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    "....MBAs run American car companies."

    Would you say that "MBA" = Must Be American.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    No, UAW runs American car companies! :P
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    Well heck, I still think they didn't put rear folding seats so they could save a buck!
    The car is nice, and I'm the fist one to admit there's a lot of technobabble stuff in it.... some useful, and some totally useless. But there are some parts of the car such as the interior ceiling, or the moon roof cover, that are totally standard and lack any kind of "wow" factor. Now... are the seats really leather?? most likely not..... but who cares! what's important is that they are comfortable and looks nice. Also instead of cassette player, they should have added an MP3 player... I mean, who the hell listens at tapes nowadays!!! I remember reading a newspaper article some years ago which said that most car manufacturers would be fading out the cassette player.... but well, Acura still has it.. I guess for some people is good, and for others its just a waste of space. For me its a waste of space, but then I don't know if the age factor of the driver has anything to do with it.... but I'm 30 and prefer to listen cd's and mp3's than magnetic tape... but oh well. Anyway, the car its nice, but could be better....I'm still getting one anyway, but I already wrote down my feature wish list on another board.
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    Hi Blair,

    Please let me know if you found anything out re. iPod hookup, I know if can be done, my favourite product so far is Ice Link Plus by Dension yet I don't know how to get at the back of my TL 05 stereo yet.
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    ** Cassette player. Ah...see....the reason is for many that listen to books on tape and other spoken language tapes. I listen to books on tape on some commutes at the ripe old age of 40...and have been listening even when I was a young 30...even 20. Many do as we fight to find literary time

    I use the Cassette player to hook my mp3 player to TL stereo unit to play my audio books. Without the Cassette player I would not be able to hook up my MP3 player

    What I would like to see is an auxiliary stereo input rather than this fancy bluetooth stuff.
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    Would you say that "MBA" = Must Be American.

    LOL :P

    I am a technical person who's boss has an MBA (master of business administration :P ) who doesn't know squat and he makes deciscions that I should be making. This is a very common practice in the US, except in the some industries like high-tech. Howver, I do make more money than him. :P

    I was wondering if American car companies operate the same way. :surprise:
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    Frisconick.... I have a MBA.... I hope I am not the MBA boss that doesn't know squat :confuse: And I promise not to make everyone read "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    LOL ;)

    It just seems that the TL is so great, it makes me wonder who is running American car companies. I meant no offense to you personally, you may know squat, however my boss knows he doesn't know squat, and he's a great guy. But I bet engineers have more say in Japan and Germany than they have in American car companies.
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    LOL I got you! I was not offended by the MBA comment....I actually laughed at that one!

    Also...I had the opportunity to support my thought that there is no folding seat because of the concept of a more rigid structure. the trunk and look at the back of the trunk. You will all see two bars coming near the center bottom of the back...going upwards and outwards towards the top. That appears to be a support bracket...which would mean more stiffness and torsion strength.

    With that added support bar...the actual available opening if the seat did fold down...would be hardly bigger than the current pass-through opening.

    So overall...the TL does not have folding seats because of the frame stiffen the torsion strength further.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    Based on your post, sounds like you know squat. ;)
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Which would qualify him to be a boss! :P
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    NO, I said you know squat, not my boss, LOL. ;)
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    I had my wife's 2005 TL tinted in Ft Walton Beach with a 3M product. No metallic in the tint--apparently the metallic tints can affect the navi. I paid $200 +tax for the rear and all four side windows. All the windows are tinted legally...the front windows are a little lighter than the rear side windows. 3M tint seems to be a good non fading bubbles....the back window was covered in one solid piece.
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    Thanks for the comments about the tint. I am still debating on whether to tint. Still considering only the rear window and leaving all the others stock. What is preventing me from tinting is the concern that cars behind me will have impaired visibility of the cars in front of me (even split second)...which gives them less chance to react...and improving the possibility of an accident (especially if it involves me). Also...everyone is a non-tint is different.

    Any other thoughts?
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    Definitely not a boss of frisconick....and easily demonstrates he knows more than his boss.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
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    I went 15% all the way around on the tint...I live in vero beach fl and 30% is just not dark enough for me. I also know 2 cops and they were like if you get pulled over put your window down before the officer walks up to the car. cost was $140 cash- also a 3m product.
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    Does anyone know why despite having the best technology of any other car in it's class including great Xm integration etc.. that the TL's do not have digital broadcasts for the regular radio whereby it would display the station name and the song that is playing. Much lower end cars from even 2004 versions have this feature. To me this was very disapointing
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    I agree, song and artist should be displayed.
  • tsx4metsx4me Member Posts: 10
    Good day Acura owners of the world,
    I was inquiring as to plus sizes for 2004 and newer TL's. What is the maximun width recomended for rims, without adversly affecting ride ie. back panel rubbing on tire walls. Does anyone have experience with 19" and 20" rims on new TL's? Please inform.

  • paul_phillypaul_philly Member Posts: 16
    I own an 04 TL, but I saw the nicest rims on an 04 G35 Coupe. They were made, I believe, by Greedy, but I can't find them anywhere on the net. Anyone hear of them? Where can I find them? Are they any good?

  • 00driver0000driver00 Member Posts: 1
    My friend has a year 2000 Chevy Impala. His FM radio displays the digital Info from the radio station. For example, station call letters, type of music or name of song. Why is my 2004 Acura TL behind the times? It doesn't display any digital info from FM radio. The 2000 Impala also warns when tire pressure is low.

    Also 04 Acura doesn't display track info when playing the CD. The Cd player also doesn't read MP3 data. I also hate the radio antenna built into the rear window. The reception isn't good.

    I have been successful in copying an Audio DVD to a blank -R DVD disc. +R would not work. Other than that one copy, I tried it agan but there was copy protection on the next audio dvd and I couldn't copy it.

    Why isn't there a switch that allows the headlights to automatically come on during the night time or dark situations? There is already a daylight sensor on top of the dashboard to adjust the automatic climate control. Couldn't this sensor turn on and off the headlights in the dark? Seems stupid to me that when I park the car during the day, I have to phyiscally TURN ON THE HEADLIGHTS, knowing I will return to my car in the dark. Just so when I press the remote control unlock, the headlights will come on.
    How about using a "thermostat" to measure adjust the inside temperature to really keep it consistent.

    Why is it, that I can press unlock twice to open all windows, but I can't press lock twice to close all windows. Once again i have to walk over to the car, insert the key and turn the key to lock twice to close all windows. The technology is there in the lock but not implemented with the remote control.

    Why on the navigation computer, I can say,"map" and it goes to the map screen, but if I say,"audio" it doesn't go to the audio screen? They added voice control to everything including the clock, which you can just look at the time (unless you were a blind driver), EXCEPT NO VOICE CONTROL FOR THE AUDIO BUTTON.

    Why do I always have to push the button for trip computer? Can't it just stay on?

    I think there is low visibiltiy when going around turns or around corners because the body of the car on the edge of the windshield blocks the view. Doesn't seem that way to me on other cars. If the Tl got steerable headlights like the RL, what's the point. You can't see the road anyway.

    Change easily drops from the upper armrest compartment to the lower armrest compartment. The fog lights are regular headlights (seem dim) and only come on when low beam HID lights are on. You can't get a full size spare tire. (Salesman pitch,"we don't offer full size spare because it would disrupt the weight ballance.") Doesn't the engine weigh more than a full size tire in the rear? Personally I wish there was a rear windshield wiper. There is no light in the engine compartment. There is no battery voltage meter on the instrument cluster. The automatic rearview mirror dimmer seems to be too dark. There is no leeway in between from light to dark. Also the wiper delay adjustment seems to have not enough leeway too. It's either to fast or too slow.

    I wish the car came with a KEY RING! I have the key and I have the remote control, BUT IT NEVER CAME WITH ANY REAL METAL RING TO ATTACH THE TWO TOGETHER!!!!!!! A 35,000 dollar car and Honda can't afford to give a simple key ring. Dealer said,"We sell an acura key ring" NO THANKS! The leather manual holder doesn't come with a pen in the 04 model. I believe the 03 did. So I put a tire pressure gauge in the pen holder. The manual holder barely fits in the glove compartment. Both mirrors should go down for the automatic down feature for the outside mirrors. Sometimes I park on the opposite side of the street and forget my mirror is set on right instead of left. The wrong mirror goes down. Then you switch the mirror to left. You have to wait for the right mirror to go up before the left mirror goes down. Just have both mirrors go down at the same time.

    I also think the TL should have gotten all wheel drive already. Would be nice to open the sunroof by voice so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to look at the ceiling for the button while driving. I wish there were independent climate temperatures for both rear passengers.

    I'm done. I'll let you know about more complaints if I remember. Other than that the car is great. Out of all the complaints, my number one would be having no metal key ring to attach the key to the remote control, with a new car. That is just stupid. That would be like giving no tire valve covers, with a new car.

    Strange thing. On my passenger side, fold out door pocket. Even when empty, the door pocket gets stuck and doesn't want to fold out. Has anyone else noticed this same problem? You have to pull so hard to almost break it to get it to open. Then if you open and close the car door, the pocket is stuck again.
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    Your biggest complaint is that you didn't receive a key ring to connect the key to remote? I hear that they were still working on getting the bugs out during 2004 and will be available for the 2006 TLs.
  • dennycranedennycrane Member Posts: 3
    Since the TL doesn't have fold down rear seats, I have to resort to a roof rack to haul things. Does anyone know of a good roof rack for the TL.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    C'mon, you can't put a roof rack on the TL. It'd be like making Angelina Jolie wear hiking boots --- it ruins the looks! :P But then again, if she was wearing just hiking boots........ :shades:
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Since we nitpicking, how about that horribly feeble "beep" sound for the remote function. I have to practically put my ear against the hood to hear it! :mad: Or why not have a second flashing LED on the passenger door also? If it is meant to be seen (both by the owner and a potential car thief) shouldn't they make it so it can be seen easily on either side of the car? Or how about doors that don't go springing back with enough force to smash your face in? :cry:
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    My 05 doors are the same way, and these are heavy doors. You really have make sure the doors are open and securely locked open so the door does not nail you, entering or exiting the car. :cry:
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    The problem is sometimes the width of the parking space does not permit the door to be opened in a locked position. That's when it becomes dangerous! Try squeezing out of the door with a cup of hot Starbucks in one hand, and the car keys in the other! :cry:
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    LOL :cry:

    You should never have a cup of coffee when getting out of a TL :cry:
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    Your suppose to get one. In fact when I picked my TL last Sat they told me check if the cargo net was there. It was packed where the spare tire was. Check with the dealer. They should give you one free.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    Does the cargo net hold groceries in place?
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    ...just six packs...
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    One thing that I am now taking advantage of is XMOnline...which comes free if you have a XM subscription. Trial or renewed subscription.

    For some odd reason...XMOnline is working out pretty well for me. You have the ability to establish 8 'preset' stations and the 'web player' shows what is playing on the 8 presets as well as what is playing on ALL the stations.

    So the $6.42 a month I am paying for my wonderful wife is turning out to be beneficial to me also. Signed up yesterday online and was cranking the tunes in my office all day long (sorry MIS guys like laurasdada...was sucking up bandwidth).

    If you are interested....go to Click the 'listen now' icon in the upper right...then launch!
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275

    I was hoping I could put all my groceries in the trunk and they wouldn't get all messed up. :cry:
  • billyperksbillyperks Member Posts: 449
    The net does not hold the groceries, it just prevents them from moving around.
  • racmanracman Member Posts: 3
    The motorola V710 is what I bought and it works great. It takes a little fiddling with to get setup but it's not all that difficult. :)
  • capt_crunchcapt_crunch Member Posts: 7
    I am taking delivery on a '05 TL Abyss Blue/Camel. I really want to add on a rear wing spoiler but I can't get the dealer to go any lower than $705 installed. Several online Acura accessory sites list a factory spoiler for under $400 which includes the new deck spring. The spring install tool is about $20. Has anyone installed a spoiler themselves? I would be willing to pay the dealer $550-$600 but no dice. Any other avenues to explore?
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    Sounds like you are willing to spend $450 to install it yourself versus $550 for the dealer to install. Effectively $100 in labor.

    $100 is money in the pocket...but I view it as 'insurance' if something bad should happen.
  • capt_crunchcapt_crunch Member Posts: 7
    Not really delmar1. What I am saying is that IF I could get a dealer to install one for $550-$600 I would go for it for the peace of mind. Currently if I put it on myself I will save about $250-$285. The reason I ask if anyone has installed one themselves is that I read that there is no drilling involved :surprise: . I can't believe that they have an adhesive that good!
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    Actually...most rear spoilers are attached with glue only...and that is why there is the higher chance of a mishap with the ooze.

    I think you should be able to locate a dealer that will get a spoiler put on for about the price range you are speaking of.
  • joseph42sjoseph42s Member Posts: 13
    I am looking at getting a hitch installed on a new TL if I purchase the Tl. Does anyone have any info/experience with that? Or maybe some pictures?
  • capt_crunchcapt_crunch Member Posts: 7
    I found a dealer that will honor close to the Internet deals for actual factory Acura accessories, I just have to fork up the sales tax. I got a hold of the install directions for the wing and it is actually attached using bolts through holes drilled in the deck. There is a sheet of pressure adhesive also used to fill any gaps and make sure there isn't any rattling.

    What is the going rate to install a wing? Anyone get it done for less than $150 after they bought their car?
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    I had my encounter with rain on my TL and I am really surprised with how clean it was afterwards. It almost as though it has a teflon coating on it.

    Does anyone know how I can determine whether I have an add-on coating on my car? My car is weird in that it has a window etching as though it with a security etching and with the possibility that it may even have a paint coat.
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Member Posts: 171
    Anybody bought the TL all-season floor mats from the dealer? They worth the price?

  • aaarghaaargh Member Posts: 230
    I bought them. My only complaint is there are no water channels (or at least not deep enough). The bottom of my pant legs were constantly wet last winter.

    They fit very nicely and the driver one has the TL logo. Is it worth the $$$, I think you need to decide. But if I had to do it over again, I would look for something that fit OK but handled the melt water better.

    Hope this helps.

    Jeff in Cleveland.
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    The all season floor mats are very worth it...even if you live in an arid climate (Del Mar is near San Diego, CA)....and especially if you have parchment or camel. Otherwise you will be having your floor mats shampooed constantly.

    As for snow melt...I have no idea how well it handles that. As for coming in from puddles or rain...does a fine job.
  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Member Posts: 134
    I went to my local parts store, and for $20 I purchased a rubber floor mat that was made for a truck. Then i just cut it to fit using the original carpet floor mat as a template. I have ebony interior so I only put it on the drivers side.
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Member Posts: 171
    I live in IL, so snow melt is a concern. Not constant snow, but we do get a fair amount, depending on the year. We have the parchment interior.

    I noticed that these floor mats have anchors. Can you get aftermarket floormats with the appropriate anchors? Never had anchors on floormats before...

    Thanks for all the advice!
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    Floormat anchors are a it it keeps floormats from bunching up against the accelerator...which is especially important on the TL as the pedal is hinged on the floor versus from the top that many other cars have.

    Try this experiment.... go ahead and unhook the floormat from the anchor and see how the floormat floats around on the floor.

    You definitely don't want the floor mats to get in the way of your pedals....
  • ed31cincyed31cincy Member Posts: 56
    I bought mine for last winter, meaning to only use them for inclement weather. Well, I like the quick clean up so much that I haven't put in my carpeted ones since last winter.

    I also have the ebony interior, so they really aren't that noticeable. If I had parchment or camel, I probably wouldn't like the rubber mats as much. I probably would have bought those aftermarket ones that I see in AutoWeek magazine, as they come in different colors and have more liquid capacity.
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