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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 2,066
    I test drive a 4 cyl AT model over the weekend with cloth seats. The car seems to be very well built and fun to drive. I'm so close to getting it, but I'm concerned that the seats may be too firm. Anyone out there that has had one for a while not like the seats? I'm about 200 lbs and should be 180. The car seems like such a good deal otherwise.
  • mike1770mike1770 Posts: 20
    I think the seats are great. They don't seem too firm at all, and I weigh around 160. I recently made a couple of 4-hour highway trips, and the seats were fine. My 6s has leather; I don't know if the cloth offers a different level of support. I've put around 3400 miles on the car since I got it in December, and have no complaints at all about the car -- I like it more each day I drive it.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    Especially on longer trips (30 minutes or more, varying by condition of the individual). They support you better than soft seats. The softer seats force your muscles to work harder to support your spine and other bits, so are more fatiguing.
  • stretchsjestretchsje Posts: 700
    I've never had butt-fatigue, something that happens in my wife's Camry. I'm 6'5" tall, so I dunno if I'm the norm. I wish, if anything, the seats were skinnier for better side support during turns.
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    God I've never seen a board so quiet, what's going on. I'm a new Mazda 6 owner so I guess I understand. This is the best freakin car I've ever had, go to the Honda problems board and you'll understand why, they seem to have every problem under the sun. One owner said his new Accord's steering keeps drifting and they don't what to do about it. I tried to help by saying he could fix it by trading in and buying a 6. Sounds like a good solution but I'm sure it will be deleted before long. I'm in a fiesty mood after a buddy argued that his new Accord is better than my baby because of reliability.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I think it's a funny remark, but you are inviting the same over here...think about it.
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    You're right but I couldn't resist. I just can't stand the arrogance of Honda owners and I can't see the 6 having as many problems as the Accord does right now. I hope I don't jinx myself.
  • to tally the number of new Accord owners on the board vs. the number of 6 owners. If it's 5 to 1, and the list of problems is roughly 5 to 1, then, the cars are experiencing a similar number of problems.

    Without this data, we can't really say the Mazda 6 is of better quality. Could be that there are many more Accord owners, so you would expect a higher number of problems.

    but I hope you are right, aromas.. as I am buying the 6 soooon!
  • cookie01cookie01 Posts: 369
    I have the sport cloth seats. They are very firm, but I was shocked that after my 5+ hour drive home with the new car that my back felt great!
    I've had back problems all my life. I really expected to have tired-buns, or stiff shoulders from this drive and I did not!
    I would say most people will be fine with these cloth seats. I had an Impala before with a bench seat as soft as a couch! My hubby really liked those comfy seats, but for support, they weren't that great.
  • skyrayskyray Posts: 156
    Well, I did have a Check Engine Light come on within hours of leaving the dealer.

    Turned out to be a small exhaust system hose under the hood. Known problem with the first batch of V6 6s cars, and it didn't affect the car's running. The dealer popped the hose back on, and Mazda overnighted a redesigned hose/sensor. The next day they put that on, reset the CEL, and all has been fine since.

    They're now using the redesigned part at the factory, so this shouldn't be an issue going forward.
  • aardog21aardog21 Posts: 3
    Besides the initial rattle that turned out to be an improperly attached catalytic converter heat shield, there is only one other problem that just turned up. I had to take the 6 in for a check engine light that turned out to be a glitch in the computer. The dealer said that Mazda is aware of the problem and will send a fix by the end of this week.

    I hope my car's OS was not written by Microsoft!
  • skyrayskyray Posts: 156
    Was your glitch on a 6i (4cyl model)?

    Just curious as someone reported the same thing about the software over on
  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    Skyray: I haven't had that problem after 2000+ mi already. If you don't mind me asking, When did you pick up your 6? What is the factory assembly date stamped on your 6? I have a 6s also and has a Feb 03 stamped.
  • jason777jason777 Posts: 56
    I have ordered a Mazda 6, been waiting for it for over 6 weeks now.

    Anyhow the demo at the dealers, has some problems.

    There is a humming noise coming from the dash, sounds like a vibrating flurescant lighting tube.

    Also the engine light is on, good old ford duratec junky engines!

  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    jason777, check post #47 from skyray. You won't be disappointed with the 6 if you get it, guaranteed!
  • r2s2r2s2 Posts: 93
    "There is a humming noise coming from the dash, sounds like a vibrating flurescant [sic] lighting tube."

    Jason777 said this in this thread on January 27. Are you sure it's still humming after all this time, Jason? And the CEL is still on? Goodness.

    By the way, about two weeks ago I posted that I had driven and would buy an Accord. Went back and drove another 6 and couldn't stand the thought of the Accord. So, I'll wait until I can get the appropriate 6s MT. Yeah!
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    I smell a troll! Why would you trash a car that you just bought? Begone!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    troll? why try to hide an issue if it exists? this isn't a battle about who's better, this is a probs forum where we can talk about problems we experience. There is no perfect car and every make will have their own issues.
  • stretchsjestretchsje Posts: 700
    I'm a lazy fool, and still haven't gotten my sunglasses holder rattle or my center compartment squeak fixed (despite being one of the first on this board to buy one!)

    I don't know if I ever mentioned that squeak- it happens when I rest my hand on the lid of the center compartment. The weight of my arm pushes the plastic latch down, which has just enough "play" in it that it will rub (hence squeak) when I go over bumps (thus vibrating the car slightly). It's another extremely minor problem.

    Thought I'd mention that both of those problems went away once the weather went above 50 degrees, which explains how they could have not been discovered in the first place.
  • jason777jason777 Posts: 56
    Just telling the truth, I have a loner Mazda tribute right now, curtesy of the Mazda dealer while I wait for the 3 week over-due 6, just like to mention that after 2 weeks the engine light has come on. Took it in and they said "oh one of the cylinders is mis-firing, but we can't fix it now because the computer is broken and it won't be fixed for 2 weeks"

    Amazing, this dealer has got to be the worst I have encountered, lets just say its in Ontario.

    I had a ford explorer for 3 years (leased) just took it back, and right on time because the engine in that had problems.

    Ford really needs to over haul it engines, the Japanese leave them at the starting post.

  • jason777jason777 Posts: 56
    Thanks I did see his post, the humming noise they have no excuse for because it has been like that for weeks, doesn't this dealer want to sell its cars??

    The Ford dealers do a much better job at moving fords, even though they are much inferior cars.

  • skyrayskyray Posts: 156
    If that was a 6s, the dealer could fix that in less than 20 minutes, with a hose replacement that Mazda will overnight them at no charge.

    Any dealer too lazy/dumb to fix that -- on a car that they're using to sell people on the car -- would worry me.
  • gregoryc1gregoryc1 Posts: 766
    With all these problems with the "Demo", why would you order this vehicle? Doesn't this tell you something about the quality of the vehicle and the dealer??? ------Greg
  • skyrayskyray Posts: 156
    It's indicative of an incompetent dealer, sure, but not the vehicle. If you read the Mazda 6 boards on Edmunds,,, Car & Driver, etc., you'll see VERY, very few problems. To date I've seen:

    1) A few isolated cases of rattles. (Sunglass holder, center console, dash, etc.) This is not common (not a single rattle on my 6s), and is going to happen on isolated vehicles with ANY car.

    2) Check Engine Light issues. Known problem on a few cars, due to a hose design on the 6s and a software problem on the 6i. Both fixable in less than 20 minutes at the dealer, for free, and both now fixed on new cars coming off the line. Neither actually affects the car's running.

    That's *IT*. Not bad at all for a totally new car design, and nothing that can't be fixed very quickly at the dealer under the 4-year, 50,000-mile warranty.

    Hey, I had a Check Engine Light come on driving home from the dealer! But the resolution was quick and competent, and the car's been a load of fun since then.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    Some high quality cars have been known to arrive with minor problems that are easily fixed by a competent dealership. The recent alignment and wheel balance problems noted on the Accord is one example of this. One incompetent dealership or service department doesn't tell us anything at all about the quality of the car itself. If you want to be assured of a high quality car AND dealership, you'll have to go with something like Lexus, and even then you are not 100% guaranteed that everything will be perfect.
  • stretchsjestretchsje Posts: 700
    and a software problem on the 6i.

    I've read this once before, but can't find where I did.

    Where is there any information on this "software bug"?
  • skyrayskyray Posts: 156
    Saw it mentioned in a couple of messages over on
  • stretchsjestretchsje Posts: 700
    Found it. To clarify, the dealer hasn't fixed this individual's car yet. The fix is still "on the way".
  • jason777jason777 Posts: 56
    I had the dealer sign a statement saying that if the car isn't delivered by March 31st my deposit would be re-funded.

    I really want this car, but yes the dealer does worry me.

    I'll hang on until the end of March, if it doesn't arrive by then, I'll get something else.

  • skyrayskyray Posts: 156
    Are there no other Mazda dealers in the area?

    Heck, I drove 140 miles to get my 6s. No big deal at all.
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