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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    change timing belt at 20k

    That service isn't due until 105k miles, FWIW.

  • lskinnerlskinner Posts: 8
    "So far warranty repairs on my new Outback have been done satisfactorily."

    Satisfactory is of course better than unsatisfactory.

    But the best is if the car never needs warranty service. Because if you bring the car in for warranty service, it's inevitably time and aggravation.

    For example, I never had to bring my 2000 Honda Accord in for warranty service ever. Maybe I'm spoiled, but this seems like a reasonable expectation to me for a modern car.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That takes some luck. Few cars are perfect. In fact I'd wager that most people that say that simply don't notice problems that do exist.

    Honda had issues with their auto trannies on some of the V6 models right around then, so you probably had the 4 cylinder (either that or you were lucky).

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,910
    No, I would agree with that. But, I also agree with juice. I have no problem with needing to use a warranty. The point of a warranty is to work out any problems that are a result of manufacture.

    I am not happy with the fact that all of my warranty problems thus far are most likely to recur but, were I less picky about it, none of them actually affect the performance of the vehicle - just the enjoyment of it.

    In the end though, if warranty work is needed, my preference is for it to be done well and without hassle. That is satisfactory (to me), and that is how it has thus far been performed. ;)
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • lskinnerlskinner Posts: 8
    For what it's worth, I had a 4 cylinder car with a manual transmission.

    I agree that there's some luck involved, but my unscientific impression is that you have a better chance of being lucky if you buy a Honda.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You do improve your odds, yes. Toyota is also up there, and Subaru is close behind. For model year 2004 Subaru was Consumer Reports' most reliable brand. :shades:

  • samghoshsamghosh Posts: 2
    2007 Outback 2.5i basic, automatic, with few options like armrest, home link auto dimming mirror, roof rail etc, sticker price was $24,288 paid $22,300+TTL+TAX.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats. :shades:
  • Does anyone have recent prices paid on the 2007 Subaru Legacy Wagon (2.5i) Automatic in the Washington area or just about anywhere in the country? No extra options needed, just the 2.5i automatic wagon.

    The reason is that i've been to about 7 dealers already and i'm getting totally conflicting reports. Some are willing to sell at almost (invoice - $750). But then others won't budge any less than 1000 below MSRP. My friend bought one recently for $1300 below invoice + TTL. Some dealers say supply is tight, and demand is high. But i think supply is pretty good, and everyone really is going for the Outback.
    I am now aiming for (Invoice - $1000.00 + TTL). Is this reasonable.
    Any input would be appreciated !
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    Should you buy a Subaru? I bought an '06 Forester X a year ago. I would give this Forester a grade of B- to a C. It is an O.K. car, but has lots of little annoyances. The main problem is engine hesitation. I have been at many intersections and accelerate to turn left, and the car doesn't do anything for a second or two. Then, the engine REVS and it sounds out of control. The paint on my Forester is not very durable. The plastic parts under the hood are cheap. The dashboard plastic over the guages squeaks. Often when driving, it smells like hot antifreeze. I don't know if it's just this particular car, or if they are all like this. I would not believe car magazines that give this car a top rating and rave about their quality. If I had it to do over again, I may have purchased the Outback or some other make. I don't think I would buy another Forester, at least not the basic model. I haven't heard if Subaru as a company is investigating alternative fuel sources, so I don't know where they stand as far as innovation. They just seem to be doing more of the same, but maybe most of their customers have the opinion that if it works don't mess with it.
  • Is there any chance the current Legacy Rebate would be increased from the current amount of $750 ? Especially since this is the last year for the Legacy wagon. I was wondering if it would approach the $2000 mark of the '06 models.
  • lskinnerlskinner Posts: 8
    I imagine that the Subaru cheerleaders here will tell you to take your car in for warranty service. But in my limited experience, it's hard to get satisfactory warranty service for annoyances. I suspect that Subaru of America underfunds its warranty program. So the dealership's incentive is to bob and weave to get out of performing warranty work.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    At least you qualified your experience as "limited" I think it all depends on the dealer, which SOA doesn't have a lot of control over unfortunately. I'd definitely have em check it out and see what they can come up with.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You're near, so start with their prices. E-mail me if you want a reference to a specific sales person.
  • lskinnerlskinner Posts: 8
    The way I see it, SOA is morally and legally 100% responsible for the actions and inactions of the dealer as far as honoring warranties goes.

    If somebody hires me to perform services, and I delegate those services to Mr. Incompetent who screws things up, am I gonna shrug my shoulders and say "Hey, I have no control over Mr. Incompetent"? Of course not. I'm going to apologize and do everything I can to make things right. And I will fire Mr. Incompetent if he doesn't clean up his act.

    Just my humble opinion.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Call 800-SUBARU3 and complain. Otherwise SoA has no way of knowing you aren't being taken care of.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Unfortunately SOA can only do so much to control the dealers. As Juice said, if SOA doesn't know you aren't being serviced, they can't possible fix the problem. It would be like getting a bad Hamburger at Burger King, telling the store it's bad, them not doing anything, then you complain that Burger King Corporate isn't doing anything to help you. They can't help what they aren't aware of.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Tell them, believe me. A place like that will send you vouchers for free food and use the feedback wisely. Subaru will too, if they see a pattern of problems.
  • samghoshsamghosh Posts: 2
    Well I recently bought an Outback. However initially I was interested in the Legacy Wagon 2.5i (Limited). Believe me in Indianapolis they could not find a single one in the neighboring 5 state. Also I went to 3 dealerships and I found only 2 Legacy Wagon 2.5i automatic in one dealership only. It seems to me for some reasons Legacy Wagons are scare to find.
  • Just leased an '07 2.5i Outback and wanted to give feedback and advice for purchase or lease for any vehicle.

    1) Go at the end of the month
    2) Use Edmunds dealer quote to obtain internet quoted from dealers. I received 4 quotes and all were well below the price offered at the dealership. I asked the sales manager about it and he said that internet quotes are "always" lower. My price was 22175 on a 2.5i outback wagon, a full 1550 under invoice with a money factor of .0024 and a residual of .58 on a 36 month lease. $485.00 down. The dealer thas sent me that quote was about 45 minutes from my I literally had the dealer close to my home print the email and show it to his finance manager. We shook hands 30 seconds later. Hope this helps someone in their buying/leasing experience.
  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    Can you clarify for me . . . what was the MSRP on your Outback? (I'm unclear as to whether your price was $1550 under invoice or $1550 under sticker - thanks!)
  • MSRP was $25,634, 2.5i Outback wagon with XM radio.
    The edmunds invoice and the invoice the dealer showed me
    were both $23,725. Sale Price was $22,175. Internet is the way to go. No one should ever pay over invoice for a new vehicle.
  • Is the $750 rebate still on for the Legacy, and from past experiences does anyone know if it will go up in the months after April. I am just wondering if the rebates go up, as it gets closer to the introduction of the new model year.
  • smittynycsmittynyc Posts: 291
    I could be totally wrong about this, but I think based on what's happened in the past it won't go up on 07s until early NEXT year.

    I think at best you might see them offer the $750 rebate + low APR, like they're doing for the 07 Tribeca and Foresters.
  • smittynycsmittynyc Posts: 291
    I'm confused . . . why wouldn't you just buy one from the same dealer your friend did?

    Anyway, the dealers might be telling the truth when they say the SE wagon is in short supply. When I bought mine in Dec, there was only one in silver at all of the dealers in the greater NY/NJ area, e.g., and I haven't seen one in silver since.

    A quick inventory check reveals that most of the dealers up here don't have any SE wagons in stock, and at this late date, I doubt the cavalry is coming. You can find a couple at some of the big-volume stores -- almost always in one of the two blue colors.

    FWIW, I paid $21500 + TTL. That includes the $750 rebate, but I also got some options (fogs, roof rack, splash guards, cargo tray, nets, mats), and up here we get the PZEV emissions equipment($200). According to Edmunds, that's roughly $1500 under invoice.
  • How is $21500 the invoice price. According to Edmunds, the invoice for the 2.5 Se is $20,551 - $750 rebate + $625 destination (before TTL and processing) ?? So shouldn't it be $20426 + TTL + Processing ?

    Just wanted to clarify, i just want a good price to shoot for before heading out next weekend to purchase.
  • smittynycsmittynyc Posts: 291
    I checked -- you're looking at sedan pricing, not wagon.

    Base Edmunds invoice for the wagon -- $21645
    Invoice cost of options/PZEV emissions -- $786
    Destination (I counted that in my total)--$625


    If it is a sedan you're after, those seem to be in much greater supply than the SE wagons. At most I would offer invoice minus rebate, and you could probably do a little better than that, even.
  • tpowleytpowley Posts: 1
    Hi there Cath,

    I was scouring the forums looking for advice on buying a Subaru extended warranty and came across this post. I decided to give Lee from Stacy Subaru a call since he gave you such a good deal. He was still there and was able to help me out, beating all the other competition's quotes by a considerable amount. I am very happy with the experience and just wanted to let you know this.

  • The '08 Subarus are due in the dealers' showrooms in June. Based on our experience, getting the last new '07 Outback from our L.A. area dealer two weeks ago, I would venture to say that inventory levels are so low on '07's that Subaru has no need to increase the amount on the rebates. The grill for the new Legacy/Outback is hideous, get an '07 while you can.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The local dealer already had 08s.

    The grille looks OK in person. I think I prefer the old one, as the new one is bigger and has a big chrome grame around it, but chrome seems to be trendy right now. I bet sales go up.
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