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  • vfa1520vfa1520 Member Posts: 11
    I have an Sony MP3 player that I hooked up through the AUX jack. I have to push the volume all the way up on the player and the car to get a good level of sound out of the system. Any suggestions as to why. I run the MP3 player at work on a set of speakers and it is fine. I can even run it through my home system without problems. :confuse:
  • riorebelriorebel Member Posts: 20
    I just ordered the side window deflectors and sunroof wind deflector from Weathertech. They don't have the dark window deflectors - they only come in one shade. The lady was very nice and said they should look good on the car - that they are kind of smoked and tend to match any paint. The picture looked good, and that car was black, so we'll see.
  • scottc3scottc3 Member Posts: 137
    On the phonebook... I have a Toyota Prius (08) and my wife is driving the Acura (08). I must say, the Prius phone book is SO EASY - here are the issues I have, so if I missed something please let me know...

    On the TL - to use the phone book, other than by voice, I have to push INFO, then phonebook, then the phonebook I want to use (in case there are 2 different phonebooks in the system) then I can hit LIST or search for a name. What a PAIN! I want to skip the step where I have to 'select' the phone book I want to use. I have arranged the most common names so they are on the top (first page) of the Acura phone book (did this by placing an "A" in front of the names I want to be on the 1st page). Any way to eliminate pushing the 'select phone book' ?

    On the Prius, it's so 'user friendly' - I can store 'speed dials', 18 of them. I have one page for Family, one page for Friends, and one page of name for Hobby friends of mine. Very cool. Easy to get to or I can voice dial also. WHEN I PUSH the steering wheel 'on hook' buttom, the phonebook pops up on the display, I can easily select who I want to call - 1 button... it works great. I can also place a PAUSE into any number easily!! Acura, you missed the boat on this.

    If I missed anything, please let me know. I continue to research because I don't believe Acura would be so 'behind the times' on this. It's a poor design for a phonebook.
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    try Acoustic Sounds and CD Universe. They seem to have plenty of DVD Audio titles
  • jborrellijborrelli Member Posts: 15
    I recently purchased an 08' TL and I had the dealer install a remote start. The only PRO is that the remote start works off of the Acura remote. The CONS are that the range is very limited, must use a key to unlock the door once you start remotely and you can only turn it off my pressing the brake. I have inquired to the dealer about how to turn off the car after I have started remotely without going to the car and pressing the brake. He claims that is the only way to disable it. Does anyone else have any feedback or suggestions about the remote start or any other remote start?


  • goravensgoravens Member Posts: 4
    vfa1520... Did you ever find an answer to your issue with your AUX jack volume issue? I have the same problem with my IPOD.
  • vfa1520vfa1520 Member Posts: 11
    No. I just crank up the volume. It sounds Ok, but does drain the battery my MP3 player.

    I wonder if it is the cable I got. I only paid about 6-8 dollars for it. I saw more expensive ones, but haven't tried them.
  • riorebelriorebel Member Posts: 20
    The cable isn't your problem - it's running the audio out of the headphone jack and into the aux input. Everybody has to crank up their mp3 player when they do this. I would suggest getting a dock connector cable (coming out of the ipod dock, and then into the aux input on the car). Not only will you never have to mess with the volume, but the sound quality is better as well. The dock connector puts out audio at full "line level", like a component cd player in a home stereo. It also has a better signal to noise ratio than going through the headphone jack.

    Most people just get the simply cable that goes in the headphone jack, and don't notice or think about the difference. But it's not the best way to go.
  • trailhikertrailhiker Member Posts: 26
    I have had my TL for 3 months and after several visits to my Acura dealer to have window tint replaced because of scratches in the tint, I have found that this is being caused by the inside window wiper strip. I have had numerous scratches on all 4 side windows. The dealer says this is because I let down the windows and dirt gets on the window wiper strip and causes the scratches. Searching several posts on the Internet, it appears this is an Acura design issue with the window wiper strip and the fix for this problem is to affix a thin layer of felt to the inside wiper strips. The dealer says they are aware of the window tint scratching problem and says applying the felt will not fix the problem, only make it worse, and insists the scratching is due to my moving the windows up and down and I should be cleaning the inside of the door window wiper strips to prevent the tint from scratching.

    I have an older Acura Legend with no tint scratches so I cannot believe this is the problem, especially since the car is 3 months old. I would appreciate feedback from anyone who has had an Acura dealer (or tint shop) resolve this problem as my dealer says it cannot be fixed as this is the way the window wiper strips are designed and the only solution is to remove the window tint!
  • mikey38mikey38 Member Posts: 141
    When I took my 06 TL in to a local window tint shop they told me that unless I had the felt strip installed they could guarantee the tint would be scratched. I had the tint installed and have had no problems.
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