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Chrysler Pacifica Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited June 2014 in Chrysler
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  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    Question for all you kind folks...

    This week, I expect to hear from my dealer about a Pacifica on its way in that meets my specs. We have yet to negotiate the price, since the dealer said he needed to wait on the invoice.

    I guess its a good thing I haven't made the deal yet since now there's a $1,000 rebate available.

    My question...since I've never done a deal with a rebate I negotiate price first then ask for the rebate, or is the dealer going to assume that part of the rebate is his way of coming down off MSRP?
  • keladewigkeladewig Posts: 4
    Paid 31856 for mine, as we're eligible for the employee discount program (known as "Green Sheet"). That saved us about $4500.
  • russklassrussklass Posts: 389
    Start at dealer invoice, then take off the rebate.
    We got ours at invoice, and I am "discussing" the rebate with Chrysler, as they stated up front they would not have rebates on the Pacifica.
    Good luck with yours!
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    The salesman I have been dealing with just called yesterday to tell me the Pacifica that I was waiting to deal on was just shipped, is due in next week, and he's ready to discuss price.

    Before the rebate issue came up, and based posts I've seen, I am determined not to pay over invoice. I'll use the rebate toward my downpayment. I'll let you know how I make out, and hope you get satisfaction on your quest for the $1000.

    Thanks for your've been very helpful!
  • patty64patty64 Posts: 22
    russklass - any luck with the retroactive rebate? Have you heard from Chrysler? I just sent out the letter today.
  • I just returned from a week vacation driving from Portland to Reno, up to Lake Tahoe and back to Portland. The Pacifica performed very nicely. However, I was sure ticked off to see Chrysler ads in the local paper offering the $1,000 rebates. There was no reason for me to purchase early. I thought like others that Chrysler was going to make this their flagship vehicle and not offer incentives for awhile. Even the PT cruiser when it first came out didn't have any incentives. I guess that's what poor sales will do though in this economy. I sure wish I had waited now, sure could use the $1,000 and makes me feel like I was misled. Where's the five star customer service?

    I'd be real curious on the progress either Russklass or Patty64 are making in trying to get anything from Chrysler. Thanks for your help.

    If I don't get anything I'm thinking of sticking lemon stickers all over my car and writing lemon on the windows and parking it right in front of the dealership, which by the way does have available street parking in front of it so I wouldn't be breaking any laws by leaving it there daily.

    Sure ruined my vacation and is certainly leaving a bad taste in my mouth regarding the dealership who told me as others that surely no rebates were coming and that Chrysler wants this to be there flagship vehicle along with the upcoming Crossfire and wouldn't settle for any discounting. If anything they should reward the early buyers who have taken the chance on a completely new type of car style especially if they are already lowering the value of my resale by $1,000 probably more in less than a month.

    I'll try calling the dealership, incentive lines, customer service and write the letters. I'm curious where Russklass got the address posted on the other board since it isn't any of the ones listed on the Chrysler website for contact information.

    Let's hope we see some type of action by Chrysler, but in my opinion we probably won't. Will wait for the day to see a success story posted on the board.


    P.S. Saw a whole truckload Cadillac SRX's on the road when driving home. Sure looks similar to the Pacifica with an even higher price tag. Power 3rd row seats would be nice.
  • As a follow up I called my dealership's manager and inquired on the rebate. He indicated he had no such knowledge of the rebate being eligible for what he called straight Pacifica purchases. He indicated that his literature was a $1,000 rebate for anyone returning any brand of leased vehicle and then purchasing or leasing a Pacifica. This would be different than just going in and purchasing or even trading a car in and purchasing a Pacifica. Chrysler's website to me is a little unclear as to if you really qualify for the rebate on an outright purchase. If anyone has confirmed for sure it is on straight purchases please let me know. Thanks.
  • I stand corrected. I read the little asterisk fine print on the bottom of the website and it appears the dealer manager is incorrect and that the rebate is available to non Chrysler owners of any competitive vehicle also qualify for the incentive. He gave me the dealership's President's name and I think I'll copy him on any correspondence I send to Chrysler national office. This is really poor that the dealerships aren't even up to speed on their own incentives. I'm hardly impressed with my Chrysler purchasing experience, my first, and I've purchased 4 new cars and 2 used cars and have never had a "bad" feeling about the purchase or deal that I received from the dealer or manufacturer. I guess I can just give the lowest ratings possible on the JD Power survey when it comes out and send that on to Chrysler as well.
  • I called both the Incentive Eligibility 800 number and the Customer Assistance 800 number and neither operator knew anything about any Pacifica incentive. I directed them to their own website and directed them to the "Summer Sales Drive" page on Pacifica and they were amazed that they haven't been told of this offer. They asked for my zip code and said I wasn't eligible. I asked for further explanation why if it's on the website that I'm not eligible. They couldn't give me an answer. This is the biggest run around I've ever had with a purchase of a product. Surely Chrysler has failed me in their number one motto listed on their website of "A commitment to Excellence, a Commitment to the Customer."
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    I had no difficulty whatsoever in obtaining the $1,000 rebate when I went in and negotiated for my Pacifica this past Saturday 6/14. I'm in NJ, and the dealer was up to speed not only on the rebate but the 3.9% financing that is now available on the Pacifica.

    As a matter of fact, I don't even recall asking specifically about the was brought up by the salesman while we discussed my trade and allowance as part of my downpayment.
  • I want to lease a Pacifica, however, I have heard that leasing a Pacifica is costly. Is this true?
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    Although I haven't received a call, the projected delivery date for my Pacifica was late this week.

    Here's the rub:

    When I negotiated my best deal and ordered my car back in early May, there were no incentives and no plan to offer any on the Pacifica for 6-12 months. Now, just before mine arrives, Chrysler has added the $1,000 incentive.

    Should I mention it? Should I let it go? Does the incentive come directly from the manufacturer or from the dealer?

    My heart says be happy with the good deal which I negotiated. My head says don't leave a $1,000 on the table.

    Anyone out there navigating the same waters on a special order?

    Any knowledgeable insight will be appreciated.
  • My only experience with this would be with Ford. I negotiated my best price similar to what you have done. I then found out that they were offering a college graduate incentive, $500. I asked since I had received a Master's degree within the last 6 months if I qualified. I certainly did based on the program so I saved an additional $500. These incentives are offered by the Manufacturer, not the Dealer. As I read it, it is not "cash back" and you shouldn't have to wait for a check. It should just be deducted from your sales price when you sign the documents. If you haven't signed a contract for purchase yet then I would think that they should honor the $1,000 incentive.

    Hope this helps.
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    I would definitely ask about that rebate.

    You haven't paid or taken delivery yet, so you should certainly qualify as long as delivery occurs before the end of the rebate period.

    It shouldn't have any effect on the profit the dealer expects to make...the rebate is coming from corporate.

    Good luck!
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    Thanks to all who replied to my incentive dilemma question. I also posted it in the "Any questions for a car dealer?" section of Edmunds and from the responses kindly posted by all of you, feel that we will have no problem cashing in as long as our Pacifica arrives on schedule. All the best! maxmom

    ms mayor - I haven't heard or maybe I just missed it, did you take delivery? If so, let's hear the specifics, color, etc, . . .
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    Thanks for asking about my Pacifica maxmom!

    I'm actually waiting on pins and needles to get mine. One was on its way in from Windsor, I negotiated and signed a purchase agreement a week ago. It was delivered to the dealer yesterday and I have to wait until Saturday to get it (scheduling hoo!).

    I'll post on the 'Owners' board with all the details once I have it!
  • husker616husker616 Posts: 1
    Just bought a Pacifica for $1000 under invoice. The dealer said something about discounting them as demo cars. I couldn't add on the $1000 loyalty rebate, but still happy that I got it for this price. Sounds like they want to move these things.
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    I had ordered my Pacifica on 5/28. My dealer's comments (also in Southern NJ) was that any "deals" (rebates, financing, etc) that are available on the date I take delivery are available to me. This is why I am hoping my car shows up in June! Dealer doesn't know whether rebates will be extended to July.
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    ms mayor -

    Can't wait to hear the details. You must have purchased from a very busy dealership! I think my guys will call me to come get mine as soon as it rolls off the truck. Please keep me posted.

    pssimon - Mine was ordered on May 8. Tomorrow was the day they gave me for delivery, but I know that is not concrete. As long as they get it here without breaking it, I'll not complain.
  • foxgofoxgo Posts: 27
    I just did a test drive of a Pacifica this past weekend (06/14), and then I sat down with the salesperson to talk numbers.

    Since I am in NYS, they are not talking leases anymore (vicarious libility laws in NYS, don't ask!) so they offered me their new deal, which resembles a lease but you hold the title and have a choice of a balloon payment at the end or turning in the vehicle.

    When I asked about the $1000 rebate, they told me two things: (a) the $1000 is only for lease loyalty, and since I do not currently own or lease a Chrysler vehicle, it does not apply to me, and (b) the dealership is giving an instant $1000 off their price as an incentive, unrelated to the lease loyalty deal. From the posts above, I think I can probably get another $1000 out of them even though I do not have lease loyalty, but I do not see it in any of the fine print in the newspaper ads or on the website.

    I tried to negotiate more, since these posts say that the Pacifica is not selling well and more incentives are to come (I have not seen even one on the road), but they shot that down by saying that they have been selling lots of them, and that it is 39% Mercedes, yadda yadda yadda.

    I think that if I lay low for a couple of months (my VW lease is not up until December), prices will continue to drop and incentives will continue to grow (unless Celine Dion offers to cover their losses)!
  • maxmommaxmom Posts: 62
    I think they're feeding you a line. According to everything I've seen, this incentive is to sell cars. Even Chrysler's website says in the fine print:

    Current owners or lessees of any competitive vehicle also qualify for this incentive.

    Go back to them with your info in print or find another dealer.

    Check out this Edmunds page. ntives.html
  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    Just spoke with Chrysler 800 number and they said there is no restrictions on the $1000... as I ordered mine, I was hoping it was such. Many rebates are must take from dealer stock.

    From the Edmonds listing of rebates it list no restrictions as well.
    Rebates $1000 Cash to Customer start: 05/28/2003 end: 06/30/2003 Get Dealer Pricing
    Restrictions None.
    Comments None.

    My vehicle I got at Dealer invoice (the next best price I got was 4% over dealer invoice) ... They still get about 3% holdback on dealer invoice since I am ordering mine in and it wont sit on their floor. I also got any parts at dealer cost if bought at the same time. Got the mudflaps and skuf guard and U Connect (because they are not building Pacificas with Uconnect right now)
  • ok i just spent $58,000 (CAD) on a loaded pacifica. this is as much as an x5 or r330.
    that third row better be worth it..
  • mrquispmrquisp Posts: 13
    I posted this on the general Pacifica board, but wanted to let you know. I paid $1800 below MSRP for a fully-loaded one. The next day, I get a certificate from Chrysler regarding getting a FREE navigation system ($1595 value) when I purchase or lease a Pacifica by July 31st. The dealer was willing to accept the certificate and will be sending a check to me, as opposed to re-writing the purchase contract (the signatures were not even 24hrs old).
  • smulveysmulvey Posts: 139
    I am interested in the PAcifica , but it seems like a lot to pay extra for the Chyrsler name and the additional ammenities.

    I have a Kia Sedona van and it seats 7 and have front&rear air , plus the other items, including a great 5 star rating for side impact even. It also has been getting about 23-26 MPG even though it is a 4700 lb van!

    The money I saved , abourt $ 17,000 , could buy a second KIA which I could donate to a worthy Church group !! WOW.
  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    Glad you're happy with your purchase. Although I can't speak for every Pacifica owner who's posted here, I can't imagine any of us cross-shopped the Pacifica with a Kia Sedona. In all the comparison articles I've come across, the two aren't even on the same radar screen.

    I guess for me, the way I look at it, by purchasing my Pacifica I saved $12,000 since was also interested in the Acura MDX.

    It's all relative.
  • pssimonpssimon Posts: 144
    I think I can speak for everyone here in the Pacifica discussion area by saying we are glad you are happy with your Kia. Everyone should be happy with the car that they chose. With that said, I have to ask why it is important to you to come here to the Pacifica chat area, where there are many happy Pacifica owners, to let us know about your happiness? We like our cars. If it is to try to change our mind about our cars, I doubt it will work. If it is make us think you made a better choice than us, again I doubt it will work.

    So... and really, I am not trying to be mean... if you want to praise your Kia, please do so in the Kia area, and let us Pacifica owners stick to our own discussions.

    Thanks.... and lets get back to some constructive Pacifica discussions!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    I couldn't have said it better myself. ;-)

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  • cluelesspacluelesspa Posts: 648
    I guess they are trying to move the NAV units that are sitting on dealer lots. Also I wonder if you can combine that Nav coupon with the $1k rebate and the $500 trade in bonus ? my guess is no as its about equal the NAV coupon is about $1500 the same as the rebate/cash bonus.

    just curious if the coupon for the NAV says can not be combined with other rebates or offers ??
  • foxgofoxgo Posts: 27
    I have received that NAV voucher recently (although as I said in another post I unfortunately will not be ready to order a Pacifica before the 7/31/03 voucher expiration date).

    The fine print at the bottom reads:

    "Only one certificate/allowance can be applied to the retail purchaser or lease of an eligible vehicle and only one certificate/allowance per person."

    That seems pretty vague to me! My personal opinion is that the dealership will do what it has to do for the deal to work! If I am close to placing an order, and the only way I will place the order is if I get the $1595 NAV + the $500 trade in + the $1000 rebate, they have to decide how badly they want my business!
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