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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • yes have heard about the 42 month deal and residual at around 57%, but never liked paying for registration for 1/2 the year and letting someone else get it for the other last half year...funny I'm getting half the dealer quotes at 900-1100 over invoice and the other half not willing to go below 1k off msrp- we'll see who's being truthful later this week- will keep you all posted
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Folks, as explained in the header of this discussion, exchange of contact information for sales purposes is not allowed.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Only one dealer in the state, so the TLs command a premium price. Dealer lists MSRP + $3995 ADM as the "retail value," so you have to get the ADM reduced. They have virtually no competition as the other makes are priced in the $40K+ range and there's one Infiniti dealer (G35, anyone?).

    I test-drove the BMW 525 yesterday and found their I-something-or-other system a nuisance. IMHO, it's technological overkill. Couldn't change the radio band from FM to AM as there's no FM/AM button. The AC settings likewise couldn't be changed to my satisfaction without going through the system. I can't imagine what it's like in the "7-series" as their system is supposedly 10X more complicated.

    This car is for my sister and that I-system was a deal-killer. Plus the anemic 184 HP which is less than the 210 in her Avalon. The premium (leather, etc.), sport package, AT, and zenon are optional and boosted the $39.9 MSRP to almost $48K!

    My sis told me that the TL was "almost too easy to drive." They already have an MDX. She paid MSRP + a discounted "pro pack" + TTL. Dealer will also net some bucks for the Avalon she traded in. We're in business and don't object to the dealer making money as long as we're happy with the price. 270 HP plus all the good stuff as standard equipment (AT, leather, Zenon, DVD-audio surround sound, moonroof, etc.) for $10K+ less than the Bimmer is a no-brainer. And she got the exterior-interior color combination she wanted.

    She lives in the hills and the 86 HP advantage is no small consideration.

    Buying from California, Washington, etc. is no advantage as our "sales tax" is only 4.17%. To buy in Oregon won't work as Hawaii will impose the tax when the car is landed unless it can be proven to be a "used car." Won't happen unless the odometer mileage is substantial. Plus the freight costs.
  • Well after much help here and shopping around amongst the many dealers in the SoCal area I got my abyss blue w/camel non-nav TL today and a great deal- plus probably the smoothest easiest car transaction I've ever experienced and I've done Lexus, Audi, Volvo before...
    $31045 total including destination and pro-package stuff that comes on the car anyway- leased for 48 months, 12k miles a year, 53% residual, .00215 m/f or 5.16% interest makes my payment with our tax here 416.50 per month. I got mine at Santa Monica although Downey was also very aggressive.
  • jctljctl Posts: 1
    WoW a64marc sounds like you got a great deal along with a great experience. CONGRATS 2 YOU !!
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    What are folks around the US paying for TL w/NAV? Just curious....actually, i'm wondering if I overpaid....
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Helped my sister get her '04 TL last night!

    My car is a '96 RL and my plan is to wait for the LONG overdue revision for the '05 RL - I've been told by the GSM that it may come out in August '04 and they want me to be the first sale of that car. "Special" price *wink* *wink* for me as I've owned numerous Acuras since their debut in 1986 and have always had at least one in my garage.

    But, I'm now "jealous" of my sister and her TL. The question is how long my resolve can hold out. I may well weaken and go for the TL, but not for a few months until supply catches up with demand. It happened when the '91 Legend came out. In November '90, the dealer held for a $4K front-end gross profit (14%). By the time I bought an LS three months later, they offered me a 6% deal.

    Last August, they were selling the RSX as fast as they unloaded it off the boat at MSRP + ADM. In January, the price was down $2.5K as they did have them in stock.

    I may "settle" for the TL, but keep the '96 RL on the side - got another kid eligible for a driver's license and I'll need the spare wheels.

    My sister called me again to tell me how happy they are with the TL.
  • How much was your out of pocket?
  • My best price in Chicago so far is $34,200 for '04 TL auto w/Nav, including trunk tray, mud guards, wheel locks, and winter floor mats. According to my pricing, that's about $1300 below MSRP...and $1700 over invoice. Most other dealers in Chicago are offering b/w $0 and $500 off MSRP.
  • my out of pockets was 1217.56- first month's payment, 550 honda finance fee, 246 registr. in CA and 5 dollar tire fee. The docu fee because of this dealer's computer system had to go in my cap cost in stead of drive off as I would have preferred- so 45 added to the 31000- and for that made them give me some perks like an oil change. No security depo.
  • good job.

    When you mentioned your paymnets, I figured you had to have laid out a ton of dough to get it that low.

    As a matter of fact- I think your payment is the lowest I have seen so far in terms of leasing a 2004.
  • mobofemobofe Posts: 51
    will the RL be a major revision? When i was testdriving the TL, i popped into one of them RLs. I was in and out in 5 seconds flat - it was one of the worst looking interiors i've ever seen. couldn't believe my eyes that their flagship would be a few notches down from the TL. With all the alternatives out there, can't imagine someone putting money down for any '04.
  • I've recently put a down on a 2004 TL Anthracite/Ebony/5at/Navi. I agreed to $1,000.00 off msrp and $2,100.00 for the following accessories (full aero-kit,deck lid spoiler, & body side molding). And we agreed to 3.9% financing.
    I know this isn't a bad deal but would it be considered a good deal in Los Angeles. I understand that the combo i'm looking for in the TL is one of the hardest to get so i think that factors into the kinda deal i got.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Can't blame you for putting in only five seconds with the '04 RL. It's had only minor revisions since it replaced the Legend in 1996: a modest increase in HP (210 to 225), traction control (my '96 RL doesn't have it, my '01 Honda Odyssey does), CD changer moved from trunk to dash (long overdue), change in alloy wheels. The exterior is outdated and basically unchanged for the past nine model years, interior is undistinguished and outclassed by the TL. Then, there are the power-train considerations.

    I enjoy the smooth ride, interior room, and larger trunk capacity of the RL (after all, it is 11" longer) and it has served me well, in particular since I bought it pre-owned for only $20K. But, the TL is nicely packaged with a lot more power and other niceties. Other than size, the TL fits the bill more as Acura's flagship.

    I may not wait for the '05 RL and its rumored hybrid 300 HP V-6 + 100 HP electric motor with AWD. The sketches are also intriguing, but a $50K sticker price, though acceptable, will be $17K more than the TL.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The new RL should be a technological Tour de Force. It has to be, for Acura to retain any credibility as a luxury marque. Acura will be the laughing stock of the auto industry if it turns out another merely highly competent FWD V6 sedan after a 9-year wait.
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    I paid $33,695 for my TL Anthricite/Ebony/NAVI and got 3 accessories at his price (but he threw in installation). I would say I did well....
  • What's the full-aero kit? Is that the set of underside spoilers? If so, 2100 for all that is a probably a pretty good deal.
  • I've finally decided to buy the new TL - I've visited all three Acura dealers in my local area and each have exactly the same price - and say they don't negotiate- could that be true? Is so, how do I do it?

  • kevdkevd Posts: 19
    Where are you located? I've also decided on the TL, I've found 2 dealers willing to work with me. I know what I want to pay and will wait until I get there. I don't need the car desperately and can be patient. Also, if you show that your committed to the purchase and cars are on the lot, you will be able to get a discount. Right now I think these dealers are trying to leave the impression that cars are scarce which is not the case everywhere and will definitely not be the case, IMHO, in the very near future.
  • I've recently purchased a 2004 TL/with nav. AT, green exterior with the parchment interior.

    $33,200. - includes destination charge,wood knob,
              splash guards,all-season floor mats,
              trunk tray, and 1 extra key
       $199. - conveyance fee

          plus tax and title.

    Unfortunately, I had to order the car, and do not expect delivery until Feb. 04.
  • mobofemobofe Posts: 51
    Edmunds' TMV not a good gauge for this car. Now, if you're in potato country with 1 dealer in the entire state, this might be the case but as many readers have pointed out, the TL without navi can be had for prices within 1K of invoice.

    A no hassle quote from gave me the 1st indication that the car can be bought for way less than msrp ($31,668 was the quote). Long story short, I ended up doing business with a dealership in another state (90 miles away) for $31,100 with protection package. I still think i gave the dealer a nice christmas bonus, so don't be afraid to go low, below $31000. remember, honda gives a 3% holdback to the dealer which is a very significant amount.
  • I'm looking to lease, 42 mo. 12,000 in NoVa. I see Pohanka has 45 in does Radley....I believe I can 399/mo w/less than $1500 bucks down taxes tags,etc....any comments or experences out there, would love to here from you....Oh by the way this is w/o nav
  • 95gt95gt Posts: 69
    Bought my CL from Pohanka and really had a good experience. Was given the run around by Radley. Pohanka service has been very good as well.
  • kevdkevd Posts: 19
    If you don't mind, which dealership in CT? I'm not far away and that deal you got is the one I'm looking for. How is their inventory?
  • The dealship is Morande in Berlin, CT. They were ok to work with; didn't play games. Like most dealers, their inventory of TL's with nav is limited, they only had 1.
    I probably could have gotten a better
    deal, so you may want to even go lower.
    The invoice is $31,758 (without destination charge) and their's a holdback of $1,046.
    So, they are still doing ok.
    Good luck. Let us know how you do.
  • Edward-

    Sounds like you got a great deal. Best offer I have in Chicago (so far) is around $34K (including destination charge), which comes with mud guards, trunk tray, wheel locks, and winter floor mats. Your deal sounds like it's about $1K over invoice...mine is around $1600. Has anyone seen better for nav yet?
  • Just pulled the trigger here in MA on an 04 Anthracite/Ebony w/Nav. After much haggling yesterday, I got $1200 off MSRP, accessories at cost and decent value on my tradein (94 Grand Cherokee)

    $33995 for TL, plus trunk tray and floor mats
    $ 2124 accessories (underside spoilers, deck spoiler, body side molding, moonroof visor)
    $ 2250 trade

    Total damage came to $33869.

    They still have to locate the car, but I should be hearing about it in a day or two.

    How'd I do?

  • Picked up a silver/ebony non-Navi today at Tustin Acura. Got them to match a competing offer with two other dealerships....negotiated a $30,950 price incl. destination and protection package. With 7.75% tax, fees it came out to $33,550. Had 4.25% Capital One financing and they gave me a 3.9% thru Honda (they all of a sudden had a deal that came out last night, yeah, right!)

    Think I did okay? feel free to e-mail me if you want any specifics
  • Actually that is true about the financing. Acura has a 3.9/60 month special finance rate in effect from 12/19 through 1/05.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    Ditto! We were told on Tuesday, 12/16, that the 3.9% would be available on Friday, 12/19.
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