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Acura TL Accessories and Modifications



  • mdw1000mdw1000 Member Posts: 171
    Thanks for the thoughts, guys! Any suggestions for good websites to look at aftermarket floor mats?
  • finley4finley4 Member Posts: 2
    I got my new 05 TL two days ago. I want to add a wing to it. I want to get one that doesn't fade or vibrate. Does anyone know a good accessory store or internet site to get this from. Will they send you the color you ask for, and can you install it yourself? Please let me know,
  • nbwnbw Member Posts: 18
    Good Question,
    the 06 comes with tire pressure sensors...
    If I buy new wheels will this interfer ?
    I don't want to buy the wheels then find out from the wheel guy that
    something is wrong.

    Ideas ?
  • bplayerbplayer Member Posts: 56
    New wheels can obviously be installed without the sensors and the car will run just fine.

    The question is, can the sensors from the old wheels be reinstalled on the new wheels. The new rims on the 06 are slightly different from the previous models and you can see the cutouts by the valve stem.

    Check with your Acura service manager and ask if the optional rims for 06 also have this cutout and if the sensors need special rims. I would be surprised if they do.
  • nbwnbw Member Posts: 18
    I checked with the Acura Service department, they tell me the tire pressure sensors are pretty much self destructed if removed, the cost about $50 each to replace onto new wheels.
  • tlgaltlgal Member Posts: 22
    Hi Gang, I posted this on another forum, but think this might be a better area to pose this question.

    Hi All You TL Owners!

    I'm leaning away from getting the splash guards. I'm going with the White Diamond Pearl and think the black spash guards stand out a bit too much. Are they really worth it? I currently have a white civic and I haven't really had problems with chips and scratches.

    Any input is appreciated!
  • delmar1delmar1 Member Posts: 744
    I seen it on a white TL and looks fine...and makes the car looks a tad lower to the ground. I believe it is because it is near the black tires. But it is personal I never did like my guards to be body matched. will definitely keep you car cleaner by not having water splashes on the fender.
  • billyperks1billyperks1 Member Posts: 151
    I am speaking from experience-GET THEM.

    I owned a Pearl White Mazda Millennia and now a White Diamond Pearl 03 TLS.

    They both sported the black splash guards and it looked perfectly fine.

    The major purpose of these is to protect the cars paint from all the salt and sand that gets kicked back fron the wheels.It also prevents tiny rocks form hitting the guys windsheild that's behind you.
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Member Posts: 171
    How long did you guys wait after getting the car for waxing? One person told me to wait a couple months, and another told me they are fine to wax right away. We have an 05 TL we bought in September.

  • nbwnbw Member Posts: 18
    I want to add security to my black 06 TL.
    what type of window tint do others recomend ?
    I don't want to go with limo black but something fairly dark would do.

    Any thoughts ?
  • 95_tlc95_tlc Member Posts: 17
    I would go w/ 20% on the rear windows and back window and 35% on the front. I have an 05 Anthracite and it looks really good. Make sure you check what the local allowances are for tinting - any tinting shop should know.
  • nbwnbw Member Posts: 18
    When you say rear.. you are talking about the rear side ? Front being the front sides ? Sorry to ask the question but....
  • mgordon1mgordon1 Member Posts: 14
    Hello to all of you.
    I am would like to know your opinion about the 3M Clearmask and any product that will protect paint. Is the Clearmask worth the cost and has anyone applied the product? I've heard there is a product that will protect your paint and make cleaning easier. Is this the Scotchgard product? Is it expensive? Where can you have it applied?
    My 2006TL w/Navi is due Nov.9th and planning a trip to San Francisco/Saucilito on the 19th. Would like to have my car protected before the trip.
    Thanks for all of your tips and comments. I think you've taught me more than the dealer knows.
  • bplayerbplayer Member Posts: 56
    It is commonly known as Clear Bra, and a search should turn up lots of comments. It provides protection from stone chips. You choose the amount of coverage, e.g. hood, fender, front bumper, lights, wing mirrors, rocker panels, and door handles. Obviously more coverage means more dollars.

    Installation is done by many tint shops, as well as speciality installers.

    I had just my hood and fender covered for a few hundred dollars. It took about 1 hour. The bumper would be double the price, and close to the cost of repainting it completely.
  • mgordon1mgordon1 Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for the info
  • maxzoey1maxzoey1 Member Posts: 34
    Are there any good after market all weather mats out there or are we forced to spend $185 in Canada for the Acura all weather mats ? I wish I would have negotiated a set in my purchase.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Those Pantsavers rubber mats are sturdy, durable and practical, but you won't get a custom fit. I've got the Acura winter mats, and love them. They are expensive, but IMO, worth it, since they last the life of the car. Watch for a sale at your local Acura dealer.
  • ggesqggesq Member Posts: 701

    you might want to check ebay and do a search. i bought my genuine acura all weather mats on ebay and saved about $50.00. i believe there are two colors: black and caramel. hope this helps :shades:
  • ggesqggesq Member Posts: 701

    check on ebay. i got genuine acura all weather mats and saved $50.00 vs. buying from the dealer i.e. if you are looking to buying genuine acura mats.
  • maxzoey1maxzoey1 Member Posts: 34
    Thanks Guys, have just checked Ebay and found a dealer in California with a special on the all weather mats. I brought the price to my local Acura dealer and with Exchange shipping and duty calculated into the price from California to Canada, my dealer made me a comparable deal. Ended up saving $40 from the original price he quoted me, so all is well now. Just feel better about getting a genuine Acura product at a decent price. Thanks for your help.
  • jobmotherjobmother Member Posts: 3
    Just ordered '06 Acura TL and ironically at the same time found out I was eligible for upgrade on my Verizon phone. Figured I would upgrade for Bluetooth compatible, however customer service person at Verizon said I would need VIN # in order to get the correct compatible phone?? Could she be right? Since the car hasn't been built as yet don't have a VIN#. I did look at the LG8100 which seemed like it would suit my needs. Appreciate your wisdom and would I also need one of those ear sets with the car or is that just when phone is in use out of vehicle? Trying to reach the dealer to get his words on these issues as well
  • bplayerbplayer Member Posts: 56
    The customer service person does not know what they are talking about. Just do a Google for acura tl bluetooth verizon and do your own research. What works should be found in one of the acura forums.

    What will be different with each phone is the amount of information that the TL can get from the phone. My Motorola V551 only provides signal strength, not battery level and some other indicators.
  • gmeythalergmeythaler Member Posts: 7
    I have an '06 on order also. I have a Palm One Treo 650 and did a software upgrade that allows it to work with the TL. In order to test my phone prior to the car arriving, I made arrangements with my dealer to visit the lot and link with one there. It works fine. However, not all indicators will necessarily show on the readout. I also purchased a new Samsung from Verizon for my wife and took it with me to test as well. Again, I got the same results - functionality without all the indicators like battery and signal strength. Verizon had a 14 day return policy, so I tested it and kept the Samsung even though it is not officially approved by Acura. I called Acura, and they only have a small number of phones they will approve. Don't let their approval list keep you from some other phone that may work also.
  • jobmotherjobmother Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the Google suggestion...navigated my way to the Acura internal website via another forum board for Acura and I found the listing of Verizon compatible phones and it listed the Motorola E815 which I obtained yesterday (after getting a fax from dealer with the list of compatible phones) Good thing I did this because I almost got the LG8100 but website specifically lists the phones that aren't compatible!!
  • easttleasttl Member Posts: 17
    An ipod FYI:

    I know there has been a lot of discussion regarding the ipod music link in this forum… But I thought I would share what my Acura Parts guy told me today. He said that the ipod music links should be in towards the end of December give or a take a week or two. Also, the dealers can start placing orders for the units. The price is right around 220.00 and it calls for one hour of labor to install. He guaranteed me that they would work with all of the 2006 TL’s (sorry no word for the 04, 05’s yet) and that the Acura part managers would start knowing a lot about this product because if the dealer orders at least six units together then there is an ipod that will be shipped with the music link units for display purposes (AKA a free ipod for the parts manager). I have him holding a unit for me as soon as it comes in. I will post on the install process as soon as I have the info.
  • podrespodres Member Posts: 58
    Thanks for the update easttl. This is the best information yet. Please keep us posted.
  • mmell001mmell001 Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased blue LED lights to replace the existing white bulbs in my 2005 acura TL ; in the doors and overhead lights in the front and in the back. I cant find anything in the manual or online regarding how to change the bulbs. can anyone help me?
  • dobrown4dobrown4 Member Posts: 2
    Can you post a link to the Acura website where you found the compatible phones? Thanks
  • nbwnbw Member Posts: 18
    You will LOVE The lights !!! Everybody asks me about them... I just tell them they are stock :-)

    Each lens cover comes off easy, use a sharp knife edge and pry the cover off carefully... the door lens come off without any tools, just use your hands.
  • easttleasttl Member Posts: 17
    This came to me via email today, so I thought I would pass along the good news. This gives a little better idea on the price.

    # Acura Unveils iPod Music Link Accessory

    iPod Your Car

    Starting in early-January, American Honda will be offering the Acura Music Link as an accessory for all 2006 Acura RL, TL, MDX, and TSX models. The Acura Music Link enables the driver to plug in their Apple iPod for a direct interface to their vehicle audio system.

    Some of the features and benefits of the Acura Music Link:

    * Charges iPod battery while connected to the Acura Music Link
    * iPod digital audio through vehicle sound system, not FM modulated
    * Full Acura factory warranty, 4 years/50,000 miles

    In addition, the Acura Music Link will be the first system to offer synthesized audio voice feedback when using the vehicle audio system to search for artist name, album title, genre, or play list on your iPod.

    Suggested retail pricing for this Acura Music Link will be approximately $330, including dealer installation charge.
  • podrespodres Member Posts: 58
    Thanks for posting this.

    No word on whether information about the music being played will show up on the Navi screen? Or whether the iPod can be controlled using the buttons on the steering wheel?
  • podrespodres Member Posts: 58
    Replying to my own message - how lame is that?

    Well the Acura website now says that the iPod integration lets you control the iPod using the CD changer controls of the audio system, and allows you to skip songs using the controls on the steering wheel. So my questions are at least partially answered.
  • bplayerbplayer Member Posts: 56
    Highly unlikely that music information from the iPod will be shown on the Navi screen as this information from a DVD or CD is not shown. It should be, but that is a different issue. Next gen for sure, or else.....
  • misokisumisokisu Member Posts: 1
    Any suggestions on decent fitting front seat covers for a 2005 TL? As a plumber/pipefitter, I wish to go easy on my parchment interior :)
  • dc06tldc06tl Member Posts: 1
    I have a '06 TL, but the dealer's price quote for the exterior accessories are a little bit too high, I found a site that would sell the accessories at a cheaper price, but is it worth it to get someone else to install it? Or can I install them myself? I'm looking to get just pretty standard things like the wheel locks, deck lid spoiler, side molding and maybe the back up sensors... Thanks!
  • vtxmikvtxmik Member Posts: 3
    Any reason why I should not glue a Lip Spoiler to my 05 TL. I saw one painted on ebay for $80 and I'm thinking to buy it. I want to keep my car as it's simple, but I like the Lip spoiler 'cause it is small :shades: .
  • graffixxgraffixx Member Posts: 41
    I am looking to purchase a roof rack so that I can carry my snowboards to the slopes.

    I tried searching but was not able to find much information.

    What kind of roof rack do you use? What do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!
  • biffhbiffh Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 TL and am looking for the Music Link system. I spoke with my Acura dealer last week (12/15/05) and he insisted the music link is for 2006 models only. I trust auto dealers as much as I trust Satan, so I set off to see if I could figure out what the likely solution is. If after reading this you're able to contribute more concrete info or corrections, please post it here.

    First I went to see what other aftermarket solutions I could find. Typically I was told I would have to unplug the XM receiver if I wanted to plug in the iPod. No Good. Correct info?

    The Acura nav system is an Alpine unit. On Alpine's product web site, they only have one model. Also, they only have one monitor interface adapter switch to go with it (VPA-B211A). Here's what Alpine says about their adapter followed by the web address:

    •Alpine Graphical Interface Display
    •QuickSearch (iPod, Satellite Radio, MP3 files)
    •2 Auxiliary Inputs
    •Dedicated Rear View Camera
    •Dedicated Navigation Input
    •Auxiliary Output

    "Now you can get iPod, Satellite Radio, Navigation or even 5.1 multi-channel DVD music from your factory installed video monitor. If you love the look of your factory video in-dash, but wish it had more functionality and better sound then VehicleHub is for you."

    Alpine VPA-B211Alink title

    Sounds good to me. Sounds like one may already be in the 2005 TL's w/Nav. But that's all the information they have on their products.

    They do refer to the adapter as "VehicleHub". A quick google of that name sends you to among others, Alpine Europe (better information), detailing the KCA-420i iPod adapter unit. Hell, they provide a diagram on how to hook it all up.

    Alpine Europe VehicleHub

    The KCA-420i is available from Apline dealers or for $90.

    So there you have it: Alpine Nav, Alpine adapter switch supporting XM, nav, ipod, etc. (the correct model may already be in the car), and the ipod kca-420i switch that interfaces with the ipod to provide on-screen integration.

    The only thing missing is the Acura software update to tie-in the handsfree voice recognition system. A crack for that is next on my list, but if it works through the nav screen/monitor, I'm good. I'm skeptical of the voice systems capabilities anyway. Likely limited to "iPod, skip track" or "iPod, play play list one".

    Anyone try this solution yet?

    So does anyone have experience with these products in an acura with a
  • sushi96720sushi96720 Member Posts: 12
    I just finished installing the underbody spoilers, rear spoiler, side molding and door edge guards.

    Most of the accessory is pretty easy to install except for the rear spoiler where you have to replace the springs in the trunk due to the weight. You definitely need a special tool made to remove the springs.

    I did save a ton of money by purchasing it from dealers listing their products on ebay. Of course the installation charges are free.

    The price difference on the parts could be substantial therefore, in my opinion you will still even if you hire someone to install them. Dealer costs are ridiculous. :)
  • autodrivenautodriven Member Posts: 16
    You don't need to "waste" money paying the dealer's high prices on accessories. Here's is a link where I purchased my spoiler; it also is factory painted. The same exact spoiler with matching factory paint can be had for about 1/4 the cost of the dealer. They're the biggest ripoffs when it comes to accessories. Hope it helps!
  • bifbif Member Posts: 7
    Side moldings go for just over $100 on ebay. Dealer charges $290 including instalation. What is there to installing a side molding? Has anybody done this?
  • tenukitenuki Member Posts: 6
    Has anyone gotten the honda ipod integration stuff, yet? How does it work and how much did you pay?
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Probably more difficult than it appears. Got to make it go on straight, for one thing. Tried installing pinstripes years ago when they were popular. Thought it would have been a piece of cake. But it was tough getting the damn thing to go on straight! :mad:
  • easttleasttl Member Posts: 17

    My 06 TL is at the dealer right now having the iPod integration installed and I should pick it up tomorrow... I picked up the kit yesterday and the installation instructions are 9 pages long and very involved. You have to take the entire dash apart. I started the install myself but gave up after breaking the first two plastic clips I came to holding the glove box in. I'll post a review tomorrow after I get it back.

    ~ Jim
  • jimmyrice14jimmyrice14 Member Posts: 9
    Hey easttl...come back to us with that review of the ipod music link for your TL...I need a detailed review of how this works before I pull the trigger on getting a TL...since the TL does not play CDs burned with mp3's, this adaptor is essential...thanks.
  • gibbyscottgibbyscott Member Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I just had the ipod Music Link installed in my 2006 TL. I had to join this forum just so I could post my little review. I hate to burst the bubble, but the Acura Music Link SUCKS so bad. I am so disapointed. First of all, the install by the dealer was fine. I can not tell that anything was done to the car except that now there is a ipod connector in the glove compartment. The dealer charged me $398 for the unit and install. Ok, so I have the 60 gig video ipod - I assumed that you could control the ipod via your navigation screen - wrong.
    Acura's implementation of the Music is so crappy. Once your ipod is plugged into the link cable, it is charged via the car's power. You have to install a program that comes with the music link called Acura TTL. This program is basically a scriptting add on to itunes. Once you have all your songs on the ipod, you use this Acura program to basically index the artists and albums on the ipod. The program uses Windows XP's TTS (text to speech) voice to say each of your albums and each of the artists. It also says the letters a - z and all the numbers 0-9. The program records the voice of microsoft's TTS engine as little .mp3 files on your ipod - giving you a way to find albums etc through the stereo system in the car. Unfortunally the default microsoft voice (called sam) really sucks and is hard to understand. Ok, so once you go through this procedure (and by the way, the acura ttl program crashes on me constantly, not allowing me to index all the songs on my 60 ipod), you access the ipod in the car by pressing the dvd mode button on the stereo, pressing it once goes to the ipod, pressing it again goes back to the dvd-audio. When it is in ipod mode it lets you select different modes of the play, like find artist, find album, random play, etc. So say you want to listen to some Zztop. You select the find artist mode by changing the dvd-changer to disk 2 and press the seek button. Now the stereo will play the ipod's little .mp3's you recorded with the acura ttl program. It starts off by saying 'A', 'b', 'c', etc... you have to wait till it gets to 'z', then you press the seek button again, if you press it and hold it, it will cycle thru all the artists that being with 'z'. Once you find your artist that you want, it doesnt seem to be any way to select the sub albums underneath them. Well I am getting tired of typing. I hope this helps explain the system. I will be writing a complaint letter to Acura expressing my extreme dissatisfaction with the music link. In a nut shell, it is hard to understand the voice, takes forever to find the artist, album you want, and it is very non-user friendly (disk 1 = playlist, disk 2 = find artist, disk 3 = find album, disk 4 = random). I will be interested to hear what others think of this system. Oh, and voice commands do not work with it either.
  • jimmyrice14jimmyrice14 Member Posts: 9
    OUCH...gibbyscott I am sorry you had to go to the mat for all of us. You have single-handedly killed my desire to get a TL...since it won't play MP3's burned on CDs, I was hoping I could live with buying an Ipod and using that as my basic music with your review I can't see going with the TL (the RL plays burned mp3's at least, but you are spending 10K more!!). Thanks for the review and I'm sorry you had to break through for all of us.

    Jimmyrice14 (HOF this week?)
  • easttleasttl Member Posts: 17
    I'll go in to more depth later but I agree the ipod adapter is a huge waste of money!!! I feel totally taken and let down by it's lack of performance. Don't buy the ipod integration kit you WILL be sorry!!!

  • jimmyrice14jimmyrice14 Member Posts: 9
    How could this happen? Does Acura think people are stupid? The very reason you buy an ipod over any other mp3 is the ease of use/user interface!! If you make it less usable by folks the value goes down the drain. They would have been much better off putting an aux jack in the armrest next to the AC outlet (like the new IS250/350) so that you could plug in ANY mp3 player and your is an ipod, you'd simply be playing it over the audio system. What a I stated above, I can't see myself getting a TL is that important and to have no mp3 cd capability and no decent mp3 player options, they have completely shot themselves in the foot.
  • colecole Member Posts: 67
    Your statement is misleading. As the owner of an '05TL, I assure you that the TL will play CDs that have been burned from a computer. While it may not recognize the mp3 format, the files have to be converted (via Adaptec EasyCD for example) back to music files. I listed to burned CDs all the time in my TL.
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