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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am looking to purchase a 07 Honda CRV - EX 4 WD within the next week of so. I know that supply is limited as it's that time of year. Any advice on which dealers in the Greater Cincinnati area or internet, that offer the most competitively priced CRV's would be greatly appreciated.
  • cp999cp999 Posts: 13
    The price seems good considering that quite a few people here had said that they couldn't get much below MSRP in the NY/NJ metro area. Which dealer is that? Thanks.
  • julopjulop Posts: 4
    Mine EX-L, AWD in silver and black leather was $24.599,- including destination fee ($595). And dealer had installed wheel locks that were free with the car. I bought it in Fremont, CA AutoWest Honda. First got this quote from Livermore Honda and Fremont matched it and threw in the locks. They did not ask about financing when they quoted the price and afterwards I paid with cash, no problem there. ;) ;) :D
  • Just bought a Honda CR-V EX-L in OC Southern California (No NAVI). Price paid was $23,600, which was the best price I was able to find with internet quotes. Dealer had every color in stock with large supply.
  • naborsnabors Posts: 26
    I live in the SFV in LA County and am looking for the same vehicle. Could you post what dealer you purchased the EX-L from and, if possible, who you dealt with?

    Thanks very much!
  • Last week I bought a glacier blue 2WD EX-L with navigation for $26,800 including everything (taxes, tags, etc). The only thing I paid above that was fog lights which I added after we agreed on the price.

    I live in Durham, NC but went out of town about 25 miles because none of the Honda dealers in Raleigh or Durham will negotiate so I say screw them.
  • natenj1971natenj1971 Posts: 174
    this quote is from DCH in Paramus. Once I contacted them I was told there was an additional $199 doc fee and of course $24,873 does not include destination. Similiar numbers from other dealers in the area. Lots are full so maybe some wiggle room.

  • larcredlarcred Posts: 7
    I bought mine at Honda World in Downey (5 & 605 freeways) I paid $28,500 out the door and thought it was a good price. That was on July 28 and I am very happy with the CRV. I am absolutely amazed at all the commands the system understands from changing the map direction, ask it what time is it, change cd and track's wonderful!~
  • I am also planning to buy a LX 4WD- CRV in NJ/NY/CT area. Did you buy the car and if yes at what OTD ?
  • Hi,
    What is the name of the dealer you bought it ? I live in NJ and looking for a CRV as well.
  • I purchased my CR-V at Hardin Honda in Anaheim, and dealt with Odette in internet sales to negotiate a price before I walked in the door. They honored the negotiated price ($23,600 for EX-L without NAVI) and had every color in stock. They appear to be a large volume dealer, so this is a plus. If you live in SFV, it may be worth your while to travel to Anaheim to pick up this car (they are near the 57/91 interchange). I recommend that you negotiate the price first with Odette or Connie before you arrive. I tried to see if other area dealers both in Northern and Southern California would match or beat this price, but without luck. Other area dealers also appeared to have a smaller inventory in stock. Good luck, Nabors! Let me know how it works out!
  • aerosnowaerosnow Posts: 13
    Paragon Honda

    CR-V LX 4WD $24,000 out the door

    Saccuci Honda (online)

    8 Years 100K $885

    Rain Water 8/8/07 3'+ Totalled

    Geico - $23,500

    Paragon Offered me a second LX $23,500 out the door.
  • Just purchased a EX AWD, OTD is $25,300 including roof rack.
  • I just bought a royal pearl blue EX 2WD at Honda of Hollywood in Los Angeles.

    Out the door price: $22,002 including TTL

    I was returning a leased 2004 Civic EX. I don't know if this is a good price or not. I know I got some sort of credit for keeping the miles low on the Civic.

    I decided to purchase the CRV instead of leasing because I didn't want to have to worry about miles any more.
  • The lowest quote, I was able to get from different dealers in colorado ( via internet sales) for 2007 Honda CRV LX AWD (Green Tea color) was US$21,200. Dealer fees of US$399/- is to be added to this with taxes ( 8.6%). In Colorado, title and registration is not done at the dealer and is extra at the DMV. The total price is :

    21,200+0.086*21200+399+560(TTL)=US$ 23,983.

    Is this a good price? Has anyone is colorado tried to negotiate on the dealer fees of US$399? :confuse:
  • zswxzswx Posts: 55
    Hi can you tell me your base price including destination but before TTL? If you didn't have the trade-in, what price do you think the dealer would accept instead? Thanks!
  • naborsnabors Posts: 26
    I live in the SFV and looking for a EX-L. Who did you deal with at Honda Hollywood? How painful was the process?
  • I just bought a CR-V EX 4WD with roof racks and paid $24,817.91 OTD.
    It was a great experience and was purchased at Crown Motors Honda in Holland, Michigan!!!
  • natenj1971natenj1971 Posts: 174
    Emailed six dealers in NNJ. Made the deal with Joyce Honda in Denville NJ.

    2007 EXL AWD CRV (Silver w/blk leather interior)
    $25,000 Sell Price (includes destination)
    $185 Doc Fee
    $7.50 Tire Tax

    Didn't think they would take my old car on trade so never brought it up. After getting this price they asked if there would be a trade. Gave it a shot. Got a lot more for the trade then I ever expected so signed right there. Brought the price down to $22,000 before taxes (which are 7% in bergen county NJ) and of course those unavoidable DMV charges.

    Three other dealers responded with prices $25,489 - $25,976 plus dealer fees ($199). Would not negotiate (at all!). Joyce Internet manager emailed me at 5pm, got to the dealer at 7pm, closed deal at 7:30pm. They were professional and kept everything simple. Highly recommend dealing with the internet manager. They offered lots of extras (extended warranty, scotch guard etc) but accepted "no thanks" without pressure.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    I'm in Raleigh as well, and have found the same non-negotiation attitude in past years with the local dealers. Which out of town dealership did you go to? I'm probably going to go to DC area for next Honda purchase.
  • The sales reps are extremely helpful and courteous; not rudely aggressive at all.

    I think the key is to go in during the week. I went in on a Tuesday (only 2 other buyers there), test drove the car, told the rep I was interested but had to go home and think about it. I went back the next day and had the deal in less than 90 minutes (most of the negotiation related to the lease end).

    The process wasn't that bad. I've dealt with dealerships on the East Coast and had to work much harder.

    This forum doesn't permit naming sales reps, but the way Honda of Hollywood works is that the sales rep shows you the car, but the managers deal with the financial negotiation.
  • The base price was $19,990; they waived the destination.
    Without the trade in, they would have accepted a base price of $22,300.

    Good luck!
  • I am so confuse that you said your OTD price was $22,002 (include TTL)and now you said the base price is $22,300, I am wondering which one is the real OTD price.
    Also are you sure your model is 2007 EX 2WD? Because the Invoice base price is $21,251 plus Destination $595, if what you say is true(The base price was $19,990; they waived the destination.), that's mean you got $1,856 under Invoice price, it is really good deal.
  • Sorry to confuse you. The best base price that the dealer offered was $22,300 without a trade in.

    The base price I ended up paying with my trade in was $19,990. This brought my OTD price with trade in to $22,002.

    If I had not had a trade in, I would have paid $22,300 plus 8.25% tax plus $210 license fees and $8.75 tire fees (OTD price of around $24,360).

    My car is DEFINITELY a 2007 EX 2WD.

    The more people I talk to the better I realize my deal is.

    I noticed some people have mentioned sales people's names, so here are the people I dealt with: Peter showed me the car on the first day and Karim sold me the car on the second day.
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    I notice my local dealers now have 2007 CRV's with a Continental 4x4 Contact 225/65R17 on some of their EX-L models. Can anyone advise me if this tire is better than the Bridgestone on some EX's? If you have the choice of either tire on the same model which one would you choose??

    Thanks in advance for anyone's advice.
  • Ok, please help and bear with me...I have been lurking but really don't understand some things....So, here we go....I sent out requests for the CRV 2WD EXL and received my first one back. It says they can price it at $24,615 with the Honda protection package (wheel locks, cargo tray, and mud guards) also include protection package interior and exterior with a 5 year warranty. This doesn't sound to good to me. I would assume that I need then to pay taxes, title and license fee right? When some one on the board prices OTD is that inclusive of everything - including taxes title and license? Sorry to be so winded just trying to make sense of everything. Oh, what about the 2008 are they here or when will they be here? I didn't see any today on the lot. Thanks in adance for the help :)
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    OTD is short for out the door so yes that should be the drive out price. When you requested the quotes did you specify you wanted an out the door price? If not more than likely it will just be the price of the vehicle plus tax, title and license for your area. You can use the financial calculator on Edmund's to get a rough idea what the drive out price will be. Don't think the 2008's have been shipped out yet to dealerships.
  • My friend was about to buy CR-V. As he was doing his research, he found this funny thing as He told me " After Unveiling CR-V, Honda Spokeswomen said it is specially designed for the Women with 1 child and will be helpful while shop groceries." Is this true??? :confuse:

    My friend is now confused :confuse: as he is male. What would you suggest to him? :confuse:

    He has quote about $29101.00 OTD for CR-V EX-L Nav. Is this the best offer he can get? :confuse:
  • Hey Car_man,
    You saved me lots of $$ when I leased my Honda minivan back in December. Please help me again - can let me know the current lease details for the CRV (residual and money factor). Hope to save some money again!

  • asearchasearch Posts: 20
    Hello natenj1971,

    Can you provide the sales manager's contact? That's all the fees right? What did they offer you other then the extended warranty, scotch guard? Thanks!!!

    It'll be great if I can buy from them since I am sooooo close to their dealer. I have been there in July. The price was still high. OTD was around $28300. The selling price was a lot higher at that time. Seems like the price has drop a lot maybe because the new model is coming.

    Thanks! :)
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