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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • glideslopesglideslopes Posts: 431
    I usually whistle on the way to work . Some do find it irritating.
  • wvelezwvelez Posts: 16

    I think I've found the source of that Geiger coounter-like noise: tonight I rode whilst my wife drove the car, but it took her no time to discern that the noise emanates from the dash/console area, althought when I drive the car the noise seems to come from the rear.

    Anyway, when you press ( and hold) firmly on the console/dash area just above and to either side of the ends of the hazard switch, the noise disappears. This area is just under and slightly to the side of the center dash vent.

    I suspect something is somewhat loose inside this and is rubbing against something when the car flexes. I'm taking the car to the dealer tomorrow to see if they agree.
  • mazdafunmazdafun Posts: 2,329
    It's sometimes used to dampen vibrations between adjacent pieces of plastic.
  • wvelezwvelez Posts: 16

    I agree. I'm going to have them pull the entire console section out in a few weeks (to coincide with routine oil change service). Hopefully they can isolate the source and eliminate it
  • hudallahudalla Posts: 6
    I hope your dealer is able to fix your rattle, wvelez. I'm going to check to see if my rattle is coming from the same place.

    I was going to tell you that my noise is definitely NOT coming from the trunk carpet/spare tire styrofoam. I removed the entire assembly before driving one day, and the noise was still there.

    I'll be shocked if your fix works with mine, since my rattle seems to clearly come from the rear seat. I'm beginning to think it may be coming from the rear package tray/speaker grille area. Still, I know that rattles can throw their sound to other places in the car, so I'm going to check it out.

    Let me know if your dealer gets it right. What a shame that we have to track down these types of problems with brand-new cars. It's just like my old Ford Probe GT, which was made in the same factory as the 6s: The mechanicals and the ride are sweet, but everything else is subject to problems.
  • wvelezwvelez Posts: 16

    when I rode in the back while my wife drove, I too thought it may have been the back light housing; in fact, I thought I could mute the noise by pressing on the housing, but my wife was insistent the noise was coming from the front. There's no denying that pressing on the vent/dash area eliminates it, and I even confirmed this with the service tech I rode with today.
  • glideslopesglideslopes Posts: 431
    I certainly hope you are able to resolve your problems. However, let's not generalize about all the cars having rattles out of this plant, or comparing to the Probe.

    The vast majority have no noises, including my 6s. The Accord Forum is loaded with hundreds of rattles.

    Again, I hope your issues are resolved to your satisfaction.

  • magar65magar65 Posts: 28
    Did anyone get the Auto dimming / Compass Rearview? If so, how do you get the temp to appear on that display. I know about the amb button, but according to the brochure, it is also suppose to give the outside temp.

    Thanks in advance!
  • hudallahudalla Posts: 6
    You're right, Mark. I shouldn't generalize. It's just frustration. I just was so disappointed when this cropped up at about 500 miles.

    wvelez--I'm glad you said the thing about the backlight area. That was my best guess, because my wife supposedly muted the sound by pressing on the backlight housing, just as you did.

    I tried pressing on the vent/dash area yesterday to no avail, but I was not very thorough (I was driving in traffic and shifting). I'll have to give it another whirl, and I'll let you know what I find. Let me know if your dealer fixed your problem.
  • mazdamarlamazdamarla Posts: 350
    I don't think the auto-dim mirror is set up to display Temperature, especially since there's already an outdoor temp display on the console where the radio readout is. In order for the mirror to display the temp, there'd have to be a temperature probe wired in and set up, etc., which I don't think there is for this car since the car itself displays the outside temperature.
  • cop414cop414 Posts: 68
    I have noticed that the rear brake calipers are a nice shiney, albiet "rough" silver color, while the front calipers are a dull gray color-is it just my car or is there a reason for this-the only one I could think of is that the front calipers might not be able to withstand the coating as they would seem to get hotter. I think that they look much better as silver and was wondering if I did some serious masking if I could paint the fronts to match the rear-any comments??
    I have a 6i with sport pkg.
  • jampedrojampedro Posts: 38
    Bought my Japanese made 6 last October and just had my first problem. The right rear window doesn't work anymore after about 400 miles. It's under warranty and I'll bring it in next week. I'll let you know what caused the problem.
  • glideslopesglideslopes Posts: 431
    All the calipers are the same as your vehicle. I asked my service manager about this when I picked up the automobile. They had no answers. Let us know if you find out anything.

  • glideslopesglideslopes Posts: 431
    You probably already tried this, but perhaps something underneath the auto is making unscheduled contact? It could seem as if it were coming from under the seat?

  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    jampedro: "Bought my Japanese made 6 last October..." Does the Central American (Honduras) market have the MZ6 made in Japan where its known as an Atenza? What engine displacement sizes can you get? I have almost 6K miles on my 6s with no problems so far.
  • rodlcwrodlcw Posts: 45
    The window sounds like it catches or something and makes a clunk noise, pretty regular.
    Dealer is ordering regulator. 4500 miles
    Been doing it awhile.

    Now that is: Trans-axle leak, air-conditioner had leaked out the coolant, due to very small piece of metal where hose was clamped. Eyeglass holder was sticking, fuse box cover was broke and would not stay on, heated seats only heat for 2-3 minutes. Hope that is it.
  • glideslopesglideslopes Posts: 431
    Where was the transaxle leak? MT/AT? What was the resolution?

  • jampedrojampedro Posts: 38
    From what I can gather and from reading my manual, all M6's for all countries except North America are made in Japan and branded Mazda6. My manual mentions spec variations for certain countries in Latin America, Europe and Australia. Nothing about Asian countries where it may be called the Atenza as in Japan. The custom here when replacing any part is they give you the old part back in the new part's package. When they changed the oil and filter, I got the old filter back in a box labeled 2002 Atenza. They sold me the car as a 2003 model last October a few days after the first one arrived in the country. I really think I was the first Mazda6 owner in all of the Americas. Back then it was fun telling all the Edmunds posters about a real live Mazda6.

    There is only one engine size available here and it's a 4 cyl. 2000 cc. Obviously sluggish by NA standards but good enough for local driving conditions. Same excellent handling, suspension, etc. Though I do have to be a little careful knowing it lacks emergency power when needed.

    Compared to the NA model, I like the full size rear headrests and folding side mirrors, but miss the aux. power port. Luckily the model here doesn't have the external antenna sticking out the center rear of the roof like I've seen in European model pictures (and also in local TV and newspaper ads). I personally dislike that European look enough to not buy a car with it. The antenna's built into the window where it belongs!
  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    jampedro: Interesting, thanks for the info on non-NA countries MZ6's. Too bad the NA models didn't get the full-size rear headrests and the folding rear view mirrors. I agree with you on not having the ext antenna stalk. Do the rear headrests block your rear corner views? Could you also get the Nav/GPS & HID as options or are they standard?
  • jampedrojampedro Posts: 38
    Rear headrests do block the corner views, but that's the sacrifice for safety.

    No the NAV system is not offered.

    BTW, they fixed the side rear window problem. Said it was a loose connection. Must have been the connection at the power window motor, since neither the master or window switches worked for that window.
  • jampedrojampedro Posts: 38
    As for HID, I had to do a little research to find out what it is and it's not available. I do have the regular fixed fog lights. I'm not sure what they call the trim I have, but it's auto tranny, leather, sunroof, spoiler, 16" wheels (no covers, slightly different spoke design), no sport flares.

    Because of the small market, you have to choose from what the dealer has in his lot. There were only 3 when I bought. Of course you can make a special order if you want to wait about 3 months till it gets made and shipped from Japan. That's how long it took to get the CD player.
  • toolman02toolman02 Posts: 59
    I remember awhile back a few people had problems with their gas cap, if it wasn't tightened enough it would cause their CEL to come on. Mazda has apparently fixed this, because when I bought my 6 my saleman made sure to point out that I had the "new" type that didn't have this problem.

    Just thought someone might like to know.
  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    jampedro: Sorry for asking a lot of questions, but do you have the rear windshield wipers on your MZ6? Is it a sedan or hatchback? Thanks.

    toolman02: Congrats on your new MZ6 and welcome to the exclusive club! I had my CEL come on last week, that was due to the gas cap strap/lanyard getting caught on the threads as I screwed the cap in. This was a common problem on the earlier 6's according to the service manager and I was unaware I had done this.
  • kenobelkenobel Posts: 6
    Having test driven the Accord, CRV, Audi A4 and the Mazda 6i, my wife and I really like the Mazda (4 cylinder manual) best. Unfortunately, similar to others' experiences that I've read on this board, we can't get the car configured exactly as we want it (i.e., fully loaded except for the sport package).

    Our test car had the sport package, and it seemed generally quiet, the main noise being tire noise on the highway. I understand that the 17 inch wheels that come with the sport package are a bit noisier than 16 inch wheels.

    Does anyone have any idea how much difference there would be, and whether it is technically possible to change to the 16's if we want (the dealer suggested that the sport package suspension is tuned differently, and that it might not be possible, but this seems odd to me).

    Would the Accord (yes, I know it's a much more boring car) be a lot more quiet? A little? The same?

    Thanks for any information and suggestions.

  • glideslopesglideslopes Posts: 431
    I purchased a Steel Grey 6s auto without the 1SE for the exact reason you are inquiring about. The 16" tires are significantly quieter than the 17". The ride with the 16" is also smoother IMO. Now, with the 17" the 6 is within 1 db of the Accord at speed. I noticed the difference in wind noise on the 1SE equipped car. Without the 1SE packedge I'll wager the 6 is quieter than an Accord.The 6 is significantly louder at full throttle. This is due to the unrestrictive exhaust. I did not notice a difference in handling between the 16" and 17". Someone who drives more aggressively than I do may notice that little extra grip. There is no difference in suspensions with the different tires. The 6s does have higher rate front springs due to the extra 205 lbs of the V6.

    IMO the 16" on a 1SE equipped car would look out of place. I like the look of the 17" on either car.

    Personally, ( a minority opinion ) I love the lines without the Sport Package. My car is super stealthy. My days of rear wings are over.

    Best of luck in your purchase. It's been a long time since I have owned a car I take out for drives at 10p after the kids are asleep. It grows on you.

    Mark. : )
  • kenobelkenobel Posts: 6

    Thanks for the reply.

    I agree with your (minority) opinion that the lines are nicer without the 1SE Sport Package. The problem is -- for reasons I cannot fathon -- you can't get leather, sunroof, Bose Audio, side airbags/TCS, etc. unless you get that package. (Maybe you can on the 6s, I don't know.)

    It's bizarre. It's like they couldn't conceive that people (like us) would like the full fancy leather etc. without the rear fin.

    BUT, the dealer says that they can swap out the trunk to get rid of the fin for me. In that case, perhaps the 16" tires would not look so out of place? Or do you think it still would, with the other parts of the 1SE?

    It's very frustrating. Might force me to get a boring Accord, or a used A4.

    Glad you're enjoying yours.

  • jjwood23jjwood23 Posts: 4
    I drove my 6s home tonight, and I was putting some CD cases in the center arm rest and my elbow pushed on the lid to the center arm rest very lightly. Pop! The entire lid pops off and lands on the floor in the rear seat wells. What! I have not noticed any other areas of concern yet, but for that thing to pop off so easy is making me really nervous about build quality.

    The sport package is a little over the top, my 6 has the Appearance package with a Rear Lip Spoiler. I really like the look a lot more than the Sport package appearance. Different strokes for different folks! I felt like the 16' inch wheels made for a smoother ride.
  • chefmazdachefmazda Posts: 5
    Have been reading this group for awhile while making my decision on what car to buy. I purchase a silver 6s that now has 1500 miles on it and all the toys. I had a sports spoiler added after market since I did not get the sports package but liked the look. So far everything is great with the car. The only complaint is the front window sweats because the A/C is coming out at the top dash, even though I have the front vent only on. In the manual it looks like air should not be coming out of those vents on top when just having the front vent mode on. Anyone experience this? I know I live in Florida and it is hot but I never had this happen on other cars and I am constantly running the wipers. Other than that this car ROCKS.
  • I have had my Mazda 6i for a little over 2 months and have over 4000 miles on it already. I have encountered 2 problems.

    The first is the infamous sunglass storage area in the upper console. I open and close this and when it becomes more annoying than I can stand. Someday I'll get tired of it and have the shop fix it.

    My other problem is one I haven't seen listed yet. I was in the automatic car wash and when the track came up to pickup my car I had a problem where the back driver's side wheel would not roll! I have no clue what the problem was. As soon as I put the car in drive at the end of the car wash it seemed to be fine. I had the shop check it out at my last oil change and they couldn't find anything.

    Then about 3 weeks later I pulled up to the mailbox and got the mail. As I was pulling into the driveway I heard this awful scraping, grinding type noise coming from that same wheel! Whatever it was it broke loose and then everything was fine again. I took it back to the shop (80 miles away) and still they cannot find anything wrong. So I have to wait for it to happen again before we can even attempt to figure out what is wrong.

    Other than that I love my Mazda6. I don't have all the fun things on mine but it's still a fun car to drive. I am worried about not having anti-lock brakes in the winter time. Those do come in handy in this part of the country (South Dakota).
  • cop414cop414 Posts: 68
    To dmillsdepot-
    I had the exact same noise several weeks ago. I was driving through the neighborhood after checking mileage from a morning jog. I had just pulled from a stop sign and began a right turn I heard a terrible scraping and screeching noise. I thought to myself that someone was mowing a lawn and the belts on the mower must have something wrong with them. As I began to accelerate I noticed that the noise stayed with me and changed pitch as I drove. I began to slow down and was actually going to call a tow truck-(it was that bad!) and then it stopped as soon as it had started. I figured that a small rock or something must have gotten into the rotor/pad assembly. I think I had about 2K on the odometer when this happened and I thought it was a fluke as I had not seen any posts about anything. It has not happened since-almost 3K on now. Post of you find anything-Thanks.
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