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Toyota Tacoma 2005+



  • swordsword Posts: 1
    After reading everything I could about the 2005 Tacoma since it was introduced, I finally got one this past weekend. I bought a double cab 4x2 Auto TRD Off-Road with towing (OG package) and the floor mats. The color is Impulse Red. I got $2500 off the MSRP of $26065.


    I am going to get some running boards/rails next. I have no problem getting in, but it is humorous to watch my five-foot wife try to climb in. Maybe I can get her a stepladder...


    I have not noticed any leaks but it does have the infamous plastic swirl on the glove compartment. I might ask for a replacement if it really starts to bother me.
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    I'm not sure if I really want the running boards or not, but since it would help protect the paint, and also allow my wife easier access...then I might go with it. However, are the running boards painted to match the truck, or are they just a standard color. It's hard to tell from the pictures...


    Also, what's the asking price for these, if not purchased with the truck?
  • I don't know how much the factory running boards are but I ordered the Tube Steps by Dee Zee from my dealer because they are perfect match to my Silver Streak Mica truck.


    They were about $415 plus $170 for installation. (I'd heard the trucks are pre-drilled for the installation but I don't have time to mess with it so I'm letting them do it.)


    You can look at all the options available for the Tacoma at


  • jackhammer........... I am currently working on the foglight problem also. Let me know how to get in touch and we can compare what we are finding out. Are you on Toyota Nation? If you are I am Cooch and can exchange info there.
  • I ordered a 2005 Double Cab,auto, TRD package #2 on December 18, 2004 and took delivery on Jan.29, 2005. Silver Streak Mica. Very limited miles at this point but really like the truck. Glove box is not discolored, took garden hose to windshield and can get no leak, no rattles on rough road, do have the paint difference along the bottom door panels which you have to sit on ground to notice, but I think this is normal paint job from factory. Rear flared wheel wells came with protective 3M clear protector. I bought clear bra protect ant from dealer.

    See very few new Tacomas on road although the three times I have driven mine I have passed two.
  • The Toyota running boards are black. They look very nice, but SWMBO did not want them so the dealer took them off our truck and gave us credit for them. To be fair to SWMBO, the Toyota running boards are the same height as the floor, so they serve no purpose as a "step." After our paint problem though, I'm having second thoughts!


    Invoice price on them was $369.00
  • I'll be darn..I just went out and looked at the lower 5 inches and you are right..looks like toyota is right on top of all these problems. I got my truck 12-14-2004 water leak was also corrected before truck hit the lot. I have ordered black running boards ( $247.50 + 40.00 shipping)

    I think they will look great! (wife will love them too)
  • No way to know if Toyota factory is aware of each of the problems that are posted in chat rooms but it makes business sense that they would listen to their dealers if, for example, the water leak is coming back to them in quantity. This new Tacoma looks like an awesome truck that is solid Toyota from the ground up. You take some risk with any new model but as Motor Trend Truck of the Year it looks like it earned that award.
  • aa00aa00 Posts: 30
    I ordered my double cab trd #2 offroad silver streak mica on 12/19. My original delivery date was 2/14, now it is 3/1. My truck also will have the tube steps on it as well. I traded in my 2004 taco and it also had the paint differance along bottom panels. How do you like the clear bra? Did you get trd offroad #2 or sport #2?
  • I bought my 05 at the end of November. No leaks, glove box problems or noises. 4x4, 4 cylinder, white. It has 4000 miles on it, been off road several times. Hauled quite a bit in it with no problems. Went from a Ranger Edge, no comparison. Very happy with it.
  • mark22,

    Has your 05 Tacoma 4x4 4 cylinder lived up to the EPA fuel mileage estimate? What type of mileage are you getting and how would you characterize the type of driving that you do(e.g. mostly highway, mostly city, 50/50)?
  • stnickstnick Posts: 177
    I bought the Toyota running boards from the dealers parts dept. about 3 weeks after I bought my truck. Their price was 359.00 but I got them to knock off 30.00. They are black. I installed them myself in 30 minutes. Very easy as the brakets line up perfectly with the pre drilled holes in the rocker panels. That was one reason why I went with Toyota brand. I think they look good and they cover the rockers full lenght. Makes washing the roof a lot easier, and lets my 5'2" wife get in and out easy. Nick.
  • gnitsgnits Posts: 9
    Wondering if the problems were addressed by the factory by my build date. I just received my 05 Taco Pre D-Cab TRD-Sports and build date indicates 1st week Dec.


    I have the glove dis-color issue and no chirp on alarm. Didn't notice cab bolt issues and haven't taken the water hose to the windshield, yet.


    Do people that have the cab water leak have build dates in December?


    Thanks in advance,

  • It's my daily driver to work, all surface stop and go streets thru Phoenix. What free weekends I have, usually will take it north on the freeway. Certainly not the stud going up thru the steeper freeway mountain passes, however it does fine, I did not expect it to be a Dodge hemi. I would say I am getting 20 in the city and around 25 on the highway. It's a 5 speed, does great off road. It has handled mud, snow climbing tracks with ease.
  • nickt1nickt1 Posts: 32
    The textured paint on the lower part of the truck is not new--it's been on the Tacoma since Day One. Ideally, it's supposed to have a special ingredient called ChipGuard in it to protect against chips, but something must have gone wrong because on the Tacoma, it offers no protection at all. The paint peels and flakes off quickly. I suspect that the new paint job from the dealer will be alot better, but I haven't gotten mine done yet--I'm waiting until winter is over--so I can't say for sure.

    Toyota's MSRP for the running boards is "$369 installed," though you'll find dealers charging more or less, and some will even charge extra to install them, even though Toyota's price is supposed to include installation. Toyota says it's only a "suggested" retail price and dealers are free to charge whatever they want. I found a good deal on the access cab running boards at for $232 plus shipping.
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225


    Thanks for the information about the paint. I just pointed it out, because I've never seen it before.


    Thanks for the link to Really a decent price on the running boards. I'm sure they do, but the bolts to bolt the boards on, come with it, right?


    Also, how does it mount? Do you remove those little black rubber pieces that run along the bottom of the rocker panels? I assume that's where the screws are put for the running boards?


    The double cab ones are $269 for those interested (plus shipping, of course).
  • aa00-I have the TRD offroad #2, heavy suspension, towing package, etc. I have not owned a clear bra before so it is too early for me to give you much feedback. I live in the Colorado mountains where they use sand and small gravel on the roads in the winter which goes through May, so without some protection all vehicles get chipped badly. I have a 1993 Toyota 4x4 with a plastic hood protector and even it as rock damage- replace windshields once a year. The dealer where I bot my Tacoma puts the clear bra on most of the cars they sell so it must work to some extent. I am concerned with the posts as to paint chipping as living where I do the paint will get a good test. I am thinking of putting the running boards on to get additional protection.


    I ordered my Tacoma from a small dealer on Dec 18,2004 and it was shipped out of Fremont, CA on Jan 20, 2005 and picked it up on the 29th.


    Let me know how you do with yours as it sounds like we have the same truck.
  • gnits, my Dcab 4x4 Sport was built first week of Dec too. No leaks, no chirp on alarm,(but normal with base alarm system.) The first two weeks I thought I heard the cab bolt (total about 5 times) but havent heard since, growing pains? Overall, very happy with everything.
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    Sweet. I just placed an order with, for a set of running boards for the double cab, the exhaust tip, a bike fork mount, and a wire harness used to connect the iPod2car interface to the Tacoma. That place has great prices, compared to the dealer!
  • Where do I find the exact build date?
  • hobohobo Posts: 27
    The build date is on the driver side door sticker. At least that's where I've seen it. Mine only had the month and year (01/05) and last digits of my VIN are in 35000's.


    I have the glovebox discoloration (no big deal), but so far none of the other problems people are reporting. Hasn't been wet enough to see if I have the leak, and I keep it garaged.
  • As far as the discoloration at the bottom section of your Tacoma; feel it. it's a texture change because it's a resistant surface. It's just a good idea...not a bad paint job.
  • My e-mail is

    Drop me a line, thanks
  • You should have looked on Ebay!! You could have saved a few hundred dollars...
  • geogeckogeogecko Posts: 225
    Hmm...I do an e-bay search and come up with basically zilch on anything for a 2005 Tacoma, in regards to running boards or tube steps. So I'm not sure what you are talking about.
  • I was one of the lucky ones to have reported the suspension noise/rattle about a month ago on this forum (no water leaks to date). I have a 2005 dbl cab 4x2 SB with the TRD sport #2 purchased on 12/15/04. I have had the truck to the dealer three times now with no resolve. I realize that people have stated that the issue is the cab mounts (I printed that info. from this forum and gave it to the service manager), but they insist that it is the suspension not the cab mounts. So far they have replaced the bushings and control arm on the passenger side and the rattle is still there as annoying as ever. The noise is worse when it is cold and dry and nearly goes away when it rains-sounds like a popcorn machine. Also, it is now rattling slightly on the driver's side as well although not as much. They have now ordered more replacement parts for the suspension for both sides which will take about a week to arrive from California (I'm in GA) and then yet another lovely trip to the dealer for me. I really do like the truck, but I'm extremely frustrated to spend so much of my free time dealing with this as this is one of the main reasons I bought a Toyota over any competitor-Toyota's reliability ratings. Now I'm wondering if anyone else had an actual suspension problem-rather than it being the cab mount bolts??? Maybe it is only a problem related to the sport suspension??? Thanks in advance for any help and I will certainly post the resolution when and if I get one.
  • volleyvolley Posts: 298
    I too came from a Ranger Edge and although I loved it, it doesn't compare to the Taco. Got mine in Nov too and love it!
  • Does anybody have the daytime running lights on their 05 Tacoma? I was wondering if the daytime running lights are the headlights that are on or are the parking lights on all the time. I have seen alot of GM vehicles with daytime running lights that have one head light burned out. I was wondering if this would happen with the Toyota daytime running lights also. I recently put a order in for a Tacoma with side airbags and was told that daytime running lights had to be ordered with this package.
  • Djwtarheel,

    I also have the same sound on the driver's side rear. I can only hear it when the vehicle is going over a bump or on non smooth terrain and only at slow speeds...35 MPH and higher the sound disappears. I have a strong suspicion that mine maybe the folding rear seat latch on the drivers side. Try this.....with the seat in the upright position, take your hand and smack the upper part of the seat and see if you hear a similar rattle to the sound that you describe....I agree it sounds like a Popcorn maker. Other than the Glovebox issue..I have none of the problems that other folks have on this forum. I am completely happy with the vehicle..I dont think that the sound that I am hearing is suspension related it sounds like it is in the cab..but I could be wrong. Let us know if you get to the bottom of the problem.
  • I have the popcorn machine noise, but it sounds to me like it is coming primarily from the front driver's side. The service department at my dealer tightened the cab mount bolts and it had no effect whatsoever. I completely buy the suggestion that it is the suspension and not the cab mount bolts. It definitely is not the rear seats or seat belts or storage compartment lid as some folks have suggested . I have checked all of these carefully and changed configurations without effect.


    Of course, when I took my truck into the dealer, the service department person apparently did nothing more than drive the truck around the building because he claimed he didn't hear the noise. I've been to busy to bring the truck back in, especially since I have the impression the service department at Tim's Toyota of Prescott, Arizona is clueless without precise instructions from Toyota (which have not been forthcoming).
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