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  • kylepkylep Member Posts: 7
    does anyone know of a roof rack for bycycles? I've had a Yakima for years on other vehicles but they don't currently have anything that fits an '04 TL

    can always go with a trunk rack but would rather not
  • rob813rob813 Member Posts: 11
    Less $$ is a good thing. Even better when the product works well.
    The v600 has been good to me. The first Bluetooth accessory I bought was the Motorola wireless headset. That worked well, but was pretty much made moot by the second accessory, the TL.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Has anyone seen the new Motorola RAZR V3 flip phone? Great-looking phone, razor-thin. It does have bluetooth. Wonder if it is compatible with TL's Handsfree. I'm just about due for an upgrade on my phone plan....
  • brianlabrianla Member Posts: 7
    My 04 TL had the rear deck (wing) spoiler and I am indifferent about it. I cannot see paying over $400 for one.

    I bought the body side mouldings because I think they are necessary protection and they look good. ($235 installed by dealer)

    Also got the splash guards which are O.K. but not needed unless you are in a lot of snow or mud. Since my car is red they are hardly noticeable, but I think I would pass on a light colored car.
  • gravitygravity Member Posts: 2
    I'd assume that you were trying to do this in order to attach a device such as an ipod. Did this work? I'm thinking about buying an 05 TL w/ navigation. It sounds like the consensus it that it is not possible to hook up an ipod to a TL.

  • 1russky1russky Member Posts: 1
    I own 2004 Acura TL and here is the info on some of the phones that I used or tried to use in the car:

    SonyEricsson T610 - Works fine, showing battery and signal strength
    SonyEricsson Z600 - same as above
    SonyEricsson p900 - not working at all.
    Nokia 6800 - works, not showing signal strength or battery life on car display.
    SonyEricsson p910i - works, but has to be manually activated from the phone every time you use it.
    Palmone Treo 650 - works, no signal or battery info.
    I'm supposed to receive Nokia 9500 communicator in a few days - will update you if it works.
    There is a list of compatible phones on Acura TL site , you will need to do some digging to find it.
  • ceraulicerauli Member Posts: 44
    Nokia 3066 works great! Bigger phone but if you don't care I recommend that one!
  • cafpafcafpaf Member Posts: 65
    Could you please tell me where you got the faux wood kit. I have the ebony interior and would like to change out the faux carbon fiber for a wood look. Thank you!
  • gb23278gb23278 Member Posts: 4
    How are the rear spoilers installed, are holes drilled in the trunk? How is the rear lip installed? My dad is in auto body, he says that if it is done at dealer and holes are drilled, body is exposed for rust. He believes it is only worth getting them if factory does it so that body has a good finish and no exposure. How are the side moldings put on, side under, rear under, front under? Screwed/drilled/clipped? my father can get a discount on these so if it is easy I will buy them from him and not through dealer. Please help. Also any feedback on your audio system for just regular cds, comparing it to an after market system with 10"subs amped, front components, rear 3-ways, and a low end 200watt amplifier to speakers? how does it compare? I want something clear and powerful. THanks
  • calitlcalitl Member Posts: 3
    Just my 2 cents but, I ended up not getting the deck lid or the spoiler, only the side, front and rear spoilers. I personally like the cool, low-slung look without the rear wing. A matter of preference I guess.

    In SoCal I paid about $1000 for the installed kit.
  • corey1corey1 Member Posts: 5
    I'd love to learn how you got your Palmone Treo 650 to work. I can not get the TL to maintain a "pair" once I set up. I have downloaded the special Bluetooth software from Treo and kept my phone in "discoverable" mode...still not luck pairing with the TL. Any advice or comments??
  • corey1corey1 Member Posts: 5
    IF you have a bluetooth phone that's compatible with the TL, your bluetooth experience will be phenomenal. I can only compare the quality of the TL to that of the Lexus RX serious. TL blows Lexus out of the water. In the TL the sound quality is phenomenal!!!!

    Make sure your phone is compatable. I own a Treo650 by Palmone and have had numerous compatability issues. I'd love comments on fixing this issue.
  • corey1corey1 Member Posts: 5
    Hey Maddawg -
    I do know and do have one. Unfortunately, it's not cheap. The Treo650 costs about $600. You will not get any purchase incentives because you are already a spring customer. It is a more sophisticated version of the Blackberry. But I caution you...the treo 650 has compatability issues with the least mine has.
  • corey1corey1 Member Posts: 5
    Hello Vfernandez1:
    I have a great Bluetooth enabled PDA phone. It's the Treo650 by PalmOne. However, I have experienced compatability issues with the TL's Bluetooth interface. So, proceed with caution.

    The Blackberry is on Acura's list of approved Bluetooth phones.
  • silver9932tlsilver9932tl Member Posts: 2
    Anyone know where i can get a replacement silver OEM front skirt for my 99 TL
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Hmm...I was considering going for the Treo since I've been using a Palm PDA, but if it is not compatible with the TL, then that'll be a no go.

    Thanks for the heads-up.
  • ronaries10ronaries10 Member Posts: 64
    I am considering getting a set of aftermarket wheels for the 2005 TL.. Can you tell me what sizes are normal, plus one etc? I have an opportunity to purchase Konig wheels at special pricing & think that might be better than getting steel wheels cheap, etc or going to Ebay stuff. I haven't finalized thinking about whether I would run them in summer or winter, but probably prefer presently to use the stock wheels for winter. In the past , I've only bought wheels which replaced the same size as stock .... so I'm new at this! Thanks.
  • rambo303rambo303 Member Posts: 6
    I recently noticed that my fog lights don't match the color of the head lights. (its quite the eye sore!) The fog lights seem yellowish and dim compared to the head lights. I was just curious if anyone has ever tried or knows anything about replacing the fog light bulb in order to "reproduce" the same color as the HID lights. If anyone has any suggestions please share.

  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Member Posts: 134
    The fog light bulb is a halogen bulb that is the same as the headlight bulb used on cars without HID headlights. I don't know of any after market halogen bulbs that can duplicate the light from a HID light. Most of the imitation HID lights look pretty ridiculous and alot are not even street legal. That is one of the things that I don't like about my TL. I usually don't ride with them on because they look silly. They would look better if they put them down lower in the bumper.
  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Member Posts: 134
    I have had My 04, AT, Navi for a year now and I would like to know if anybody knows a good reason why a folding rear seat is not available on the TL. The back of the seat looks the same as an Accord and it looks like it could fold down but it doesn't.
  • igibanigiban Member Posts: 530
    I am not saying it's right but I've found that folding rear seats more common in non-luxy cars than luxy ones. Go figure.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    Well, it's because rich dudes can afford to have another vehicle, say, an SUV, to carry bulky items. :D:)
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    My '01 CL-S had fog lights down in the bumper, and they looked pretty silly too, compared to the HID lights. I just think they should just forget about fog lights if the car has HID.
  • dedvukajdedvukaj Member Posts: 1
    What are u willing to pay, i have some i just picked up some new wheels
  • charliebearcharliebear Member Posts: 7
    I have an 05 TL with Navi, and a Palm Treo 650 which I paired up in the showroom before I drove my new car away. I did download the bluetooth software update BEFORE I paired the phone. I've had no problems with it, dialing, receiving calls, etc. It does not show signal strength or battery level on the display however (no big deal). A nice option would be to sync the address book of the phone with the car, I suspect this is disabled on purpose due to the size of the palm address book (and amount of info it can contain)
  • vinpovinpo Member Posts: 7
    Hello All, not sure if this is the right place for htis question. I am almost ready to buy a 05 TL and one of the dealers had this additional package (undercoating,seats, carpet,vinyl, paint with warranty). Is it good to have this coverage? What are the benefits?

    thanks, vinpo
  • igibanigiban Member Posts: 530
    Yep I heard that logic too, so for those spending over $30K on a single car, you'd not complain because you'd be rich enough to get another car suited for heavy/bulky duty work. That said (for Acura/Lexus..), I think BMW and MB actually offer you folding rear seat option, common in non-luxy cars, for some extra $$. Go figure again.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,446
    Buy the "coverage" if you are the type that also buys warranties at Best Buy or Circuit City when you buy something there. In my experience, these are overpriced and strictly money making propositions for the dealer.
  • sadtlowner1sadtlowner1 Member Posts: 4
    I've brought larger wheels for my last two cars. As far as my TL I haven't decided yet...the stock size(235/45 17) is very comfortable.

    Going to "plus one"(235/40 18) would look GREAT!....the trade off would be a stiffer and louder ride. So it's LOOKS or comfort you need to decide on or you can just stay with original size. Hope that helps you. :) BTW the A-spec TL uses the 18"s.
  • biggeek327biggeek327 Member Posts: 1
    Download the updated Treo 650 software at:

    I followed the directions and now have my 650 paired with my 04' TL and love it! This patch allows the pair to persist even after the ignition is turned off. Works like a charm!
  • ronaries10ronaries10 Member Posts: 64
    Sorry...I missed this post until today, sadtlowner.

    I guess I'm inclined to stay with Acura's 17 inch wheel...since 18 inch tires will be quite a bit more expensive and a reoccuring expense. And I don't really want a stiffer ride. If I find that I'm autocrossing/racing more than I expect, then I'll bite that bullet and deal with the larger tire/wheel combo ... but I doubt this will occur as presently I use my 92 300zx. I've pretty well decided for the TL to get another set of 17 x 8s and run snow tires Nov-March for a more secure ride.
  • travprotravpro Member Posts: 7
    I'm curious if anybody knows how and if it is possible to hook up an iPod to the head unit of an 05 TL. I assume it would go in the back of the head unit into the cd changer port, if there is one. I would love to hear from somebody who has done this as well.

    Denison makes a good looking product that claims to show the song info on the display as well as steering wheel controls. It looks like the best, yet there is ipod2car by peripheral as well,

    Thanks for help, I don't know if it is possible yet and of course which one to go with.
  • sfox2sfox2 Member Posts: 2
    What are thoughts regarding the Nav System? Does it work well and is it worth the extra 1821.00?
  • nick44nick44 Member Posts: 1

    My 2002 Acura TL-S, Silver, will be stored outside, right next to Boston Harbor for the next 5-6 months.

    I would very much like to get some ideas as to what I should be looking at regarding a car cover.

    Thanks for any help anyone might be able to provide.

  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Member Posts: 134
    I think you would regret not getting the navi. I think that it makes it a totally different car. The way I looked at it was, It I am spending 30 grand on a car, whats another 2 thousand? I love the navigation, especially the voice command part of it. Oh, and its fun show show off when people ask to see inside.
  • mikeg2mikeg2 Member Posts: 13
    Pay for the nav.I had the same question.It is a world of entertainment and makes long trips much more relaxed by prompting you ahead of time about intersections turns etc.The screen also makes the radio,cd,and xm easier to use with large push button prompts,Finally the nav car has better tires.With aftermarket navs at more than $1000 this integrated voice command systgem is a deal.My coworker just got nav on a new accord and she is also thrilled.Bargain hard at sale time and get this for less than list price,
  • inemerinemer Member Posts: 44
    Get Navigation System - you will never regret. We get NAVY with our MDX and my wife and I don't even think to get TL with out NAVY.
  • igibanigiban Member Posts: 530
    Some very good mobile GPS for cars are selling way under $1K now. If you think NAV is useful (other than fancy toy and showoff but real use of it) to your lifestyle, that'd be an effective alternative. Paying $2K for every car you own to get a fixed NAV on each may not be $ensible to everyone. Or you can think of which car of yours will need NAV most (for family trips, business, etc....) and get that car NAV.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Member Posts: 424
    To me, unles you travel alot for business or vacations, I think Nav IS NOT worth it.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Member Posts: 3,446
    I used to feel the same as you about Nav., saying "I know my way to the office and grocery store". Living in a large metropolitan area, however, I discovered that with a lot of road work and construction, it is very helpful in finding a thru street and/or alternate routes. It also guides me when I'm in a totally different part of town on business on not getting lost. It may not be worth the premium for many but is still a valuable tool which I miss in a car not possessing it.
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    I echo what carnaught said. There are always pockets in the city which you are not familiar with. Much simpler just to punch in the address and not worry about it. And also there will no doubt be many times when you have to drive out to the suburbs. I'm sure you don't know every area in the 'burbs.
  • drcohendrcohen Member Posts: 20
    Does anyone here know what can be used to plug those ugly looking holes where dealers put the front license plate holder?
    I immediately removed the holder once I got it home Sat.
    Now I have two centered 3/4 inch cicumference holes which does not look good. Would the dealer have the plugs that might have been once there before arrival to the dealers?
    I can always find a solution, however....

    Does anyone know

    Thanks..Love my TL
  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Member Posts: 134
    The dealer should have given them to you when you bought the car. I am sure if you ask they will give them to you.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Member Posts: 424
    Actually since being a police officer I know pretty much the whole county in which I live in. I grew up in the same area for almost 30 years so I would think I know my way around. Now if I moved, NAV is a must!
  • drcohendrcohen Member Posts: 20
    Thanks bhelsdon,
    I called one dealer (not mine) yesterday, they wanted $28. each. pathetic bunch.
    I will call my salesman today and see about that. Had I known of these holes when I picked up my car Friday, I would have left with them in my pocket. My wife's 2005 Accord front holder is bolted under the air vent, therefore, no holes in the front fascia.
    and life goes on.....with my TL.......
  • bhelsdonbhelsdon Member Posts: 134
    They shouldn't charge you for them. I don't have the front plate attached on mine but the dealer gave me the hardware for it for free. The car didn't come with it on so you are entitled to what the car came with.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    I understand what you mean, I was born and raised in San Francisco, and still live in San Francisco, I am not going to pay 2000 for a map . ;)
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    Do I have to keep the low profile tires on my new TL, or can I get regular tires?
  • bodble2bodble2 Member Posts: 4,514
    To go to a higher-profile tire, you would have to go with a narrower tire, which may not fit the standard rim.
  • frisconickfrisconick Member Posts: 1,275
    thanks for the information, I really appreciate it. I was afraid of something like that.
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