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    Forget it! That's one of their scams to make easy money! Just use a decent wax like Zaino for the exterior, leather cleaner/conditioner for the interior, and your car will be in tip-top shape!
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    I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit this, but I just realized today that my car has the body side moulding on it. When I got the car (four months ago!) it must have already been installed. The car I got was the only silver one on the lot, so I wasn't looking at the other cars carefully. Plus, there are no other TLs that I have seen yet in my city (medium sized-suburban). I happened to notice today when I saw a picture of a new TL and thought "why does the side of the car look so plain?" It was only after I went back out to look at mine that it hit me square between the eyes!

    Anyway, I like the look, but I was even more psyched to realize that the dealer hadn't remembered to charge me for this accessory! In fact, with the splash guards ($89), body side moulding ($175), moon roof visor ($120), and the trunk tray ($99), I ended up with $483 dollars worth of accessories (which doesn't include "installation charges") for ZERO dollars. How cool is that!

    To see how the TL looks with these accessories, or any others for that matter, click this link to the Acura site and you can build your own.
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    I purchased a 2004 manual without a nav system a few months ago. Recently I've been wondering if it is possible it with retrofit the nav system.

    At this time I am assuming that all the wiring is in place (with the possible exception of a lead to the trunk for the DVD) and that one would just need to install the appropriate modules. Those being the DVD player, nav display, and climate control display.

    So does anyone have any insights into this?
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    Okay that is not true. It could be done but i think the cost would probably be at least double what the option costs. Makes much more sense in terms of time/money/effort to go aftermarket. Just remember this regret when the next car comes around.
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    I unfortunately am stuck with sprint for two years. Anyone know of any bluetooth phones that sprint offers.
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    Yes, the Sony Ericson T608

    Not sure if they still offer it. I bought mine in Febuary. I use it with sprint and it works fine.
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    I am using the Bluetooth and it works very well with my Sony T610
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    Are you trying to upgrade the 2004 TL system or pre 2004?
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    I'm in the process of upgrading my 2002 TLS to a 5.1 system. I can offer some guidance, but ultimately you will need to be a smart consumer even if your only requirement is to be louder. I suggest to get the basics down.

    I'll try to keep this simple, but generically speaking...
    To play louder, your current speakers need more power. Factory head units typically give 10 watts of power, sometimes more, usually less, to each channel (more for a sub if you have a factory one, and TL's do). Depending on how much loudness you desire, a simple upgrade of the head unit may be sufficient for you (most likely not though, they go up to about 18 W). To get more power you need amplifiers. There's a huge array of suppliers and a multitude of models, so which amp do you get? The answer is depends on what you want to do!

    Let's jump ahead and say you've found the perfect amp (or amps) to power your system. I hate to break it to you, but your factory speakers weren't made to handle all the power you'd be providing. This means you'll have to upgrade your speakers as well.

    Now assume we have a nice amp and new speakers that work together, but your music is missing that extra ooomph. So now we talk about sub woofers. These provide the bass as your power needs go up, since front and rear speakers can't handle the low frequencies.

    Upgrading the audio system in your car is as much an art as it is a science, as everyone has their own preferences. In general, you need to consider the following things:

    1) Headunit (i.e. the radio)
    2) Front speakers (most important for sound staging)
    3) Rear speakers (used for 'fill'. Some people don't even use rears. My preferences require them)
    4) Amplifier(s) (may need several)
    5) Sub woofer(s) (how much bass do you want)

    Each of these topics can be disected, but they form the foundation for upgrading your audio.
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    I recently purchased a 2004 TL w/NAV and am loving it. My only frustrations at this point are the lights are not auto on at night and the door lock plunger (lack of a better term) do not go flush with the wall when locked so when I try to put my arm up there it is very uncomfortable.

    Auto lights dont bug me that much, but the door lock thing irks me daily. Does anyone know if there is an after market kit to replace the locks so they would go flush and no longer irritate my arm when trying to rest it next to the window? Thanks in advance.
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    Couldn't you just saw/cut them off to the right height? Actually you only need to do it for the driver door if you don't mind that the other 3 door plungers won't match. I'd bet a pair of bolt cutters will snip off the tip easily.
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    Im sure I could, but I dont want it to look ugly. I would probably put up with the uncomfort for the better looks. I just figured someone out there might know of an aftermarket kit that would take care of my problem.
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    Actually I just thought of something else. Are those lock tabs just screwed on, or somehow detachable? The dealer should know. If they are detachable, maybe you can take them off and buy shorter tabs.
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    I haven't checked, but they probably screw on. You could remove the piece, make sure the threads extend high up into the inside of it, then measure the amount needed to be removed and saw off the bottom part. If the threads extend far enough, you should then be able to reinstall the piece without problem.
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    Great Idea!!! I just checked it out and they do screw off. I didnt have time to check the depth to see if I could saw off the bottom. Will have to give that a looksee tomorrow. I will keep you updated!!
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    Wow, I didn't expect door lock tabs to garner so much attention!
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    Just wonder what's the benefit of using stick-out door locks. I saw that in new Accords too. Many other Hondas use the more squarish door locks that when locked, stay flush with surface. You can flip it up from the side vs. pulling up on the stick out ones.
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    I see no benefit whatsoever. In fact, if given a choice, I would take the flush ones. I think it's just one of those trivial styling whims, similar to flush door handles vs. stick-out type.

    Well, actually, I can think of one benefit -- they can double as grocery bag hooks!
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    Well, my friend, you're behind the times. Door lock tabs are the latest rave! I was just perusing the Tommy Hilfiger section at the local Pep Boys earlier today. You should really get with the program. LOL
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    It can also massage your left arm, resolve your itch.... Good stuff really.
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    That's the one benefit I can think of for having raised door lock tabs. Lord forbid you were in a serious accident and the power locks were disabled, perhaps the only way to escape quickly would be to manually unlock the doors. If the tab were flush, that would be impossible.
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    Flush tab can be manually flip-opened too. It's flush on the top but not on the side! It'd be a serious design flaw if a lock tab can't be manually opened.
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    Not the itch that I have :)

    And you're right about the flush tabs. I know Honda had them on older Accords, and on the CL. And maybe certain vintage Civics too.
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    Has anyone purchased the door edge trim and how does it look? My dealer owes me a free accessory and I'm thinking about this one but I don't know what it looks like and can't find a pic anywhere. Thanks!
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    I'm just wondering whether TL or any other car has audio system which supports playing MP3 CD. I know if using some portable MP3 player like ipod together with the car kit, we can get MP3 playback through the cassette. But that's not very convenient anyway.
    Thanks for any info.
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    The TL cannot play MP3's using its built-in CD/DVD player. I think I remember someone talking about hooking up an iPod via the XM radio interface, but I can't remember the details. You might want to try searching the forums.

    The new Chrysler 300 will play MP3s on its factory head unit. Also, BMW has introduced an iPod adapter that will allow you to control the iPod through the factory head unit / steering wheel controls.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks! That's very helpful.
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    What happens if you play a DVD-video disc in the system? Would you still be able hear the audio track?
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    Asked b4 and dealer told me no. Would've been nice to play some karaoke disks. DVD-A just seems to 'sound' better than it really is, even tho it does sound good on its own right.
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    Thanks for the info.

    Actually, there's an idea for Honda to consider -- put a karaoke player in the TL!
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    Anybody have factory 17" TL Type-S wheels for sale? Not much on ebay.
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    Not sure how to get the right information so I will try in this forum. I have a '98 RL with a hard disk Navigation system. Does anyone know if there have been updates? If so, are the updates useful? Where can I get this and how much does it cost?
    (If this is not the right forum any suggestions where I should look?)
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    I have been on and to get answers to my questions, but I can't seem to get a straight answer. I'm pretty sure this setup will work if you want to add an AUX input to your 2004 Honda Accord with XM radio from the factory, 2004 Acura TL, and 2005 Acura TSX with XM radio from the factory. Here is what you need:

    1.) Honda Bus Cable 2 Port -

    2.) Blitzsafe adapter -

    If you have navigation, then you'll have to go to the drop-down menu near the top of the page for the Blitzsafe adapter (where it says "Options" in yellow) and choose the adapter for navigation. It will add $39.00 to the already expensive price, because the adapter for cars with navigation mutes the sound whenever the navigation prompts talk to you.

    The other Honda Bus Cable 2 Port adapter is pretty cheap at $29.69.

    Here is how you install it:

    1.) Go to Choose "Honda". Then Choose "Accord". Select 2003-2005. Near the left where it says "Audio & Electronics", choose "Cassette Player", then select "View Installation Instructions". A PDF will pop up. At the bottom right of the first page is what the Bus Cable 2 Port will look like. Pay attention to step 14 on page 7. This will allow you to hook up the Bus Cable 2 Port in between the XM radio interface. You just have to unplug the XM radio interace and plug in the Bus Cable 2 Port in between the two cables you just unplugged. After you connect this, you should have one end of the Bus Cable 2 Port that should be free. This is the end where you have to plug in the Blitzsafe adapter with 14-pin connector.

    The Blitzsafe adapter will allow you to input any RCA stereo source you want to. Since I have a DVD player routing video to my navigation screen (in my 2004 Accord) but the sound is FM modulated, I wanted a way top get CD-quality sound. I can then just route the sound coming from the avelectronics TV tuner ( to the Blitzsafe adapter. The Audiobahn DVD player that I have can also play mp3s, which is very cool. After you have this hooked up, then I think you can then just press the "CD/SAT Radio" button four times (or something like that) and a CD-C will show up on the screen, indicating that the stereo thinks that you have a CD changer installed.

    I have not tried this yet, but I will this weekend.
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    I have an 01 TL and the only thing that could
    stand improving would be less wallowing in spirited driving ala BMW.Anybody know of a cheap fix?
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    Does anyone know what the "recommended" set up is for the trunk tray with the cargo net?

    I just purchased the trunk tray; the fit is somewhat disappointing as it is not really flush with the body ... I expected more from a factory accessory. However, my question is really whether I can continue to use the trunk cargo net when the trunk tray is installed. It appears that holes must be cut or punched in the tray if the user wishes to be able to secure the cargo net to the trunk "bolts" - which I assume are removable? Howevr, if one cuts holes in the tray, it will leak water/ice etc into the trunk area ...
    Can anyone tell me how this is best set up - cuz once I punch some holes in it ... they're there forever!
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    Aren't there bolts on/close to the side walls (next to trunk opening) as well, in additional to those on the bottom? Even w/o trunk tray I think that's where cargo net should affix to.
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    I think there are pre-formed circles in the trunk tray for you to cut out to anchor the net. There's a bit of a built-in lip around the circles to prevent water from dripping into the hole, but I suppose if there is sufficient water, it'll spill over the lip.
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    I changed carriers to mate a motorola V600 to my '04 TL. I can make out going calls with no trouble. However, the unit alerts me that there is an incoming call, but the unit does not connect. I called Acura before I bought and they told me a V 600 was agood choice. After my experience, I called them and they no longer reco the V600. I beleave that the sony ericsson T610 or T616 works the best according to Acura. I am really ticked because I called them BEFORE I bought the phone. They told me that there is a software fix, but i get referred from Moto to Acura to AT&T and back. Good Luck
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    I am about to take delivery of a 05 TL with Navi, and I want to tint my windows. Does anyone have experience with the Madico Onyx or Charcool window tint. The Onyx is supposed to have metal in it and the Charcool does not. Not having the metal I would believe would be more suseptable to fading over the years but the Onyx with the metal can interfere with the GPS, radio and cell phone reception I am told. I don't know if the GPS antenna is in the rear glass or if it is on the the roof with the XM antenna. I do know that the radio antenna is in the glass, but I don't know if it is in the front or rear. I am curious if the metalized film would effect the reception of the radio only in the fringe reception areas but not in a major city.

      I welcome any and all comments on this subject, especially if anyone has noticed if the metalized film has interfered with anything.
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    Have non-metallic tint on my TL's windows. It does not interfere with radio reception or GPS function (GPS antenna is on the roof) or my Bluetooth reception. In the past cars of mine with the metallic tint have had issues with radio reception, especially AM. For that reason I have not gotten metallic tinting since.
  • pilotguy1pilotguy1 Member Posts: 32
    I have done further research on the metal tint and I am going with Madico Charcool tint. No reason to take the chance of having reduced reception on anything. worse case I can have the car re-tinted in a few years.
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    I just noticed on mine I can actually lift the spoiler off the trunk lid at either end, so it appears the spoiler is only attached to the trunk lid near the middle. Has anyone else noticed this, and is it normal, or has my dealer somehow shortcut on the installation?
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,446 spoiler is attached at the ends.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    So you can't lift the spoiler off the trunk lid even a little crack? I guess I'll have to have to dealer take a look at mine.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,446
    Correct.....the spoiler doesn't move.
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    A friend used Invinca-Shield for his Porsche. Reasonably priced.

    TL Invinca-Shield
  • igibanigiban Member Posts: 530
    Since this bra is so thin does it prevent mainly only chips but not dents?
  • mpkenmpken Member Posts: 2
    I'd use it to prevent chips. My 8 year old accord had 1 dent from a rock on the hood, but numerous pits and chips. I figured that once installed, it was maintenance free. Rain or shine, your protected.
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    I am contemplating getting an 05TL with rear deck spoiler and splash guards but I have not seen any cars on the road with these added options. For those of you that have purchased the deck spoiler, are you happy with the way it looks? Is it worth the $400 price for the part. Also, what does the dealer charge to install it?

    With regard to splash guards, are there 4 of them (one at each fender) or are they only on the rear wheels? Also, are they black in color or do them come color-coded to the car exterior color?

    Thanks for your help
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    I was lukewarm towards the spoiler before I bought it, but now I think the TL's trunk looks sort of "unfinished" without one. It think it really complements the sporty styling of the TL.
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