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Mazda RX-8 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rxgreatrxgreat Posts: 23
    good advice. im sure they have a loaner to give me too. but they dont want to give me a loaner to use for 4 weeks. a couple days maybe but not 4 weeks. i really want this car. i like everything about it. if i go to another dealer i'll have to start the whole process again. but i dont want to be without out a car for 4 weeks either. i need to talk to the GM or owner. these other characters are blowing smoke.
  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 10,858
    I know it's a pain, but really, I wouldn't want to have any more discussions with your current dealer. I'd go to another dealer. Tell them of your plight. I doubt it, but see if they can get your deposit back from the previous dealer.

    In all honesty, I doubt any dealer will give you a loaner for 4 weeks and the sales person committing to that as part of the deal was irrisponsible on his/her part. Let the General Manager know of the salesperson's promise. I'm sure someone's butt will get chewed.

    That doesn't help you, however.

    I'm not a lawyer, nor do I claim to have any legal background, but I think there are laws that protects the consumer regarding non-refundable types of deposits (unless it was for some sort of "custom" car...which the RX8 is not).

    Totally understand about your enthusiasm regarding the car, however. It truly is special. That said, the first rule when buying any car is "don't fall in love with it". That only clouds your vision when you're dealing. Plus, it lets the dealer know he has the "upper hand" in negotiations.

    Good luck...let us know how it turns out.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • maxiusmaxius Posts: 7
    Hi I am thinking about getting RX-8 but it would be my all year round car. I live in NJ so we get snow here in the winter. Anyone knows it the RX-8 is bad in the snow since it is RWD even with the 50/50 weight distribution. I have a 2001 Mustang which really sucks in the snow even with the traction control. Thanks Max
  • rxgreatrxgreat Posts: 23
    i live in NJ too. the rx-8 has summer tires, is pretty light and has very little ground clearance. any snowfall over 6 inches is going to give this car trouble. but i'll take my chances. last winter was brutal and i made it through it with a 1997 eclipse GSX. it had all wheel drive which helped. i had a 1988 MR2 which was the worst ever in snow. if it snows i usually call into work and say i'll be in tomorrow anyway so i wont be driving it much in the snow.
  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 10,858
    Mazda did some winter testing in Japan in the snow. Although the results were sketchy, they found it would go in the snow. I think any RWD car would go in the snow with Trac control and Vehicle Stability. How well it does, will be more of a function of the tires.

    I plan on getting some winter tires, however. Last winter, at least in southern OH where I live, was an anomaly. Usually, we get a couple of "dustings" of snow. I think the RX8 would be fine in that situation.

    What's more promising is the fact that it has rained hard around here the past couple of weeks. The RX8 still stuck like glue to the road. Hopefully, that will be a preview of how it will do in snow.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • maxiusmaxius Posts: 7
    I know what you mean about the summer tires & winter tires. I guess I would just have to get winter tires then if I though it. I know what you mean by 6in of snow not too many sports car FWD or not are not going to do good in snow. I was also thinking about getting 350Z, G35, Audi TT, Accord coupe V6, Celica. Winter time seems to be my biggest problem. Problem is that my wife wants me to get a FWD car which isn't as fun as the RWD. The RX-8 seem to have everything I need in once car for the price. Funny that works out with cars since I had a 1995 Neon with nothing in it which I think drove better in the snow than my 2000 Neon which is loaded with ABS & traction control. Max
  • rxgreatrxgreat Posts: 23
    well i finally pick up my loaner today. i called the GM thursday and he said he'd get me a loaner. i wore them down. the salesman said the car im getting is known as the barney mobile so i guess its a purple thing but at least i have wheels until my car comes in. the loaner is a protege.
  • odyceeodycee Posts: 33
    I just went to a dealer and test drove the RX8. The salesperson was a young man so he told me go ahead take it to my limit. On 5 gear, I was doing 95MPH but felt like 85MPH- so fast and smooth.

    After the fun drive, the sales manager who can make the decision on pricing offered me $500 of the MSRP. I didn't want the color so he ordered me a silver with Touring and Appearance package priced #30,350 (MSRP $30850)+ tax.

    The larger than expected trunk space surprised me a bit. The Bose sounds really great. The seat is really comfortable. The passenger side legroom is narrower due to the heat shield under the car for the cat converter.

    Anyone getting better price than $450 under MSRP?
  • rxgreatrxgreat Posts: 23
    at this point anything under MSRP is doing something.
  • I agree with rxgreat. Anything under MSRP is a great deal.

    You were wise to choose the appearance package. It's make a big difference in giving it that "meaner" look. You definately won't be disappointed when you receive you car.
  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 10,858
    Congrats.....after you're done with the "barneymobile", you're going to love the RX8
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • odyceeodycee Posts: 33
    Anyone notice the blind spot when changing to the left lane?

    RXZoomster - the appearance package makes the 8 looks mean with nice touches.
  • odyceeodycee Posts: 33
    What's your average MPG around town and highway driving ?
  • There is a larger blind spot then some of the other vehicles I've driven, however it doesn't seem to be a problem. Make sure you have your mirrors adjusted like this, and you shouldn't have as big a problem.

    Thanks for the compliment on my car. The appearance does give the car a more aggressive stance.
  • I can't give you much detail on MPG's yet. My car is still break-in mileage (<600 miles) so we haven't rev'ed it higher than 4500 RPM's.

    So far we have gotten 20 MPG in all city driving.

    I should be able to let you know today or tomorrow on the hwy MPG, since my wife should be returning from a 270mi. round trip with almost all hwy mileage.

    I you drive it conservatively, with not to many excessive redline shifts, you should get the EPA rating of 20 city / 24 highway.
  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 10,858
    I'm not so gentle with mine during break-in. I don't know whether I'm limiting my long term durability or not, but the Mazda Master Tech at my dealership said he would not do a bunch of redlining, nor lug it along at low RPMS (his definition is anything under 5K RPM as "low revs") the entire break-in either. The tech's feeling (been a rotary technician for over 10 years) is to give the engine a vast variety of revs and driving conditions, while throwing in some higher revs to get everything "seated" well for the first 500-600 miles.

    While I haven't had mine above 7K RPMs, I have hit the number a half dozen times. Owners manual only says that break in should stay away from full throttle revs and hard breaking for 600 miles.

    I'm on my 5th fill-up.

    1st tank (partial) I got 15 MPG almost entirely city driving.
    2nd fill-up I got 17 MPG almost entirely city driving.
    3rd fill-up I got 20 MPG is mixed driving (about 50/50).
    4th fill-up I got 24 MPG in almost all highway driving.

    So mine, after putting a few miles on it, is getting exactly what the sticker says....18 MPG city, 24 MPG highway.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • I'm a salesperson in Minneapolis. It's difficult to present a loaner vehicle for insurance purposes. Most insurance companies do not allow dealers to give "loaners" out.

    However, if there are special circumstances, such as a person who has sold his or her vehicle and needs transportation. In this situation, we would have our client complete a "test drive" form out, releasing us from any obigation if the loaner is wrecked.

    You present a very clear case. Your salesperson promised you a loaner vehicle in order to earn your business. He most likely was not authorized to make such a promise and was reprimanded when he presented this to his sales manager.

    However, what remains clear is that a deal is a deal, verbal agreement or not.

    I agree with many postings on this site; present your case to the owner or general manager.

    Inform he or she or the verbal agreement between you and your salesperson. After all, you are not trying to be unreasonable--you just need a car! :)

    I would advise you to not be rude or confrontational. This will get you nowhere.

    Regarding your deposit, I've worked here for six years and have NEVER kept any deposits. I'd rather sell a vehicle and earn a customer, not a deposit.

    They won't keep it. Trust me. They would much rather sell a car!

    If you don't get anywhere with this dealer, call your credit card company, get the deposit situation resolved. Take your business elsewhere.
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    They were a little vague about exactly how to set up those mirrors. The way I do it really eliminates your blind spot. When set up correctly, as soon as a passing car leaves sight of your rear-view it will enter sight of your side mirror. As soon as it leaves sight of your side mirror, it will enter your peripheral vision. I posted this on Edmunds a long time ago, but here it is for those who didn't catch that.

    The way you do it is get in your car and have the seat set up the way you like it (athough this probably won't work if you drive with your seat all the way back like a "gangsta").

    Then press your head against the drivers side window and adjust your drivers side mirror so you can just see the rear of the car in the inside corner.

    Then lean over so you head is in the approximate center of the car. Adjust the passenger side mirror so again you can just see the rear of the car in the inside corner.

    You might look like a fool while doing this, but try it for a while and I think you will find it really works.

    Oh and about the car... i want one! I think this is the prettiest car to come out of Japan in ages.
  • I don't know if you use this similiar technique, but this is what I use. Works very well for me.

    I believe I posted this once before, but I don't remember.
  • I picked mine up 3 days ago. I had ordered it in Jan, and got $500 off MSRP at the time. When I went to pick it up, I was informed of the horsepower discrepancy, and will be sent a $500 debit card from Mazda in exchange for signing a waiver. Now the bad news- when I ordered it, I asked, and was told that it had a 6 CD changer. When I 1st saw the options booklet, I again asked, and was reassured that there was a changer. Of course, there is not. It's a $500+ option. (Hmm, coincidence???) I'm still negotiating with the dealer as to what they'll charge me for swapping one out of an incoming vehicle. My feeling is that my cost should be zero, since I ordered in good faith. Any thoughts?

    By the way, I love the car!
  • I got my RX8 at a 3-day sales event held by 3 or 4 large dealers. Fortunately for me (not them) the event turned out to be a dud - only a handfull of people attended. I made a rediculously low offer and after negotiations were finished, the bottom line ended up being $517 over INVOICE (plus tax, lic, doc fees)! The grand total came to less than MSRP by about $200. I now own an auto trans "Winning Blue" with the Grand Touring Package, wheel lock nuts, and free loaner car when it needs service. Being at the right location at the right time paid off.

    It had 14 miles on it when I got it and I've driven it an additional 350 miles during the one week I've owned it. I've been getting about 20mpg so far with 40% city and 60% hiway driving. I'm told that the mileage should improve after 1 or 2k miles are on it.

    Lots of heads turn when I drive by and when it's parked, people just stare at it and give me a thumbs up. What fun!
  • logic1logic1 Posts: 2,433
    Stick to your guns. Your contracted for price should include all options. Don't let the dealer get away with this.
  • i put a $1000 down payment on an rx-8 on 8-6-03. i signed an order form for the car on 8-25-03. before i signed it the sales manager said i would be eligible for either free maintenance or buy back. i called mazda today to ask if i would be getting the letter for free maintenance or buy back option. she said yes i would. but then my dealer called tonight and said he talked to mazda and they said if i haven't taken delivery by august 26th then all i get is the $500 and free maintenance option not the buy back option. i could still take the car but i wanted the insurance of having the buy back option. i dont know if the dealer is lying or not. i told him id be in tomorrow to get my deposit back. this sucks!
  • Why is the purchase of the RX-8 contingent on you having to have the buyback option? What is causing you to have doubts on the RX-8?

    Just curious.
  • 1. everybody else that bought or ordered the car by 8-26-03 seems to be getting the buy back option.
    2. the letter gives 2 options not 1.
    3. the person at the mazda hotline told me i qualified for buy back.
    4. i have read reports of low MPG.
    5. excessive oil use.
    6. excessive interior heat.
    7. A/C cycles too much.
    8. since according to mazda i qualify for buy back why not take advantage of that and test drive it for 2 weeks?
  • 9. why should i let my dealer badger me into taking only 1 option when i clearly know there are 2? my guess is mazda isn't going to give him the commission so he's looking to get me to take the money/free maintenance rather than the buy back. i've never met a dealer that has looked out for the buyer, ever.
  • You got some valid points there. Some of the issues you mentioned about the RX-8 are causes for concern. Maybe some of the RX-8 owners on this board can chime in with regards to the validity of these.

    I would trust Mazda over whatever the dealer says, but just in case the dealer is correct, I would call Mazda and tell them what your dealer told you and see what they say. Better safe than sorry.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Waitaminute.....the whole purpose of the original buyback program was for those individuals who purchased the car AND THEN found out that the car was not generating the advertised hp. The buyback program was/is a good faith effort on Mazdas part to 'make it right' for those individuals.

    Why would you expect this to apply to someone who HASN'T YET purchased the car? What other new cars are available on the market today which will allow you to buy the car, drive it for around for a few weeks to see if you like it or not, and then buyback the car if you are not satisfied?

    1. I would expect that the 8/26/03 deadline only applies to those who have taken delivery of the car. Period.

    2. The 'letter' is probably a form letter sent to those who took delivery prior to 8/26. Have you actually RECEIVED the letter?

    3. The person on the Mazda hotline may have either not understood that you had only ORDERED the car on 8/25 (vs. taking delivery) or they didn't understand the buyback program fully themselves.

    4. Would you expect to return ANY car that didn't return the expected MPG?

    5. What excessive oil use? Can you post a link regarding reports of excessive oil use in the RX-8?

    6. Excessive interior heat? Huh?

    7. A/C cyling too much? I'm sure dealers all over the country buyback cars all the time because of this....

    8. According to Mazda? According to your dealer you do not. You haven't a letter in your possession stating you qualify. All you REALLY have is a nameless/faceless individual on the Mazda hotline telling you that you qualified for buyback.

    9. Clearly KNOW there are 2 options? Or clearly WISH there are 2 options? I'm not sure how I see the dealer 'badgering' you into anything, except trying to sell a car.

    If you buy the car, and receive the official buyback letter from Mazda, everything is fine. Case closed. Go have yourself a great time abusing the piss out of the car and then take it back stating you are 'dissatisfied'. But if you buy the car and DON'T receive a buyback letter, would you blame the dealer or Mazda? Could it be, possibly, maybe, that the dealer KNOWS you would not be receiving a buyback offer and is trying to let you know that up front? Could it be, possibly, maybe, that the dealer knows they gave you erroneous info initially and is simply trying to set the record straight?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 24,478
    So you agreed to buy the car with the implicit intention of returning it? That's the only conclusion I can come to here. If you put the deposit down before you knew about the buyback and fully intended to purchase and keep the car, then what is the difference? What has changed? Nothing. That is why I have to assume you wanted to return it for a full refund all along. Please explain where I'm wrong here.

    OK, ok, maybe I'm being hasty. Maybe you signed the purchase order before researching the car and reading up on some of the problems folks are having. If it worries you, then don't buy the car. But I have NEVER seen a car where you couldn't find unhappy or complaining owners.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • <Why would you expect this to apply to someone <who HASN'T YET purchased the car?

    because the dealer told me to come in before the 26th to sign the order form so i qualified for BOTH options then changed their story yesterday.

    to answer your questions.

    1. how do you know? where did you read this?
    2. no i have not received it yet.
    3. possibly.
    4. no just cars that i have the buy back option on.
    5. do a search on
    6. do a search on
    7. people all over the world that have the buy back option are going to return the cars for whatever reason they like.
    8. true.
    9. according to mazda i have 2 options.
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