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Suzuki Aerio Maintenance and Repair



  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I have had this exact problem in another car before. It was a failing brake master cylinder. My problem was also intermittent but it usually acted up after the car was driven for a little while. Another possibility is a collapsing rubber brake hose, but I'm 99% sure your master cylinder is the problem. You could potentially make the car act up by pressing and releasing the brakes as much as possible before heading to the dealer. Next time it happens, take it straight to the dealer, unless you know for sure it is closed. Maybe document the problem by taking a picture of smoke coming off the front wheel. Good luck and let us know what fixes it.
  • I have the same problem with the bumper piece, but I have no idea when it came off. At the dealership they asked if it had been towed. NO, it hasn't been towed. I didn't follow through from there.
    THEN... I saw the exact model,color,etc. I thought I'd look to see if his was missing, sure enough, it was gone. The guy saw me at my car and looked at mine for the very same reason. He also pointed out that his windshield was cracked, not by any chips. I got his number and we plan to go to the dealership together.
  • Hello, i'm a bit of a hands on mechanic my self and i had the same problem when i bought my 2003 model. i found that all the front suspension was loose and needed to tighten every bolt to 40ftlb with a torque wrench if u have someone handy a think dealers are useless so i investigated the problem for myself the suspension is now quite.
  • Hello, i cought mine falling off in the act. there are to plastic clips underneath that hold it on,wen you go out driveways that scrape the front bumper it takes them off. i put some self taping screws in to the back of it and it hasn't moved for the last year that i have had the car.
  • hello, i have 18' (215/35 ZR18) chrome rims on my car and i have no problems with them, speedo is only out by 5km/h (3.2mph). Slight loss in power 1-2hp, which is expected.
  • I had the same problem and recently took it to the dealer to get repaired. They kept it overnight as they couldn't find the source of the clunk, but felt it wasn't safe to drive. The next morning they called me and told me several bolts in the suspension had come loose and they re-torqued them. Problem solved.
  • I have had an intermittent problem with my 2003 Aerio SX, that started occurring about 3 months after I purchased it.
    The transmission sometimes will not shift into 4th gear (overdrive). The first time I had a problem, I was driving 55mph, and the car shifted down into 3rd. It was about 8 minutes before it went back into overdrive. This was on a level surface.
    The latest event was this weekend, when it would not go into 4th, for about 45 minutes. In all instances, the overdrive was never turned off.
    The Suzuki dealership cannot find a problem, and went so far as to suggest that the car must have been cold. Please! After 45 minutes? I am not in the Antarctic. They also made the suggestion that the rpm's would be high driving 60 mph. Granted, it will be a little high with only 4 gears, but not 5000+ rpm.
    Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem or have any suggestions?
  • YES, I had the same problem last week with my 2003 Aerio SX with automatic transmission, and the car has 7700 miles on it! I was cruising I80 west about 150 miles east of Reno at 80mph with the cruise control on. Going up a hill the cruise made the transmission downshift. It never "upshifted" and I couldn't make it upshift. So, I cruised at 75mph at 4000 RPM into Reno and gassed up. Upon leaving Reno, the car was just fine. It seems to me that when I turned the engine off at the gas station, that "reset" the transmission shifter. No problem with it since. Does anyone have any experience, explanation or remedy for this "problem"?
  • mohdmohd Posts: 1
    I experienced the same problem with shifting to 4th gear. After driving for a while it is normal. I am not sure what should be the RPMs at 70 MPH. mine are about 3000 but my Toyota runs at about 2300 to 2500 with a smaller motor.
  • hwyguyhwyguy Posts: 1
    I drive lots of rental cars and the wavy lines are very common in all makes. I find the factory windshield to be very tough and I have had several larger rocks bounce off with little to no chipping in the last 35,000 K. The only concern I now have is my 5 speed transmission which failed yesterday. It spit out the LH drive CV twice but Suzuki is jumping right on the problem and replacing my transaxel without any delay as well as providing alternate transport. The bad tranny is not good but the service has been second to none so far.
  • bingerbinger Posts: 2
    I have an '03 SX. Love the car, but have has a shudder at 2300 RPM (55 - 65 MPH). One sad thing I've learned is that Suzuki does not seem to care much about after-sale service to the customer. I've had the car back for the problem several times and the shudder is still there. Service people and Suzuki rep seem to care less. Good luck!
  • Get those brakes fixed now.

    Have 2003 Aerio. Had brakes redone 10/03 and again this month.

    As far as the ac goes. Am waiting right now for a new compressor. Has been noisy for a while.
  • Every single Aerio I've seen in my area has that piece missing. They aren't too sturdy. I've gotten mine replaced from the dealer - about $35. They mounted it permanently so if I ever have to have it towed (which, with all the problems I've been having with it lately wouldn't be a surprise) the piece would have to be replaced yet again.
  • What is the width of your 60s-series tires ?
    Where did your get your under drive pulley from ?
  • **I am posting for a friend**

    Has anyone noticed abnormal brake pad wear? My friends’ front pads on her Suzuki are @ 35% with 20,000 kms (12,000 miles) on the car. She has a 5 speed and doesn’t drive hard… say 80% city (basic traffic here, nothing like grid-lock). Why I ask is that my Accord has 50% left on it with almost twice the mileage on the clock (mind you I’m 50-60% city). We drive similarly and they are both 5 speeds. If this is unusual wear, can she claim warranty? Thanks for any help.
  • 1. My 2003 Aerio pings and pings and pings .... even super gas will not stop it in the summer months. After opening the engine 3 times, Suzuki can't fix the problem. (I hear this is a very common problem with higher millage Aerio owners)
    2. The inner CV joint fell out of the manual transmission!!!!! I talked with a number of transmissions experts. All said "thats impossible ..there isn't enough play in the drive shaft to let it slip out..its got to be a design error". I payed for this one ($1,400.00) even though Suzuki USA has a technical bulletin warning about "Drive shaft pops out", Bulletin # 06284
    3. The brakes clack and grind even after the "new and improved" brake shims were installed. How many brake pad revisions will be required before they get it right???? (lots of tech bulletins on this one)
    4 The remote entry system died. Key fobs and control unit were replaced. (another technical bulletin from Suzuki Canada)
    5 Had the fuel temp sensor in the gas tank replaced.
    6. The seatbelt retractor needs help getting the belt back in.
    7. Both front wheel bearings were replaced under a technical bulletin by Suzuki Canada .......the passenger front bearing failed again less than a year afterwards.

    Thanks to the reliability of my 2003 Suzuki Aerio, I get to drive a lot of new cars...... mostly rentals .

    When it comes to issues that are clearly caused by defective parts or poor design, Suzuki Canada's attitude is ..... thank you for buying our nightmare ... will that be cash or credit card?
  • My left hand drive CV dropped out too. it wrecked the splines at the end of the CV shaft and chewed up the matching splines of the spider gear inside the transmission (manual). So ...the transmission was removed, spider gears, bearings seals and one inside CV joint were replaced. I checked with a few certified transmission technicians. None could understand how this CV could simply drop out unless the spring ring is substandard. (Welcome to CV joint 101) .... Most inside CV joints are held in place by a retaining spring ring which expands after the splined end of the CV shaft is pushed through the spider gear in the final drive. It takes a significant amount of force to remove that CV joint once the ring is set. (The use of pry bars are not uncommon.) So, how does an inside CV just pop out??? Read Service bulletin #06304 which is available from for a mere $2.50 (US dollars) This service bulletin is issued in the USA (not in Canada ) on this problem. Suzuki Canada and its dealers are playing dumb on this one. (whats new, eh?) I don't know how Suzuki USA treats these issues when they happen after the warranty is over .....but in Canada its "will that be cash or credit card sir?"
  • Galvanize,

    I have this problem currently and am attempting to record the sound while driving using my mini-disc recorder. I would describe the sound as a flutter/clattering sound that happens when I slowly accelerate in third gear. Yes, it reminds me of valve sounds also, but I'm not a mechanic.

    My engine has already been replaced under warranty when my oil pump failed (before the first oil change) was in the shop for 28 days. My attorney says that when it hits 30 days within the first 18k, it could qualify as a "lemon"

    Same thing with me too regarding the dealership. I think they see the 28 days and get a flag or something that tells them not to hold the car in the shop. I will keep you posted, did you ever have your problem solved?

  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    I'm not a fan of Automatics but in the suzuki case I would avoid the manual. It has been a sour spot for many years. I do not know who supplies the gear box for Suzuki but it is not uncommon for them to have to be rebuilt a few times over the life of the car. Go onto the European forums where most cars sold are manuals and you can see the high number of failures.
  • jiminyjiminy Posts: 1
    Our two-year-old Aerio's been an absolute gem since the day we drove it off the lot. This evening, my wife called my office to say the gear lever was "acting weird." When I got home, I checked the stick and it was literally hanging limp, as if it had been completely disconnected from the gear selector fork. The car was operating perfectly only a few minutes earlier. Anyone hear of such a thing?
  • I have a 2002 Suzuki Aerio. The other night I was driving my car on cruise control (approximately 65 MPH).. then all of a sudden the stick shift popped out of gear. The temp gauge went up. Nothing is leaking from the outside and the radiator isn't hot but there's fluid leaking on the inside floor on the driver's side. When this started I was also able to hear a hissing type sound inside the car. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    I would say you have blown the heater core. As to why it popped out of gear,I really can't even guess.
  • Thanks for your response davidd5. Does anyone have any idea where I can get price quotes on replacing a heater core? Is it hard to do yourself or is it best to get it done in the shop? How does the heater core blow out anyway? As you can tell...I don't know too much about this type of stuff...

    Any information would be GREAT!!!!
  • I've never heard of a heater core blowing but I have heard of them clogging up with corrosion. Once clogged up they restrict flow and the pressure can build up and cause the hoses to burst or leak.

    This can sometimes be cured by having the cooling system flushed at a garage. if not, then the core needs to be replaced and this should be done by a mechanic also. Any reputable mechanic can do this work for you - although you may want to stick to a Suzuki garage to get OEM parts.
  • davidd5davidd5 Posts: 79
    Think of the heater core like a small radiator. It has fins and two side tanks. As the air is blown through the heater core[from the heater fan],heat is transfered the passenger cabin. So just like a radiator can leak,the heater core can leak. The heater core is located inside the car,so this is why you noticed coolant on the floor. Replacing the core can be a pretty big job on some cars as the dash has to come out. The Aerio is one of those cars.
  • jrubinjrubin Posts: 1
    Mechanic stated the rattle is normal for 2003 Suzuki Areo SX. Stated the problem is a inexpensive cover with bushing. Can anyone assist.
  • dmmaddoxdmmaddox Posts: 1
    I may be a little late on this reply but I took my car to the dealership today to have it re-aligned (pulling to the left). Also, mentioned to them that I heard a "flutter" sound when accellerating. 20 minutes later, they tell me there is a "major engine problem" with the rods. They said it was an internal problem and nothing I did caused it (unless of course I had driven it real hard and not replaced fluids, etc). Said it ballpark figured to be $5000 to repair (Thank goodness I bought an extended warranty - bought 9 mo. ago used now has 41K miles) !!! They are putting a new "short block" in it. Said it wasn't safe to drive in current condition. YIKES! Anyone else w/ this problem?
  • ca770ca770 Posts: 16
    I took my 2003 SX in today, the service guy said that the noise from my break is NORMAL, especially when applying break while in 1st gear and reverse. He said the clunking noise is caused by "the break pad is trying to fall into the calipers". Smeone mentioned that there was a bulletin for this problem, I couldn't find it. I need advise!
  • albyseenyaalbyseenya Posts: 1
    In response to the rattling , I'm having a similar sound, but the noise happens when I deccelerate and only when the car is warmed up, it sounds like a loose exhaust, I removed the heat shield but the noise is still there so I'm going farther underneath maybe by the cat converter not sure I don't know if this is your problem but I'll let you know what I find.
  • :sick: yeah i have had that problem, my lil sister backed into my aerio in my dads cherokee and broke the plastic piece that holds it on. Before that i backed outa a driveway that had a curb on it that was too steep and yeah it busted off. I am afraid to find out what its going to cost to have fixed....anyways other than that i love it. Oh yeah and i did do a pretty cool lighting mod under the dash...put those red honeycomb lights you get in like advanced underneath the dash. Wired em with a fuse and a switch right into the fuse box. Now im tryin to rig up some aftermarket fog lights. :shades:
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