Acura TL Accessories and Modifications

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What accessories did you get with your TL? Are you planning any future modifications?


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    Hi Karen!
    I haven't bought my TL yet. I like the Anthracite with Quartz interior. Thinking about the A-SPEC package but it doesn't seem to be worth the price, especially that the "sport steering wheel" looks almost like the standard, and the "body kit" is mediocre at best and doesn't have a snug fit on the car. I gess I'll get the wing spoiler alone. I'm thinking about the 18" rims, but Acura's price is too expensive, besides I'm not sure I want low-profile performance tires. Do you know if they come w/all season tires?
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    I've read on of the TL newsgroups that the wheels are available at tire and wheels stores. The only difference being that they do not have the Acura logo at the centre. I'm sure they're much less expensive if you don't get them from Acura.
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    Does anyone know if the stock radio in the 2003 TL --

    - has an AUX port in the head unit?
    - Is XM ready?
    - What XM units willintegrate will with the stock unit and are not the crappy RF modulator (uses radio ant. as input to the head unit)

    Has anyone installed XM? If so, what radio did you use and where did you install it?

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    Cold weather will soon be here. Does anyone know if a remote start can be installed and/or does it screw up the remote door opener that came with the car? How much do you figure it would cost to install?
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    i checked with circuit city and best buy and they said if you get just the remote start without the keyless entry and alarm, it won't affect anything. but if you get keyless entry and alarm they have to deactivate the factory alarm which means you can't use your acura remote. but the problem if you get the remote start by itself is that you can't use the factory keyless entry once the engine is started. also you need a bypass. the bypass cost about $50. the remote start cost $150 or $200 depending on range, installation included.
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    Has anyone tried to connect a bluetooth phone with the new TL?

    Any suggestions on a good cell phone with PDA and bluetooth enabled?
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    Yesterday I bought a Sony Ericsson T616 from Cingular. Very small, bluetooth, tons of features.
    Not hooked up yet. I will report later
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    Has anyone added the rear deck spoiler on their TL yet? If so how much did it end up costing you with installation..thanx
  • mmm17mmm17 Member Posts: 31
    I have the Sony Ericson T616. It took about 6 minutes to hook up the Acura Bluetooth system and I am not a tech gadget type of guy. Very Easy.
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    Karen - Host; I attempted to add this as a separate thread on Acura TL but pat suggested I contact you. (Did not know how to get your e-mail address).

    I would like to see a thread for just the Navigation System on the Acura TL.

    Acura TL Owners: Navigation System - Hints & Experiences

    This is basically the only option so it should be treated separately from the main TL discussion.

    This would be a GREAT place for people having trouble learning how to use all the capabilities of the NAV system to get help.

    On other boards I have seen alot of helpful information and hints on Nav only threads.

    With a separate thread for the Nav, people that did not get the Nav would not have to read thru these discussions unless they wanted to.

    So...may we have a thread for the NAV system only?
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    Saw the manager's TL at my dealer today -- black with front chin spoiler and rear lip spoiler. I must say it looked pretty sharp. The front chin spoiler looked very cohesive with the standard side skirt (not the full body kit).
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    Has anyone installed back up sensors in new TL? I would like to see some feedback to their usefulness, cost/benefit etc. Thanks
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    The TL OEM backup sensor is ugly and not very usefull. There are great talking sensors that cost half as much as TL's ($200 vs $400). That is, if you feel you need a backup sensor on a mid-size sedan. I don't even need those on our Mazda MPV minivan.
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    No way would I put ugly back up sensors on a sports sedan! Minivan maybe, but not my TL.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    if you need a back-up sensor for a sedan, then you should be riding a bicyle!
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    I picked up my TL yesterday. I could have sworn that the unit I test drove had a cargo net along the side of the trunk.

    My unit did not seem to come with one. Should it have? Or is this an accessory.

    I'm thinking someone swiped mine out of the car and it was missed during prep.
  • dulnevdulnev Member Posts: 652
    I suggest you spend a quality 30 minutes with your manual. If you did, you'd know that your cargo net is stored under the floor of your trunk next to the tool kit.
  • blerner2blerner2 Member Posts: 47

    You are correct. I should spend some more time with the owners manual. I got the car last night and have not had time to read it thoroughly before posting my questions.

    Rest assured, this board will not hear from me again, until the book is read cover to cover.
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    Acura lists a sport steering wheel as a dealer-installed option. From the photo it doesn't look a whole lot different from the standard wheel. Anyone bought one, or knows how exactly is it different and worth the rather hefty price that's being charged for it? On the demo I drove, the standard one looked and felt pretty darn nice already.
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    I need to replace one of my original OEM Michelin Pilot MXM4 215/50R17 V tires on my 2003 TL Type S due to road damage. The other 3 tires have about 14,000 miles on them. Given the overall poor performance of the OEM tires, I am looking at changing brands. My options:

    1) Replace it with another OEM Tire. Cost: $250.
    2) Replace 2 tires with another brand, same size. Cost: $250.
    3) Replace all 4 tires with another brand, same size. Cost: $500.

    As for brand, I am looking at either the Sumitomo HTR+ ($76/ea.) or the Continental ContiExtremeContact ($91/ea.). Any thoughts or recommendations?
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    I had the same problem as you(i have a 2002tls). I decided to buy two Sumitomos from tirerack. I placed my order online. About 15 minutes after placing my order, I received a phone call from tirerack. The salesperson said that they called to inform me that my order was placed on hold. When I asked why, she said because the sumitomo tires and Michelins would be incompatible( they said that the Michelin has a stiffer side wall). I decide to buy 4 Sumitomos. so far i have been satisfied although I have read other post where people did not care for them. If you decide to buy from tirerack, you can input your zip code, and they will list places in your area that will install the tires, and they will ship them to that installer.
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    Hi folks. Had a couple of questions regarding tires. What is the general consensus for the tires to go with on the 18 inch Alloy Wheels (p/n 08W18-SEP-200)? As per stated requirements, I understand that,

    "these wheels require larger, lower profile tires (Yokohama ES100 235/40R18 95W tires are recommended), and that these tires are summer tires, not suitable for driving on snow or ice."

    With that said,

    - are these the only ones to go with?
    - are they the best ones (since they're recommended)?
    - are there other summer recommended alternatives (Bridgestone, Falken, etc.)?
    - And what about all-seasons? Haven't seen much said about these type of tires to go on these wheels. Which ones are the favorites?

    Side note: don't really know if all-season's are "needed" (in the PA/NJ area) but given the winter we're going through, who knows? Still, I would think the summer tires would fair well (outside of heavy snow & ice conditions).

    Would appreciate your inputs. Thanks in advance.

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    Update: I ended up getting two Sumitomos at Sears. I paid a bit more than Tirerack, but shipping to Hawaii is expensive and Sears was running a sale so the difference came out to just $15/tire. Plus they installed them that night, instead of waiting four days for the tire, and then another day to install at the local Goodyear (there is some irony there). The guy at Sears said using two different tires on the car is no problem, as long as you use the same type on each axle. So the new Sumitomos went on the front axle, and I was able to keep the original Michelins on the back (plus I have one spare Michelin in case one of the other ones goes bad). After a week of driving, I can detect no additional vibration, road noise, or loss of traction due to the different tires. If I do sense something, I will replace the back tires with Sumitomos as well, but so far so good.

    And yes, the OEM Michelins really are that bad. Just check out the ratings on Tirerack. Rank: #16 out of 16 says it all (the Sumitomos are #5). I was thinking of the Continentals (#2), but no one in Hawaii has them in stock. Not good, in case you need a spare right away.
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      I saw where someone previously asked about the Bluetooth speakerphone, but there wasn't any real comment about it outside of installation. Anybody care to comment on how well this works? This is a feature that I would use quite often, and I am anxious to know if it works well enough to be a consideration in the decision between a TL and a G35. Thanks in advance for any comments....

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    Has anyone bought (or seen) the door edge moulding sold by the dealer? What does it look like?
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    Splash guards, all-weather mats, wheel locks, trunk tray from the dealer. Very happy with these accesories.

    Splash guards finish the car off nicely and are functional.

    All-weather mats are essential in the northeast.

    Wheel locks: piece of mind.

    Trunk tray does a good job of protecting the trunk from spills.

    I bought a faux wood kit from an internet company to tone down the contemporary look of the interior. The extra pieces match the faux wood already installed in the car perfectly. I installed it myself in about an hour. Wow! It makes the interior look even better. The aluminum strips get toned down and the true richness of the interior comes out even more.
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    I got all weather mats, tinted windows, trunk tray, splash guards, wheel locks. Dealer threw it all in. And paid about $400.00 under the base sticker price. (I love that woman!)
    I love the ebony interior with the "carbon fiber" trim. I am involved in racing and am around carbon fiber a lot and this stuff looks almost real. In fact I'm not totally convinced that it isn't real. Does anybody know?
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    jebinc1 – XM Radio is standard and it works great. Displays artist and song title. Sounds great on TL’s standard DVD-A (Surround sound) system. There is no AUX port input and no MP3 input.

    vfernandez1 and raharris1 – Bluetooth (HandsFreeLink) works great and is one of my favorite features. Totally voice controlled. I use a Sony-Ericcson T616. Car displays signal strength and battery strength. Push the button to make a call and the car mutes the stereo and asks you who you want to call. Give it a name (phonebook of 50 verbally recorded names) or number and it will dial for you.

    Blerner2- The two cargo nets are shipped in the spare tire area. They will not fit if you get the trunk liner. I strongly recommend the trunk liner for anyone who carries messy items (such as a golf cart).
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Boy, the TL sure looks bitchin' with the 18" wheels! But, aside from the rather astronomical price tag, I'm not sure I want to further compromise the ride quality with the 35-series tires that go with them.
  • kahunahkahunah Member Posts: 448
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    I thought I saw on here before some pics of the 3m bra on a '04 TL, but now I can find them.
    Anyone have a link?
  • teelteel Member Posts: 3
    I mean can't find them.
  • msf2msf2 Member Posts: 88
    Do dealers typically perform window tinting or is it done elsewhere? And how is it done?
    Thanks in advance!
  • jmaxejmaxe Member Posts: 198
    Dealers who offer tint will typically farm this out so you can have them do it before delivery (at a markup) or you can get it done yourself. I've had my last two cars tinted after delivery. I called a dealer or two and asked who they recommend and took it from there. Good luck.
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    Has anybody used tire chains on a new 04 TL. The manual recommends using chains with auto tensioners (such as the SCC Shur Grip Z), but I can't find these in the correct size (235/45/17).

    The ones that do come in the correct size do not use the auto tensioners.

    Just wondering if anybody out there has had any experience in this matter.

    Thanks in advance.
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    These are pictures of my car with an acrylic clear bra provided by Invisiguard ([email protected]) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Invisiguard is a local _representative of X-Pel. The thickness is 6-mil and comes with a 5-year guarantee. The cost was for my TL was $670 including $595 for the full set (front, hood, rear view mirrors and door edges) and $75 for a 40 mil (I think) headlight cover.The front covers everything in front of the front wheel wells. You can barely see a line where the bra ends in

    Other pictures of the car do not show the clear bra at

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    Your car looks great. Anthracite, right?

    One question about the clear bra. Once it's installed, how does future maintenance go? What I mean is, will future waxings cause the rest of the car to take on a different luster than the part with the bra, or do you wax right over the bra or what?

    My TSX already has several rock chips, so I'm considering the clear bra.

  • msf2msf2 Member Posts: 88
    Beautiful looking car! I went with RRed. Elaborate a little more about how it works and what it's supposed to do-for those of us who have just recently heard about this option.
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    Maintenance: After 60 days wash and wax just like the rest of the car. Zaino is recommended because of the minimal wax build-up.

    People don’t even notice mine is on the car unless I tell them. The bra is “semi-permanent” in that it can be left on the car for an indefinite amount of time. It protects the car from getting chips in the paint from rocks.

    I had a 95 Acura Legend Coupe with 140,000 miles on it. The rock chips pretty well covered the front of the car by the time I sold it. After a lot of research I decided to purchase a “clear bra” for my new TL to protect the front end from rock chips.

    Clear Bra’s were first used on very upscale and race cars to protect the expensive paint jobs. They are now being more widely used. For more info see Xpel’s web site
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    Has anyone upgraded the speakers in the TL? If so, what did you use and what was the effect?
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    Is the optional spoiler worth the price? I think it makes the car look sharp but does it really add anything to the driving experience?
  • 1violinist1violinist Member Posts: 338
    I don't think it has any substantial effect on driving experience. It's supposed to inhance the aerodynamic and decrease drag, but the effect is so small that you wouldn't really feel the difference. As for the price, it's best to reach a good deal on the car first, then negotiate to have the dealer throw it in! Good luck!
  • 2003tls2003tls Member Posts: 100
    yes, I got the OEM spoiler in my 2003 TL Type S. It slows the car down (drag and all), cost extra $, makes the car harder to wash, the trunk harder to open, and does absolutely nothing for performance - and I love it. Maybe it is a bit boy racer, but that's why I got the TL instead of a Lexus ES in the first place.
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    Has anybody upgraded their TL stereo to make it louder? Is so how?
  • raherraher Member Posts: 99
    I looked into power amps for the 3.2 TL sound system. The only amp I found that was 5.1 is made by a company called Audiobahn
    ( Very high end stuff but also very nice. The only amp that was 5.1 is the A5100T. They don't have prices on the Audiobahn site but give you links to places who sell audiobahn. I went to one of the retailers and priced the A5100T and was quoted $1200. You really have to want to hear it louder for $1200!
    That is still the only power amp I have found that will maintain the 5.1 sound system. I had conversations with people at Best Buy but it was hooking up about 5 different amps and even then I wasn't convinced you still maintained the 5.1.
  • dtate99dtate99 Member Posts: 122
    You're smart not to take everything uttered from Best Buy employees as truth. I quit going there and to Circuit City for anything other than to buy that which I had already researched after myriad times of getting "I don't know" or answers I knew to be wrong. If you want quality advice, find a smaller outfit that doesn't merely employ college students as floor salespeople. You may pay a little more, but any modifications you make to the 5.1 system in particular would be well worth it to ensure sound purity and clarity.
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    Hi everyone. My first posting here.

    While trying to purchase a new Acura, the dealership attempted to sell me a 'special' car care kit (covers both exterior and interior) that is supposed to be better than the usual stuff/wax sold anywhere else. They offered it at a discounted price of $499 (includes lifetime supply). Is it worth getting it? Is it really better than other car care products?

    Appreciate any response to this question.

  • 95gt95gt Member Posts: 69
    Unless they sell it with a guarantee (in writing) that any damage/scratch/acid damage will be covered it is a waste of money.

    Even with that it is a waste of money. Wax the car every couple of months and you will be fine. Just a way for them to get huge margin profits from customers.
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