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Suzuki Aerio Maintenance and Repair



  • mesxmesx Posts: 7
    :lemon: I bought my 2005 Aerio SX AWD new 7 mnths ago and have done nothing but repair the piece of crap.....It has 13,000 kms (8,100 miles) and has already had:
    >two, four wheel alignments,
    >the brackets and bushings replaced for the front sway bar,
    >4 new tires installed because a defect destroyed them,
    >the viscous coupling for the AWD replaced
    >passenger power door lock mechanism replaced
    The styrofoam for the rear bumper (under the outer plastic) has fallen off, the rims are all scratched and gouged from all the repair attempts, there is and ever present clunking noise from the front end and it shakes and vibrates on the highway :mad: :lemon: lemon:
  • mesxmesx Posts: 7
    Could you describe the part? I sure would like to get rid of that annoying noise. It constantly reminds me of how much of a piece of junk my car really is.
  • The wire from the battery to the transmission frayed and was replaced. It cost 100. Mechanic was surprised how it happened. Any ideas? :)
  • Firestone in Hawaii has a Lifetime alignment for about $150. I think that is a good investment, since after 2 alignments in 1 year, you break even already and since the tires are not Exactly Cheap or Easy to find, the longer the tires last, the better.
  • Have you found any where that sell Suzuki mags for a reasonable price? The dealer wants Way Too much for the rims.
  • I have a 2003 Suzuki Aerio
    First problem is my dashboard lights are fading (only the part where it shows how much fuel you have and part of the rpm bar and numbers). When I turn the headlights on the temperature and time display goes out. Do I need a new lightbulb? I would like to check the fuse but I don't know what to look for on the fuse box label. There is nothing for the dashboard. Unless it is labeled under something else.

    Second problem is when I am driving on the highway over 70mph the rpms start going up and I am not going any faster and the vehicle is slowing down (like being stuck on Neutral). In order to correct this I pull to the side of the road, turn off the vehicle and start it up a
    gain and it is fine. No engine lights come on. I had the Suzuki dealer check it out and they say nothing is wrong and that I should have the transmission fluid flushed. I took it somewhere else and they said the transmission fluid was fine. This incident happened twice, since I have been driving it under 70mph, nothing has happened (knock on wood).

    Third problem is when I start the car up in the morning. The vehicle shakes and then finally fades away. I know this is not normal. This happened 3 times.
    Can anyone give any suggestions of what could be wrong to any of these problems. Thanks.
  • I took my 05 Aerio SX in at 10k to have the tires rotated and found out that the rear 2 were almost bald! I ordered 4 new BF goodrich Traction TA tires and I hope they last for 50k. I had them on my 01 Focus and was very happy with them. I bought my Aerio for $13,800 with 400 miles on it in July 2005. I had read that the tires were crap but I expected to get at least 25k out of them. The brake pads look a little low also. So far the only problem was the front sway bar bushing that caused the famous "clunking noise" going over bumps. The dealer tightened it up and all is well now. I average 27 mpg pretty consistently in highway driving at 70 mph. For the price I think it is a great car.
  • zeebozeebo Posts: 10
    Hi Guys. I have a new 2005 Aerio SX hatchback with only 3,000 km on it. Seems that everytime a go over a speed bump or divet in the road I hear odd sound from the front and rear of my car. It almost sound like a a loud scratch scraping sound on the's either the struts...which are very unforgiving and hard.....or the undercarriage hitting the ground. Any of you experience this issue?? Have any of you had their struts replaced under warranty. It's like driving a rally car with no suspension.
  • zeebozeebo Posts: 10
    It seems that I did not read the post #190 before I posted my problem. So I believe I have an answer to my problem. Infact I just called the dealer who advised me that there is a service bulletin on the front bushing. New revised front bushings have been designed by Suz. and they need to be to be installed as per the service bulletin. Unfortunately, the service bulletin is only for the front bushing...and not the rear. Suz is aware of defective rear bushing but have not made revised, new improved bushing to install. Problem appears to be linked to cold weather.
  • Hello
    I am new to this site, but I also have a 03" Suzuki AWD Areo. I had a new one in 02". Traded it for a 04" Vitara. Sorry I did that. The Areo was a far better car. But my 03" Used Areo has that same vibration felt in the seat. The Dealer said it was the tires at first. Now they agree it is in the drive shaft. Car goes in tomorrow the 13th of February. I will update this when they tell me what part of the shaft it was.
  • This is a classic Suzuki nightmare. It's a problem that seems only to happen to the standard transmissions. Suzuki gave me a new trans mission and a new axel after it happened the second time in one year. If they don't offer to replace the parts for free ... sue them. It's about time Suzuki pays for this pile of crap they sold to us.
  • "but I managed to wear my tires out within about 2 years/30,000 miles of use." Well, what do you expect when they build a car with almost no adjustable suspension parts. Do you have serious negative camber issues in your rear wheels? Look at the tires from the rear of the car, do the seem tilted in at the top? Try getting this fixed by your dealer. The rear wheel camber is not adjustable!!
    There is an aftermarket camber adjuster (just a bolt with a cam)that does seem to work . Your other choice is to buy new springs.

    This car is a horror show.
  • Owners of Aerios in both the USA and Canada report some very common design defects in their cars. 1. 2003 2 Litre motors ping. The ping loudly. They ping all the time. If yours pings, get ear plugs. Suzuki does not have a fix for this problem. The Standard transmission seems to be a major concern with this car. Its common for the drivers side drive shaft to fall out of the transmission. The splines on both the transmission and inside CV joint will be destroyed when this happens and you will pay a small fortune to repair Suzuki's well known defect . Hire a lawyer and take Suzuki to court.
  • I own an 05 SX and I had a severe clunking sound also. I looked under the car and found that a rubber bushing had worked it's way out from a bracket which holds the sway (?) bar to the undercarriage. I fixed it myself and have had no problems since. There is also a clunking sound from the brake calipers swinging back and forth (my guess)but it only shows up occasionally. Otherwise I have had no problems with the car and really enjoy driving it. I wish the 5 speed was smoother but...
  • zeebozeebo Posts: 10
    There is a TSB for this bushing. The front bushing should be replaced with an improved version....covered under warranty. I have the exact same problem, occurring in the front and at the rear, especially going over speed bumps. Unfortunately, Suzuki, in their wisdom, knows that the rear bushing is faulty, but they have not come up with a replacement one - although they did this for the front bushing. I cannot understand this.
  • zeebozeebo Posts: 10
    I have a 05 Aerio with the 6 CD changer and 6 speakers. The sound from the radio is great when playing a CD, but the radio seems to to have a tonal deficit when playing just the radio, on FM mode. Anyone else have that issue?? The radio just doesn't seem to have enough tone or watts going through it with the radio playing. Anyone else?? Any solutions??

  • zeebozeebo Posts: 10
    I have a 05 Aerio with the standard 15 inch tires (Yokahoma) from the factory. From what I have read, these tires wear out very quickly...and they are very expensive to replace. My dealer has also said that the tires contribute to the poor ride / stiff feel of the drive. What alternative tires have people used? Is there an all season tire? My dealer suggests going to a 14 inch??

    Please help.


  • wmor51wmor51 Posts: 2
    Go to do a survey search.
  • axlakoaxlako Posts: 1
    Hi, I am new to the forum and need some help. I recently purchased an 02 Aerio sx. Haven't had any problems with the car until recently. When I am coming to a stop I am noticing a intermittent clunking/rubbing sound coming from the rear brakes(i think). I took the drums off and everything looks to be in order. The shoes are fine and there is nothing loose. I noticed elsewhere in the forum mention of a "brake clip" that was faulty, and that there was a service bulletin out there for it, but I couldn't find it. The sound is only present when I am near stopping. This sound only happens when I am stopping. Any ideas?
  • I Agree with you Zeebo.
    The car stereo sounds Better when playing CD that the radio, especially when I listening to mp3. I have to turn down the volume when switching over from mp3 to the radio. I think maybe CD have gotten So Good that it is beginning to make the regular radio broadcasting sound Bad. The factory sound system that comes it the car Standard sounds pretty good to me. I have not heard XM or Sirius in the car yet, maybe that is the next hope and step for the radio industry.
  • zeebozeebo Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info...helpful website
  • jones16jones16 Posts: 1
    hi ive got vitara 1.6 1993 and the choke is not working so its dead in a morning till its warm and all so my stearing wheel seems to have a mind of its own it wonders from right to left evein wen im holding it in the centre thanks
  • whattonwhatton Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2006 Aerio with manual tranmission. A day later I noticed oil was leaking from the vent tube on the transmission.. Has anyone heard of this problem? :mad:
  • phughesphughes Posts: 3
    My 2003 Aerio SX 5 speed manual (front wheel drive) began having transmission problems at 49000 miles. While driving in 5th gear, the transmission would suddenly pop out of gear and go into neutral. The stick shift would actually pop into neutral when this happened. A slight whirring noise would follow. The car could then either downshift into 4th or shift back into 5th with no trouble. However, soon it would pop out again if put in 5th. Sometimes the car would go 10-20 miles before this behavior began, but once it began it would not hold 5th gear for very long before popping out again.

    This happened first on a cross-country trip just South of Des Moines, Iowa. The dealer in Des Moines stated this was caused by a bad ‘synchronizer’. Rather than wait the two-to-three days for the Des Moines Suzuki dealer to fix it, he recommended I drive it back home to Kansas holding it in gear with one hand. While awkward, this did get me home.

    The Suzuki dealer where I live in Kansas diagnosed the problem as, “Premature wear in the 5th gear synchro assembly”. Both the Des Moines and Kansas dealer mentioned they had one or two of these same problems come up. To repair the problem the dealer replaced the 5th gear fork, counter shaft gear, input gear, all synchro springs and the key and input 5th gear bearing kit.

    This has seemed to fix the problem and all the work was done as fast as possible under the 7 year 100,000 mile warranty. I have no problems with the way in which I was dealt with by both dealers.

    Has this happened to others? Is this is a problem with the material or engineering of the manual transmission, or is this a fluke? I would not be pleased to find out the Aerio only comes with a 50,000 mile transmission.

    To answer the obvious, I’ve been driving manual transmissions since the early 70s. The problem is not related to driving habits.
  • phughesphughes Posts: 3
    See message number 215 in this forum. I just posted with the same problem before seeing yours. The parts replacement for this problem is extensive. The dealer told me is they weren't all replaced, especially all the springs and bearings, the problem would just come back.
  • I went to walmart and bought some pioneer speakers for the rear. They fit in there well and sound great. The rear standard speakers are very tinny sounding.
  • i would stick with the 15" rim. Check out Bridgestone turanzo tires. they are suppose to be smooth and quiet
  • somosomo Posts: 2
    Yes I have the same problem and I now have 1,300 mi on my '06' aerio. I b rang it in for service and they told me it might be a over filled transmission but they never have seen this problem before..They just pressure washed it and told me to comeback next monday at 2pm. I think that if the tranny was over filled a seal was blown out down where the shifter goes into the transmission. I think this is bull that they want me to still drive the car. I will keep you posted when I find the real problem... Have you figured out what the deal is with your leak ? It does look like it is coming out from the blow out. but I been cleaning the oil off every time I park it and it looks like its from that seal under that shifter thing.. Please keep me posted.... :confuse:
  • whattonwhatton Posts: 2
    The oil is coming from the over flow hose. To prove this I zipped tied a plastic bag to the end of the hose and checked it the next day. I had about 1/4 cup of oil in the bag. When I took the car back the mechanic called and told me he did not see any oil leak. I told him that's because I had a bag on the tube to caught the oil. It has not leaked since the last time I took it in, I think all the mechanic did was clued the cap on the end of the hose so it would not leak.
  • somosomo Posts: 2
    Today I brang my car back into my dealership where I purchased it new. My problem was the same as yours and I did the same thing you did with the baggies tied to the end. But the weird thing is it would not leak when I had the baggies on it. so I took it off and left the cap off and put paper towels around it and put it back in the clamp and then drove it around and checked it every time I stoped and I got oil on them. It was time to bring my car to my 2pm appointment at SUZUKI OF BURLINGTON WASHINGTON about 35 miles away. They checked my car for the second time. I waited about an our and they came out from the operating room and said the oil was coming out from the overflow and I was the third person reported in the US to have this problems. So they said they have to replace half of the transmission and they have to order it and they will give me a loaner car when they start the work...

    By the I am from Bellingham WA what about you... I will keep you posted as you do the same for me.... They better fix yours too. The should fix it and not just glue a cap on so it won,t leak that is so stupid. .... Peace SOMO
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