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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tcltcl Posts: 42
    Thanks for the information in the actual situation. However my friend got an internet quote from Valenica Acura for $ 31,467 plus tax and Lic. It is about $1000 over invoice on the base model. I do not know it is a real price or come on deal. I figure at the end of the year demand may ease due to the new RL coming out. The RL may not take away people want the TL. If demand is high on the RL, the dealer need to sell more TL to get more RL. RL is higher margin car, dealer may lower the price on the TL and make more money on the RL. As I understand the dealer only get more car if you sell more on a certain fixed ratio. They cannot pick and choose. The 2005 model may have some improvements anyway.
  • compcomp Posts: 43
    I envy all of you who live in locations with multiple dealers. I think you get better deals on vehicles and also better service. Seems when there is just one they don't have to go the extra mile. I had a good buying experience with the one and only Infiniti dealer in Nashville, but the service was the worst I'd ever experienced. Sold the car to a friend a few years later. I have heard some service related stories from our local Acura dealer which makes my quest for a TL a little harder now. I did find dealers in surrounding states willing to deal, some priced my trade better and some discounted the car more, but I am now second guessing going the Acura route with our one and only dealer and its service reputation. I know that Acura has great reliability and may not need anything more than regular service visits for a while, but one of the horror stories told to me was about a routine oil and filter change. Paying premium prices for a Yugo experience isn't my idea of money well spent. It just disgusts me that this Nashville dealer doesn't strive to be any better. Who wants to open another Acura dealer in Nashville?
  • dec7dec7 Posts: 2
    I live in BHM, AL and talked w/ all dealerships in TN, GA, AL, and N FL for a few weeks before purchasing. In all cases I compared prices assuming I was buying from their current inventory, Auto TL w/Nav, included the extra's (tr tray, mud flaps, wheel locks, prot pack) and looking for 'out the door' price (incl. any fees before tax). Most got close in the final hours, but Nashville couldn't even get within $2000 of the next worse price. I laughed at the salesman. How on earth do they stay in business????? Best price I found- Columbus, GA at $33400 w/ nav, $31400 w/o nav (out the door).
  • ftlayftlay Posts: 2
    Hey, I'm also from BHM and am looking for TL with the same spec as yours. Have you visited other dealerships or did you talk over the phone? I test drove the TL at BHM and am test driving the 6 speed at Huntsville. What were your experiences like with these 2 dealerships?
  • chookalishchookalish Posts: 14
    I've been actively searching in the LA area the past few weeks, as I've been looking for a TL auto w/ nav. Here's what I've learned.

    1. Price. I went to South Bay and was told that they are just going MSRP only, no negotiations. Called Cerritos and asked if they were selling for sticker; the salesperson said the absolute best deal they heard of was about $300 below MSRP. Called Covina and asked them if I could get it for $1000 below MSRP, and they hung up on me. Called Downey, to ask about availability- told them I didn't want the extras they added on- wheel locks, mud guards. They refused to sell without the extras- in fact the manager told the sales person they could remove them, put them in the trunk, and I could sell them on ebay if I wanted to.

    Now just a couple hours ago I got an email from Downey, offering the TL with, mud guards, wheel locks and destination for $31788 (no nav), and with nav for $34088.

    My guess from talking to these salespeople is that $500 off MSRP is likely, maybe $700-800 off if the stars align in your favor. But they're all making a huge push to sell at MSRP.

    2. Availability. Most dealerships were completely out of TLs the past couple weeks, but I think most of them got large shipments today. This afternoon and evening, I got (literally) a bunch of phone calls telling me they got cars in today. Tustin said they got 6 in anthrocite in. South Bay is getting some in this week, and more next week.

    When I looked at one dealership, they first talked about how tough one color was to find, and that it would be a 3 month wait to get that color in stock. When we started talking about leaving a deposit on a color, the sales guy talked to his manager and said they were getting two in the color I wanted within a week.

    Another sales guy told me the TLs w/ nav are hard to find, but another sales guy told me that most of the ones coming in now are w/ nav. Yet another one told me that more of the 2005s will come with nav.

    One last item here- I checked on the availability of TLs on each dealer website, and when I called to verify what they had in stock, the website info seemed to be inaccurate.

    3. Transmission recall. Spoke with a higher up at Honda (got to be vague here) about the transmission recall on the earlier 2004 TLs (and Accord V6- offhand I don't know which other models were affected). Shouldn't be a problem on the current 2004 TLs, but it's a logistical nightmare for Honda/ Acura, as involves a huuuuge number of cars. Initially, it concerned me when I was looking into the TLs, but I'm ok with it now.

    As far as what I'm going to do now, I may wait a few months, just to see if the supply/ demand changes. I tried checking into any other new 2005s that might steal the thunder from the TL, but I didn't see anything new in the same category/ price range as the TL.

    But if any of you could post any info on dealers, prices, I'd really appreciate it.
  • compcomp Posts: 43
    I am trying the email route rather than the phone. At times it is hard for me get my work done and negotiate with a handful of dealers over the phone all at the same time. So I sent about 6 dealers emails and most (not all) have responded. The quickest have been Huntsville. Very nice but didn't come off MSRP. I am also working with King in B'ham and they are off of MSRP by about $1500. A couple of dealers in KY responded but are not coming off MSRP either. I am losing interest in the TL because of the sales and service reputation of the one and only Nashville dealer. Not sure I can buy one and endure the sub par service experiences I am hearing about. For me buying is just the formality but a long term and pleasant service relationship is what is really important to me and I am beginning to think it can't happen in Nashville.
  • pete419pete419 Posts: 8
    Thanks, chookalish and dukehouston, for the useful information about the So. Cal. situation.

    I stopped by Downey Acura today and talked to the sales manager. For a TL auto w/ navi., he gave me a price of $34,500, including splash guards and wheel locks. I had a feeling he might go down a bit more, but not much. Also, he said the particular car I want--anthracite + camel--won't be coming in until the middle of September.

    Chookalish, I'm wondering about that e-mail you got from Downey with the $34,088 quote. Was that accurate for that Acura? :-) The quote was about $1,100 off MSRP, and with some extras thrown in to boot. Right now I'm thinking that's a pretty good deal! But since you went on to say that someone could probably only get $700 to $800 off with the stars aligned favorably, I'm a little confused.

  • chookalishchookalish Posts: 14
    As far as the price is concerned- well, I'm just not very good at math. (Actually I was in a rush and just didn't take the time to add things up.)

    I'd be happy to forward you the email from Downey if you have any interest. In fact, if you want to discuss the LA dealers in detail, I'd be happy to give you my "non politically correct" version via email- if nothing else, you'd probably get a laugh out of it.

    As far as the color combo you're interested in, did they (Downey) offer to trade out with any other local dealer? South Bay was willing to trade out to get the color combo I wanted.

  • pete419pete419 Posts: 8

    Yes, please do forward me the e-mail from Downey--thanks! And I'd be very happy to hear your views on the LA dealers, PC or otherwise.

    Trading out never came up in my brief discussion with the Downey sales manager. But it's good to know that some dealerships are doing that.

    You can write to me at Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • aahwangaahwang Posts: 10
    Hey Lucky!

    Sorry I was busy at work these 2 days. Here is the response to your questions:

    1) The car came with its own floormat, but I didn't ask for the heavy duty. In fact, this deal didn't have any accessories at all.
    2) I got below 1000 over invoice. I consider that a rather good deal, given that this is the Bay Area we are talking about =) Now, I got it when they have a sizable inventory on the lot. These few days, the inventory had lowered quite a bit it seems, so I am not sure if that price will be good anymore. However, if you are willing to wait a little bit, you can always wait for the time when the inventory is larger. That period will always give you an edge in negogiation. Also, start noting how long a car had sat in the lot. Go to the dealer's inventory on their website. Look specifical at the number A?????? Newer cars on the log should have a higher number then an older car. If you see an A056000, and then you see a A053000, you know that the A053000 car should have been on the lot longer than A056000. (if the factory makes 200 cars a day, and TLs are made in the same factory, then a difference of 3000 is roughly 15 days?...this is just a very very rough estimate) You can always play this to your advantage IF they have a good enough inventory. In this instance, it means that they have cars that they cannot sell, and that is in your advantage. When you negogiate, you are not negogiating for that A053000 mind you, since TL have the same equipment. You can always still get the newest car on the lot. Now, if they have like, 2 cars on the lot, then this method no longer holds true I believe. Simply put, if other dealers are all out, and this dealer has the last 2, they don't have to worry about selling it.
    3) You may want to start keeping track of the dealer's inventory just to see if the flow of cars, just to give you an idea how quickly a car goes through a dealer. If it is slow, you can negogiate more. Otherwise, prices will be firm.

    4) Very first time? Congratulations!! Here is a tip for you. Do not talk to salemen until you have contacted every Internet Sales Department. (You can do this by going to Immediately, you will have an idea who will give you the lowest price. Use this price and call other Internet Sales Managers, and say you have this offer, and will they be competitive and be lower. Do this a few times. From this experience, you can also gauge how well the dealer wants to deal with you. For example. If you talk to Dealer A, and ask, 'hey, Dealer B is giving me X dollars over invoice. Will you match?' If they are lightning quick in responding yes, you know there be more room to deal. The next call to Dealer C, you can say 'hey, Dealer A gave me an offer for X-100 dollars over invoice'. Some will say, well, sounds like you have a great deal! Then you know they don't have the inventory to accomodate your price. Move on to the next one. Everytime you got something lower, ask that they provide you with an email or a fax that will say "I will sell you for X dollars over invoice". They will also ask you to come into their dealership. Do schedule one, if you can, and schedule one that is a few days away. Then you can always use it as your leveage by saying to Dealer C...hey, if you are not able to do this. Then it's okay. I will go to Dealer B. This way, they know that they are not the sole competitor for YOUR business. And that may change their stances. Then again, it may not.

    Just remember. YOU are in control. Be prepared to walk. If they will not honor a price, then politely thank them for their time, and leave. Remember that YOU are in charge of the money. YOU are giving them the money. Don't be nervous. Treat it as a game. It may even be fun!! =)

    Let me know if you have more questions!

  • aahwangaahwang Posts: 10
    Hi Lucky,

    Oh, one more thing. If you give me your email address, I will send you the exact amount that I paid for the vehicle. (I don't quite want to advertise the amount "in fairness" to the dealer)

  • TL 6M w/ Navigation in Anthracite/Black
    splash guard, door trip, side molding, wheel lock
    no extra warranties or insurances
    TIME SPENT ~1 1/2 hours

    Radley Acura in VA
    TOTAL $34863.50 + $1720.50(MD tax)
    Free Oil Change for Life
    Just about KBB Dealership Trade on my ACCORD
    Hinted that I did ok, but there was possibly room for more.

    Live in MD, but went to VA where stock was better. I wasn't too hopeful of a good price just b/c of the TMV listed at MSPR -200ish. But it was pretty easy to get a feel that discounting was available.

    Too bad I didn't pay too much attention at the financing office cuz they added on another 300 for processing and dealership tax. Probably could've pushed for that if my ADD didn't start kicking in. :)

    Good Luck on getting the best buy for under 40k.
    The Chrysler 300C is a damn nice head turner for a similar dollar, though.
  • chookalishchookalish Posts: 14
    <<<Too bad I didn't pay too much attention at the financing office cuz they added on another 300 for processing and dealership tax.>>>

    They really do get you at the financing office, once you've relaxed, don't they? I'm still retrospectively burned from 9 years ago about paying $200 for window ID etching at the finance manager's office- I was so happy that I'd completed the deal, that I let them add that on.
  • chookalishchookalish Posts: 14
    <<<Now just a couple hours ago I got an email from Downey, offering the TL with, mud guards, wheel locks and destination for $31788 (no nav), and with nav for $34088.>>>

    I made a mistake here, which Pete so graciously caught. The email quote from Downey was $34888. Sorry, all.
  • cpa4ucpa4u Posts: 136
    I finally bought a TL yesterday from Gary Force in Nashville. I feel like I got a pretty good deal, not the best, but didn't have to drive 5+ hours or fly someplace to get it. I think it is possible to get a good deal there, you just have to talk to the right guy at the right time. Let me know if you'd like the guy's name.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Not every dealer posts inventory on web. Is that the only way you used to track, other than visiting the dealers I guess.

    Was the price pretty much set from your 'cross-calling' b4 you visited SC Acura? Did you try to ask them to throw in some freebies (like accessories) and they didn't yield?
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    How did you get Free Oil Change for Life? Do you still have to pay full though for more-than-just-oil-change types of services (7,500+ miles)?
  • aahwangaahwang Posts: 10
    Hi igiban,

    yeah..not every dealer posts inventory on the web, unfortunately. For those, if you really curious what their inventories are like, and if you have time, you can go to their lot, and jot down the VIN and color for the TLs, and watch it a couple of days apart....

    The price was pretty much set before I visited SC Acura. I didn't ask them to throw in freebies, actually, as I didn't have any much interest in other accessories (except maybe the heavy duty floormat). If you are interested to know how much I paid, send me an email at and I will let you know! =)

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Sounds like you got a decent deal for the DC area.

    However, for others in the DC area, I recommend considering PA or Ohio. I got a TL 6-speed Nav w/HPT package for $33,308 with no dealer ad-ons or processing fees in Erie, PA. No free oil changes for life, though.
  • compcomp Posts: 43
    Yes, I would be interested in the name. What is your opinion of the encounter? Which model did you pick up? Was there 2 weeks ago looking for a NAVI and they did not have one on the lot. Next one in was due at end of August. Kind of hard to negotiate without having a car on the lot.
  • rnlrnl Posts: 1
    Hi aahwang! Although I've never posted here before,I've lurked here for several days and saw your post. I'm interested in a 2004 TL w/o navi. but don't have any experience in negotiate to get the best deals. Can you tell me the price you paid for your TL? My email is thank you T
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    You only get free oil changes if you buy their 7500, 15000, 22500, etc service packages.

    A plain oil and lube and tire rotation (at 7500 miles) is a lot less than their $100+ 7500 mile package deal.

    Basically their free oil change for life is not worth the paper it's printed on.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Dealers always charge more for their services, esp. on luxury makes. Where do you bring your Acura for services? Just local mechanics?
  • I have been actively looking for TL auto with either nav and no navi. I have the same problems as you guys have about the supple/demand in Orange and LA counties. Last week, Cerritos Acura told me that they have 3 TL's with navi and they just wanted to discount few hundred from MSRP. I think I would wait for '05 because I rather pay few hundred or even 1K more to get 1 year newer car. I have heard that Acura will build 50% of '05TL with navi. Probably in few more months, when '05 comes out, TL will not be as hard to find as now. I also think to buy Lexus RX330 instead. My friend got one at 34K (about 5K below sticker). I have '99 TL with 92K miles and I plan to sell it. Probably the best I can sell is about 12000 in which, I lost about 60% in 5 years. I'm surprised that TL has really low resale value compared to Lexus and Honda.
  • chookalishchookalish Posts: 14
    I've got a bad experience with a salesman in SoCal I had to share here.
    Last week, I called the Covina dealership and spoke with a salesman; I told him the prices I was down to negotiating with other dealers in the area- he then told me "You got a good deal." Then he literally hung up on me.
    I can deal with that fine- the price was a good deal, they don't want my business.
    Then last night, the same sales guy at Covina has the audacity to call me and left a voice mail for me that he "spoke to his manager and they can match the price I spoke about last week."
    Obviously, I will not be purchasing my car from Covina.
  • jrkellyjrkelly Posts: 21
    That's exactly what happened to me here in DFW. The guy at Vandergriff wouldn't budge on the price or match the price of the other dealership. So the next day I went to Mac Churchill to purchase my TL for $600 over invoice. The salesman from Vandergriff called me on my cellphone while we were at the other dealership buying our car. Miracoulsy, he was able to drop his price down to meet the dealership I was at. I told him that I didn't appreciate his salesman song and dance routine and then I hung up on him!
  • compcomp Posts: 43
    Kentucky huh. That is interesting because I am now negotiating with a dealer in KY for a TL with Navigation. We're down to $33,500 with no fees. I am waiting for him to value my trade. If it all works out I should have exactly the color I want in mid to late August. If it doesn't work out I will hold on to what I have and see what next year brings. Enjoy your TL, from a brief test drive I was very impressed.
  • scott31scott31 Posts: 292
    "Dealers always charge more for their services, esp. on luxury makes. Where do you bring your Acura for services? Just local mechanics?"

    No, I always bring my car to the dealer for service, but instead of getting the $100+ 7500 mile service, I get an oil and lube, and tire rotation. Costs about $46
  • primaxxprimaxx Posts: 3
    just recently purchased my 2004 Acura TL with navigation w/ protection package, splash guards, trunk tray, and wheel locks for $37,400 out the door (including tax, fees, and license) from Keyes Acura in Van Nuys, CA.

    No other dealership could match or beat the offer except Cerritos Acura, but Keyes is closer to where I am. Should note that this was an all cash purchase, so this influenced the final price.

    Sales and staff at Keyes Acura are superb: friendly, very knowledgable, and easy to deal with. I understood why they were the #1 West Coast Acura dealer for 4 years straight!!!
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