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Suzuki Aerio Maintenance and Repair



  • neal2goneal2go Posts: 9
    Hi does anyone know how to get aerio bumpers at a cheap price? I have a 2002 Aerio GS and the front and rear bumpers have cracks on them. The dealer is asking for about 300 each.
  • mmarquez1mmarquez1 Posts: 1
    Please help, the A/C makes a loud chirping noise. I thought it was the belt so i replaced it, No luck. Now when the car is idle, HOT air blows. When its in drive the Air is COLD. I have checked the freon its full. The car has about 50k miles only. When its in park you can hear the a/c trying to turn on but it does'nt, when I drive it turns on making a loud noise. Please Help!!! Its SUMMER!!!!
  • kenboilerkenboiler Posts: 7
    Does this make sense? I have a Suzuki Aerio SX. Really a nice car. Powerful and a fun ride. AM radio has a background hum on many stations. If I turn on the lights it sounds crystal clear. What should I do about this?

  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Use this as an excuse to subscribe to satellite radio? JUST KIDDING!

    Sounds like interference from possibly the ignition system. Did you recently install new spark plugs by chance?

  • kenboilerkenboiler Posts: 7
    Not at all. I've done nothing to the car. It's only 5 months old.

  • maggiemay1maggiemay1 Posts: 2
    My 05 was doing that and they replaced bushings in the front end that were too small. There was a service bullentin out to fix it. Check the NHTSA web site for a repair bullentin for the 06. It is probably the same thing....I thought I was going to lose a wheel or something everytime i hit a bump.
  • zeebozeebo Posts: 10
    I had the same problem in Mississauga,Ontario Canada. I smelled oil from time to time and observed a small amount on the transmission housing just below the breather hose.

    The first time I brought it in (I have a 2005 Aerio with 8000 KM) the mechanic changed the transmission oil (believing it was overfilled at the factory) and cleaned the breather hose.

    The problem reoccured after 3 weeks. I brought it back for a second time and the mechanic decided to replace the breather hose as this is where the oil was coming from. What was interesting to note was that the design of the breather hose on my 2005 was completed different from the breather hose on the new 2006. The one on the 2006 was longer and more fact the mechanic had to steal one from a 2006 that was in the show room as the dealership did not have any new hoses in stock....this is how the mechanic found out about the new breather hose design....he said that Suzuki should have informed the techs about this new designed change.

    Ever since doing this...changing the breather hose to the new design...I have had no problems.
  • zeebozeebo Posts: 10
    Was driving my 2005 aerio this weekend and turned on the A/C for the first time. After about 1 hour, I noticed water drops on the passenger mat, just below the glove compartment. I looked under the glove compartment and found a reservoir filled with water. It was swooshing back and forth as I turned left or right. I also noticed a plug that was attached to this reservoir.

    I brought it in to the dealer who advised me that the evaporator drain hose was clogged / saturated. It was cleared and everything runs ok for now. I have only had this car for 6 months...and the drain hose is clogged????? Why was there water coming out??? The dealer could not explain this...only the cause.

    Has anyone else had this problem??

    What is the purpose of this reservoir that captures the water??


    Was is the purchase of
  • Has anybody had a problem with the lower front right control arm breaking? While driving up my road the car went straight on me. When I took off the wheel and looked, the lower control arm had snapped. Half of it had obviously been snapped awhile ago, because of the rust, but the other half was a new break. Glad I was almost home and not on the interstate or other road where I would have been going faster. Anybody else?
  • We bought a used 05 aerio in december. It has been back at the dealer at least 6 times. I just had it towed for the 3rd time, I guess that is why they include the road side assistance. We had the front bushings replaced. One of them 2x. The rear of the car had to be fixed because of the tires going bald. They are going bald again anyway. The check engine light came on and the car got really sluggish, and they said it wasn't on when they looked at it and the car was fine. Now the check engine light came on again along with the sluggishness. I looked in the owners book, and it said it is an emissions problem. Also my odometer seems to be racking up miles like crazy, and i hardly drive the darn thing anywhere!! I am just venting. I would have kept my old minivan, and fixed it up if I would have known. I need to work on that psychic thing. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! :lemon:
  • iyeeiyee Posts: 1
    Hi Mark,
    Just noticed the problem myself on my '03 Aerio SX. I was going to change the belt and tensioner and called the dealer. The service guy told me that there is a TSB out for this and need to replace an alternator bracket and belt to fix this problem. He told me under 3yrs or 36K miles then warranty but I have 70K. So if your lucky and qualify then have your dealer take care of it free. For me it just happens in drive when stopped when running it's okay.
    Irvin :cry:
  • debbie17debbie17 Posts: 1
    I have a problem with my Aerio, Automatic transmission. after heavy rain I can drive the car the first time without problems. after I turn off the car and it sits a while. when I drive the car has trouble accelerating and bucks in low gears then the check engine light comes on. I've had it to the dealer 3 times now and they can't seem to get it right. Please help!!
  • bwood2bwood2 Posts: 2
    My purchase of a new, 2006 Aerio is a nightmare. I took the car in for a tire rotation to a tire specialist and the tires were bald after only a few thousand miles. They told me to take the car back to the dealer, that something was SERIOUSLY wrong with the car. Took it back to the dealer and they sent the car our for an alignment and put two new tires on which was great. A few months later I have the same problem only NOW they won't do anything. They said the tires SHOULD be good for 25,000 miles but if they aren't I must be doing something wrong. I am at a loss.... :lemon:
  • hnlajhnlaj Posts: 2
    Hi Aeriohawaii1, i have a friend who also owns a aerio and had to replace 2 tires already due to the sidewall. servco hawaii have been less then helpful. wonder if you care to share the number to customer service to yokohama tires.
    mahalo in advance
  • Hello, hnlaj.
    I delt directly with Yokohama.
    But the sidewall blew out on the tire when I first bought the car and there was only about 1,ooo miles on the tire. The side wall of the tire hit a curb and blew out. I currently have 21,ooo miles on the car. The front tires looks like it is going to last till about 36,ooo miles and hopefully I will get about 48,ooo for the rear tires. Where have you bought your tires from in Hawaii? I don't see many places that stock 55 profiles tires. I religious align the tires at least ever 6 months or as often as 3 month with the really poor roads with all of the potholes. AT Firestone they have Lifetime alignment for about $150. I think it was a wise investment, especially since the tires are So Expensive to replace.
  • I'm bought my 06 SX/AWD w/premium package. I'm only get 17mpg and never more than 18mpg on city/hwy mixed and only 19-20mpg on Hwy. Now I got 5500 miles and still doing the same. What is your solution that make your get up to 27, please let me know. I have the same problem with noise but the mechanic say it's OK... Wind and road noise is also unbeliavable anoyyyyy me, so I bought the sound proof sheet and seal all front/real door panel and trunk (spare tire and under rear seat). It's help a litte now I can hear my radio on the highway....Well I try to love this car and patch what it take, if I got the milages like you got I'm probably be more apprecite and cove with the bumpy feeling.
  • mesxmesx Posts: 7
    :lemon: I bought my 2005 AWD brand new a year ago and have done nothing but fix the piece of crap. I now have 21,000km (13,125 miles) and have had the following happen:
    -front sway bar bushings fell out 4 times
    -have had 3 alignments because it was horrible to drive
    -replaced 6 tires because the were destroyed
    -had viscous coupling replaced for AWD
    -had power door lock fail and replaced
    -had lower control arm bolts almost fall out
    -styrofoam on rear bumper fell off
    -rims are destryed due to constant tire replacement
    -rattles all over as it was 15yrs old.

    A wful
    E ngineering
    R esulting
    I n
    O verhaul

    Never again will I buy Suckzuki.......absolute junk!!!!!! :lemon:
  • neal2goneal2go Posts: 9
    To be honest with you, I have a 2002 Suzuki Aerio GS with almost 60,000 miles on it. I have never had a single problem with the car except for a flat tire. I never had one single problem.
  • I brought a 2005 Suzuki Aerio AWD last year as well. I have around 10k miles on it and it runs beautifully. The only hitch I had was that my dealership said that there were a tsb out regarding the viscious coupling & the camber (too much to the negative range) for the rear tires. They fixed it under warranty. And that's probably why I don't have the tires problem as you did. Oh yeah, for everybody's info, this car really takes a long time to break in... around 5k to finally get the EPA rated mileage. I am just happy because I can get 26 in city & 33 in highway. I guess you probably ended up with a lemon. I am glad that I went along with my fiancee's decision because I was planning to get a Honda Civic. No regrets there.
  • zeebozeebo Posts: 10
    Hi guys. I noticed a number of members have had the problem of oil leaking from their Transmission Breather hoses on their 2004-2006 Aerios that have Manual Transmission. I have had the same problem for the last 6 months and my tranny oil and breather hose has been changed by the dealer to remedy the problem...but with no success. So I tried another dealer and was informed that as of June 16, 2006, Suzuki Canada issued a TSB (AS25-06) for this problem.

    The TSB is 9 pages long and details pictures for the mechanic on how to correct the problem. The correction to the problem..and I am quoting the TSB...." the left hand transmission case has been redesigned to include a baffle plate as part of the transmission breather the event that you (dealer) receive a complaint of leakage from the transmission on a 2004 to 2006 Aerio equipped with M/T, and have confirmed that the leak is coming from the transmission breather hose, install a new left hand transmission case and baffle plate"

    The job will take about 5.5-6 hours. 12 parts have to be installed. The parts must come from Japan and will take about 1-2 months to get to dealer.

    The mechanic is shaking his head in amazement as he does not believe it will 5-6 fact...a lot more time.

    Hopefully this info your Suzuki dealer.

    I'm not sure if the same TSB # applies to cars in the USA.

    Good luck.

  • Well, this topic has got me second guessing. I found a 2002 Suzuki Aerio S near by. It's a 5 speed with 52,808 miles. It's going for 8K. After hearing a lot of bad, I was wandering, do you think I should buy it? I'm 17 and it'd be my first car. I want something to do maintenance on by myself, but nothing out of control that will kick me in the [non-permissible content removed]. Is this the wrong car for me?
  • neal2goneal2go Posts: 9
    The Suzuki Aerio is perfect for your age. It's also fun to drive. Other people have said that they have problems with their Aerio but I have never had a problem with mine except for a flat tire. I suggest getting an automatic transmission because most people have problem with the Aerios that have a manual transmission. I have a 2002 Suzuki Aerio GS Automatic and I love it. It has 60,000 miles and no problems so far. I suggest you search for an automatic and a GS model. The GS model is a great value. You get fog lamps, spoiler, and 15" aluminum wheels for a great value. I also feel that 8,000 is too much for a 2002 Aerio S. You should be able to find something cheaper especially for a manual and 50K miles. It is a great used car to buy especially for its low resale value and a great gas saver.
  • lynnster2lynnster2 Posts: 13
    When did your rear tires go bad? We just had a flat and noticed both tires bald in rear. Didn't think to check them as car serviced as still under a year old and didn't think this would happen. Did you have to pay for new tires? We did and they are blaming us. They refuse to admit there is a problem with this car and rear tires going bald....HELP
    I think we all need to get together on this...
  • lynnster2lynnster2 Posts: 13
    Same problem as you but Suzuki blaming us for bald rear tires on new car bought in Aug 2005. Only noticed at 14K due to flat rear tire. There is a bulletin about the rear tire wear but Suzuki gets to decide which cars they will fix. Sounds like you got a bit of help then nothing. I got no help at all this week when we got the flat and they will do nothing! Class action will have to happen apparently. But how do we do this?
  • lynnster2lynnster2 Posts: 13
    Is your Aerio auto or manual? Have same car and have 2 bald rear tires at 14K and worried about this as should not happen with new car!
  • lynnster2lynnster2 Posts: 13
    Re the TSB - pls tell me more as I just had flat on my AWD 2005 Aerio and being told my bald rear tires are not due to problem with the car. I don't believe them and am getting frightened about all the others with same problem. Is your car auto or manual? Ours is auto AWD. 2005 with 14K miles. Bought new in Aug 2005. Suzuki won't even tell me what the TSB is about after I gave them VIN number. I only heard about a bulletin from Yokahami tire company or else would not know there is any problem at all. Suzuki denies it! They finally said it's "up to the dealership" to decide if my car has a problem. I would like to know exactly WHAT the problem is. All I know is that I have 2 rear tires with absolutely NO TREAD at all and a flat tire. I have just pd $600 for 4 new tires as too scared to let my child drive on tires that came on car and went wider. Very scary for new car owner to go thru this....
  • lynnster2lynnster2 Posts: 13
    Well, can't say yet as just put 4 new, wider tires on our 2005 AWD Aerio auto.
    Both rear tires completely bald at 14K and car is less than a year old, so we are faring worse than you did!
    Our OEM tires were also Yokahama's G046 1955515's. Had to get 2 tires to replace the rear OEM's and decided to replace all 4 as tire place said front tires were about to go as well. Suzuki NO HELP and deny any problem with this car!
    We put 4 Falcon's on which are medium rated tires. They are wider which is a good idea. They also have a warranty as the OEM's had 0 warranty! (this according to Yokahama who say the OEM's were not defective upon looking at them) The baldies are in trunk of car, waiting to go see a judge somewhere, sometime.....I am afraid the new rear tires are also going to lose tread as there is a problem with this car that Suzuki is denying! Good luck to all of us!
  • I have a 2005 Aerio SX.
    I have been religiously aligning my tires every 3 months. So far the tires look like they are going to last about 36,ooo miles. I currently have over 21,ooo miles on the tires. Firestone has lifetime alignment for about $150, a wise investment, since new tires are so Expensive.
    But unfortunately my brakes did Not last very long. I just had to replace the front brakes after Only 21,000 miles.
  • chavschavs Posts: 1
    Hello, I need help please I am from Mexico City And I will buy an Aerio Sedan FWD premium. I am worried because I will use this car on Highway all the time And this highway is often wet and foggy with a lot of curves. So my question is: Is this car for me?, please help me with your experience.
    Thank you.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Go ahead with this car. For the money, it's great. JUST BE SURE TO PUT GOOD WIDER TIRES ON IT! There is a problem with the rear tires going bald at low miles and there is a fix for it. There was something wrong with the software downloaded when manufactured but they have a fix for it now. We are still waiting for our car to get this fix. Talk to the dealer before you buy it and make sure your car has been fixed. The dealer who sold me the car in Connecticut told me about this after a Suzuki in Miami and the 900 number for Suzuki both lied about it! The car went bald at 14K miles in Miami with a flat and this is where car is now, not in CT. We still don't know who will fix it! I will post when something finally happens..
    We did put 4 good, wider tires on the car last week & immediately noticed the car handled the way it should have from the start. So, the car comes with horrible thin tires that won't do good in your conditions. The fog lights will be great for you. Good luck!
    BTY - don't count on SUZUKI customer service at their 800 to help you if you have a problem! They look out for Suzuki and not the consumer..At least that's our experience after just 11 mos of ownership of new Aerio AWD, bought off the lot last fall!
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