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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • skyrayskyray Posts: 156
    Wow. After driving a Chevette in college, I just can't understand how people can get excited about an econobox. Which is that the 3 looks like...

    Yeah, the Protege/3 drives great and all that. But if you want a small car that drives great, get a Miata for gosh sakes!

    Kids today, I swear...

    As for the 6's problems, what, a few rattles and a number of check engine lights? On a NATIONAL bulletin board? Looks good to me! People post when something's wrong. I don't post and say "hey, it's week 4 of my 6s running like clockwork!"

    And keep in mind that the CEL lights don't disable the car or damage anything -- it's a light on the dashboard and the inconvenience of having to visit the dealer a couple of times. Not like getting stranded on the side of the road.

    Fact is, the very few reports of problems here and on the boards actually bode very well for the 6. I had a CEL right away, got it fixed, and the car's been a blast since.
  • ruefusruefus Posts: 254
    It goes without saying that the new 3 is WAY more practical as a daily driver than the Miata. Also, Mazda needs a good two door to compete with the ricer bunch. Buy a Mazda & rice it up, you're likely to buy another Mazda when you get older.

    And call it superstition, but I'm not one to tempt fate by proclaiming how good/bad the car runs. :)
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I had my PCM reprogrammed on Monday. The light is off and it runs the same as it ever did.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 167
    That pic of the M3 sure looks like a futuristic VW Golf to me.
  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    Had my 1st schedule maintenance done today. I talked with the service manager while I was waiting and asked if he had any 6's in for any of the annoyances mentioned on this board. He said that they had a just few with minor problems so far maybe one PCM reprogram, but does nothing that affects the car's performance. Had to do with what maltb mentioned earlier, pressing the alarm lock remote twice (1st: light flashes to acknowledge the car is locked and alarmed, 2nd (not necessary): single horn sounds to ensure that your car is indeed protected). The horn causes a small electric juice drain that trips up the PCM. Not all 6's exhibit this inconvenience. I think he said it's mainly the 6i's, but appears to be isolated cases. He said, in his 20+ years in auto service, he feels that Mazda has stepped up and built a solid reliable car in the 6 and probably in their up and coming new car line series, 3, RX-8 and he mentioned that a 9 series is in works. He said it's good for Mazda and the new Mazda owners, but scary for his service dept because they rely on more than just schedule maintenances.
    Oh by the way, mdaffron, M in M6 means MAGNIFICENT in my vocabulary. Motorcraft is Ford's parts division not their vehicle division. Just "yanking your chain"!
  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    Check out this site from our UK friends:
  • jason777jason777 Posts: 56
    It is coming from the fans which blow the hot or the cold air.

  • fz1crazyfz1crazy Posts: 2
    I could have sworn that the dealer mentioned that one of the cigarette lighter sockets stays powered ON *all* the time in my M6i/MT. I thought I read about it too. Both of mine are powered OFF when I turn OFF the ignition. How does it work in ya'lls cars ? Thanks
  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    fz1crazy: Car manufacturers purposely shutoff the power ports/cigarette lighters when you turn OFF the ignition because of liability/safety reasons. You can have kids playing in the car unsupervised and they can burn/shock themselves if they play around with lighter or burn down the car. I believe you can still use the ports/lighter with the key on ACC.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    My '02 B3000(Ford Ranger)had both the lighter and power port on at all times. Nice for charging a phone or running my cooler. Never had issues with dead batteries or meddling kids (which I have several of).

    Both ports in the 6 are dead in the key off position. :(
  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    maltb: You're fortunate, but kids will be kids (I have only one going to college this Fall, thank God)and they're fascinated about a lot of things. They like playing in cars and the potential hazard exists if left alone. Not saying you do but I wouldn't leave meddling kids alone in the car whether on your property, in the garage or anywhere. What if they happen to push that cigarette lighter in and pull it out and stick their finger or challenge another kid to stick his/her finger in it or something in that red hot coil? Look out, fire or burns! Or stick their fingers in the socket lighter or port? ZAP! Would you want that risk? I wouldn't and I'm pretty sure a lot of parents wouldn't. It's not worth the small inconvience of not having my cell phone charging or running a cooler when it comes to the value of a human life. I applaud Mazda and other auto manufacturers showing responsibility and consumer safety for not leaving a port hot when the key ignition is turned off. At least you can still use it when you have it turned to ACC. That's my two cents.
  • r2s2r2s2 Posts: 93
    and pull it out and stick their finger or challenge another kid to stick his/her finger in it or something in that red hot coil?"

    Lock the car.
  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    r2s2: Unfortunately not everyone locks their car, let's say if it's in the garage or on their driveway. Too many different scenerios that can happen. I forgot to mention that I use to live in So CA and an incident I remember when I was at a car wash. A mother let her 2 boys go in the car after it was washed. She went to use car wash bathroom and the next thing you saw was her car go up in flames. The kids had started a fire, don't know if it was matches or the lighter. Fortunately they got the kids out. Didn't stick around to find out what happened, but it was scary to say the least and the mother was hysterical.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    isn't going to hurt anyone and just pull the lighter element out and put it in the glove box.

  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    maltb: I didn't say it was going to kill, but give you a good jolt/zap. Go ahead and stick your finger in the open socket and let us know how it felt in any car or the M6 (15A rated fuse) case turn the ign to ACC. Not every parent is going to think of putting the lighter in the glovebox. This URL posts the warning, 4th bullet:
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    You can barely feel 12 volts going across your flesh. I have worked on and around cars long enough to know what 12 volts feel like. Maybe if you could get your tongue down in the base of the lighter socket, you'd feel the zap.
  • mazda6smazda6s Posts: 1,901
    That's pretty funny, but true. The only hazard with 12 volts would be caused by a short, where you could get burned. Of course, the resistance of a wet tongue is probably only a few Ohms (no, I never actually measured it), close enough to a short to accomplish the same thing. Then again, anyone who is dumb enough to try that probably shouldn't be allowed to own a car.

    Have you ever gotten across 110 VAC line voltage? I have. It'll get your attention faster than you can say "defibrillator".
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    Of course, the resistance of a wet tongue is probably only a few Ohms (no, I never actually measured it)

    Check out
    (Search for the word tongue on the page - I have seen this technique used before.

    And I positively remember having a small (1.5 V battery-powered) electronic kit with reconfigurable circuitry when I was a kid, and one of the experiments included finding the resistance across human skin. They mentioned something about sweat affecting the resistance, as well as humidity - so of course I tried it on my tongue :) Felt tingly - no other side-effects (that I know of!)
  • 1wiseguy1wiseguy Posts: 120
    I just bought a M6 and I'm relieved to see that this topic isn't dealing with more serious issues (i.e engine sludging/ tranny problems/ anything similar to VW ownership).

    I have a year to buy the extended warranty. Anyone think it's worthwhile or would I just be wasting my $$? I do have some concerns over the long term reliability of the engine, given that it is (in part at least) part of the Ford family.
  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    1wiseguy: I personally would'nt spend extra on EW, unless it gives you peace-of-mind. I've owned two other Mazdas, '88 Mazda B2000 (stolen) and '92 B2600i that I still have plus my 6s MT. My first two never had any problems (combined 270K miles) all had original parts. I didn't buy the EW, because I feel this 6 is going to have similar reliability. With almost 5000 miles this 6 is still hsa a solid feel. I also think you need to bring in your car for every regular scheduled maintenance to an authorized service center in order to have your EW honored if you have problems with your car. Probably should read the EW contract to know what you're getting yourself into.
  • hudallahudalla Posts: 6
    I'm interested in his rattle problem. I have one that sounds exactly like sounds like a Geiger counter in the back seat very faintly ticking from time to time. Is anyone experiencing this problem?
  • wvelezwvelez Posts: 16

    I have this problem, and I'm glad you wrote and described it better than I could have: the "rattle" I have I was going to describe as an old- fashioned telegraph, but your description of a Geiger counter is better.

    It seems to be emanating from the console/seat area; as I drive, I swear I hear it come from under the front passenger seat, or under the center console, or sometimes just behind the console area. It is not loud, but definitely audible (and highly annoying)
  • hudallahudalla Posts: 6

    Well, I guess misery loves company. At first I thought it was the styrofoam that surrounds the spare tire--I thought it was the foam squeaking against the metal. I put felt down around the area, and it seems to stop for a day or two, but maybe that was just a coincidence. I may still try to place the felt down in a different way to see what happens. My sound is definitely emanating from the rear seat area.

    I'm afraid it is somewhere else in the car...perhaps even in the rear curtain airbag or the leather seat. There may be styrofoam in a lot of places, so we may be on a wild goose chase. In one of his posts, aardog21 suggested it was a catalytic converter shield. However, when driving in this morning, I am almost certain it is in the passenger compartment.

    Let me know what you find, and I will do the same. I posted a similar message on the "Mazda6" board, but it did little to stir the faithful away from their car worship. You'll see in that post that I took my 6s to the dealer, only to have the damn sound go away immediately upon arrival at the dealer.

    I'm also at a disadvantage in that my wife can't drive the MT, so I have to get one of my friends to drive it to diagnose the problem. There are lots of squeaks and rattles when my wife attempts to drive it!

    Good luck!
  • wvelezwvelez Posts: 16

    I bet we are not the only ones suffering from this malady. This noise did seem to abate the other day whilst the weather was a bit dry and warmer (I am in NJ), but it's back with a vengeance.

    I have cloth int. so it's not your leather. I haven't yet had a chance to ride shotgun in an effort to localize it, but will report on this as soon as I do so.

    By the way, I now have a 2nd rattle: something is resonating in the right dash/glove box area. It is not something IN the glove box, either. Funny thing: it resonates when excited by vibrations from outside the car, such as today when I was behind a delivery truck!

    My car is 3 weeks old, with 1000 miles on good roads. I am afraid this does not portend a good future for this car.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    and no rattles. However, with System of a Down playing at vol 25, I tend to not hear emergency vehicles either. Seriously, no rattles as of yet.
  • hudallahudalla Posts: 6
    Hey maltb--

    Maybe wvelez and I can borrow your CD to drown out the cacophony of our rattles. I hope you stay rattle-free.
  • jason777jason777 Posts: 56
    I have 3 one coming from the dash, one on the left hand side of my seat (turned out to be the very bottom of the seat belt where it attaches to the inside plastic) and one is coming from the rear seat, it sounds like the seat belt again.

    They are all very much affected by temperature, when it goes warmer they are a lot less prominent.

  • jason777jason777 Posts: 56
    Also getting whistling noise from fan, very annoying.

  • alcjewalcjew Posts: 173
    I have over 5200 miles with no rattles, squeaks, whistles on my 6s. Still solid. I've hit pot holes almost every day, but the 6 handles them with ease. Must have had some experienced/good assembly workers putting my car together.
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