Honda Odyssey Future Models

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Aside from all the rumors, is there any real information about changes and/or new features on the 2004 Odyssey? What has anybody heard?


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    I just wrote to a writer for Automotive News. He just wrote an article regarding a new Roof Rack designer for the new Odyssey. I e-mailed him concerning the redesign. He said it will be in 2004 as a 2005 model. He didn't know whether it will be a mid-year introduction or fall.
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    A quote from our host "Steve", from the 2004 redesign discussion

    #162 of 162 And on that note by steve_ HOST Feb 04, 2003 (2:22 pm)
    Since the redesign is so speculative, we're going to shut down this "year specific" discussion and ask everyone to join in over in Honda Odyssey Owners: Future Models. If you hurry, you can get "first post"!

    Steve, Host

    This entire board is getting to big just because of the people who are to ..... to look for the correct discussion. Please do not keep starting repeating discussions or it will be a nightmare.

    STEVE, why don't you delete some of these?
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    As this discussion resides in Owners Clubs, Steve is not the host. Primarily it was created to include all future Odyssey models, not specifically the 2004, which may/may not have new features/changes. At this point, there is more speculation than fact.

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    Honda Releases New 8-Passenger Elysion Minivan

    Date: May 13, 2004 05:25
    Submitted by: danielgr
    Source: Honda World
    Credibility Rating: N/A

    Tokyo, May 13, 2004--Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the introduction to the Japanese market of its new flagship minivan, the next-generation, premium 8-passenger Elysion, featuring the most advanced Honda technology and the highest levels of comfort and luxury for all passengers. The Elysion will be available nationwide through Honda’s automobile dealer networks starting May 13, 2004. Side lift-up seat and passenger lift-up seat-equipped models will be available starting June 10, 2004.

    The Elysion’s innovative low-floor platform provides ample cabin space and a lower center of gravity, for enhanced stability, handling and comfort. Wide, dual power-sliding doors1 offer easy access to the second and third row seats, while a tip-up and slide seat mechanism provides one-step third-row accessibility. The three rows of spacious seating can be flexibly configured for maximum passenger space or storage, also thanks to the low-floor platform. A second-row seat rotation mechanism2 pivots second-row seats to face the third row with the pull of a single lever.

    The Elysion’s 3.0-liter V6 i-VTEC engine features Honda's revolutionary variable cylinder management system, which shifts between three- and six-cylinder combustion in response to driving conditions for superior fuel economy at class-leading3 levels of power output and torque. Also available is a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC engine that delivers ample torque at normal cruising speeds. All models4 achieve a level of fuel economy 5% above 2010 standards, and boast 75% cleaner exhaust emissions than required by 2005 emissions standards, qualifying for Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (SU-LEV) certification from Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, making them eligible for incentives under the Japanese government's Green Tax program.

    Elysion VX Type (FF)

    Elysion G Type with Side Lift-up Seat (FF)

    The Elysion features Honda's advanced compatibility engineering body—designed to increase self-protection and reduce aggressivity toward other vehicles. It is also equipped with Honda's Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMS)5 and E-pretensioner5, which assess collision risk, alert the driver to take preventative action, and mitigate injury should a collision occur. All three rows of passenger seats are protected by large side curtain airbags6 which provide protection throughout the range of sliding seat positions.

    1 Standard equipment on VZ type, and available as a factory option except on M type. Left side power sliding door standard equipment except on M type
    2 Available as a factory option on the following [FF] models: G (excluding models with lift-up seat), X, VG (excluding models with lift-up seat), and VX types
    3 3-liter class minivans
    4 Excluding device type designated motor vehicles
    5 Standard equipment on VZ type
    6 Factory option on all types (excluding models with passenger lift-up seat)

    Key Features

    Packaging and Utility

    The low, flat floor, redesigned undercarriage and rear suspension enable all eight passengers to sit in roomy comfort, and provide a passenger cabin height of 1,265 mm.

    Taking advantage of the generous passenger cabin height, each row of seats is positioned approximately 40 mm higher than the one in front of it, to provide excellent outward visibility for passengers in the second and third row seats.

    In addition to the low, flat floor, the wide front doors and rear sliding door provide easy access to all three rows of seats. Since there is no step, passengers can move easily into and out of the third row of seats.

    The power sliding doors1 on either side, as well as the power tailgate2, can be opened and closed automatically using the keyless entry remote control or the switch on the driver's seat.

    The sliding doors feature power windows that can open fully, and the rear quarter glass beside the third row seat has a pop-up window that also opens.

    The second and third row seats are equipped with a 60/40 tip-up and slide mechanism3 that enables a variety of seat arrangements, providing storage space measuring up to 1,300 mm4 in length with a capacity of 1,057 liters5. The first and second row seats, or the second and third row seats, can be laid flat. A rotation mechanism6 that enables the second row seats to face the third row is available as a factory option. Each of these mechanisms is easily operated with a lever located on the shoulder of the seat.

    1 Standard equipment on VZ type; available as a factory option except on M type; left side power sliding door standard equipment except on M type
    2 Available as a factory option on G and VG types with side lift-up seat, X and VX [FF] type vehicles, and VZ type
    3 Standard on second row seat except on G and VG types with side lift-up seat
    4 Honda in-house measurements
    5 Honda in-house measurements (VDA method)
    6 Available as a factory option on the following [FF] models: G (excluding models with lift-up seat), X, VG (excluding models with lift-up seat), and VX type vehicles

    Interior Design

    The interior imparts the ultra-relaxed atmosphere of an ocean cruiser lounge, providing luxurious comfort in all three rows. The large, bright areas of glass produce a sense of spaciousness, the large seats offer a feeling of coziness, and the wood-grained panels provide an air of opulence. The well laid-out interior lighting further enriches the interior ambience.

    The wood-grained paneling found throughout the interior—from the instrument panel to the doors—is molded to capture the depth of fresh-cut wood, while the metallic components add a sense of solidity.

    The deep, dynamic lines of the wood-grained instrument panel extend horizontally to the right and left across the front passenger compartment, imparting an integrated feel from the driver's seat to the passenger seat. Raised gauge visors were also eliminated to create a flat instrument panel that provides a commanding forward view.

    Blue interior lights1 illuminate the center console and second and third rows when the small lamps are turned on, serving as night lights that add a touch of luxury.

    Three-dimensional, self-luminating meters deliver unique styling in addition to enhanced visibility. LEDs on the instrument panel project onto reflective lenses, creating a graduated display that offers hologram-like depth and elegance.

    The instrument panel gear shift lever is positioned to permit smooth movement between the lever and the steering wheel. The straight lever reduces the distance the driver's hand must travel, for more ergonomic shifting.

    Seating in all three rows provides the gentle, enveloping feel of a high-quality sofa, supporting passengers in true comfort. Covered in soft, suede-like material, the seats are gener
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    Will Honda dismantle a Sienna and copy how they did the AWD system? Ha! I got 5th post! Also, will the Odyssey stick with the two trim lines or will they go ahead and create a DX version, with just the basics? Cassette, (The LX gets a CD, the EX gets a changer) No power doors (the LX gets one door, the EX gets both along with a Power Liftgate), and a bench seat?
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    Honda enthusiast sites like and are now suggesting a redesign this fall. They have been fairly accurate in the past. The big news is a bump up in engine displacement, up to a 3.8L engine.
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    This is confirmed details on the 3rd Generation Oddyssey redesign.

    Model Debut Year: 2004 Fall
    Mechanical Changes: V6 3.5-Litre i-VTEC
    - Power will be increased to 250 and torque will be 260. Better Fuel Economy due to the addition of Intelligent VTEC configurations.
    - AWD drive system, based on the current Honda CR-V.
    Appearance Changes: Based on the sketches from Honda, PRETTY WILD STUFF! It still has it's boxy look. The Front has an increased height, Aggressive grill (similar to the TSX) Big Head Lights. Also a Sports version will be available. Other than appearance no mechanical changes for this model.

    Feature Changes: 6(sports) 7 and 8 Way seating configurations. Heated-Cooled seats for front and center rows. Power doors will use the belt driven system. LID interior dash lights. HID headlights will be an option. 17' Wheels. Factory equipped Auto-Start sytem. Central Comupter with fuel, temp., mileage etc.. Roll Down windows for all 3 rows. 50/50 split back Magic seat. Dash Mounted Gear Shifter with a Manual Shift Mode option. Power Lift Gate. Auto Climate for All three rows. There are several MINI-VAN FIRST features that are useful, which i cannot release as of now.

    So far these are the details that i know. Honda might unveil the concept model in the 2003 New York Auto Show but then Honda always waits until the last minute.
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    tsx - can you disclose where you got your information or how reliable it is?

    Will the 2004 model be released in September 2003 or September 2004? Sometimes manufacturers release new models early similar to the 2004 Sienna in Spring 2003.

    Thanks for the info - where can we see the sketches of the new design you are talking about?
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    This information is based on a Las Vegas car show for the Dealers accross North America. The sketches are not available online. Next Odyssey will be a 2005 Model so it can either be released early 2004 or in the fall.

    The information was also based on a early production van, there would some changes made.
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    Is the 8-way seating TSX mentions 8 "passenger" seating. I am needing 3 passenger seating in the middle row and comparing the 2004 Sienna to what Honda will be putting out for the next generation Odyssey.

    Dollar for dollar, I've always favored Hondas, but I don't know if our Grand Caravan will last another year to wait for a 2005.

    Any more details on the new Ody?
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    The only bad thing about the 8 passenger seating is that once you're in the van and driving down the interstate, you can't move to the back rows unless you stop the van first or climb over the seats. But I guess for some people, that's not an issue. To them the more seats the merrier, which I can't blame them either. Well, if the new Odyssey comes out in March 2004, you only have to wait about 10 months :-). Only problem is, you will be paying full price for the 2005 Ody by then and the "old" 2004 Sienna will be about $3,000 off MSRP!
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    Hey. The new Odyssey sounds good. Will a DX appear? Will the NAV be able to be teamed with the i-RES like the Sienna?
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    Honda needs a DX Odyssey. (To compete with the Sedona.) (The Kia dealer is right accross the road from the Honda dealer in Dayton, so its nice to comparison shop the MPV LX-SV, the Odyssey, and the Sedona all in a 500 feet radius.)
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    We have one year to go before the 2005 Odyssey rolls out.

    Does anyone know what changes (if any) will be made to the 2004 model coming out this fall? I am sure Honda will make some improvements, it would be nice to know what they are.

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    Several reports are out stating that Honda will produce a new model oddy for the Japanese market by years end. Question, Is the Japanese oddy the same as the domestic one? If so, then maybe we will see an all new model in the U.S. a bit sooner.
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    What is called the Odyssey in Japan is actually a smaller people mover with 4 regular doors. Our Odyssey is called the Lagreat in Japan.

    The Japanese Odyssey is on the left - 3rd from the bottom. The NA Odyssey is on the right - 2nd from the bottom.
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    Interesting link. Guess this doesn't help our cause though. The Japanese oddy reminds me of the pre 99 NA model. I'll just have to be patient I guess.
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    It is an update of the pre 99 North American model. Our Ody nee Lagreat is too big for Asia and is sold more as a luxury/exclusive model in Japan I understand. I guess Honda felt that the Odyssey name was strong enough to use on 2 different vehicles. Then again they have ATV's named Odyssey and Pilot as well.
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    Spoke with a dealer source over the weekend. 2004 redesign is coming out in Septemeber-October 2004.
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    with quest and sienna, honda will lose market share and momemtum, nolonger fresh, we must hope the refresh in the fall helps. honda now are no longer asking full price now near invoice, the pendulum swings back to toyota....can honda face this loss of momemtum, wait for the comparo in mags, honda won't be #1 they are also having quality issues
    so honda better refresh and get their new model out as close to jan 04 as possible.

    this is a slooooowwwww forum no new info only speculation i'll wait
    c ya on the flip side.
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    If you are talking about the 2004 model, then that will be coming this fall in September/October 2003. If you are talking about the redesigned model being introduced in 2004 then that will be the 2005 model.

    I wish people would read what they type....instead of posting entries which confuse others.
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    Honda won't lose in the market share. They will sell all the minivans they make for this year. It may not be at full sticker but they will sell more. The Sienna will also sell all they make this year. So the Sienna and Honda will pick up market shares while DC, DC and Ford continue to lose. That is of course based on minivan sales being the same as last year.
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    I found this link that talks about Honda introducing a 3rd minivan in the Asian market next fall that will fall in size between the Asian Odyssey and our Odyssey(Lagreat).

    It looks like the 2005 North American Odyssey will be significantly larger and Honda needed to fill the gap. I wonder if we'll ever see either of the other two minivan here.
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    It looks like my link didn't display correctly. Here is the text:

    Saturday April 5, 12:06 PM

    Honda Motor to release new minivans to compete with rivals Japanese automaker Honda Motor will release a new large minivan in the spring of 2004 and fully remodel the Odyssey within the year to bolster sluggish sales.

    "Honda is believed to earn more than half of the profit in its domestic auto operations from minivan sales, but it is losing share in the automobile market to such rivals as Toyota," the Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper said.

    By introducing new models, the company hopes to boost its domestic sales, the newspaper said.

    The large minivan, scheduled to debut as soon as next spring, will fall between the high-end Lagreat, which has a 3.5-liter engine, and the Odyssey, which has 2.3- and three-liter models, the Nihon Keizai said.

    The new third-generation model of Odyssey will be released later this year, four years after the current model was released, the newspaper said.

    Honda sold 860,557 autos in Japan in fiscal 2002, down 2.4 percent on the year and the first decline in four years, the newspaper said, adding that its minivan sales fell 20 percent to 241,856 units.

    "This hurt the automaker's profitability because its profit margin on minivans is several times that on subcompact cars like the popular Fit," the newspaper said.

    The domestic minivan market, which accounts for around 30 percent of auto sales, is estimated at slightly above one million units a year and is growing at a double-digit pace, the Nihon Keizai said.
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    I'm getting a conflicting information regarding new Odyssey models. Some say the significant changes will happen to the 2004 models, but other indicate for 2005 models. Please advise what changes will possibly apply to 2004 model which will be on the market in September/October.
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    We're all getting the conflicting information. Honda usually doesn't leak information on new models until just before introduction. If there is a new model being introduced in September, we'll know about late July - early August.

    Honda used to be on a 4 year product cycle now extended to 5. That would lean towards an 04 model this fall. But many have reported that the current model would go one more year.
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    There are many conflicting reports on the redesign of the Odyssey. Having seen the new Toyota Sienna, one can suspect that the Odyssey would be redesigned for 2004, however does anyone actually know for sure? I've spoken to several Honda salespeople who say Honda is hush, hush about it. Some have said Honda will redesign the Odyssey in 2004, while others say it will be in 2005. says Honda will redesign the Odyssey in 2004 (05MY). Does that mean mid-year? Much like what Honda did when the Pilot this was unveiled, this time last year. If anyone has any information on it, please share.
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    My source at Honda told me that the new design (2004 model)is coming out in September/October 2003. He had no details about the car, other than to say when it was coming out. He was talking about the re-design, not just the new model year. Who really knows, but this is what he told me.
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    Its June now, can anyone confirm what Honda's plans are for the 2004 Odyssey? It appears that there's conflicting news on whether it will be redesigned in 2004 or 2005. With the redesigned Sienna already out, I thought for sure Honda would do the same for 2004. Nevertheless, I guess we'll all have to stay tuned. I wrote Honda of American just over a week ago, to inquire about the redesigned Odyssey, as to whether it will be for 2004. The response I received from them was that Honda hadn't confirmed when the redesigned Odyssey would be out. In my letter to Honda, I suggested the Odyssey be build with a power lift gate, and a regular sized spare tire. It appears again Honda is very hush, hush about the new Odyssey. Here is a web site that say Honda will redesign the Odyssey in 2005. Don't know how true this is, however, I did speak with a sales person there, and he indicated that for sure that it would be out in the fall of 2004.
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    Read my earlier posts for specs on the van.
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    The only new models that are expected for 2004 model year is a Honda City which is Honda's version of Toyota Echo and Brand New Honda Civic with a bigger engine: which will be the 2.0 I4 i-vtec.
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    TSX, saw the picture you posted on the redesign of the Odyssey. So, are we talking mid 2004 for the release, or will it be in the fall of 2004? Will the new Odyssey offer a regular sized spare tire? Glad to see it will offer a power lift gate. I own a 2002 model that I'm enjoying, I would just like to see them add a few more features. So, you're sure it will be offered as a 2005 model? If so, what will be the changes, if any for 2004?
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    I think that pictures looks great.
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    Are you kidding or is this true:
    2004 Honda City
    2004 Honda Civic with 2.0 I4 i-vtec.
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    The Odyssey will be released in Fall of 2004 as of right now.
    Honda will see how their current model stands up to the new competition, which i think is right up there against the new sienna and the quest. If they do see losing sales, they might change debut date to early 2004 and sell it as a 2005 model just like the sienna.

    The Civic is getting a bigger displacement for the new models and will be upto atleast 140HP with 2.0 I4 i-vtec: same as the acura RSX.
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    hey men i would like to know where you get all that info from honda oddy and other models so please email me at [email protected]

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    TSX, you mention that if Honda sales are down, they will release the redesign in early 2004. Why would they release then as a 2005 model, when they will have release their 2004 models in August? I'm seeing more and more new Sienna's out on the roads. From all of the reviews, the new Sienna appears to have replaced the Odyssey as the #1 minivan. Is there a larger picture of the redesigned Odyssey that you posted? I am eager to purchase the redesigned Odyssey. I own an 02 model, but I looking to purchase the redesigned one for some of the amenities you've mentioned. After speaking to a Toyota sales person recently, he says the new Toyota Sienna rides much more smoother and quieter than the Odyssey. I haven't test driven it, but I have owned a Toyota vehicle before, and they do ride smooth and quiet. Will the new Odyssey have a normal sized spare tire, and will most of the changes you mentioned be standard? Particuliarly the automatic lift-gate, and climate controls for all three rows of seats.
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    The reason they might change the date is due to losing the sales... it's same idea when Toyota release the sienna few months ago as 2004 model, same as last year when they released 2003 corolla in February of 2002.

    Most of the options will be optional, some of those options were only in the concept model release in the vegas auto show for dealers.
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    Other than luxury items that the sienna offers, the base models are not any better than the 2003 Odyssey. It still is the most powerful minivan on the road and the safest. Other than 8 seats there is nothing more in the sienna.

    The luxury features like AWD, premium sound system, liftgate, 17' wheels, HID lights, laser cruise... and you are taking the price upto $35K+taxes and fees. at this price you can decide to buy an overpriced minivan or get yourself an SUV (which would be my choice).

    If we compare the odyssey's price for price comparison.. Odyssey is still the benchmark in minivans.
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    You not suggesting that the Odyssey will be priced at $35, 000? If that is the case, then you're right, an over-priced mininvan. The picture you posted of the Odyssey looks much like the front on the redesigned Accord. Having seen the picture, and reading that it have a 17 inch wheels, and automatic lift-gate, I am eager to purchase one now. Needless to say I will have to wait until next fall. With the release of the new Sienna, and seeing more and more of them, are Honda sales of the Odyssey still doing very well? Do you think with the changes that Honda makes in the Odyssey, will the price change much? Hopefully not. I believe with an Odyssey, you get more amenities for what you pay.
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    I think that this next Odyssey will just blow the Sienna away.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    It really depends on which model loaded with which features.
    Even right now, if you look at the Odyssey LX versus Sienna CE or even LE, the Odyssey still blows the Sienna away, unless you add Side curtain airbags to the Sienna.
    It would be tough to blow away the $42K MSRP '04 Sienna XLE Limited AWD w/NAV+RES. I just don't think Honda would make such an expensive animal. Shoot, if they do, they might just make it an Acura!
    In terms of looks, the current Odyssey still blows the '04 Sienna away.
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    Anytime there is a redesign in a model year, prices always go up. If Honda decided to add in all the competetive luxury in the upcoming Odyssey - Yes the price will be higher. But the base models usually don't get affected by much.

    One thing you can defenitly expect from Honda - just the current model - the new minivan will have several standard features.

    It's worth the wait for the new Odyssey!!! Otherwise i recommend the 2003 Model over any compeition.
  • tsxtsx Member Posts: 32
    This is the official release (limited)info:

    - Odyssey is being restyled and reengineered for 2004 with an emphasis on improved performance, refinement, and interior appeal. According to Honda Motor Company, this involves more power via a V6 enlarged to 3.8 liters, and new features intended to make the cabin "more of an entertainment center, with things for every passenger to do on long drives." We'll see the results of these and other efforts fairly soon, perhaps as a concept vehicle at this winter's auto shows.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Member Posts: 840
    I just don't understand these car companies.
    Why go from 3L to 3.3L? Why not 3.5L?
    Why go from 3.5 to 3.8L? Why not go to 4L?
    I guess they have to worry about costs.
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    TSX, in your message titled 2004 Odyssey Confirmation, will this be unveil it in mid-year of 2004? No Honda sales person seem to know anything about the redesign of the Odyssey. They don't even know what changes will be made in the 2004 model. Will there be any changes at all in the 2004 model? Do you know whether Honda will build the Odyssey with a full-sized spare tire? I am beginning to see more and more of the newly designed Sienna on the road. Much more than when the Odyssey was released in 1999. I was told the Sienna is going fantastic. I am still sold on the Odyssey, and am eagerly anticipating when Honda unveils the redesigned model. If it were in 04, I'd purchase one. You think if sales are not that good, Honda will release the redesign sooner rather than later? Have you heard that Honda plans to build a pickup truck? I saw a sketch of it last year, but can't remember where. I read where the pickup truck will be built on the Odyssey platform, about the size of a Dodge Durango. I read where it will be out in 05.
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,805
    I saw a picture of the "Honda" pickup in either the August issue of Automobile or Car&Driver. It is built off the Pilot (which is built off the Ody) and the unit shown was undergoing off road testing. It is a 4 door with a short bed. It is not geared to heavy duty use, rather to people like my DW who needs to pick up 10 bags of potting soil but requires the ride of a car.
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    will be available this Fall," according to Honda's President, says an article in today's Wall St. Journal.

    Nothing specific, but it appears they are going to be responsive to Sienna's '04 introduction.

    Sales in Japan have been considerably down this year.
  • rosey4rosey4 Member Posts: 42
    What porttion of the Wall Street Journal is that in? Does this mean the redesigned Odyssey will be available this fall?
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