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Acura TL Accessories and Modifications



  • pilotguy1pilotguy1 Member Posts: 32
    The dealer sells only black that I am aware of, but I did see a white TL with white mud flaps a few weeks ago and it looked great. I don't know where they got them white but I think it would be hard for a local body shop to paint due to the extreme flexing the rubber would be capable of doing. I would love to get a set for my car if I ever find out where they can be bought.
  • grjatlconvertgrjatlconvert Member Posts: 1
    Hey folks, I bought a Moto V3 yesterday, then read the Acura TL Setup manual which says some Bluetooth phones will not work with the TL. Called Acura's Bluetooth hotline, they said, "gee, we are working on it as we speak. So I figured I'd give it a shot. After a few tweeks of the Moto "connections" menu, it works like a charm. No drops, everything does as it is supposed to do. Anyway, if you are thinking of buying the Mot V3, go ahead, it works.
    Newbe 2005 TL owner.
  • barryaz1barryaz1 Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get anywhere with this? I've also been trying to check this out since I know there are connecrtors out there if the unit has the jack. The Acura dealer just told me that they don't THINK it has a jack in the back if the unit has the 6 disc in-dash changer. Thanks. Please respond ASAP as I've got a Sirius unit ready to go.
  • cls03cls03 Member Posts: 10
    Hi all...

    I don't know if this has been answered already. But earlier, some people were saying the V-710 (from verizon) wouldn't work (or they couldn't get it to work properly). The issue was that an incoming call wouldn't be received by the stereo, but only at the phone, itself.

    My salesman assured me that this phone works properly. He said when/if I get the phone, to bring it in to him and he'll set it up correctly for me. He's been great and patient about showing me the NAVI and voice commands - after the sale!

    Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg, MD, a suburb of D.C.

  • sacdriversacdriver Member Posts: 33
    I am considering an '05 TL and notice that there are optional spoilers which can be added. If I add the deck lid spoiler plus the side underbody spoiler, front underbody spoiler, and the rear underbody spoiler I am looking at a very substantial increase in price. While I know aesthetics are a matter of judgement, would this car look "stupid" or out of balance if I just added the deck lid spoiler and the side underbody spoiler?
  • colecole Member Posts: 67
    has anybody used this successfully with the TL? I'm thinking of getting one to convert my non-bluetooth phone into a bluetooth phone.


    Is there any word on whether or not this works?
  • mistert3mistert3 Member Posts: 1
    I would like to mount a radar detector and wire it in permanently to avoid the dangling cord. I know there's 12V inside the moonroof/courtesy light insert in the roof but how do I get that piece with the switches out without damaging it?
  • cabowabodudecabowabodude Member Posts: 45
    I know Acura offers XM is there any way to get Sirius instead??
  • aaarghaaargh Member Posts: 230
    Not unless you buy it yourself - including the radio. Honda has a contract with XM and the equipment is specific to XM.
  • roylroyl Member Posts: 2
    We have had our 2005 TL for four weeks and so far it has been as advertised. Does anyone know of any web sites where I can purchase the DVD-Audios? So far I have been only to find a few at the local Best Buy.
  • handsonhandson Member Posts: 8
    Try DVD-Audio at At least they have a selection.

  • arizonaroadsarizonaroads Member Posts: 9
    Does anyone know what the price of the wood shift selector for the 2004-5 TL should be? Is there any good place to buy one (excluding e-Bay) other than from the parts department at an Acura dealership? I think the wood knob would look good.
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
  • sf_driversf_driver Member Posts: 10

    Did you ever try this? I just got an 05 TL w/Navi and I'd like to connect my iPod to and be able to see DVDs or TV on the Navi screen.


    >I have not tried this yet, but I will this weekend.
  • wr_gwr_g Member Posts: 33
    I'm thinking of getting a remote starter for my 2004TL. Has anyone done this and, if so, any advice you can provide would be appreciated.


  • handsonhandson Member Posts: 8
    That sounds like something I would be interested in. Have you found out anything about it yet?
  • plastixplastix Member Posts: 10
    I just purchased a 2005 TL with the standard automatic tranny. Obviously, it's equipped with the sequential sportshift system: tip it forward to upshift, pull it back to downshift.


    So is there any way to swap that mechanism? I mean, is there any way to make a forward tip a downshift, and a backward pull an upshift? It must take just a reprogram of the car's ECU/gearbox to do that. I just find the stock set-up so completely backwards and counterintuitive (I'm too used to racecar sequential gearboxes). I find the stock set-up as discombobulating as putting the accelerator on the left, and the brake pedal on the right.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,443
    The BMW steptronic is the same way. Just "reprogram" yourself. Remember that forward is faster.
  • guitarmanguitarman Member Posts: 7
    Where can I find a deinitive list of phones ( wife has MY new acura at work and it has the manuals in it!)that work with the 2004TL handsfree system using Bluetooth?
  • igibanigiban Member Posts: 530
    How do you put on this smaller side net in trunk? For the cargo net I simply hang the four corners on the wall w/o using the middle ones, forming sort of a swing-bed like bag. That kind of works. I have hard time figuring out how to form a bag with that side net. Any advice?
  • guitarmanguitarman Member Posts: 7
    I just bought one last night. tried it but was unsuccessful. It does say to put the phone in "discovery mode". I am not sure what that means does anybody else? I am trying to pair a LG VX6100 with the Acura. Anybody else had luck with the Jabra?
  • guitarmanguitarman Member Posts: 7
    I was on another website and it said the Motorola V710 (ONLY WORKS WITH DEFAULT RINGTONE!!!!!!!!!!!). Has anybody tried setting up this phone on the Verizon network with th TL. BTW the JABRA A210 bluetooth adapter does NOT work with the TL HFL. I just spoke with JABRA.
  • guitarmanguitarman Member Posts: 7
    i just talked to JABRA and this does NOT work with the Acura TL. Acura uses a different version of software from JABRA.
  • illpearl04tlillpearl04tl Member Posts: 2
    hey sacdriver I have a 04 TL with the deck lip but not the side skirt. If that's what you can afford i'd go for it... you can gradualy put the front and rear in the future... in my opinion i don't think it would look messed up
  • illpearl04tlillpearl04tl Member Posts: 2
    Mines did
  • deekmddeekmd Member Posts: 12
    I am not sure what your question is, but I just got the V710 and set it up to use the handsfree link via bluetooth with NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. I am not savvy enough to try importing contact lists, if that is even possible, but the phone works great via bluetooth. The setup was easy and flawless. BTW, I also have verizon wireless in So Cal.
  • semezsemez Member Posts: 36
    Thinking about doing the same getting a v-10 what was your best cost for the v-10 phone?
  • evildoctorevildoctor Member Posts: 1
    Bluetooth phones for TL:



    Click on pic of phone, then click on "phone compatibility"
  • blair1blair1 Member Posts: 1
    Is there any way to connect an ipod to the factory stereo in a 2004 Acura TL with NAV?
  • mikeg2mikeg2 Member Posts: 13
    Belkin makes a small FM transmitter that plugs in the I pods earphone jack and plays thru the radio.If you have blank airspace on the radio it plays clearly.May sound better if it was hardwired but you can use this to play your apple thru any car or stereo or in rental cars on trips.
  • amylouamylou Member Posts: 1
    Hi. If you log onto the website, select the TL and look at the Bluetooth info. There will be a listing of all the phones that work with the TL. I just bought the Motorola V551 for my 2004 TL and it paired in less than 2 minutes and works great! I love it! If you can't find the list, here's my copy of it. Good luck.

    1. Sony Ericsson K600/700


    2. Sony Ericsson T610/616


    3. Sony Ericsson T630/637


    4. Sony Ericsson Z600


    5. Sony Ericsson T68i


    6. Sony Ericsson T608


    7. Nokia 3600/3650


    8. Nokia 3620/3660


    9. Nokia 6820


    10. Nokia N-GAGE


    11. Nokia 6310i


    12. Nokia 6230


    13. Nokia 6650


    14. Blackberry 7290


    15. Motorola V500/V525


    16. Motorola V80


    17. Motorola V3


    18. Motorola V551


    19. Motorola V505


    20. Siemens S55/S56


    21. LG PM-325
  • batmansacurabatmansacura Member Posts: 2
    did you get it to work
  • brianlabrianla Member Posts: 7
    Beats me. I screwed around with that smaller net for about 30 minutes (which seemed like 30 hours) and gave up. I had a nice cargo organizer from LL Bean anyway and so I had little use for the nets.
  • igibanigiban Member Posts: 530
    I just use the main cargo net, which is useful. The side net is a gimmick or a test for IQ, which we might have failed! Then again, it might have to use those bolts on trunk bottom, and since I have a trunk tray and see no reason to drill a hole for it, that thing is grounded.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Member Posts: 248
    I am thinking about purchasing a 05 TL. What do you guys think are the must have accessories? 18 inch chrome wheels? Side molding? Rear deck spoiler? etc..... Or are no accessories needed? If accessories are needed, how much should I be paying for any needed extras? Thank you.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,443
    I have the wood dash (extra wood), wood wheel, front and rear spoilers and body side moldings. Of all, the one I think that's "needed" is the body side moldings. I think the car actually looks nicer without the rear spoiler.
  • besharponebesharpone Member Posts: 2
    Works great!!! I actually changed my cell phone service because the new service was offering a free phone with Bluetooth technology and I figured that I might as well get one since the TL has the capability.

    It was very easy to set up and it works quite nicely. Has Caller ID, a phonebook too.

    After you set it up, you just tell the system what number or person to call, based on what info you have entered in the system and you just talk like you would normally do if holding the phone.

    It just comes over the speaker system instead. Very cool!!!
  • igibanigiban Member Posts: 530
    Which phone/service plan is this?
  • besharponebesharpone Member Posts: 2 is the website. They have serveral phones and services to choose from.

    Mine is the v-600 Camera Phone. I paid 99.00 for the phone but it is rebated back. You also get a free portable DVD player but I think the offer for the DVD player may have expired.

    The service is 39.00 per month.
  • igibanigiban Member Posts: 530
    You mean Motorola V600? Does it work both ways well? I read somewhere that V600 works only partially on TL but sounds like yours work just fine.

    I was given V600, or SonyE's T610 or T630 as choices and I am trying to decide on one. I do like the V600's style better but SE are fine too. Acura's website has SE T610 and 630 but not Mot's V600 as working BT phones for TL.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Get the trunk lip spoiler (subtle but sporty), and the trunk tray (keeps your trunk clean and dry).
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,443
    Have Sony E's T608 and would not recommend; lousy phone.
  • jzarkjzark Member Posts: 1
    Hi Folks - I hope this is on-topic, if not please point me in the right direction. I have a '99 TL with 75k miles. I bought it with the in-trunk Acura 6-CD Changer. The changer is broken, I'm not sure how it happened or what the specific problem is, but it is and what's worse, there is no way to eject the magazine so that I can retrieve the 6 CDs that are in there.

    I don't even care about the changer anymore - I've been playing my iPod in the car for a while now - but I'm really upset that the changer is holding some of my favorite music hostage!

    My dealer says it's impossible to remove the CD magazine from the changer without physically removing the changer from the trunk ($95/hour). Then to remove the magazine, they are going to have to send the changer out for analysis and repair, which I'm told is going to cost me at least another $200 in all likelihood.

    Does anyone have any ideas for solving this dilemma inexpensively or should I just suck it up and get the issue resolved realizing that the next person to buy the car may value the CD changer.

    Any guidance here will be greatly appreciated.

    PS. It's nice to read all of the discussion about the new TL models/features etc. I still remember using the Edmunds site extensively as I researched and then decided to buy my 3.2TL in '99. Good luck to all the new TL owners! It's really a great car!!!
  • freakaxoidfreakaxoid Member Posts: 3
    I'm also looking into purchasing an '05 TL.

    Is it better (cheaper) to order the accessories from the dealer and have them install it or order them somewhere else and have them installed either by yourself or someone else?

    Also, how can I find out how much the dealers actually pay for the spoiler, moldings, etc.? I'm trying to think if I can haggle for the price those.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    I think you can save money by buying elsewhere and installing yourself, BUT, if you buy the accessories with the car and have them installed by the dealer, they carry the same warranty as the car. As for dealer's cost of accessories, it's hard to say, but generally you should be able to discount 15 - 20% off listed prices (which are installed prices).
  • rob813rob813 Member Posts: 11
    I hope this isn't too late for you.

    I just picked up my 05 TL Monday night and already had the V600. I was afraid of what kind of hoops I was going to have to go through, after reading a number of posts about how the phone had to be set up, and if you had to have the clamshell open, etc.
    It only took a couple of minutes to pair the phone and car - which the dealer did. I have sent and received calls without any issues.

    The multi-function display on the dash only displays the signal strength, and not the battery life, from the phone. Not a huge deal for me, but you may feel differently.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Do you have to have the clamshell open?
  • rob813rob813 Member Posts: 11
    No. The clamshell stays closed.

    I was concerned about that myself after reading some posts...but I had already deposited on the car. I was worried for nothing, it seems.

    I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I got my phone in October, so the s/w version may be newer than the version of some of the people who had issues. (?)
  • freakaxoidfreakaxoid Member Posts: 3
    That's a good point about the warranty aspect. Thanks for the info!

    As you can tell, I'm looking to purchase the TL (5A) w/o navigation., but with the spoiler accessories (front, side, rear and wing). This tallys up to a little over $35,000 (MSRP+dest. chrg = $33,760 + $1500 for access.).

    So, when I go to a dealer, what would be a fair asking price for this kind of scenario?
  • igibanigiban Member Posts: 530
    Thanks but I took the safer route and got SE T610; it's less $$ than V600 on my plan anyway. Paired it and worked like a charm. Shows both strength and battery icons on display. Call and receive well. Takes quite a bit of thumb moves to talk to that woman tho. I like my TL even better now.
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