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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
edited April 2015 in Nissan
For current Pricing information, go to 2015 Nissan Sentra Prices Paid

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  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27
    I owned Toyota and leased hondas for most part of my driving career :-). UNTIL i bought my First Nissan, a Pathfinder SE4x4 in 2001. It was the best vehicle i ever owned. I was carried away buy Pathfiner's quality and BOUGHT my second car from Nissan a SENTRA GXE 03

    This is almost a disaster, the service engine soon came twice and each time some compoents needed replacement (though in warranty)

    Overall all Nissan Dealers/ salesperson are not pleasent to deal with. Thats Why Nissan is still behind Honda & Toyota

    I want to know what other Sentra owners have to comment.

  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    "Overall all Nissan Dealers/ salesperson are not pleasent to deal with. Thats Why Nissan is still behind Honda & Toyota"

    Unless you have been to ALL Nissan dealers, you are not on ground to make this statement as you have presented it. Additionally, the surveys conducted by Consumer Reports AND JD Powers overwhelmingly indicate that sales satisfaction for Honda, Toyota, AND Nissan all lag the industry average by a significant degree.

    My 2003 Sentra 2.5LE has been flawless in its first 14 months and 22,500 miles. It has had two recalls, which I saw as an inconvenience, but Id rather something be detected and corrected at no cost to me prior to becoming an issue. Of course, 10-15 recalls is excessive (reference the Focus, BMW X5, Mercedes ML, etc), and I would find this an unacceptable representation of design and build quality.

    The Sentra, as is currently, has been eclipsed by newer more modern designs such as the Mazda 3, the Corolla, etc. However, it is still a very acceptable offering in this class despite is age and its anachronistic appearance in the Nissan lineup. I purchased mine because it had the right safety features (ABS and side airbags with head protection), the right power (165 hp), the right MPG (average 25-26), and the right price $14,500 before TTL. The deals are better now, enough to offset the slightly below class average depreciation, and a 2.5S can be had for $13,500.

    So thats my commentary. Any questions?
  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27
    Hmm... i guess i'm not lucky

    I had purchased my Pathfinder in CA,i went to atleast 10 dealerships before picking one(thats just because of price and trade-in on my Camry)

    I moved over to TN and purchased sentra, there are only 4to5 dealerships in Nashville and 2 other were extremly rude and the others were average

    On my Honda and Toyota i had been to an average of 10 dearlships and right from reception to final deals were pleasent

    Anyway i don not have any complanits on my Pathy and its the best vehicle i'v owned
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    Rebate in the first quarter of 2004 was $2500. Now down to $2000. So the MSRP of a Sentra 1.8 (not S), 5-speed, with typical equipment, is more like $12,400. How low can they go?
  • I purchased my Sentra 98 XE, manual in October 2002 for 5800 USD . It had 65,500 miles on it and was owned by 2 people before me.

    I drive it to Detroit almost twice a month(900 miles round trip) and i have put 28000 miles in 19 months. It gives me excellent mileage ( close to 38 on the highway) and has not troubled me or betrayed my trust !!!

    I give it regular oil changes and maintain all the check up schedules. I have only spent money to change rear brakes till now.

    I recommend Sentra as an alternative to the more overrated Civic and Corolla.
  • I just purchased two Nissan vehicles (Sentra and Xterra) from a dealership here in New Orleans. We got a good price on them, without question (for the two cars together, we paid about $1100 less than Edmunds TMV), but I was still seriously annoyed when we had arrived at an agreement about EVERYTHING, we were ready to sign documents, and suddenly a $395 (per vehicle) "consumer services" fee showed up on the bill. I hate -- let me say that again -- I ***HATE*** having charges suddenly appear on a bill after I've agreed on a price. Despite the good deal we were getting, I almost walked out of the dealership, simply out of principle. I think that they knew I was ready to walk out, because they at least knocked $100 off each $395 fee, bringing it down to "only" a $590 add-on between the two cars, instead of nearly $800.

    This otherwise inexplicable charge was explained to us as a contract that the dealership has with Enterprise Rent-a-Car whereby, if my vehicle is in the shop for more than four hours, I get a free rental car for the duration of the repair. You can get a hell of a lot of rental car time for $800. I was basically told that the contract was "already paid for," and that there was no choice, that it was part of every car they sell. Worse, it's only valid for the first year we own the cars. Basically, it feels to me like a scam, especially being added on at the very last minute like that.

    The only thing that kept me from walking out of the dealership was the fact that we've been shopping for almost a year. My car has almost 200,000 miles on it, and my wife has a new job, so we need two cars. We've sat in literally dozens off dealerships, spent countless hours with sales managers trying to bully us, we've had nearly every trick in the book tried on us, and we're utterly exhausted by it at this point. If I had not been 99.9% convinced that we were getting a really good price for good vehicles, at a time when we really need them, I would have simply walked away and never gone back.

    Does anybody out there have any experience with these kinds of last-minute add-on "consumer services"? Is there any truth to this "we've already paid for it, everybody has to have it" argument, or did they basically just jack up the price $600 over what they had agreed on? Given the prices we got, I hate to make an official complaint about this dealership, but it really annoys me, just on principle. If I sell somebody an apple for $1, they get to the cash register and when the money is in their hand I say "oh, there's also a $0.10 pesticide fee," then I really wasn't honest about my original price.


    (For reference, here's what we got: Sentra 1.8S Manual, road trip package, floor mats/trunk mat, microfilter. Edmunds TMV after rebates: $12,065. Our final price: $11,302. Xterra XE, V6, Manual, World Championship package, Protection package, autodimming EC mirror, floor mats w/o subwoofer, body side molding, splash guards, microfilter. Edmunds TMV after rebates: 19,047. Our final price: $18,709. Total TMV minus our total price = $1101. So, it has nothing to do with getting "ripped off," it's just the principle of adding on a totally unnecessary and unwanted charge AFTER negotiations have been completed.)
  • Bought Nissan sentra 1.8S Auto 2004 for 12,400 drive out. Extras were carpet mets and splash Guard.
    The price includes 5% sales tax.
    Was it a good price??
  • wayway Posts: 4
    Sounds like a good deal. I went to a nissan dealer yesterday and had an offer of 12,000 from them before tax. So you bought yours at around 11,700 before tax? Which state are you in?
  • I need help deciding if this is a good deal from a dealer.

    2000 XE I think, 49k miles, Manual Transmission, looks pretty good, drives pretty well

    The asking price is 7400. I am thinking about offering 5 to 5.5K since taxes and used car fees are high


  • radfordradford Posts: 2
    The Nissan sentras seemed like a good deal since they seem decent and since a new version is in the works , they are offering a 2500 rebate.

    I look up the MSRP and the model someone I know wants. It comes out to 13,000 or so after rebate. I can see the inventory and MSRP prices
    and the usual info at the local dealer websites.
    However When I call up they tell me all the cheaper cars are sold and that they can get me another sort of close to the one I wanted but they sell their cars at $4000+MSRP !!!!! Come on! Thats over 19000 for a Sentra that everywhere else in the nation they are trying to get rid of. They even claimed they arent sure about the rebates ! But after 30 min he calls me back with the "good news" it does apply so its "only $16,700 net !!!

    When I went to get the Mazda6 here - the first car I bought in Hawaii , no place would even touch MSRP except one and then after they promised a hassle free sale at the price agreed upon they added $600 for essentially a box of wax and carwash detergent.
  • Guys,

    I just purchased a base, stickshift Sentra for $11,653 out the door (including TT&L and everything else). Has air, radio, floormats, mudguards, and I think that is it. No pw/pl/anti-locks/anything else.

    Any idea how I did?

  • radfordradford Posts: 2
    That doesnt seem bad at least seeing the prices at the region Im in. Hawaii - price gouging heaven. Maybe they just dont have the traffic so they have to have ridiculous prices but getting a car at MSRP is like --- WOW.

    That was after rebate right? If its before rebate its spectacular.
  • Definately after rebate.
  • NEVER dare to go to this dealership! it would be like feeding yourself to the wolves!

    my husband and i had a terrible experience from them. they ripped us off BIG time!

    we paid $8,000 more for a 2003 nissan sentra gxe a/t. had an apr of 22% from their own finacing co. we already gave them a $6,000 at that and our credit scores were already >670. good thing we have an account with a credit union so we had it refinanced after 3 gruelling months and had the interest down to 6%. (thank God!)

    they did start with the infamous 4 sq worksheet. we tried bargaining for a lower monthly pmt bec. we told them we couldn't afford to pay much, but it didn't stop them for cold bloodedly victimizing us. the salesman who sold us the car even had the gall to tell us to give him a great feedback.

    i guess my husband and i had the WORST car dealer experience. i hope no one would have to go through what we had. it was always a nightmare going there to have the regular maintenance. the past keeps coming back.

    at least now, since we've learned our lesson the hard way with these salesmen, we'll just buy our next car through the internet, it's safer and easier.
  • dougd7dougd7 Posts: 71
    Went car shopping for my oldest daughter who will be attending community college (30 mile commute) in the spring. She currently drives a 89 Civic that has over 331K miles. Wife and I decided she should have a new vehicle. The Civic is getting up and mileage with some expensive repairs/maintenance due soon.

    Visited several dealerships but ended up purchasing a 2002 Nissan Sentra GXE with 30K miles for $10,459.31 OTD including TTL. We put $800 down and are financing the balance for $250/month. Overall I was pleased with the deal considering our credit isn't great but not bad either.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Since your message did not concern pricing, I moved it to our regular Nissan Sentra discussion.

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  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227
    Hello Everyone,

    We were just offered a 2000 Sentra GXE, Automatic with 30K original miles. The previous owner had the windows tinted and installed a K-9 Passive Alarm. The vehicle was never in an accident, no rust, two minor door dings. The dealership had various recalls done, for example, various engine sensors and all four steel rims are new. Current owner had the front rotors replaced this year along with new breaks. We plan to purchase the vehicle mainly for commuting a 180 mile daily commute. Can someone offer their opinion on this vehicle? The vehicle is being sold for 6k.

    Thanks for the input.
  • mindymindy Posts: 2
    I asked around for quote on the Internet and negotiated through emails. The final out the door price including $2,500 cash reabet and $500 recent graduate rebate was $13,000. As you know, it has power door&window and cruise control as well as ABS & Side Airbags. Compared to Civic LX which costs up to $15,800, I think it's pretty good deal.


    Last night, I got an email from another dealer that they will beat any price in writing by $200. They actually did and I got 2005 Sentra 1.8s Auto with ABS and Side Airbags for out the door price $12,800.


    It's Virginia and sale tax is 3%.
  • Hi,


    Just got a Brand new 2005 nissan sentra special edition- automatic. Special edition has the SE-R body with 6 disc Cd changer and nine speaker stereo system, Power window, AC, and 16 Alloy Wheel. Got the car over the weekend for 11980. Wondering if that is a good deal. Got the car in Southern Calfornia.
  • wow, that's an amazing deal, is this the 1.8 or 1.8s?

    i just closed a deal on a 1.8 s with the special edition package, auto, 6 disc changer, 16 alloy wheels, power everything and rear spoiler for 13200 in boston, ma. 13200 is including the 2000 rebate
  • Hi,


    That was the 1.8s with the special edition package.
  • amazing

    how u do know how u were able to get such an amazing deal?

    i had the manager let me look at the invoice which includes the holdback amount, the amount was roughly 426, i was able to negotiate it so the dealer kept 200 of it

    the price u have is well well below invoice even with the holdback, just curious
  • Hi,


    They had it as a advertisment for that price. THey also has two 1.8s with Automatic for 9980. I like the look of the special edition better even through it was a bit more. THe only thing is we were not able to get the special APR for that price. I had to get a loan from my Credit Union to get a better rate.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Hi geoman993 - please don't hit refresh to check for new messages. That re-posts your message in duplicate, triplicate, and quadruplicate!! Just use the "recent msgs" link to check for responses. Thanks.



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  • I'm going to be looking at getting one in the next week or two. I live in CT and I've checked the TMV pricing for this model. I'm looking for loaded, with the ABS/TC and Audio package, not the special V Spec brake package. Any idea what I should expect, anything lower than TMV?
  • Just buoght a new 2005 Nissan Sentra 1.8 S yesterday. Did pretty good. $11,888 plus tags, tax, etc. We shopped at Nissan of Tracy in Central California. They were completely awesome, helpful, and honest, which about floored me. Quick backround....


    Went in October to Heritage Ford in Modesto. Wanted a 2003 Ford Taurus SE. Nice car, wanted Thirteen something for it. Dad talked them down to 11,500. He was cosigner and they placed him as primary on the financing and came back with a 3.9% for 60 months. Not bad. Took SPOT DELIVERY!!! Bad choice because in California they have that "rescind" clause deal. Anyway, next day we are told we have to redo contract that the bank wouldn't accept it with Dad as primary so they had to switch us around. I knew it was going to be bad, but it was 14.9% bad and the car had to go back. We probably should've have demanded proof of rejection, because we NEVER received a denial in the mail or in person. I think it's Fraud to lie abut financing. Anyway, because we had talked them down 2 grand, I guess they figured out they could make up the difference on the car by getting a kickback on the difference from a regular bank. Scums.


    So, I was devestated and disguisted that I couldn't even have a co-signer with a decent rate even if they have perfect credit.


    Enter Nissan of Tracy!!! We had negotiated ahead of time and there was absolutely NO pressure. Not to mention it was submitted to "CUDL" and we got a 4.29% with dad as primary. They say that CU will report to CRA's. Anyone out there that can confirm this???? I had purchased a 1998 Saturn SL2 when they had the "no haggle" slogan. There was more pressure at Saturn than at Nissan.


    I was up front on our objectives in that it was for rebuilding credit and that mine was in the dirt, that we wanted the most for the least amount of money, and they never..not one time..applied pressure except to sell a extended warranty, which we didn't take. But hey, can't blame the FM, lol. Honestly, just being treated fairly was so appreciated that I would highly recommend the dealer. They received one of those Customer Service Excellence Awards from Nissan, and I can see why now. If I buy a Nissan again, I'd return there.


    Also, inquired as to my score, because now they have t disclose it. In October, 2004 I was only 520, but last night I was 560. How fast can I expect to see my score creep up with on time payments? Any guesses??? I'm dying to know. I want a house next hear and have to make 620 because, as we all know here, it's a numbers game,lol


    Can't wait to hear what everyone says!!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    You might check out our Smart Shopper board, where we've got numerous discussions about finance & credit. Some of our members who have expertise in this area hang out on that board.


    Sounds like you are on the road to improving your credit - congratulations on a responsible rebuilding effort!



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  • Hello, im currently in the market for a new car and ive narrowed my choices to an 2005 nissan sentra 1.8s and the corolla s..but i noticed when searching on msn/auto site under the review section it showed that sentra had major problems with its engine from 2000, 2001, and im wondering if i should reconsider buying a sentra even though its cheaper than the corolla s based on siginificant engine problems.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Your best bet is to read and then ask questions in the Nissan Sentra discussion about their experience with the vehicle.


    That way we can keep this discussion about the actual prices paid & buying experiences.


  • My 16 yr old daughter wants to purchase a '93 Sentra, automatic, 2 dr., 99k miles. Any recommendations on that car?
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