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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Edmunds quotes the retail price with delivery charges as 33,940 and 35,940 for a sedan without and with nav. I have just been quoted 31,588 and 33,588 respectively by a Cleveland dealership.This seems to be a competitive rate, but I have been unable to find anyone who has bought them in Cleveland/NE Ohio. Any thoughts from the group?
  • dallencatdallencat Posts: 28
    I've posted a couple of times about this with no luck. I'm thinking about at TL w/Nav. With Acura of Cleveland, Motorcars in Bedford and Park Acura in Akron, as well as several others within 100 miles, better deals should be had IMO.
  • Thanks-love the car, but will go for the best price. My guess is that there is $5-600 still on the table-no one gives their best price on the 'net I think. I am dealing with the first two dealers you mentioned. I will probably go for the nav. package myself. About 32,900 for a TL with nav. sounds about right to me based on what this board has mentioned in various regions. Let's team up and see what leverage we get if we buy them together! I am only half joking here.
  • dallencatdallencat Posts: 28
    I'm probably several weeks away from purchasing. Would love to hear how you do! $32,900 sounds much more reasonable. Some here have gotten into the low $32 range. Good luck!
  • I will be meeting the salesman today for a test drive. Our problem is that Bedford and Acura of Cleveland know each other pretty well and neither of them is going to muck up market pricing to give a customer a deal. I will give it a whack, though. I would prefer the navigation system and the side and rear deck lid spoiler.
  • dallencatdallencat Posts: 28
    You might try Park Acura in Akron. A friend of mine bought a CL there a few years ago and she thought they were great with which to deal. In any event, good luck and keep me posted!
  • alana106alana106 Posts: 11
    Thanks iwantatl,

    I may be heading out to St. Louis Acura later today or tomorrow, and see what they have to say. I wish there was a way to know who you were dealing with out there. This forum, doesn't seem to provide any type of personal message, and it says your not allowed to post names.
    Appreciate you sharing your experience.
  • glenn386glenn386 Posts: 47
    You may be surprised at how much the dealers will compete with each other. The sales manager at one dealership can't really tell his boss well it's o.k. that we didn't sell the car...because the other Acura dealership in town got the sale.

    We have only three dealerships in the MPLS-ST.PAUL area and two of them have the same ownership. Surprisingly, the third dealership wasn't nearly as competitive as the two with common ownership. I did every thing over the internet, and those two kept out-bidding each other until i got the price I wanted.

    If you don't think you can pit one dealer against the other, make sure they know that they are competing against the Lexus IS and the Infiniti G35 The TL Must win the on the basis of "Value" (i.e. price) if they want to sell you.

    If you are married, it helps if they understand the the wife just loves the IS 250. And of course, you thought the G35's brakes and tightness were incredible.

    To them it should not be a choice of which one gets the sale, but rather an understanding that they get competitve or they both lose the sale.

    Good Luck with you dealings
  • Thanks to both of you for responding. My wife actually wants the 325xi for herself-I am buying two cars. She wants AWD because weather conditions are so bad where we live-primary snow belt.She wants me to also buy one to increase HER leverage on the BMW.

    But I like the TL better-much better priced and more features-along with better performance-her 325xi does 7.7seconds, zero to sixty versus the 6.7-6.8 seconds for the automatic TL.

    I will go to Akron to check things out. Thanks again. I will let you all know what I have found out.
  • fefefefe Posts: 6

    Could you please tell me what dealership you bought this vehicle at? It was for a 06 TL AT no navi - right? Could you give me the breakdown on all the costs as well?

    Thank You
  • dogsambamdogsambam Posts: 59
    I got a price quote on a TL for a non NAV automatic car. It was $665.00 with taxes included for a 24 month lease. We are in Illinois, so the payment without taxes would be about $580-ish. I find this very high. When asking the dealer for all the figures, he said he did not have them. He claimed they we selling the car at $200.00 over invoice. How much should this car actullay cost.
  • paulrazpaulraz Posts: 5
    Last weekend I got internet quotes from 7 SoCal dealers for 2006 TL w/ navi. Lowest came in at $32,300. Followed up for second round of quotes and was able to get down to $31,900 from 3 dealers (Keyes Van Nuys, Santa Monica Acura, and South Bay Acura). They would not go lower than $31,900. Went with South Bay Acura as they are closest and threw in the Protection Package(trunk tray, mud guards, and wheel locks).

    Final tally:
    2006 Black TL automatic with navi for $31,900 plus tax ($2635) and license ($278).

    Our second car in last year via interent shopping. I will never deal with a floor sales guy again. If you do your homework ahead of time, this process cuts through all of the usual crap, and saves time and money.

    Good luck to all of you.
  • shoplashopla Posts: 2
    I live in LA :shades: and purchased a 2006 Alabaster Silver TL w/Nav including wheel locks and mud flaps today for $31,500 + $45 doc fees + $2,900 TT&L. Went with 4 year, 3.9% Acura promo financing.

    I emailed 3 dealerships Saturday at 1 am, received 3 quotes by 10 am, test drove the TL for the first time at 5 pm, had dinner, visited another another dealer at 7 pm, and TL parked in my garage by 10 pm.

    Quotes received (I didn't mention color in my emails and no dealer seemed to care):
    1. Downey Acura: $32,500 (no wheel locks or mud flaps)
    2. Santa Monica Acura: $31,700 (w/mud flaps)
    3. Van Nuys Acura: $31,500 (w/mud flaps, wheel locks and a little negotiation over the phone)

    I confirmed the price and color with Van Nuys over the phone before going to dealership. Car was available and priced as promised. Very smooth, no hassle transaction, although financing department was a little backed up causing a long wait. 2.5 hours at dealership including test drive and thorough new owner orientation.

    I also highly recommend Santa Monica Acura. Very professional and low pressure. They probably would have matched or beat Van Nuy's price had I spent a little more time going back & forth between dealers.

    Thanks to all the posters who helped me formulate my target price and resulted in this quick and easy purchase. :)
  • dr_gdr_g Posts: 21
    Nice price, you beat me by $400. I should have pitted the dealers against each other more but was tired of running around and lot of them were reluctant to give quotes over the phone.

    Check out - there's going to be a SoCal meet on April 30th @ the block in Orange.
  • How does the $1000 Dealer Cash affect the purchase price of the car if I don't finance. Could I negotiate with the dealer for some or all of the $1000? Edmund's says that if you get 2.9 - 4.9 financing there is no dealer money. Beyond 4.9 they mention $1000.
  • Bought the 2006 TL without NAV on Friday in Virginia for $31927.49, including fees, tax etc. Got the 3.9% finance too. (Hope I paid a good price. Comments?)

    I had the 2002 TL-TypeS with Nav for the last 5 years, which was declared a total loss after an accident I had last month. I test drove a lot of other cars and SUVs, but settled on the TL again; can't beat the TL's value for the price paid!

    Any advice for a new owner, TL owners?

    Had a great experience with the sales guy, very helpful.

    Here's the breakdown.

    Car - 30600
    Processing fee - 299.00
    Sales tax - 926.97
    Purchasers online system filing fee - 10.00
    New tags. Transfer. Temp. - 39.50
    Dealers. Biz. license tax - 52.02
  • dallencatdallencat Posts: 28
    Buckeyebill, just checking to see if you had any luck. Thanks!
  • happytlhappytl Posts: 17
    Just received an email from Santa Monica they have gone to $31660.00 including mud guards and destination. Sounds like I will get it from them even though Keyes has quoted $31500.00 I have bought cars at Keyes in the past and got the bait and switch when I got there. My friend has purchased from Santa Monica and it was a simple transaction.
  • happytlhappytl Posts: 17
    Thanks for the post I will be going to Santa Monica they quoted me $31660.00 including destination and mudguards and from what I see it's more than a fair deal and I have herd many good things about the General Sales Manager who handles the internet but can't say his Initials on the board :) :)
  • dbr317dbr317 Posts: 7
    Just purchased a TL at Autowest Acura thru internet sales.
    $30,599 for the car. Taxes and fee will vary depend on your location. Also they have a special financing til May.
    2.9% for 3yrs, 3.9% for 4yrs, 4.9% for 5yrs. I got 2.9%

    Just like to thank this discussion for helping me buy this car. I went to this dealer cuz someone else mention this dealer was good. They were right. The saleman was straightforward. Gave me an acutal price over the net unlike other internet dealers trying to lure you to come in. He was patient enough to explain the features of the car. I didn't have that treatment when I got my other car.
  • randy24grandy24g Posts: 4
    I was wrong on the registration fees. I paid the 4 years up front that's why it was so high. One of my employees dad's is a car salesman and I checked with him. I don't have to pay the state a registration fee for the next 4 years because I did not transfer my old tags.
  • jaguilajaguila Posts: 12
    Planning on purchasing a 06 TL Auto Navi sometime next month and I intended to put a $20K down. I'm thinking of doing it by using my AMEX card so I could earn air miles or points. Has anyone here done this? Will dealers accept a downpayment or even a purchase with credit cards?
  • fefefefe Posts: 6
    Can you please give me the phone number and salespersons name? I just called this dealership in SJ and the lowest price they gave me was 32.2K for a TL no navi before TTL.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,136
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.


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  • nano4nano4 Posts: 1
    am in upstate New York -searching for a TL - where is your dealer ??
  • mageshmagesh Posts: 33
    I tried the same with tact with my dealer & they shot me down.

    Asked them for a specific reason and they did not give me one. Guess it has to do with the CC charges that they have to pay. I think it is like 2% and on a $32K car, it works out to $640/-. Again this is just my guess.

    P.S: They did allow me to put a down of upto $1K or so on CC.!!!
  • dr_gdr_g Posts: 21
    Most car dealerships will let you put up to $3k onto a credit card (because they get hit with the 2-3% service charge from the CC). Obviously depending on how much $ they're making on you they'll decide how much you can put on CC. If you're stupid and paying MSRP they'll probably let you put the whole thing.

    When I bought my car last week the finance guy said we could charge $2500. After some haggling and buying the extended warranty, he agreed to $3500 (makes me about $70 on my citibank rewards). Rest went to straight cash.

    It's pretty much up to each dealership and finance guy as to what they decide - use it as part of your negotiation.
  • Bought a 2006 TL without Navigation . The color is black with black interior. I paid $31,600 + Tax . Came upto $33,000 after Tax . Traded in my 10 year old honda civic ex coupe and got $3700 for it . Chose the 3.9% APR for 48 months. Bought it at Woodfield acura :shades:
  • bz2bz2 Posts: 15
    i have just begun looking at the TL and will more than likely buy in the next couple of months. Also live in chgo area. curious how Muller Acura treated you and whether you did deal 1st via internet or in person. also if you got quotes from other dealers in chgo area. Your price seems ok but per earlier posts in CA looks like they are getting TL W/Navi for very close to your price. Do you think you could have negotiated them down further?
  • dbr317dbr317 Posts: 7
    I got it from the internet sales manager. Go to google and search autowest acura. Then locate, quote through internet. The sales emailed me the next day and gave me a quote on the email. I believe the internet and floor sales do things differently. I think you need to go thru the Internet. Hope this helps.
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