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    Cole: you are correct, but that is not my point. You have six discs that can play 12-15 songs each, whether they were store bought or burned at home from mp3s. But a CD burned using EasyCD as a DATA cd with mp3s, can play 150 plus songs. Multiply that by 6 discs, and you have an ipod Nano+ amuont of tunes. I have a burned disk I have been using during test drives...the Infiniti M, IS250/350, and RL all play that allows you to browse through folders, and it displays the name of the song and artist. What the TL is limiting you to is a small library of regularly formated CDs and a very bad interface for one mp3 player, the iPod. That is a very bad decsion on their part.
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    You can burn DVD-A's which allows for muliple groups of up to 99 titles per group. Typically, I would burn one group per DVD with 99 songs at CD quality. This gives me 594 songs on 6 DVD's. DVD's are inexpensive.

    If you want to burn at MP3 quality, you can probably burn 500 songs on one DVD. I haven't tried this as I am happy with 99 songs at CD quality.
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    Hey macr2000, how do you burn dvd's for the tl to understand them? Before I bought the piece of garbage music link, I tried burning to dvd's. I tried dvd-r, dvd+r, dvd+rw. I also tried to create a dvd-audio disk with ulead's burn now software, and the tl would not recognize it. Could you please go into detail and explain exactly how you created these disks: what type of disc are you using, which program used to burn it, what kind of dvd - dvd-audio or a data dvd with .wav files on it. Thanks.
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    I agree...I will be very surprised if you can "burn" a DVD-A that would be readable by the TL...but if you can that would make a huge difference.
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    google: adobeman dvd-a

    You will find a link with instructions on creating DVD-a's, including free downloadable software.

    I followed the instructions; however, I use Nero to create the WAV files, usually about 4GB's for six albums at CD quality. Running the MakeDVDA batch file will create a DVDA iso image file. I then use Nero to copy the image file to a DVD disk.

    I use regular DVD-r disk. In fact, the disks I'm using comes from a cheap batch of DVD's that didn't work well for other backup applications.

    It would take me twenty minutes to create the WAV's from CD's, twenty minutes for MakeDVDA to create the iso image, and twenty minutes to copy the image to a DVD.

    The DVD-A's works greate in the TL. Maybe jimmyrice14 can compare vehicles by playing DVD-A's.
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    Where is this link? What version of nero are you using to create the dvd? Also, where is this batch file you talk of? Thanks a bunch.
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    Excellent news, gibbyscott2! Unfortunately, the Lexus that plays DVD's, the Mark Levinson system, is not available in the Northeast US, go figure, so I can't compare them or you can bet I would. But now that I can pack a bunch of songs on DVD as you say, that changes my tune a bit on the TL.

    Must you convert them to WMA before going to DVD or can you use MP3's? I'd have to convert my MP3's to WMA if this is not the case. Thanks.

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    I use the downloads from 'Version 2'.

    I use Nero 7 Ultra Edition, ver. I use Nero Express to convert CD's to WAV, MakeDVDA to create DVD image, and Nero Burning ROM to burn DVD image to a DVD-r.
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    MP3's will need to be converted to WAV as MakeDVDA uses only WAV files. I haven't tried converting MP3. I just started doing this two weeks ago. There may be other software available to convert MP3 to WAV or MP3 to DVD-a.

    Since MP3 files are quite a bit smaller than your WAV files, I assume MP3 may be converted to DVD-a at a lesser quality than CD while using less disk space. Also, a DVD can have more than one group where each group contains no more than 99 titles. I don't recall how to access each group, but I read it in a forum somewhere.
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    Got it...I think there must be a program to create DVD-A's from MP3's as well...I will search for that since all my music is in MP3 format.
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    Thanks for the awesome info... a little late for me since I already bought the music link, but anyways I would like to try burning dvd-audio discs for the heck of it. Last question... can you use dvd-rw discs? Or does the TL only recognize dvd-r discs? Reason I ask is that I want to listen to pod casts, and other shows in the car, and I do not want to keep wasting dvd-r's. A re-writeable solution would be awesome. Thanks again.

    Oh, by the way, I never mentioned that the ipod music link does sound excellent as far as sound quality goes, it's just the searching feature sucks to the extreme. If you are into just putting a few songs on the ipod or a few albums at one time it might not be so bad.
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    Sorry to hear the disappointing news. I am still trying to decide if it is worth havin this iPod attachment in my '06 TL. If possible, could you (or anyone else with knowledge) please answer a few questions?

    1. Does the song information (artist, title, etc.) show up on the "navi" screen? If so, what information does it include?

    2. Is voice command the only way to access songs? For instance, once you select "artist," does a list of the artists shows up on the "navi" screen and allow you to scroll through? If not, can you still use the iPod to select songs, etc. when it is plugged into the car?

    3. Assuming voice command is all you have, once you get to "ZZ Top," can you then use the seek/scan or steering wheel buttons to move through all of the ZZ Top songs?

    I appreciate any information you can give me. Thanks for your help and I am sorry for all of th equestions.
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    Sadly, after searching through various sites, I am now able to answer my own posted question.

    1. No. The "navi" does not display song information. It will display track number (not very useful) and time of song, but nothing else. The "audio feedback" will announce the artist, album or playlist before it starts playing the song. (However, it will likely mispronounce it.) Others who have spoken to Honda of America/Acura have been told the display of song/artist information this is something that might come in the future and have been told to look for "software updates" on the corporate site. In addition, when plugged in, the iPod loses its own display and simply shows a big check mark or something like that.

    2. Accessing artists/playlists through pushing buttons on the head unit and listening to the alphabet and pressing more buttons is the only way to get to your desired artist/album/playlist. However, contrary to previous posts, you can descend through the alphabet (start at "Z" and work backwards) in the event you are looking for something from say "ZZ Top." As of yet, nobody has figured out a way to speed through the alphabet in either direction. From there you can seek/scan through the various songs. Also, no, you cannot use the iPod controls when it is connected to the music link. It can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 30+ seconds to get to the song you are looking for. However, you never have to take your eyes off of the road.

    3. Yes, once you get to the artist or album, you can use the head unit buttons to skip through the different songs. However, I am unsure about the functionality of the steering wheel controls.

    Additional Issues: The PC software can be difficult to use and has some bugs. However, most people I "spoke" with were ultimately able to figure it out.

    Overall, everyone is disappointed and feels misled by Acura. (Myself included.) However, nobody disputes that the sound quality is great and the fact that it is covered by the Acura warranty is a plus. Also, after getting over their initial frustration, most people have started to "enjoy" the music link by creating a few playlists of their favorite tunes and saving the tedious searching for rare songs they just feel the need to hear.

    Given that I am not a fan of aftermarket integration systems and lack any mechanical ability whatsoever, I will probably get the Music Link and enjoy the ability to have all my tunes with me. Given that the cable is hidden in the glove box, the only true "risk" I see is the money. Hopefully, Acura will upgrade the system in a few months and we will all be pleasantly surprised.

    Hope this helps.
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    I can answer some of your questions... The steering wheel controls on the TL do control the ipod in that you can change the volume level, and skip to the next song (or go back to the previous song). When it comes to finding album and artist, you have to use the seek button on the stereo unit.
    I would love to find out how to reverse the order of the alphabetizing, if you find this out please post it.
    One final note for everyone with the ipod music link. Instead of using the built in microsoft sam voice, I found a bunch of voices that sound WAY better and are easier to understand. Unfortunatly you have to buy them. They are called AT&T Natural Voice.
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    It is my understanding that if your press the "seek -" button (instead of the "seek +") when starting your search, it will begin the alphabet from "z" and proceed in descending order. I have personally tried this as I do not have the music link, but I was told this worked but was not written anywhere in the manual. If you need more specific info., let me know and I can try to re-trace my search steps and find the site that talked about this function.
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    Well this news of the Music Link really but the brakes on my TL purchase. This was one of the key factors in getting this car over another. Since it looks like the Music Link is not what everyone was expecting, has anyone taken a look at the Alpine VehicleHub? It looks like what the Music Link was supposed to be and more. Even has a spot for a reverse cam.

    biffh, any luck with getting the Alpine unit to work with the TL?
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    Here is some info I found on this unit on a VW forum.

    Anyone want to try with thier TL?
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    Yes it it's true that if you push the "seek -" button it will start it's search from Z to A. Still a total let down.

    If you want I can send you the PDF of the music links instruction manual. Just let me know.

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    Thanks for the info on the reverse seek - I tried it, and sure enough, it does allow you to reverse searches. Well after a week of having the Music Link I am getting used to it. I also purchased some of the voices from AT&T Natural Voices, so it is a lot easier to understand the voice. Plus, iTunes 6.02 was released, and apparently that has fixed my crashing issues I had with the Acura TTS program. So, overall, I am pretty happy with it - I am still peeved that you can not use the navigation or joystick to navigate the ipod, but I guess I will get over it - the sound quality makes up for it I guess.
    Also, thanks to this forum, I was able to burn some DVD-audio disks of mp3's I have and listen to them in the TL. I used Ulead's Burn Now program which allows you to burn mp3, wav, wmv, etc to a dvd-audio disk. I did find that I could only use dvd-rw disks and not dvd-r. Now I can listen to my Howard Stern in the car, along with the ipod.
  • easttleasttl Member Posts: 17

    Quick question for you... Which AT&T nautral voice were you able to use? Can you have windows uses a AT&T Natural voice as its default? It is my understanding that the Acura TTS uses what ever voice you have selected as the default. Also how much did the AT&T voice cost you?


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    very disappointing news about the ipod integration. Doesn't sound like its worth the $400 to put that in.

    As a programmer, i would have though the nav screen would be the obvious thing to exploit in order to make an awesome system. Even if they just duplicated the ipods interface, that would have been great.

    I hope some good 3rd party solutions are released.
  • gibbyscott2gibbyscott2 Member Posts: 7
    I ended up using the Crystal voice (it is the one that comes with the AT&T voice engine install disc). Yes, when you install the voice, it just adds it to the available voices in windows (control panel - speech). I just changed it from Microsoft Sam to AT&T Crystal. I got the program off of ebay for $25. I have to recommend these set of voices, because they are far better than the default microsoft voice - especially when speaking the letters of the alphabet.
  • gibbyscott2gibbyscott2 Member Posts: 7
    Yes I agree - although I realized why they did this now. The reason it does not work with the nav is because it was not just meant to be installed in the TL, but in any new Honda/Acura 2006 model car. The Music link is really a generic solution that will work in any car with a stereo.
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    As were each of you, I was disappointed by the early updates on the Music Link. However, I had a Music Link installed yesterday and, after working with it for a few hours, I feel that it is much better than I initially thought. (This is especially true since I am not a big fan of "aftermarket" non-vehicle specific systems and have no ability to install such systems myself.) Here are some of my points in favor of the Music Link.

    First, the sound quality is amazing. It is by far the best I have heard. I find it to be superior to aftermarket "aux in" set-ups that I have heard(unless they are run through a separate amp., etc.).

    Second, navigating your iPod is really not as difficult as you might first think. In the event that I have a song, playlist, album that I know I want to listen to. I can pop the connector off of the iPod when I first get into the car (or while I am driving), "cue" up the song, playlist, album on the iPod, plug the connector back in and the selected track immediately comes up when I select the CD-C mode. Doing it this way completely bypassing the TL search functions. With respect to navigating on the fly, yes the voice is "clunky," but in many instances I am able to get to a song faster than if I was trying to do it directly from my iPod. (Keep in mind, my iPod has 6000+ tracks on it so searching for anything takes time.) However, this morning I tried to find songs by "Poison." (I have no idea why.) One button push and approx. 7 seconds later, I was at "P". Two more button pushes and 5 seconds later I was at "Poison." I then tried the same search directly on the Ipod and it took my close to twice the time to get to my music files, get to the "artist" search and scroll back and forth until I hit "Poison." As an added bonus, I never had to take my eyes off of the road like when using the TL to search like I had to do when I was searching on the iPod.

    Third, yes I would prefer to have title, album and artist displayed on my Navi screen. However, I really do not miss it. Moreover, the screen does show track number and elapsed time so at least there is something. When I think about it, I never really looked at that information on the iPod much given that I know my music collection pretty well.

    Fourth, the Acura appears to allow you to "shuffle" in all of the search modes.

    Fifth, creatively developing playlists streamlines things a ton.

    Finally, you can skip through tracks with the steering wheel controls.

    Yes, installing all of the gear associated with the Harmon-Kardon or similar set-up might give you more features (at likely a greater cost). However, the Music Link is a "clean" solution, that is "invisible," is fully covered by Acura's warranty and allows you to "navigate" the iPod without taking your eyes off the road. This in and of itself is worthwhile given that you cannot do it with the iPod alone if it is your backpack, etc.

    Overall, I think my disappointed stems from the fact that I expect so much from the TL because it really is a great care. Even so, with FM/AM, XM, CD, DVD-A, Tape and now iPod control, the TL is, in my opinion, the best overall stock car for an audiophile.
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    Anyone have a recommended site for buying OEM parts cheaply?

    I figure I can save on some of the easier to install accessories such as mats, door edge trim, etc.
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    Hi...I was wondering if there is any way I can get some chrome accents on my black '04 tl whether I can put trim on it somehow maybe chrome handles on the doors or door sills or anything?? please let me know because I would love some silver/chrome contrast on my black tl especially now that I want to tint the windows. please let me know and thanks in advance
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    First off the descriptions listed in this forum are pretty accurate in how the iPod integration works. Today, I went to my local dealer to have some warranty work done (just a small rattle) and while I was there I showed them the lack of performance of the iPod integration and just how frustration it can be.

    While I was at the dealer I noticed that the advertisements for the iPod integration that is on the parts counter shows the iPod's menu screen visible while the iPod in connected to the music link. I personally feel that this is false advertisement because the iPod menu screen is not visible at all while connected. Instead, you see a big check mark that says “safe to disconnect" or something along these lines.

    So keep reading this because I about to make my point of this post...

    While I was showing the dealer the fact that you can't navigate the iPod using the iPod click wheel while it is connected to the music link my iPod's menu screen came up. I was able to use the iPod to find a song and navigate around my music.
    I have no idea how this happened and I have not been able to reproduce the experience.

    It does leave me with some hope that there is a way that the iPod can be connected to the music link and not display the "check mark of no fun". Has any body else had this experience yet?

    I personally feel that the music link would be 100 times better if you could just use the iPod controls as an option to navigate you music library.

  • billyperks1billyperks1 Member Posts: 151
    Its advertised here every day- H AND A Accesories.

    I have purchased several things from them for my wife's Accord and everthing went smoothly.

    On the downside, the dealers are countering(the low prices offered by some web sites) by not wanting to install OEM parts not purchased from them.
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    Are these discussions regarding the 2006 TL which has the Ipod connection? Or aftermarket? I'm trying to find a way to hook (hard line connex) up an ipod to a 2004 non-nav tl. A lot of what i've read said the XM complicates this and is therefore, not possible. Have others been able to install a hard line IPOD connection with good functionality?
  • easttleasttl Member Posts: 17
    My comments are for a 2006 TL W/ Navi using the Acura music link.

  • kchukchu Member Posts: 1
    Have you found out any more information about ipod integration on your 2005 TL? I tried calling the dealer today for mine and got nowhere.
  • derbytownderbytown Member Posts: 1
    I had the same issue, getting the phone before the car. Go to and select Verizon and it will show what Verizon phones work with the Acura TL and what functionality you can expect. I don't know why they would want a vin nuumber?
    Good Luck!
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    Sorry for not responding sooner to this post, but I haven't signed on in some time.
    I changed the bulbs in the fog light on my 04 TL to a whiter HB4 light. I noticed they actual did less than the original, yellowish light. When you toggle the fog light switch on/off while driving especially in the dark areas, you'll see the yellowish fog light actually contributes quite a bit of extra light, especially to the far right and left. Fog lights are supposed to provide a very wide low beam in the fog to enable you to see more of what is in front and sides of you. Drivers who want their fog lights to work with their high beams are missing the point of their use. I also got even more people flashing their high beams at me when coming over hills than before the change. When people see the low HID's and see 4 lights coming at them, they think I have my high beams on and retaliate. There was an Acura, older TL or Vigor, can't remember which one, that used YELLOW fog lights. I may change over to them if I can find some to stop the people flashing me or not use them at all unless there is fog. My uncle used yellow fog lights on his Porsche and they were impressive. Problem is I like to be seen by other drivers as much as possible. I don't like dented Acuras, especially mine.
  • paulg54paulg54 Member Posts: 60
    Just found these. I haven't tried them but will.

    A Yellow Star bulb is an Ion Crystal coated bulb that emits a yellow color - this is commonly called an "all weather" bulb because the yellow/amber color makes it significantly easier for on-coming traffic to see you in bad weather. The color is toward the warmer end of the visible light spectrum and has a longer wavelength which does not diffract as much as cooler colors therefore causing less eye strain.
    Item# Description
    Price Quantity Add to

    Order CP9006AW 9006/HB4 Bulb, 12V, 55W, Philips, each Weathervision
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    Thule makes a roof rack for an '06 TL. The towers are purportedly custom made for the car. You add the rest of the hardware including the hardware for what you want to haul. In my case, that would be bicyles. Total cost for hauling two bikes including locks is $584 not including tax at a local rack outlet.
  • creekbruincreekbruin Member Posts: 5
    I tried using the DVD-Audio Solo software recommended at the
    website and none of the DVDs I burned works--the Acura sound system rejects them. I have tried DVD+RW and DVD+ disks but neither works. This is really frustrating.
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    I have just given up on the fog lights. I used them but whenever there is an on coming car I turn them off. I have just gotten tired of being high beamed.
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    DVD+ disks are known to be a problem. Switch to DVD-R. Results almost 100% guaranteed.
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    I have a 05 TL w/NAV and was just informed by my dealer that the Acura music link for ipod integration is only for 06 models. Has anyone had some luck with another set up for the 05? Are there any other options other than the second rate cigarette type plug-in adapters found at your typical electronics store? Just what are the options?
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    A slightly positive review warrants a question. What model year TL did you have the link installed in? I am seriously considering putting a link in as I am on the road at least 15 hours a week and would love to augment XM with my iPod.
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    I recently purchased an 06 TL w/o NAV and enjoy the car very much. However, I am interested in possibly upgrading to the A-Spec suspension only and keeping my 17's. Has anyone experienced both suspensions? I hate to spend an extra $800 if its going to make for a very choppy ride.
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    Check out the Tire for specific's on wheels and Tires. They say up to 20" wheels can be added to car. Go to Search and put in "Acura TL tires" for a search and the Tire rack will come up. Lots of other information too. The Bridgestone EL42 on the car are for no good and I need to replace after 16M miles.
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    Once you get out of the car and press the locks twice the lights go off immediately.
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    The Bridgestone EL42 on the car are for no good

    What year is your TL? I saw the TSB for the '04 and '05 models where Acura is replacing the old ones with new updated EL42s that have a different manufacture code. Was wondering if the newer EL42s on the 06 models were still not well thought of.
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    I just installed a daytime running light module on my 04 TL. It makes the fog lights come on to 75% intensity whenever the car is on. The headlights, parking lights, and fog lights still work normally.
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    Where'd you buy the lights from? I love to get red lights which don't wreck your night vision.
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    I bought a 2005 TL last September. My Acura salesman told me of about a converter kit that will allow the DVD audio player to play DVD movies on the navigation screen. He advised me to look on the Internet. I have had no luck so far. I tried to contact my salesman but he has left the dealer.

    Does anybody have any information on this converter?

    Thanks in advance.
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    BHELSDON whats the name of the running light module? I would love to get one and I haven't seen any TLs DRLights that would be so nice thanks for your time joey
  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Member Posts: 134
    Here is a link to the DRL module
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