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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • psrinivpsriniv Posts: 41
    the carmax promotion ends on the 14th of this month. check it out guys. they are offering $1000 off their listed price. On some models it works out as much $700 below invoice
  • Yishin...

    I'd take the 1000 over invoice - I paid 1200 over invoice a month ago, and at the time it was the lowest I could get any dealer to go, including Flemington.

    Where in Cent NJ are you? If you're closer to South Brunswick, try Acme Nissan and let them know the price you have, they'll likely beat it - the sales manager there is a great guy and hooked me up with my deal.

    Let me know how you do -

  • uncledaviduncledavid Posts: 548
    Many states have a laws requiring a "cooling off period" where loas are involved. Unless you are paying in cash, you have 30 - 60 days to void a deal. So, I suspect you can still get the check back.
  • delguydelguy Posts: 43
    Keep in mind that the invoice price listed on the Carmax website is about $500 high in most cases. The best deal I was able to find was right at real invoice price. Still it's a bargain.
  • yishinyishin Posts: 6

    That is a good observation. I notice that as well. Is the deal you mentioned from carmax or from local dealer?
  • delguydelguy Posts: 43
    I was talking about the Carmax deal. I have yet to start the haggling process at my local dealer.
  • bbenson5bbenson5 Posts: 10
    There was an add in the paper for leasing a murano for 1/2 off of MSRP which came to about 15200. This deal was a 0 down included tax and license + a years worth of free gas ($900). The payments for 2 years would be $635. This deal sounds awful to me but it was advertised as some great deal. Am I missing something?
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    Anybody who falls for that deal should be taken out back and whipped lol. That is for the truly sad people out there.
  • zork4zork4 Posts: 6
    Just purchased a murano sl (fwd) this w-end. Agreed on $400 over invoice but on the invoice was a merchandising fee of $485. I know about advertizing fees and did not want to pay this but they said it's part of their costs and it was on the actual invoice. Any comments?
  • texamau1texamau1 Posts: 42
    I just look,bought & pickup a silver Murano SL AWD (all with in 2 hours, I initially just want to check out the car) with NAV, SL premium pkg, leather pkg, cold pkg, Dynamic ctrl, sun roof, splash guard, mats, cargo protector all for $250 below invoice. Is this a good price for it?? my wife keep wondering why the dealer willing to sell a car below invoice...any advice? (I'm a returning customer, just bought 02 patherfinder @ the same dealer in Aug 02).
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    The price above/below invoice gets too confusing but the MSRP and the prices paid before TTL should be pretty comparable.

    Would you please post the MSRP of the vehicle you bought and the price you paid before Tax-Title-License fees?

  • zork4zork4 Posts: 6
    i got the sl (fwd) no options since it's difficult to buy stand alone options. to get leather you need to buy everything else- they need to improve how they price their options. anyway: MSRP sl (fwd) including dest, carpeted floor mats, cargo area mat is $28887. I paid
    $27026 excluding TTL. i thought i got a good deal but if someone is buying at or below invoice that's really good. like the car- don't regret the purchase at all- but i have only had it for 3 days.
  • yishinyishin Posts: 6
    The only place I heard of for selling Murano below invoice is carmax. How is that possible that dealer is willing to sell it below invoice price on this car since it is a new model? Does dealer get incentive or hold back from Nissan?
  • dklaneckydklanecky Posts: 559
    If the MSRP was $28,887, that makes the invoice price $26,144.

    If you paid $27,026 (+TTL) then you got $1,861 off of MSRP or about 6.4% off. That is a good deal on a basic (no options) Murano as they are not widely available.

    Your price is $882 over the dealers invoice price.
  • texamau1texamau1 Posts: 42
    Here are the detail of my Murano: SL, AWD,with NAV, SL premium pkg, leather pkg, cold pkg, Dynamic ctrl, sun roof, splash guard, mats, cargo protector. Final price I paid $35900.78, this included TTL, & all the fees. I think the reason I got such a good deal because this Murano mfg date is Nov, 2002 and been on the dealer lot since Jan 28 03, and it's not the color of my choice. :( My wife wanted blue & cafe interior, and I'm a return customer {got my '02 Pathfinder @ invoice in Aug 02)
  • baataboombaataboom Posts: 23
    texamau1, thanks for the additional info, but it's still difficult to compare your price to others. Why not simply list the MSRP and invoice prices for the vehicle (including destination chrg)? Then show your cost without the addtional tax, title, doc. fees. Since these additional fees/addons vary even more than the car prices, why not list them separately.
    Features: SL AWD, Nav ...
    MSRP (incl. dest): $xx,xxx
    Invoice (incl. dest): $xx,xxx
    Price (excluding the following): $xx,xxx
    Tax: $x,xxx
    Title: $xx
    Doc: $xxx

    Sometimes dealers attempt to stuff additional $$, like marketing or market adjustment, into their 'invoice' prices. Separating things out makes it easy to draw comparisons.
  • texamau1texamau1 Posts: 42
    Here's the break down of my Murano:
    Features: SL AWD, Nav ...
    MSRP (incl. dest): $37699
    Invoice (incl. dest): $33817
    Price (excluding the following): $33567
    Tax: $2032.02
    Title: $121
    Doc: $99
    Market Advertise:$300
  • geenancegeenance Posts: 7
    We just bought our Murano (base SL-AWD; no sunroof). I tried to negotiate a good price here in London, Ontario, but the dealer wasn't willing to be aggressive.

    We phoned dealers in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area and they all sounded like they were willing to deal. Bought our vehicle for C$37,000 + PDI (vs. MSRP of $39,500).

    We pick it up on Saturday!
  • I think, no I know, that we got a great deal on our Murano. We got the premium,leather and cold package with the cargo mat and floor mats for $31300.00. The dealer is NJ. If you want there name please feel free to email me.
  • yishinyishin Posts: 6
    Good deal! Is that a AWD? What is the MSRP for your Murano? $34822? The invice price for SL AWD w. premium, leather, cold package is $31387. Did the dealer charge you any extra other than TTL?

    Would you mind to post it out where this dealer is in NJ?
  • The MSRP was 34882.00 There were no other charges. The dealer i used was Warnock.
  • crewscocrewsco Posts: 3
    Purchased Murano SL with all options but entertainment and navigation for $27,800 from CarMax in White Marsh, MD. That is $330.00 under invoice, almost $3100.00 under MSRP
  • vickik1vickik1 Posts: 1
    Anyone out there recently bought a Murano in the Seatle area?

    I am pretty sure this is the vehicle I want and am trying to decide a competitive bottom line price that would keep me negotiting with a dealer.
    Am looking at SE AWD - cold pkg., popular pkg, guards, cargo/floor mats - NO NAV.(unless I could get a great deal).

    Comments / suggestions?
  • dodoc2003dodoc2003 Posts: 20
    SL AWD
    Premium Package
    Leather Package
    Cold Package
    Dynamic Control Package
    Floor Mats
    Mud Guards

    MSRP $35,562
    INVOICE $32451
    PRICE PAID $32051 ($400 below invoice)

    Basically, checked out the stock of various dealerships in the area for a month. Realized very few vehicles were moving. Contacted the internet manager/salesperson, told him/her that I wanted to pay $X amount and if they agreed, I would be there right away to purchase the vehicle. Then called another dealership to see if they would beat the previous price. You get the idea. After tax, title, and doc fees (I actually ended up paying $32141 before all other fees because the dealership had already added a sunroof deflector, wheel locks, and VIN etching with theft insurance), I still paid more than $500 less than MSRP.
  • yishinyishin Posts: 6

    Your deal is pretty good...

    Don't quite understand what do you mean you paid more than $500 less than MSRP.

    Based on the MSRP $35562, should the TRUE invoice price be $31984? (

    Sometimes dealers add $300~$600 to their invoice and tell customers that is their invoice price. I was misleaded by my dealer and ended up paying extra $300 more on my false "$300 over invoice" deal. As far as I know, there is a 3% dealer hold back based on invoice on this car. This should give more flexibility to bring the selling price down.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • dodoc2003dodoc2003 Posts: 20
    I guess it depends on what the true invoice price is. KBB and Digital Cars has it at $31984 whereas Edmunds has it at $32451. Don't know why the huge difference. All I said was that I would pay $400 below invoice which at the dealership corresponded to $32041. Either way, still a good deal. What my point was that my total cost of the vehicle after all taxes and fees was still less than MSRP.
  • socal999socal999 Posts: 1
    What is the best deal I can expect on a Murano in the So. California area? I'm looking for a FWD SL with leather and sunroof. Any info on aggressive dealerships would be appreciated.
  • adarwisadarwis Posts: 1
    anybody in seattle area ?
    Im looking for Murano Deal here.
    how much you pay for this car.

    I like the NAV but still can't decide AWD/FWD, any suggestion ?
  • Can anyone explain the $467 difference between Edmunds and the other pricing sites on the 2003 Murano SL AWD? If Edmunds pricing is in error, I just "gave away" almost $500 including tax, to the dealer.
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