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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was told by a dealer in California that all auto deposits are refundable, by law.
  • Hello, If you haven't bought your Honda yet...
    On Dec 13 I bought a 2008 CR-V EX-L AWD with Navi for 27,597 from Honda of El Cerrito, through the internet department. They were near the lowest quote in the area, matched the lowest quote I had, and found the color I wanted (Royal Blue Pearl with Gray) within a week. The other dealers either had higher quotes or longer waits. The salesman was excellent. The finance manager, of course, tried to sell me everything I didn't need, but at least he was extremely courteous.
  • Hello,

    We just wanted to post our buying price since we used this forum in our research. Today, we purchased a Black 2008 CR-V 4WD EX for $22,625 (before MI tax and that stuff - the out the door price with taxes, license plate, etc. was $24,300). I think the only extra it came with was splash guards. It had 8 miles on it when we started test driving it on Monday (the dealership let us test drive it from Monday until today - we were to initially return it on Wed, but when we took it back and told them we were undecided they told us to keep it until Saturday). They said we got an incredible deal, but of course they always say that. We do feel like we got a pretty good price though. Oh, they also threw in 5 free oil changes and 10 free car washes.

  • Hi All,
    I'm in the market to upgrade from my '01 Jetta to the CR-V (AWD), for those of you who have recently purchased, any experience driving in the snow? How well does it handle? Thanks!
  • jj4444jj4444 Posts: 4
    I just purchased a 08 exl 4wd for 27,000
    the price include destination, cargo tray, all season mats
    brooklyn, ny
    How do you guy think about the price i paid?
  • Honda Seattle downtown dealer would not match Burien quote of 27,879 for 08 EX-L w/ Nav. Only acc. I wanted which is included in the price are the mudflaps. Downtown Seattle is fine w/ cancelling the original order which was 29,160. Savings are close to 2k so it does pay to shop around :)
  • szerszer Posts: 80
    $29,160 is way too high... way above MSRP of $29,035 (even with $30 mudflaps Incl delivery to your home). $27,879 is an okok price. Not really that great, but not bad either. As long as you're happy, that's what matters.
  • I bought a new Honda CRV 2WD from Jacksonville, FL after getting quote from numerous dealers in FL and GA..This dealer gave me lowest price , that is invoice price .. Please email me balex2003 id in yahoo mail for details..(quote, sales person etc..) :shades:

  • ccacpccacp Posts: 117
    You already bought it. What do you want us to tell you ? Your price is too high ? Well, it is ! By about 1500 dollars. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :)
  • sj72sj72 Posts: 3
    Hi, we are also looking for a CRV 4WD LX, could you please tell me which dealer you got quote from? and could you please share how much you finally paid for your purchase (OTD price)? Thanks.

  • elofnelofn Posts: 2
    Where did you get an ex-l awd for 25500? I'd be very interested in that deal. Thanks
  • ccacpccacp Posts: 117
    Do I have to spoonfeed the info, please search and you will find what you are looking for !

    There was a poster about 2-3 pages ago that clearly compared prices in MD-VA-PA area that showed that prices are very competitive.

    Search and ask for request for quotes.

    If you live in a place with only a couple of dealers, good luck trying to get 25500 but with a lot of competition you will get it !
  • naborsnabors Posts: 26
    Working on getting a CR-V but was told the one I want has Lojack already installed and it would tack-on an additional $350 to the cost of the car.

    Is Lojack worth the extra dollars to get the exact car I want? Other than that, the pricing works for me.

    Your thoughts?
  • I just got back from a Test drive of a new 2008 CR-V and I asked the sales person about the on- going rear differential problem and he told me point blank that if you do not have your car flushed every 15k you will have problems with the rear differential. Buyer beware! This problem has NOT been fixed by Honda. This is really holding me back from purchasing one.
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    The lo-jack is not worth it. If someone knows enough to hot wire your car my guess is that they will know how to disable/remove the lo-jack. I'm also sure that the lo-jack didn't cost the dealership $350. Just tell them to take it off if it's the deal breaker. They put it on, they can take it off. ;)
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If you look at any vehicle on the Fitzmall website, you will see two different sales prices, depending upon whether you are out of state internet purchase (internet value price), or the local delivered price, The difference can be about $400 bucks. That higer price for local, then covers oil changes, free lifetime loaner vehicles, maintenance inspections, discounts on maintenance items, etc.

    The waiver would indicate that if you want to choose the lower internet price, then you don't get the loaners or maintenance items. Seems like a totally reasonable business form to me, which I think you'd agree you would have as well if you were them and offering a further discount to out of state-ers.

    delivered vs internet value price

    buyer protection plan
  • I get a quote, out of door price : 22500$ how is it? Any comment is appreciated!
  • ccacpccacp Posts: 117
    Changing differential fluid at 15K is total baloney ! Change sales rep because he is being dishonest. Apart from the early VINs that have a TSB out, there have not been any reported issues with the differentials. Please check and which has a great owners forum and trust me if there were issues you would hear from the new owners.

    Change sales rep and probably dealer ASAP !
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,559
    This is totally overblown!

    Just change the diff fluid once in awhile and you won't have any problems.
  • I am new to the forum, but am picking up my car tomorrow night. I got it for 27,300.
    I think I did well with the price.
  • ccacpccacp Posts: 117
    Where did you get it for that price ? That is about 300 dollars aver invoice... as long as no hidden fees get tacked on.

    Congratulations !
  • It includes destination. I am picking it up in Rhode Island. I called around to other dealers and no one would beat the price, they "try and match".

    I am hesitant to give out the name of the dealership until I take ownership tomorrow night. Just incase I have egg on my face. My father in law thinks they are going to pull a fast one on me as I am a woman and did the negoatiing without my husband. If all goes thru well, I will happily post all the info tomorrow night.
  • Can anyone recommend a good honest dealership in/around the Dallas/Fort Worth area? I'm closest to David McDavid (Irving) and to Huggins... have heard horrible stories about David McDavid. Willing to drive +/- 100 miles for good customer service and an honest, respectful transaction.

  • ccacpccacp Posts: 117
    try Gunn Honda, you will not be disappointed ! Speak to Chris Bond.
  • dp_crvdp_crv Posts: 23
    Go to Fenton Honda in Ardmore, Oklahoma. They will give you good price. I purchased my CRV EX 08 from then for 22k (I paid TTL in TX after 22k).
  • Hi,
    As I posted earlier this was the price I got, and wanted to wait to get the car to give out dealer information, incase something went wrong.
    Well I am a VERY happy owner of the CRV as of today.

    I bought it in Rhode Island at Saccucci Honda in Middletown. The salesperson was John "Smitty" Smith. We have bought many cars and this by far was the best experience ever. Please if you are in RI and looking for this car or any other Honda give Smitty your business.
    I couldn't find the title of my trade and instead of giving me grief or holding me up for less money on my trade as they couldn't do anything with it until they got the duplicate from the registry they told me not to worry. Luckily for everyone I did find it.

    We visited the other larger dealers and were so impressed with the people at Saccucci. I am actually looking forward to filling out my Honda survey when I get it.

    Now just need to figure out the bells and whistles (soo many!!!).
  • dp_crvdp_crv Posts: 23
    Its a CRV EX 2WD.
  • meishameisha Posts: 13
    Hi there,

    Does the $27.3k include tax, title and license. Congrats on your new car purchase. :)
  • For 2008 FWD EX, 22K is below invoice price. Here in the Northeast anyway, these are very hot selling vehicles. Why would the dealer sell at such a low price? Nothing personal, but I'm somewhat skeptical about the price you paid. Can you provide any more details about the negotiation?
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