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2013 and earlier-Subaru Outback Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • slazengerslazenger Posts: 99
    In which state are you buying the car? Trim level and options?

    You should be able to get a 2.5 Base A/T wagon for around $20,400 before TTL (Taxes, Title and License). If you buy at the end of the month, you might be able to haggle down a little bit more. Don't go with the cheapest dealer, if they don't treat you right. I don't mind paying $100-$150 more to an honest dealer with good customer service.
  • slazengerslazenger Posts: 99
    It is a fair price but not great. Does it have any accessories? I would shoot for $28400 without any accessories.
  • slazengerslazenger Posts: 99
    Try Carter in Seattle or Carr and Wentworth in Portland, OR. You should be able to get a 2.5i AT for $22,500 before TTL.
  • slazengerslazenger Posts: 99
    You did good on cap cost and money factor. Could have done slightly better on residual. It is around 0.55 from the numbers that I see. However, if you did get good miles/year, it is a fair deal for a lease.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • milemmilem Posts: 39
    I would like to hear from those who bought or are in the process of buying a car, to learn about the "dealings " "long distance" either by phone or email.

    What do you do when the saleperson gives you a price about the invoice minus the rebate, without any negociation and, when I asked to have his "very best price" he suggested that I gave him my numbers... What shall I do now ? How low can I go to finally have a nice deal ?

    I read about some posters who got very nice deal and I would also like to be one of those !!

    Thanks for your help.
  • bystander6bystander6 Posts: 16
    Have you bought this car? I am interested in buy this model also. Thanks.
  • milemmilem Posts: 39
    I'm curious to know how you got such a good sale price ?

    Do you mind telling me what was your negotiations like ?
    1-What was the first sale price the salesperson asked for ?
    2-What was the price you offer to pay the car ? etc...

    I'm in stage #2 for a 2.5 i automatic: the slesperson is waiting for me to give him "the price I want to pay" !

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,868
    The price you end up paying varies by location, dealer, and buyer! Sit down and figure out how much you want to pay for the car, and then figure out how much you are willing to pay. Tell the dealer how much you want to pay (and be prepared to defend/support that amount). The dealer will likely want to come up from there and will counter with something likely higher than what you are willing to pay. Come back with a counter offer and if the dealer will not meet or come lower than what you are willing to pay, don't buy from that dealer.

    Talk in terms of OTD (out the door) pricing, otherwise you will end up paying more than you expected. If you do not go over invoice and do not pay more than you are willing to pay, you got the deal you wanted! ;)
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  • wantrx330wantrx330 Posts: 26
    I think it all depends on how willing the dealership is wanting to sell the car, inventory, type of car, and being firm with your offer.

    I visited Toyota dealership before Subaru to look at the base model Camry and it was difficult to even get $1800 off MSRP because the car sells itself.
  • sillhouezsillhouez Posts: 6
    Hello! I am at the pricing stage of purchasing an 08 Outback 2.5i LL Bean with Navigation system and VDC in Los Angeles. I am looking for Black exterior, but they seem to be rare here, for some reason. In fact I was told by a dealer that there is only in the state of California, which sounds a bit fishy. Anyway, I have been quoted the following: $28,585 invoice price, less a "manager's special" deal of $200 below invoice and rebate of $1,000, making the total with tax & title about $30,172. Does this seem like a fair price? I would appreciate any feedback. thanks!
  • sillhouezsillhouez Posts: 6
    I'm sorry, milem, I didn't mean to post on top of your message. I'm new to the boards--rookie mistake!
  • milemmilem Posts: 39
    Sillhouz, you don't have to apologive, I'm also new in this forum...

    I'm not really interested in the Base Model, I'm more interested in the negociations that took place between Wantrx and the salesperson, because from my research, he /she got a Really good deal !
  • milemmilem Posts: 39
    Hello Sillhouez, I'm looking into the 2.5 i or 2.5 i LLBean +nav+vdc. Would you mind breaking your sale price for me without the taxes and tiile. I thought the invoice price on this LLBean was around 25 788 $ including destination charges.... Is your quote really for the 2.5 i LLBean or the 2.5 i Limited LLBean ?
  • milemmilem Posts: 39
    Bolderrider, I'm about to answer back to my dealer for a 2.5 i LL Bean + VDC, and I'd like to understand more the deal you had with your car, just to see if I can get a sale price as good as yours, everything considering...

    Are you saying the msrp + destination was "29500" ? What was the invoice price (with or without the options) ?
    What did you pay for the remote + mirror etc ?
    Can you give me some insight on HOW you got your sale price +- 5000 $ less the msrp ?
    Thanks. :)
  • sillhouezsillhouez Posts: 6
    Milem, I think it actually is the 2.5i Limited LL Bean, because that price includes what they call the "Limited with VDC Package" for an extra $3,000. So, the MSRP on the Subaru website is $26,295, plus $3,000 for the Limited Pkg, plus $1,000 for automatic, plus a few options bringing the total to about $31,000. Since I am a Costco member I requested that price, which they said was Invoice plus $300. (strangely, at another dealer, the Costco price for the 2.5i Limited [non-LL Bean edition] was AT invoice.) This brought the price to $28,785. The dealer's "special offer" was $200 below invoice, so, $28,585, less the factory rebate of $1,000. So, I am looking at $27,585 plus tax and title.

    Does that help?

    Thanks again!
  • hexhex Posts: 1
    I don't know how good of a deal I got, but I like how the car drives and my wife like the color. There is only two dealers in Charlotte, NC, so my choice is rather limited. Here's the price I paid for other's benefit.

    MSRP 25,660, paid $22925 after the $1000 Rebate.

    It's about $200 below Invoice, and $2700 below MSRP.

    Basic 2.5i Automatic with a few convenience options (Auto Dim lights and Rubber Floor mat, etc).
  • wantrx330wantrx330 Posts: 26
    $22925 Is this just a car price or out the door price?
  • milemmilem Posts: 39

    I made my homework, read a LOT of posts on different forums, and I'm wondering what would be a good deal before answering to my dealer (long distance negociations) ?

    The invoice price for an 2.5 i LLBean + VDC+ Automatic would be around 25 788 $ (ca pricing) including destination.

    At this point, he's offering me 24 999 $ (after the factory rebate of 1 000 $).

    Thanks for your help !
  • bystander6bystander6 Posts: 16
    Hi, milem:

    I am looking for the same car. Please update how everything goes. Thanks.
  • overcotovercot Posts: 5
    How come all these offers I'm seeing are so way below edmund's TMV and "smartprice" (or whatever they call it)? I mean 700 below dealer invoice, before rebates? Wow...
  • Manual 2.5i added: all weather mats, mirror,compass w/homelink, rear cargo net, arm rest extension, they threw in pinstriping w/ rubber trim on doors/wheel wells... Final Price after rebate 21,448 (BEFORE tax/licence Seattle Area)...
  • depends on the model what is moving, how desperate the dealer needs a "unit" what he is willing to give up from the holdback...
  • milemmilem Posts: 39
    Hello Theotherone,

    Could you please break your sale price for me ?
    Invoice - rebate + options ...

    From the price sheet I have in hand, the invoice price for a 2.5 i manual would have been either 22 833 (fed pricing) or 23 040 (ca pricing) ?

    Did they give you all the options for free (all weather mats, mirror,compass w/homelink, rear cargo net, arm rest extension) ??

  • overcotovercot Posts: 5
    theotherone1: Also, was that a 2008 or 2007? In the new england area, the invoice price includes the $200 CA emissions requirement and a $300 distributor ship charge -- probably an advertising fee of some sorts.

    I just purchased a 2008 outback 2.5i Ltd w/VDC for $400 over this particular dealer's invoice, before rebate (-$1000), doc fee (+$249), and TTL (+$$$). The price was basically exactly TMV/ target. Oh well. I just don't buy cars often enough to get good at this. :(

    What are the rules about dealer invoices anyway? What is to prevent them from inflating the invoice from the distributor?
  • milemmilem Posts: 39

    For those who just bought a 2008 Subaru, can you give me some info about your own experience in the negociation process that would help me getting a good deal .

    I should answer back to my dealer to get things moving(long distance negociation)...

    Thanks for your help !
  • They threw in the options at no charge all of them, since they were on the car already (We asked for the mats/cargo net) Rebate here until today was $1000 Msrp I can't remeber offhand was 24,600 or so Invoice price sounds right.(the msrp and invoice should be similar I would think all over except maybe destination charge Here in Seattle $695) We got an internet rep who last few days of the month just wanted to get a sale He told us that the car cost him after the holdback ( a sort of dealer cashout from Subaru around 3% usually) 20,900, so he made a little over 500 on us although I did not see paperwork to confirm this price. We got quotes from several dealers and kept trying to beat one with the other...This process was easy by email over 3 days, got the lowest price where no one else would bargain walked in and literally within 1 hour drove out withe car We paid cash 3500 and the rest we put on our card for airmiles...(we did haved to go back and forth for them to let us charge that although there is noi reason that you can't other than the dealer may object to paying the 2% or whatever card fee At 1.5 -2cents a mile that's another 3-400 you get...Hope this helps
  • 2008...Had no emissions charge Had a 695 destination charge
    Your price may be very good in fact...I don't believe there are ANY rules about invoice Cdertain models you're lucky to get within thousands of the invoice... VDC models are much more in demand than 2.5i manuals I'd guess hence less rebate, and rooom to bargain...Even if you slightly overpaid, In say 7 years or so of driving what's the cost? 5-10 bucks a month?-..Years ago when I bought my Forester 140,000 miles and still great, no way could I get ANY dealer within 700 of the invoice...In demand and extremely limited supply here (edited for poor typing and spelling LOL)
  • Did you purchase yet? If there was a rebate it ended yesterday...May be worth waiting to get 1000 off...But in any case I would first email sevral dealers in your zip Then change zips say within 20-30 miles somewhere you'd be willing to drive to to buy the car. Take your lowest bids and start emailing the other dealers by asking them how much and how they can BEAT the bid either by cash off or options added free...Never mention financing/trade-in...You will probably very quickly get a good idea within a couple of hundred dollars of what you will pay after a few rounds of least that is what I did...Hope this helps
  • milemmilem Posts: 39
    Hello Theotherone,

    I haven't purchase my car yet, it will either be a 2.5i, 2.5i LLbean + vdc or 2.5i ltd + vdc...
    I'm waiting for a quote on the ltd, I was afraid to give my own price to the dealer before having made my mind on the car (and done my homework on this forum!).
    I got some quotes from some dealers but I haven't tried to let them beat the best quote I go. Do you simply write them and give them the quote you got and asked them if they can beat it ?

    Thanks for your help!
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