Suzuki Aerio Maintenance and Repair



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    I would agree that it may be the IAC valve. I had thought of that, but dismissed it.

    Since that part is expensive you may want to try using a air intake spray cleaner first to see if it helps.
    Disconnect the hose that comes from the air cleaner to the intake at the intake (engine) end, There is a plate in there ...look inside you will see it...spray in there with the cleaner.
    I did this once on a Toyota and it was a big help.

    I have never heard of laser plugs....did you mean irradium ?

    Just many miles on your Aerio ?
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    Ok, I got two unrelated problems with my SX. I love the car and I bought it used from a non-suzuki dealer. My father took care of alot of the dirty work getting the car and needless to say I am not gifted in the area of car maintenance. Recently my AC started acting up, it works but the fans don't work. I can only get cool air when the vehicle is in motion. Also, a passenger of mine slid out of the car and accidently popped out my passenger side Side Skirt piece. I tried popping it back it but it seems too stiff. I don't want to take it to a shop just so they can charge me for something I can do myself. If any one can help me with either of my problems I would greatly appreciate it!

  • logmgrlogmgr Member Posts: 39
    Check the fuse for the a/c blower motor.
  • cookiecrunchercookiecruncher Member Posts: 2
    I am going to look at a 2004 Aerio Wagon automatic, with 34,500 miles on it....any ideas or thoughts. I have had a Datsun and Nissan that were well maintained would last for 200,000+.....I have read good and bad on here.... looking for advice and back up ideas in general. I maintain my vehicles for I cannot be without a car nor broken down....only happen a couple of times in my life and want to keep it that way.

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    My 2003 wagon seems to eat batteries every three years (but that's because I stop at a 7-11 almost every morning about 10 minutes away from my house; I help another commuter get to work). Closing on the the third-year mark, the car is hard to start after turning off the engine on short runs.

    If the drive is five miles and/or 15+ minutes in length, my generator charges the battery enough to maintain normal starting.
  • logmgrlogmgr Member Posts: 39 your alternator belt tight ? the alternator output per specs.
    Hope this helps.
    A lot of auto supply stores will check the alternator output for free or you can buy a cheap tester for around $6.00
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    If you haven't checked your battery in 3 years, the most likely culprit is oxidation of the battery connections. Many times, just removing and cleaning the connections can restore full function. Of course, most less expensive batteries are not warranted beyond 36 months, and the guarantee is virtually worthless in the 3rd year anyway, so they don't worry much about failures in that 3rd year. Running with raised resistance in the system can also burn out both the battery and the alternator over time. I use those stupid little red and green pads under my battery terminals, and they seem to work.
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    During my last oil change, I asked my local shop to check the battery; the shop replaced the battery posts and connections, which were corroded. It helped somewhat. I'll see about checking the other conditions later this week. Thank you!

  • carthellcarthell Member Posts: 130
    Looks like I read the wrong maintenance interval in my manual. My favorite maintenance shop looked at my ATF, and it was black. 89,32x miles on the clock. The shop recommended that I have a specialist change the fluid; they didn't want to touch it.

    I looked up the situations that could come with black ATF sloshing within my system, and things simply don't look that good even if I choose a professional flush. Fortunately, I am a zealous saver and can take the potential hit (it will be painful, regardless).

    The next time I get an offer for a fluid change at 30k or 60k, I won't hesitate taking it.
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    The only way the fluid was "black" at 89 K would be if you overheated the vehicle engine or ran it low on trans fluid causing the trans to overheat ! !!!!!!!

    I have ran MANY cars up to 100 K before changing trans fluid....never had a problem.

    As far as them not wanting to touch it...that is just plain STUPID...I don't care who changes the fluid if it is truly "black"....the result will be the same.

    I bet you have burnt the transmission up...overheated the bands....thus "black" fluid.

    BTW: I now have an 06 with 392K on it...tranny fluid has only been chnaged is not black now...nor was it ever.
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    I have an 06 SX. The Passenger side rear tire wore on the inside. I asked my mechanic to research for a TSB and he found it. It is for 04 - 06 SX. There are serial numbers on it so beware, there are not many which I found strange. My serial # was 2 off from the TSB. MY Suzuki Dealer was a little reluctant but called the factory rep for me. They are performing the TSB no charge. The TSB # is TS 05 11225, date of issue is 11/22/2005. There is a part required for the AWD cars, part #27610-54G00. It is the Viscous Coupling, but the dealer said they are replacing the entire rear drive shaft! The 2 wd requires the Rear Control Rod Assy part # 46300-60G21. There is a new Alignment for the rear, all models.

    Hope this helps for anyone who has an isue wth Rear Tire premature wear.
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    Out of the blue, my right front window will not raise. I have a 2003 Aerio SX staight stick. All the other windows work OK. What gives? Help!
  • bob_mbob_m Member Posts: 2
    Never mind! I must have pressed the window disable switch. You can tell how much I use that switch. Live and learn.
  • carthellcarthell Member Posts: 130
    I don't think the window lock switch on the driver's side affects anything but the rear windows. I'll check my unit tomorrow.
  • michaelwhite7michaelwhite7 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Suzuki Aerio SX wagon. Up until now we have had no big problems with it. Its a 4 banger automatic with 76,500 miles on the odometer. Its been well maintained and cared for. However, the other day the A/C started doing something strange, the driver side is blowing warm air and the passenger side is blowing cold. I called my local dealership and spoke with an advisor but that was certainly a joke! He tells me that there is no way that could be happening because it the air all comes thru the same hose whether its coming from the heater core or the a/c! Any help on what this might be or what it might take to fix it would greatly be appreciated!
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    I have the same exact problem and have no clue, someone told me it might be moved cuz I had remote starter and alarm installed.
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    I have a similar post see #346. I bet that you will also have a problem with the heat doing the same thing the side that now blows cold air will blow hot when the heat is on and the side blowing hot will blow cold. I took the car to two different dealers near me spending ~$400 at each. Neither dealer could fix it. I have a theory that one of the vent doors either broke or is out of place. The side that does not work is just blowing outside air into the compartment. In my area (upstate NY) the problem is worse in the winter. I had access to a 4 channel temperature logger and took data on the trip home from work to prove the problem to the first dealer. I complined to Suzuki America and got no help. I was told by them "sir your car has heat".

    If you have comprehensive insurance your best bet will be to hit a deer and total the car.

    One more note. I have not been able to drive my `03 SX since 1/6/09 when the engine died.(92k miles and still under warranty). I took it to the dealer, they agreed by the sound that the engine was bad and told me they needed ~$300 to pull the pan and head to take pictures for Suzuki for authorization of the engine replacement. I knew then that I was going to get screwed. They told me the engine was bad and that I ran it out of oil, which of course is not true. After the dealer threatend to start charging storage I towed the car home and got a better look at it with a few car friends. Neithe the dealer or Suzuki would say more than the motor was bad. We found that the skirt on the #3 piston was broken and a stationary cam chain guide was broken. I don't see even if the car was run low on oil how it could cause either problem. Suzuki still asserts that it is my problem.

    Suzuki will act in bad faith every time. Get rid of your problem car as soon as you can it will only get worse. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
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    I have an 05 that is overheating only when it is idling. If I am driving it down the street there is no problem. Change the thermostat already and did not take care of the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I am stumped here.

    Thank you
  • rarchimedesrarchimedes Member Posts: 25

    It seems likely that your electric fan is not coming on for one reason or another. It could be something as simple as a fuse or relay, or it could be that the fan itself is out.
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    I have an 03 aerio sx and i love it. I would not trade it for anything. in fact I am researching the best aftermarket clutch to put in. I am leaning towards a stage 2. It currently has a cold air induction and custom exhaust. I lucked out and had minor gear work done by my local suzuki mechanic in which he didn't properly seal the tranny and I ended up with a new transmission at 98,000 miles for free!!! I also had a timing chain snap and the valves bent, but suzuki honored the warranty again and re-did the engine. Only issue i have is the clock light not working. nothing to lose sleep over. Any suggestions on the Stage 2 Clutch would be appreciated though. Oh, I love the way it handles the road too. ;)
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    just so everyone knows i know nothing about cars and probably way over pay people for maintenance. that being said, my car does go in for regular oil changes, tuneups, etc. i have a 2003 aerio sx awd automatic with ~78k miles. i've been fairly lucky and really only had the minor "annoying" issues mentioned in the forum - rattling (heat shield which apparently we don't even really need) and the annoying clock light issue. actually that has somewhat migrated to a larger part of my panel lights - sometimes only half work and sometimes they all work. it's annoying but i can live with it.

    just wondering if anyone has had to replace anything related to their exhaust. i apparently need a "muffler and center pipe assembly" since there are rust issues. according to suzuki they have to order this part from california and parts alone cost about $575. a muffler place nearby has the muffler for $200ish but they are missing the center pipe. the auto shop that would fix it would charge under $100 labor so the bulk of the cost to fix this is parts. any ideas where i can find the parts? and/or has anyone one else had this problem?
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    Well, as most of you probably already know, Suzuki dealships are dropping like flies. I purchased a new Aerio Premium 2 wheel drive in 2005. It has been a good little car and currently has a little north of 68,000 miles on it. A couple of little zingers but after a lot of urging on my part, the dealer took care of them. When I took it back to the local dealer because one of the windshield washer nozels quit working, it took several phone calls and finally some good old fashiond yelling to get them to replace it.

    Three weeks ago, I had a BIG zinger. The engine quit on my sister in law as she was driving home. She called and told me there was a loud "bang" and she couldn't get it started. Since she was about 2 hours away, I suggested she have it towed to the local dealer.

    The Gainesville, Florida Suzuki dealership is no more and we were told to take it to a Chevy dealership. They had the car for about three days and the report they gave us was bad, real bad. The head was warped and the crankcase was full of coolant. A rod broke in two putting a rather impressive hole in the side of the block. The coolant was not low as I had just checked all the fluids before I let her use the car earlier that day.

    Three weeks later we have a brand new engine and a new 100,000 mile power train warranty, and, get money out of pocket. :)
  • jaltfunjaltfun Member Posts: 8
    Here is what I would do. Take it to a muffler shop. Not one of those big name chains. There is probably one near you. Have them look at it. They keep pipe in all diameters and mufflers are a dime a dozen. As long as your catalitic converter isn't damaged, they can cut out the old stuff, bend and weld in new stuff and have you back on the road for around $200.00. If you are young and crazy, you can get one of those big fat chrome mufflers for about $50.00 more.
  • bowbiterbowbiter Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice jaltfun!
  • kumar1986kumar1986 Member Posts: 1

    First of all thank You very much for every one who are giving suggestions and those who are sharing their thoughts.

    I Bought second hand suziki aerio 2003 model 3 months back. it worked fine till now and we went for a long drive 2 months ago too but did not have a problem. But suddenly yesterday when I was on highway suddenly car started to jump and all of sudden after some distance it stopped. It was not moving at all. I stopped the engine and again started it but the car did not move forward. And when I start the engine and leave it in parking it shuts down by itself. I took to the mechanic he saw it and told nothing except take to the dealer.

    I am not understanding what to do. Please can anyone suggest some suggestions....

    Thanks in Advance.
  • rarchimedesrarchimedes Member Posts: 25
    I am assuming that you have an automatic, but it really doesn't matter. Something in your transmission has stripped, or the CV joints have gone out, though that is less likely. The CV joint fix is fairly cheap, but the transmission fix is going to be a big hitter, and probably can only be done by a dealer. Good luck.
  • pychogirlfrienpychogirlfrien Member Posts: 12
    Sounds ridiculous, but check and if necessary, try adding TRANSMISSION oil. After some major check up when they were supposed to drain and change the transmission oil on my car, I had some sort of problem with the car popping out of gear - I'm an automatic - that was the trouble. I was off the stick and had to added over two quarts of transmission fluid. Multiple voice mails to the dealer in San Jose, CA and multiple voice mails to my service manager, but no call backs. Needless to say, I never went back. :cry:
  • mekanxmekanx Member Posts: 1
    2006 Aerio - Left headlight very dim , with blue warning symbol on dash . I changed bulb and checked fuse - was ok . What's next ?
  • northlandernorthlander Member Posts: 1
    I purchased an 04 Aerio wagon which has no manual. I am wodering about replacement of headgasket and timing belt/chain. Ihave 160,000 k's on car. Thanks in advance for any info
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    I'm just wondering what became of this. I too own an '05 Aerio and I am completely appalled at the problems I'm experiencing. At 76,000 kms, the car is on it's 3rd set of tires (and not cheap ones), on it's second set of front brakes and rotors (and need to be replaced again), the steering rack is leaking and all four struts are shot.
    Is this vehicle on par with the Ford Edsel???
    I was joined to suzuki at the hip until this piece of crap came on the market. Never again.
    I got an '05 swift at the same time (which is made by Daewoo), and it has 93,000 kms. I just got the second set of tires this past summer and still on the original brakes and rotors. A better vehicle by far.
  • jaltfunjaltfun Member Posts: 8
    I have a 2005 Aerio and had to change the tires at 35,000 miles. I rotate my tires at each oil change and consistantly get 60,000 to 70,000 miles on other cars. I'm still on the original brakes though. :(
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    my engine light is on and i was also told to get a new catalytic converter. but for only 350.
  • pychogirlfrienpychogirlfrien Member Posts: 12
    I don't know if this is the same issue or not.Skip to the bottom paragraph if you are in a hurry.

    I had a problem with my check engine light. I asked one of the guys at work, and was sent to their "favorite" mechanic: I had the code checked; it indicated I needed a new catalytic converter ( smog equipment). In my case, the location of the code indicated the expensive $1000 (or was it two thousand?) one. He recommended I had tried pouring in a container (quart? It the size of a lighter fluid bottle-the ones people use on their BBQ) of denatured alcohol in the gas tank to see if that would clear it( when you do the fill up); no luck. The mechanic also tried to just reset the code, and told me if the code/light came back in, then I would probably have to do it. The light came back in.

    I was panicked at the $$$$ outlay in my future...THEN, it was suggested, I start inexpensively, and tried to JUST REPLACE THE SENSOR, which was like $79. The local mechanic who did the work even told me, upon pickup ,that the original sensor tested good. The codes cleared and never came back, and that was a year and a half ago! Oh, and you know if you fail to tighten the gas cap well enough, the check engine light comes on, don't you? It will clear in a couple of start-ups after you tighten it. ;) Good Luck. Ronnie :blush:
  • cartardcartard Member Posts: 1
    I've got a '03 Aerio SX that 'requires' 195/55/15 tires. Does anyone know if you can put a 195/65/15 on the rim and have enough clearance in the wheel well?

    I know that the 65 is 10% larger, but it's also cheaper and has a higher milage guaruntee. Not to concerned with the difference in speed ratings 'cause I don't race it or drive over 75mph.
  • rarchimedesrarchimedes Member Posts: 25
    I also have the Aerio SX 03 model, and a 215/50/15 is 0.1% larger in diameter than the 195/55/15 stock tire. Under a really hard turn, you can create some contact with the front tires, but it is not even visible on the front tires. It helps stabilize the rear end and decreases wheel spin under hard acceleration in first gear. I suspect that it costs a tiny bit in gas mileage, but the difference is really tine. If you wish to know the difference between two tire sizes in the p-metric system, go to this java tire calculator:
  • melsymelsy Member Posts: 1

    I own a 2005 Aerio Sx, with 69,xxx miles, which seems to enjoy stalling while in reverse (when shifted from park) and has a rough idle. Oddly enough, the issue seems to be alleviated when the AC is on. Any ideas as to what is going wrong?

    Thanks :-)
  • pychogirlfrienpychogirlfrien Member Posts: 12
    Hi, my husband was a mechanic for many years. He says that for part of your answer, the not stalling when the A/C is on, is because the idle increases when the A/C is on. He says, and as I think you already know, the bigger question is why is the car idling rough?
    Mine idles rough when I am low on oil or in need of an oil change, which is usually the same. Meaning, when I am in need of an oil change, I am also low on oil for some reason. This has been going on since I was in the 60,000 mile range or before even. I have a 2003 Suzuki SX. Ronnie
  • timandcathytimandcathy Member Posts: 1
    The car has a leak I tried to add leak detector and 134a but the pressure is to LOW HOW DO YOU BY PASS THE LOW PRESSURE switch and Where is it Located ???
  • jagzownerjagzowner Member Posts: 2
    I have 83,000 miles on my 2006 SX4. I took it to my mechanic and he told me it sounded like piston slap when cold. I took it to Suzuki and they agreed. They reviewed all of my maintenance records ,looked inside the oil pan and found it clean so agreed to a Short block under warranty. Now I believe I have what I would refer to as detonation or Knocking. The dealer said it is normal but admits they hear the noise. Now I am waiting on the District rep to visit. This all less than 1,000 miles since the short Block was installed.

    Anyone know of ECU updates or failed Knock Sensors...? Any other experiences with a noise when cold over 2500 RPM? Change the Spark Plug to colder or Hotter plugs? This is my daily driver and I do or have the mantenance done and check the book for each mileage as described. I disagree with changing Anti freeze every 30,000 but I do it;).

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    I have a 2003 Suzuki Aerio and love it... however, now that we are in the summer months I use my air conditioner more often or always. When the air conditioner is on and I am sitting at a red light there is a loud squeeling sound. This sound stops when I accelerate or put it in neutral or park. Does anyone know what I should have checked out?
  • pychogirlfrienpychogirlfrien Member Posts: 12
    I'm betting on the belt is causing the squeal. A good mechanic should pretty well KNOW right away. Just drive to their garage, and when they come back to the car with you, restart it like you are gonna drive away, put it in gear, foot on the break, he person gets to hear it.
  • carthellcarthell Member Posts: 130
    It sounds like the AC compressor pulley, the serpentine belt that drives it (and other things) or a serpentine belt tensioner is ready to go. Late last year, I heard an unusual crying sound from my engine during acceleration. Before I could work out a convenient time to have it looked at, a tensioner seized and the serpentine belt broke. I wrestled with my steering wheel, guiding my ailing, overheating hulk to my grandma's house which was a fortunate 5-10 minutes away from where I ran into trouble.

    I thought I had my belt and tensioner components replaced at one point. I was wrong.
  • suprocusuprocu Member Posts: 1
    actually your car have one or more motor mounts broke (parts less than $100.00 each ) .
    good lucks.
  • queenpinqueenpin Member Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone hope someone can give us a idea about this problem. We have a 2002 Aerio SX, we were driving home when we were going up a small hill and suddenly the car started struggling to go up hill, as I tried to give it more gas, the rpms went up but the car still slowed down, pulled over to the side, turned it off, checked fluids, radiator looked low but was plenty in well, so waited to cool and added water, went to try to start and got click click click when turning the key, did this a few times then turned it and nothing , no clicks but all lights working, got it towed home, pulled the starter and had it tested, was showing bad so got another one, installed it, still nothing no clicks just a whine from the starter turning on, the plunger goes in, and can hand turn the engine just seems the plunger is not connecting to the fly wheel no clicking or anything else just a whine sound. Even replaced the ignition switch incase it was bad, No clue what else to check, cant run the codes since cant get it to run. :sick:
  • pychogirlfrienpychogirlfrien Member Posts: 12
    Sounds stupid, but check your engine oil and your transmission oil. I had a similar problem with in a couple weeks after getting my car back from the dealer. Turns out the oil was OFF THE STICK. No answers to multiple phone calls to my service manager and the dealership....I never went back to them, and in my case, the trouble cleared with the addition of oil.... I Know you said you checked fluids, but....

    This was years ago now, but (I'm a 2003 with 177,777+ miles now)

    The car wasn't going anywhere when I pressed on the gas because the car was popping out of gear.
  • greenpeace1greenpeace1 Member Posts: 2
    please check your ground cable from battery to engine ground. Make sure the ground terminal is not broken off at lug.
  • greenpeace1greenpeace1 Member Posts: 2
    please check your ground cable from battery to engine ground. Make sure the ground terminal is not broken off at lug.
  • merkinmuffleymerkinmuffley Member Posts: 1

    I own an '04 Aerio SX wagon with 70,000-ish miles on it. I recently took it into my mechanic for some general maintenance including flushing the brake fluid, but was told that this model doesn't require brake fluid replacement. Is this accurate? I was also told (by a different mechanic) that fuel filter replacement is not an every-30,000-miles maintenance requirement for the Aerio; more like every 150,000+ miles and, when the time comes, it's pretty expensive to replace. Is this also true?

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