerk in a forum designed for intelligent adults?

    Eventually most luxury automobiles will have a power actuated tailgate, so this feature will make the car appear "newer" to a future buyer, or had you not heard of resale value?
  • dishwash42dishwash42 Posts: 89
    but you seem to be the one encouraging people to go after the non-power tailgate option as a strategy for getting a good deal. or am i missing something here?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    It's a feature I could easily live without. We have it on my wife's 2004 RX330 and don't use it very often - it's much quicker to open it manually.
  • burgermacburgermac Posts: 35
    My message was intended to show offense at your referring to users of a power tailgate as pu**ies. There's no reason for insinuating anything like that about a total stranger. If you or anyone else wants to debate the merits of a power tailgate, I'm sure there's a more appropriate forum for such a debate, though I am also pretty sure it's not the Prices Paid and Buying Experience forum. You are correct that I advocated buying a vehicle without one- for someone looking for some extra bargaining power when negotiating. I wanted a vehicle right off of the delivery truck, as opposed to one with all the dealer add-ons- freshly delivered vehicles tend to have the power tailgate option. But that's the whole point- this forum is about getting the best deal, not whether of not a particular option is worthwhile.
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