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Suzuki Aerio Maintenance and Repair



  • bwood2bwood2 Posts: 2
    I would participate in any class action suits against Suzuki for putting cars on the road that they are unwilling to back up with service and are DANGEROUS to their drivers and passengers. I swore I would not pay to replace my tires again, and now I am putting out over $400 to put four tires on this car so I do not have a blow out and injure my kids or someone else!
  • mattb4mattb4 Posts: 5
    I found out a possible solution to the rear tire problem. The original tires went bald after 10,000 miles and I replace them with BF Goodrich Traction T/A tires which I had on my Focus. I think they are great tires. When I went to have them rotated (with only 10,000 miles on them)the tech told me that they were worn on the outside edges and they may have "bad belts". When I sent them back to Discount Tire Direct I was told it was an alignment problem. I called Suzuki dealer and there is TSB out for the problem. He oredered parts for the "viscous coupling" and will also do a 4 wheel alignment (camber adjustment)at that time. Hopefully this will fix the problem. Will report back if this helps.
  • lynnster2lynnster2 Posts: 13
    Tks! I am still waiting to hear from Suzuki now that the original dealer who sold me the car last year is involved. He is the only one trying to help. Suzuki in Miami and the 800 toll free customer service is intent on blaming me for not checking to make sure tires were rotated during the 7500 mi servicing which was under the new car warranty! This is just unreal to me! They also say no bulletin re my Aerio which is a lie. So, nothing done except we had to buy 4 new tires just to drive the car. Did that outside of Suzuki. They also aligned car as it was bad but I want the bulletin fixes. I just looked it up and see that there are 5 bulletins on the car now! Not all about tire wear either!
  • I have made multiple complaints to my dealership and Suzuki. Tomorrow, I take my 05 aerio in for rear tire replacement and alignment. I have made several calls to Suzuki regarding my concerns, and have not driven my car under wet conditions in over 5,000 miles. We opt to drive one of our other vehicles. I would be very interested in knowing if it is determined how to proceed with a class action law suit. It should not cost a consumer $600.00 every 12,000 miles to replace tires, when the problem is clearly mechanical.
  • I agree. I have stopped driving my son in the vehicle because I just don't feel it's safe enough. 12,000 on an 05 purchased in July 05 and tires are bald.
  • neal2goneal2go Posts: 9
    Hi, does anybody know how long I can use the spare tire for my 2002 Suzuki Aerio? So far I have driven almost 100 miles with the spare tire. What is the maximum mileage on the spare tire?
  • ;) Which side of the car is the spare tire on?
    If it is on the front, the uneven rotation speed will wear out the drive train faster.
    If it is in the back it should not be too bad.
    On my old Mazda 323 I ran my spare tire for about 600 miles and the tread had worn about 1/2 way down.
    The main pain about using the mini spare is keeping your speed to under 50 mph on the freeway.
    It is Not easy to find the unusual size tires that came with the car 55 profile tires are Not real common.
  • ;) Which side of the car is the spare tire on?
    If it is on the front, the uneven rotation speed will wear out the drive train faster.
    If it is in the back it should not be too bad.
    On my old Mazda 323 I ran my spare tire for about 600 miles and the tread had worn about 1/2 way down.
    The main pain about using the mini spare is keeping your speed to under 50 mph on the freeway.
    It is Not easy to find the unusual size tires that came with the car, 55 profile tires are Not real common.
  • neal2goneal2go Posts: 9
    The spare tire is on the front passenger side. The original tire size for this car is p195/55r15. The dealer told me that they have to order this tire and that they don't have it in stock so I am still waiting for it to arrive but I am worried that the spare tire can't run for many miles.
  • When my tire blow when the car was brand new, Yokohama sent me a tire from "Tire Rack" have you tired them?
    The tire arrived in Hawaii in just Two days.
  • When my tire blow when the car was brand new, Yokohama sent me a tire from "Tire Rack" have you tried them?
    The tire arrived in Hawaii in just Two days.
  • Boy am I glad that I found this site. In 2003, I bought my daughter an Aerio w/ABS and myself an Aerio SX. Both are now experiencing a problem almost identical with the one you describe. Both pop out of 5th gear, moving the gear handle back to neutral. On my daughter's car, it once bounced out of 5th and back up into 3rd. Her's will now hardly stay in 5th unless it is held. Mine is more problematic. Almost a year ago, I began to have the problem, took it in, and had about half the transmission replaced. Before I had driven ten miles, it happened again. Unfortunately, like your car, mine seldom hops out of gear for the first time before it has traveled 20 or more miles. After that, it usually happens at from 2 to 10 mile intervals. No one has been willing to ride with me long enough to see it pop out again, so they will not do anything else about it. And, I have been driving manuals since the early sixties and have never lost a clutch or had a gear replaced. The one thing that is unique on mine is that it has only happened once when the system was not on cruise control. When it pops, the engine races to the extreme till I hit the button, the clutch, or the brake. Also, my car has only been about 32,000 miles, and the problem started back around 10,000. This is in reply to message 215.
  • I own a 2003 Aerio which has about 88,000 miles. On August 24,2006 I was driving on the Highway when I car started making a strange noise. Every time I gave the car some gas it made a roaring noise. I had the car towed to the nearest Car Dealership. While they the took the car apart. They took pictures and also took a oil sample. The mechanic also cleaned the parts he was taking off. They suggested that at one time or another the car was ran without oil or very low in oil. He suggested that when I received a oil change they maybe forgot to put oil in the car and started it up. Then realized no oil and put some in. I do not believe that. The dealership stated that they were going to send everything to the District Manager and see if the factory warranty will cover putting in a new engine. Yes, they stated that I needed a new engine. The car dealership never called me at all about my car. So on Sept.5,2006 I called them. They stated that the district manager stated that my engine would not be covered. I asked for the District managers name and telephone number. I was told that I could not get that information. I called the 800 number in California I talked to so many people who could not tell me anything. Edward called and talked to the service manager. He stated the the manager told him I had severe oil deprivation. I stated to Edward that I would try to find my receipts for my oil changes. He stated that would be good. So I took the receipts to the service manager and he stated that they are not saying that I did not have oil changes. He replied that my engine did not have any sludge in it. He said it was very clean. The problem is that I did not service my Cams. he stated that the cam was scorched and the number 2 bearing was gone. I would like to know how do you service the cams? I called California again and spoke with a Orlando he called the service manager and spoke to him. Then he stated the same thing that the service manager told me. I explained to him that I took my oil changes receipt to the dealership. He stated they he could not see any information when I called previously about my car. He claims it takes 24 to 48 hours before the information is updated on the screen. I talked to him on sept.6 and 7 2006. He told me to let the district manger look at the receipts and see what he says. I ask him for the district manager name and telephone number. He told me his name but was unable to give me the number because they only have his personal number and he out until Monday Sept 11,2006. Has anyone had this problem at all about the engine and getting the run around?
  • I have just installed 4 Kumho Ecsta 711's on my 2003 Aerio SX and they are really nice. The handling is marvelous, and after a recent rainstorm that followed months of dry and hot, they held like they had claws in them. If these wear decently, they will be the best tires I have ever had on any car.

    Also, there is a lot of talk about unspecified clunking sounds in various Suzukis, and I have found at least one such source. I discovered that the hood support on my Aerio sometimes pops out of it's holder and bounces around under the hood. When it is put back into the holder, the clunking disappears.
  • The Kumho Ecsta 711's are 215/50 R15's on the standard rims. That puts them so close to the original diameter that there will be no noticeable effect on the speedometer...far less than 1%.
  • It happened to my 2002 Suzuki Aerio SX twice . When it is raining and when I drive through a big puddle of water, the battery light will come on and then the steering wheel become very difficult to turn (like lock up). Then I will have to go straight and the car will be fine again. Anyone know what is the problem?
  • it sounds like water is damaging the electrical system... but I could be wrong, i'm no mechanic :o)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,578
    Are you still under any warranty? If so, you need to find your oil change receipts. If not under warranty, your complaint would be with whomever last changed your oil.

    But if you are without receipts and without warranty, I don't think there's anything you can do.

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  • But if your Suzuki has electric power steering (Like on the KIA Amanti) the water could have temporarily shorted out the system. There has to be a quick, permanent fix available if this is the case.
  • I think short on electric power steering is very likely. How to check and what is the solution?
  • I just picked up my '06 Aerio SX a week ago and when I turned on the air conditioner yesterday I heard a loud "Clunk" noise, I took it to the dealer and they can hear it too, but see nothing abnormal with anything... Has anyone else had this problem... my Aerio SX is the FWD Automatic. :confuse:
  • I was browsing the Aerio forum because I'm interested in a small wagon at some point and I saw your message.

    I had the EXACT same experience with Toyota regarding my Camry. I never did find out the diagnosis but a loss of engine oil destroyed my 97 Camry engine at under 90k. It looked like there was a fairly large leak somewhere at the side or base of the engine due to the spray marks. The dealer claimed they couldn't find a leak and MAYBE "someone forgot to put oil in it when I had it changed".

    Be prepared to wait and make sure you have your paperwork in order. I would call them EVERY day and make sure you document it. I couldn't wait and had to buy a replacement engine with $2500 of my own money. And this was a "certified used vehicle". This is the reason I am skeptical of any warranties now. Any manufacturer will try and find a way NOT to honor the warranty. I'm sure giving out free engines hurts their bottom line. ;-)

    Your options: 1) If you have ALL of the supporting documentation for oil changes I might seek the advice of a lawyer and/or take them to court if they refuse to pay.
    2) Be prepared to pay for a new engine or next best case scenario is that they might spit some costs with you. Best of luck.
  • Regarding the tires, were they the factory tires that went bad? Some of the car manufacturers do put some real crappy OEM tires on cars these days.
  • They were Yokohama tires and very crappy. Its not so much the tires its the fact of the brakes ..its insane that i have to keep replacing them and it seems like its going to be a repetive problem.
  • Tirerack can be found at and they have several 195/55 15 tires and the other size that is within a tiny fraction of the same diameter is the 215/50 15 of which there are several. I bought the Kumho Ecsta 715's(215/55) at $47-48/tire plus $10/tire shipping and a cost of $14.50/tire mount and balance at a local shop. That works out to $72.50 per tire, while the lowest price offered by any of the local shops was $91/tire plus mount and balance plus sales tax which amounted to a savings of over $130, which I definitely could use elsewhere. And the Kumho's are excellent tires, so what's not to like.
  • logmgrlogmgr Posts: 39
    I have a 06 Aerio SX wagon with AWD.
    THe car has 2500 miles on it.
    Fuel mileage is between 27 and 29 MPG.
    Ever since new I have a around 41 to 44 MPH and 1700 to 1900 RPM (it is an automatic transmission) I have a drive train vibration.
    I took it to the dealer and the manager went for a ride and told me maybe an exhaust pipe vibration (which I doubt); and to bring it back another day for a tech to drive it.
    The vibration goes away as soon as it shifts into the next gear.
    Has anyone else had this problem ?
  • If you are driving through large pools of water, it could also be the belt on the power steering pump if so equipped. The water may hydroplane on the pulley if you will. This in turn stops the pump from assisting in turning. Just a thought.
  • What are you going to do for a car? Do you really think that other car manufacters are different? They are not. In fact, the larger and more successful they are, the less they care. I know, I have worked in dealership parts departments. Both domestic and foreign.
  • My 2006 Aerio Premium has only two problems. The front doors "buzzzzzz" as discussed by others earlier and I cannot find anywhere to purchase performance stuff for this little beast. It's quick at 155 HP but I would like to make her a little quicker and handle a bit better.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  • logmgrlogmgr Posts: 39
    My 06 doors do not buzzzzzz....I would suggest checking the window glass.

    On performance.....I have only seen air filters and a kit for getting more air to the intake.

    Another suggestion.....put some MOTORKOTE in the stays in for 4 oil changes and will not void the WILL increase HP and MPG.....I use it in all
    my cars and pick up and it does work....I would say it would increase HP about 10%. You can go to MOTORKOTE.COM to read about it.
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