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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • its a v6 auto access cab with offroad package
  • novanova Posts: 135
    My truck is a month old no problems. the tacoma problems started showing up the second week. I do not hate the tacoma all i am doing is stating the FACKS.I do believe that the toyota at one time was better then the nissan. NOT ANY MORE
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    OK... in that case, thanks for sharing!



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  • Iwas just wondering, i was thinking of purchasing an 05 Tacoma, was the leak taken care of..any problems with the composite bed?? How long have you had it..I am up in NH,, Thank you for your time
  • I have experienced NO problem after 3000 miles on my 2005, 4Cyl. extended cab Tacoma . A few weeks ago we had extended heavy rain in South Cal. and there was no leakage in my truck. I am very happy with my truck. It is quiet, smooth ride and has enough power for my needs. I get around 24 to 25 MPG for %70 highway and %30 city driving.
  • I got $2,000 of the MFSP
  • u kanadian then...? ya i duno wut to ask for i was gonna say eat the gst with the thousand off but i think thats wishful thinking
  • I have 1000 miles on a 2005 Taco, Access Cab, 4X4, 4 Cyl. Gas mileage on highway is 23.3. Very good performance for a 4 cyl. Toyota has definitely gotten the max out of 4 cylinders.

         Body rattles and I am not happy with that.

         Owners manual plainly states that when remote locking and unlocking doors there is suppose to be a beep. There is none and that is simply misleading manual info. Who the heck proof reads the manuals at Toyota?

         Rides like a dream. Looks great and have had a lot of compliments.

         No leaks have been observed and I have been in some hellish rain storms.

         Two questions:

    1) Did not get upgrade alloy wheels because I wanted special aftermarket ones. Current tire size is 245/75R/16 when delivered. Does anyone know if a 265/70R/16 tire will fit properly on this vehicle and not void any warranty, etc?


    2) Does anyone know of any after market Taco fog lamps that are being offered. Toyota dealer wants $199. for each light. Can you believe that?I saw the ones on EBay and they are definitely a scam. I hate the black holes in bumper.

    Thanks for any help...............
  • wes240wes240 Posts: 33
    Canadiantaco quote:

    hey i just got a quote for 35 500 plus gst with everything included so walkhome round 38000 i told the guy to eat the gst and id but it on the spot. he seemed interested but said no should i stand or ask for a even better price lol.. what did you guys pay.. under msrp .. im getting bout 1.5 gs off rite now.. so i duno if its good deal or not.. and whats the canadian invoice on these


    holy s&*t is that hard to read...... what age do they let are friends up north drive?
  • ya im 17 and im gettin a tacoma ... damn sweet eh and im puttin 20s on it... and subs and seet covers and lowerin it and puttn a body kit on it or gettin a custom one if one aint out soon enuff. i duno im figurin to put 7500 buks into it. so how much under msrp did u canadians get ur truk for
  • Yes I know it.


    May I suggest you visit;



    This is a very informational site by corrosion experts.


    If it is the Final Coat module you're looking at, the Paint Sealant is optional. If it is applied and warranted it needs to be re applied every 5 years.Doing this will also allow you to have the Surface Rust option. This is unquestionably the best coverage available anywhere since it duplicates the car manufacturer's warranty for car-life if inspections and sealant is kept up. If you want to know what this coverage actually is, check your automobile owners manual. Electronic rust control is the best way to protect your car but be careful, all modules are not the same.
  • "ya im 17 and im gettin a tacoma ... damn sweet eh and im puttin 20s on it... and subs and seet covers and lowerin it and puttn a body kit on it or gettin a custom one if one aint out soon enuff. i duno im figurin to put 7500 buks into it. so how much under msrp did u canadians get ur truk for"


    Your post is practically unreadable. I hope your driving is better than your grammar and spelling.
  • I have a 2005 Taco Prerunner access cab I looked underneath and noticed a bead of caulk looking stuff all the way across near the back door,I guess I was one of the lucky ones who had problem fixed before i bought truck (12-14-2004).Looks like they did a good job should never leak. Now i feel i should buy running boards to prevent paint chipping..i like the looks of tube steps better but I doubt they would be as effective. Any thoughts on this? BTW I paid 1400.00 over invoice and felt lucky to get it at that price. Here near San Francisco I rarely see 2005 tacos on the street, seems to be a shortage at the moment.As far as the glove box issue goes I did notce it but It doesn't bother me, seems very minor.(at least with my color) Mostly hwy driving i get 20 mpg I use mid-grade I am satisfied with that. I really am happy with the truck I hope you nice people end up feeling the same. Take Care All!
  • Great thanks.


    The company that I am dealing with just switched from Final coat to DK Diamond-Kote. Have you heard anything about this company?
  • I've been lucky too. Had mine (Dcab Sport 6spd)since mid Dec, 2200 miles. Never been back to dealer. I thought I heard the cab clunk early on, but havent heard it in a month. All I've done is put 16' snow tires on, the Bridgestone H/T 17' Sport tires are awful in snow.
  • I hope to buy a Tacoma within the next few months, possibly early to mid-spring. If Toyota sees that there are manufacturing defects at this time with the vehicle, would they not be addressing the issue in the factories now as the trucks are being built? I would hate to think that trucks coming off of the assembly line now are being constructed the way they have been since day one of production. One of the major concerns for me is the water leak issue. It's kind of difficult to get an estimate of how many people are actually having this problem, but from the hundreds of posts on this forum, it seems like the odds of buying a truck with this problem are pretty high. Does anyone know how Toyota would address this issue? Would Toyota wait until the 2006 model year to address the issues for 2005 and just patch up the cases that are coming in to them in the meantime?
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    Drove the new Taco home from the dealership last night. Rides very smooth, and not bouncey like my dad's 98 kind of is. Very happy with what I got.


    Dealer pushed the extended warranty with two different people (I said no, then they brought in another guy to ask me again). Considering that it added $70 to each month's payment (comes out to $4200, not including interest), I just couldn't do it!


    Dealer installed window tinting (included in cost of vehicle), pin stripes (which I'm not really sure if I like--is there an easy way to remove them?), and door edge guards (also not sure if I like, but will leave them on for now, they are just stuck on with double sided tape, from what I can tell).


    Truck had the $250+ roof rack option installed, which I didn't order, and was never asked to pay for, so I guess that is cool! Noticed that there was no front skid plate (or at least, it's not the usual one I'm used to seeing). I thought the TRD Sport and Off-Road came with this? It may be there, but if it is, it's been a redesigned unit, and painted black. (It was hard to see in the dark.)


    Have not noticed the cab bolt noise, too early to tell about the leak problem. Glovebox thing is very minor, not worth the hassle (wouldn't have noticed either). Engine ticking is slightly present, but appears to be just a normal engine noise (I'll goose the gas on the way home, and see if it's worse).


    I'm very impressed with the truck, overall. Leather interior was very pricey, but after seeing it, I realized that it was of higher quality than what is normally in some vehicles... More to come later...
  • I got around $2300 off the MSRP from a dealer in Ontario
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 500
    I do not understand it. I've got a graduate degree and my wife and I are pulling in a six figure income (American dollars). There is no way I can afford to buy a new truck and then drop $7,500 into it.


    And some 17 year old kid who can barely read and write can? What am I doing wrong with my life?
  • kids today don't have to worry about rent, health insurance, school payments, food expenses, and other costs that add up. wouldn't be surprised if a parent is helping in the purchase.
  • You guys haven't heard about the money trees that grow outside our igloos here in Canada ? Just kiddin !
  • Leak was taken care of. No leaks found with recent heavy rains here. No problems with composite bed and I haul a lot of hollow tiles and concrete mix bags.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,865
    Hahahahha! I'm not sure what the range is on those trees, but maybe that's what all those stumps were on my property when I bought it..... ;-D


    Now if I could just keep the darned igloo from melting every summer.
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  • Thanks Jackhammer. I appreciate the link to the Topper site. There are still quite a few bears here in Idaho so I was looking for a regular hard sided slide in camper for the little added time it would take a bear to make a snack of us. Looks like Six Pac Campers aren't going to make anything for the 05 this year.
  • YES! but not just in the Tacoma, But in my Camry!and not typically while the phone is in use. See link below.



    As the other gentleman put it- does it sound like Morse code on Steroids?
  • Will you encounter any problems if you mount 265/70R/16 tires on the 16" rims on a regular 2005 Taco? Truck does not have the TRD package. Ones on now are 245/75R/16. Appreciate any help..........

    Traveldog of Virginia
  • With all these posts in regards to the leaks, and any issues with the composite bed, Is purchsing the Tacoma worth it.. I still cannot find any company that offers a tonneau cover..I may have to got a Tundra..Any ideas. Thank you for the input
  • seminole key-- I have the same problem!!!



    But I'm seeing reports that it DOESN"T HAPPEN in every car, every car stereo system...... My car audio installer said I was the 1st person they have ever had that has had this problem (and the car audio location is partnered with a Verizon cell phone store!!!) With all the GSM phones out there- this issue should be very prevalent to where the car audio suppliers and cell phone suppliers addres it!


    So the question is what is the difference in the car/audio systems where it happens and where it doesn't???? And then what can be done to prevent/eliminate it
  • Mine appears to be when the cell phone has to reacquire a tower along my commute- Never has happened on an incoming or outgoing call from the phone!

  • Has anyone visited the "Build your Toyota" link on ToyotaUSA and noticed that the color availbility has changed for several models. Most noticeable is Speedway Blue missing from all 4X4 models. I also noticed that Indigo Ink is no longer shown as available on several of the 4X4 models. Let me qualify the above by saying I am looking in the KY/IL/OH/TN region. I also noticed Speedway Blue missing from the 4X4's in the Southeast Region. I know both colors were available earlier and have seen both on delivered vehicles. Has anyone tried to order Speedway Blue in the last couple of weeks on anything other than an X-Runner?
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