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Honda Odyssey Future Models



  • pimp4pimp4 Posts: 13
    Hey guys I got good and bad news the bad news is that Honda will hold on until Fall 2004 with its current odyssey the 2004 one would have little or no changes, no color changes but the good news is that it will have a Surfboard Carrier, and a Snowboard Attachment as an option.
  • dangusdangus Posts: 1
    The following link is to a German website. Located on the bottom RH of the page is a picture of the *new* Odyssey?
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    It's great for the consumers to see the new Sienna leap the Odyssey in features - it's the first time I've read people negotiating off the invoice for the Odyssey.

    The next leap for the Odyssey sounds great too. Only I will time my next buy for the car that gets lept over to avoid buying at MSRP like I had too for my 2002 Odyssey - which I love BTW.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The Odyssey pics look like that the Odyssey has a strange resemblence to the Nissan Quest. Oh, and by the way, if I wanted AWD, I would buy a Pilot. It costs a little less than a Sienna AWD, seats one more person, and I may be able to bargain a little.
  • andrewtran71andrewtran71 Posts: 840
    Not to mention the Pilot is "cooler" since it is an SUV and not a minivan.
    However, the Odyssey or Sienna would offer more space. The CE and SE Sienna also offer 8 passenger seating.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    It's LE Sienna, not SE. I would like it if Toyota offered an SE, however. This next Odyssey is going to blow the Sienna's Socks off! (The Quest too)
  • pimp4pimp4 Posts: 13
    I cant wait until the all new Odyssey comes out and see all the car magazines comparing the 2004 Nissan Quest VS. 2004 Toyota Sienna VS. 2005 Honda Odyssey. that is going to be a bomb!!!!!!!! and of course seeing the 2005 Honda Odyssey beating those two losers with 2nd and 3rd place while the Odyssey gets #1!!!!

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    for the Odyssey to kick Sienna and Quest's butt!
  • tsxtsx Posts: 32
    In my view, when the 3rd Generation Odyssey debuts. It will be like comparing the '03 Accord vs. '03 Camry vs. '03 Altima.

    Current Odyssey has set the standards when it first came out - beating out all competition.
    Thew new one will once again will be the benchmark of Minivans.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Sure will give the Sienna a run for its money. The Quest could stick around and compete. It has the same amount of HP as the current Ody. As soon as this Odyssey comes out, the Sienna will be selling for pennies over invoice and have cash back attatched to it, just like the Camry. (Do you see Nissan and Honda stickin' $1200 cash on a new midsized sedan?!)
  • Yeah, but by that time, the new Ody will be more expensive since they will offer less discounts. By then, it may be better to get the Sienna:-)
    I bought the Ody this year only because it's so cheap compared to most Siennas. But if it were the other way around, I would buy the Sienna.
    Wouldn't you?
  • ash213ash213 Posts: 40
    No, Ody will not be very expensive when released (no where close to MSRP) because there will be enough competition by then. Initial hype for Sienna and Quest will be over and not to mention production #'s for Ody were to double sometime soon, if they have not already. Last few years Ody was selling at MSRP because there was no real competition. Now there is (and will be more). I am waiting for redesign.
  • pimp4pimp4 Posts: 13
    The Odyssey wont be more expensive than the Sienna or Quest because the Ody will have lots of amenities, or standard features that the other two wont have and if they have them is an option and that would bring the sticker price almost to the same of the Ody or even more expensive while for that money that you spend buying those options in the Toyota and Nissan you can get even other better options that the Ody would have.
    That's just my opinion dont you guys think the same thing too??
  • I would agree that the new Ody's MSRP will be less than the Sienna with comparable model. However, I don't think you will be able to buy a 2005 model at invoice price like you can now with the 2003 models. Am I right or am I right? Even with stiff competition, it would still be new and not, right? Yeah, it won't be at MSRP, it may be $1,000 off MSRP.
  • ash213ash213 Posts: 40
    Yes, that is right, about $1,000-1,500 off MSRP for few months, after that it is anybody's guess.
  • rosey4rosey4 Posts: 42
    I agree that the new re-designed Odyssey will be cheaper than the Sienna. Is there any indication as to whether is will be available next year? Will it be mid-year 2004 or next fall as a 2005 model? Recent articles have been conflicting. Some have indicated it would be available as a 2004 model, while another recent article says 2006.
  • ash213ash213 Posts: 40
    There will be no redesign for 2004 (it will have to out in Sept./Oct. of 2003 for that, and that is not happening). Spring 2004 or Fall 2004 as release date is again a guess at this time, but it will be called 2005 model. BTW it was due this (2003) fall, but they kind of stretched it because it was in great demand (milking it as much as they can).
  • pimp4pimp4 Posts: 13
    The Honda Odyssey cannot be a 2006 model because if it is it would be out in the 2005 so it just cant be 2006 i think and im maybe 100% sure that it'll be a 2005 model coming out in fall of 2004.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    pricing on the odyssey has always been to the actual value of the vehicle. a loaded '03 ody stickers for $30860. a loaded quest tops $38000. loaded siena can get into the $40's. granted, there are additional features that honda doesnt have, but not $8-$10k worth! i think if the honda adds lots of cool new stuff, that it will be in the $33-$34 range for a loaded EX. this van will go back to bringing sticker, or you just wont get one. competition doesnt matter, even if they were the same price. honda will build what they know they will more. unfortunately, it will not be in the buyers control what price they have. it'll be back to: "sign up or dont sign up".
  • You get what you paid for if you pay close to INVOICE. Notice how the difference between MSRP and invoice of the Sienna XLE Limited is a lot more than the Ody EX w/NAV? Thus, unless it is a brand new hot model, you can get a better deal on the Sienna XLE Limited than you can with a top-of-the-line Ody. For example, some people in California are getting close to $4K off MSRP now on the Sienna Limited while a lot of people are getting $3K off MSRP on the Ody EX w/NAV or RES.
    By next year when the 2005 Ody comes out, you can probably get $5K off MSRP on the Sienna Limited. However, you can probably only get $1K to $1.5K off MSRP on the 2005 Ody when it first comes out.
    A topped out Sienna with everything is about $41K MSRP. $5K off would be $36K.
    You can't beat that! Laser cruise control. HID headlights. Fog lights. Wood trim with wood trim/leather steering wheel+ shifter knob. Parking Assist. Powered liftgate. NAV. DVD RES. CD Changer. 10 Speaker JBL w/Subwoofer. Side curtain airbags. Rearview Camera.
    Let's say you want to add factory original equipments on the Ody w/NAV which you got for $28K. That's $2K for the RES. That's $1K for the rearview camera. That's $1K for wood trim w/steering wheel. That's $300 for subwoofer. That's another what $500 for CD changer? That's what another $300 for cassette player?
    Man the Dealer add-ons will kill you, bringing your total to more than $36-$37K.
    Of course, if you don't need all that fancy james bond equipments and stuff, then you got yourself an Ody with a lower paid price.

    But if Honda adds all those fancy stuff, the MSRP will climb too.

    We really can't speculate and make exact comparisons. For one thing, finding the exact model you want can be difficult. In the end, based on personal experience, you buy whichever has the better deal at the time of purchase.
    I bought the Ody for 2003.
    Oh, wait, this isn't the Ody vs Sienna forum. Sorry, Steve :-)
  • There was one very special feature omitted from the vast list of "extras" Toyota provides to select customers and you don't even have to buy the XLE Limited... "Jello"... Many of their vehicles have this very special ability to produce jelatinous SLUDGE in their engines... the only problem with this feature is that it seizes the engine... but they give you a rebuilt block if you ask nicely.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    look at what honda did with the accord...added all that neat stuff, AND 40 HP, and the price only went up $520!!! dont tell me what honda will charge, i worked with the products almost 2 years. let me ask you this, also...if you add all that happy stuff to the honda, why is it STILL (according to your figures) $4000-$5000 less?
  • pimp4pimp4 Posts: 13
    Honda should not bring the price up too much the example that bowke28 just said its true and so honda wouldn't boost the price much. changing the subject did u guys niticed on the picture of the 05 odyssey where its green and small you can see that it'll have mirror integrated turning signals as the Mecedes' you know on the mirror but facing to the front of the car not the rear isn't cool???? guys lets admit it the odyssey that its on the lil picture is gourgeous so lets hope its that on with the HID headlights, LCD intrument cluster, 3 rows roll down power windows, 3 row automatic climate control, heated 2nd row seats, full size spare, ETC!
  • Well, I did not add prices for other things like HID, Laser Cruise Control, Back up Sensors, Parking assist, closeness/proximity sensors, side curtain airbags, and some other things.
    My point is it's cheaper to have all those "happy" things added from factory instead of at the dealers.
    The NAV+rear view camera on the MDX is $2,200. The Ody NAV itself is $2,000. So that tells me the rearview camera coming from factory only costs $200, not $1,000!
    The RES from factory is $1,500, but if you get the Honda dealer to add that, it's $2,200 (that's what the local dealer told me when they charge people for their RES including parts and labor).
    See, just those two items alone save you $1,500 if you got it installed at the factory instead of at the dealer.
    Honda would probably charge another $1K for back-up sensors, another $500 for fog lights, another $500 for side curtain airbags, another $1,000 for HID, another $2,000 for laser cruise control, another $1,000 for parking assist, another $1000 for 6 disc CD changer, another $1,000 for upgraded stereo system, blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., etc.

    With that said, I'm sure the new Ody with a lot of happy stuff will not be more expensive than the Sienna XLE Limited.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    actually, in a way, you DID add all that stuff, because with the stuff you listed, it only came to $33100. you said it was up to $36-37k. that leaves $3-4K for the remainder of stuff you didnt mention. limited?!?! the limited model ranges from $38000-$42000!!! the odyssey will never get to $40k. they'll come up with something else before it does.

    back-up sensors are about $600-700.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    probably will never reach $40K.
  • pimp4pimp4 Posts: 13
    Now the Odyssey starts at about $24,000 and loaded for about $32,000 right??? whats do you guys think that the prices would be for the 2005?? i think itll start around $25,500 and loaded for about $35-38K thats what i think maybe itll start a little bith higher than $25K but it just cant go any higher from $38K.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Here's my price ladder for the 05' Odyssey:
    New DX model: $22,995
    LX: $24,250
    LX-i: $24,750
    EX: $25,995
    EX- i-RES: $27,995
    EX-NAVI: $28,250
    EX- NAVI w/ i-RES: $28,995
    EX-Sport: $26,750
    Leather is a $2250 option on LX-i models and a $1595 option on EX models. Sport Leather is a $1500 option on EX Sport.
  • Yeah, I don't think the '05 Ody will be more than $35K loaded, but I don't think it will have everything offered in the Sienna Limited either, not that you need any of that stuff, of course.
    Some of those features are not even offered in the Lexus SUVs.
    Personally, I would not pay that much money on a minivan unless it has that Lexus or Acura logo on it:-)
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    whats the difference if it has an acura logo or a honda logo? both designed and built by the same people, and with the same technology.

    one thing you can count on is honda raising the bar even farther, even only a year after the siena and quest. they always do. look at the camry/altima/accord rivalry...
    load up a camry or altima, and you have a $28-29k car with less equipment than the $26260 accord. the ody. will be no different.
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