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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ricoucfricoucf Posts: 21
    Hello Everyone,

    Well actually this is happening with a friend of mine and I know it is a mechanical issues are kind of out of the realm for this forum but since you guys have been dealing with new vehicle and dealerships maybe you guys could advice us. My friend bought a Sentra 08 brand new from a central florida delearship and about 500 miles the transmission gave in. He took it to the dealership and they said they could not do much, but to exchange the transmission and then call Nissan on Monday (This happened on the Weekend). They even had the audacity to see if they wanted him to trade it in (This made him angry). So right now he has demanded that on Monday morning they would talk to Nissan in a teleconference with the dealership to have the vehicle exchanged. Legally your pretty screwed in Florida, but I was wondering if you guys have any advice that could help my friend with this. At least they gave him another vehicle to move around in the meanwhile.
  • jewels8jewels8 Posts: 10
    When I bought my 2008 Sentra, I have the key that shows lock, unlock and truck opening (not the intelligent key). Upon discovering the truck open key would not operate, I took it back and they told me it did not come with my model. After a few days, I looked at the sticker that was on my vehicle when purchased and indeed, says remote trunk release AND trip computer. I am now trying to get what my sticker says. Aren't I entitled to that? My 1st payment was due on 7/17, I have not paid it until I am certain that my vehicle has everything included that I was under the impression the car came equipped with.
  • calc555calc555 Posts: 5
    Hi. I think the sticker is reffering to the "remote" trunk release on the floor to the left of your driver seat. They probably could have chose better words to describe it but you have the feature they are referencing.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    The bank will not care if you have a remote trunk release.. or not.. Better make that payment, if you value your credit rating..

    The dealer and the bank are two different entities... Witholding your payment will only hurt you.. not the dealer..


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  • yea would shore make that bank payment thanks for reading.
  • jewels8jewels8 Posts: 10
    That's my biggest complaint, too!! Should be standard on 08 vehicle, no question!!
  • ovyboxovybox Posts: 21

    Just bought a brilliant silver 2.0 S with no other packages on it. I paid $15,200 OTD in Greer, South Carolina. Did everything over the phone: once I got my price I went to the dealer and drove back home after 2 hrs. Seller made the buying experience enjoyable :) .
    We are very happy with it. Beautiful car. CVT is great.
    My thanks to everybody posting here: helped me get a real touch of the price you should pay.
  • jk289jk289 Posts: 2
    I'm looking to buy a 2008 Sentra 2.0 S with CVT transmission. I recently went into a Nissan dealership and left without a deal because they were asking basically $19000 for the 2.0 S Sentra with no extra options, and had the nerve to say that if I wanted to lower the price then I would have to go down a trim level to the basic 2.0.

    Currently I am trying to negotiate prices through the internet sales department but I'm a little unsure of what to do from now.

    Here a different "out the door" price quotes I've received from various dealerships near me ($1000 rebate with 3.9% APR financing):

    $17,689.47 - 2.0 S CVT transmission and floor mats and splash guards
    $18,038 - 2.0 S CVT transmission and floor mats and splash guards
    $16,863.92 - 2.0 S CVT trans & floor mats, splash guards, and body side moldings
    $17,660 - 2.0 S CVT, no extras

    Those prices are far from the "$15000 OTD deals" I've seen people post about. Any suggestions on how I get down close to that kind of price range?

    My dad also thinks I should get alloy wheels... Would it be outrageous to ask them for that extra option as well? How much would the alloy wheels cost me?

    I'm looking to purchase a vehicle relatively soon. Any advice or tips would be great!
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    Hi: I don't know if I can be much help or not, but I bought a 2008 Sentra SL about five months ago. The sticker was right around $20,800. The SL includes leather, sunroof, ABS, intelligent key, splash guards, side moldings, fog lights, hyde-away-trunk, alloys. They gave us a $1,500 rebate and another $500 off. The OTD was $18,600 for this model. I don't know if that's a good deal or not, but I didn't think it was too bad for all that equipment. I don't understand the dealer you went to. That price is way off for the S model. I've seen S models with intelligent key, splash guards, fog lights, sunroof for around $16,000 or $17,000. I'm not sure how much alloys are. They are standard on the SL.

    I would keep trying the internet or go to another Nissan dealer. In my opinion, you should have gotten quite a few options for the S model for much less than $19,000. I wish you good luck. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at
  • REDSTRIPE, What made you choose the Sentra over the Mazda3 iTouring VE. These are 2 cars that I am considering. Was it just the higher incentives and roominess or did they handle differently, include more options, etc. Just wondering what your thoughts were. Thanks for your help!

  • jewels8jewels8 Posts: 10
    Although I do like the 2008 Sentra 2.0, I believe I would research the Civic, Toyota Prius, and the Mazda and check what is standard on these vehicles. I'm not sure I would choose the Sentra now that I have the 06 Civic Coupe and can compare them. The reason I did not purchase the Honda Civic is because I've owned 2 and wanted to change it up a bit, plus the Sentra was my very first brand new vehicle 20 + years ago with a good experience, so I decided to give it another try. I was not thrilled about some of the standard features that weren't included like on other 08 vehicles, and that I did not realize until after the purchase. My fault, I should have did much more research on other vehicles in the same class. I'm sure you will like the 08 Sentra as I do, but in hindsight I may have picked one of the other listed as far as what comes standard, the remote trunk release the biggest disappointment on this one, on my 06 Civic it was standard. Plus 2 car chargers in the Civic compared to one in the Sentra, and it is in a ackward place, The arm rest takes some getting used to as well, too far back for comfort. But I LOVE the body style and the roominess of the Sentra. Plus the cup holders in the back seat area is a nice touch.
  • Hey I think alot of dealers think since gass is so mutch now they can charge anything for the car. I would look at the dealer offering the car to you for $16800 I would tell them 16000 out of the door and you have your selfe a deal. how did they treat you when you whent in to that dealer ship keep us updated. Ps if you are not in a rush you might be able to get a bit under 16000 o and I am not shore how mutch aloy wheeles caust maby $500 not shore. thanks for reading my posting.
  • anycallanycall Posts: 10
    I have 08 Sentra SL which I purchased in March. It has 3500 miles so far. The price I paid was $18,238 OTD. I've noticed dealers are charging more for small cars now days.

    I have no problem so far but only thing that bothers me is that TPM(tire pressure monitor) light came on twice so far. When it first came on I've set all for tire pressure to 33psi (which is recommended by nissan) even though there weren't any noticeble pressure loss, and light went off after few days. About a month later it came on for the second time. This time I won't do anything for up to two weeks and see if it goes away. I don't see any more usage on gas nor see any pressure loss on any tires. I'll post an update on this. So far I'm happy with my sentra and I would recommend to anyone whose looking to get a reliable compact vehicle.
  • I have been trying to purchase a 2008 Sentra SL with leather and moonroof. My last offer over the net with Suntrup Nissan in St. Louis was $17846 after applying all rebates/incentives, then add a $199 doc fee. (I am guessing MSRP is about $20,200. I will know more tomorrow.) Taxes will be 6.25% of the price before rebates so I calculated (I hope correctly) $1128. Add $143 for title and liscence and I get a total of $19316.

    I don't want to get taken and need another opinion or two on whether I should purchase. I don't have to buy a car. It is merely a choice to get a nicer car with better gas mileage. I wonder if August will bring better rebates or incentives.

    Thanks in advance to those who reply.
  • anycallanycall Posts: 10
    If you like the car and can afford it, go for it! When I look at how much others paid for their car, I know I did'nt get the best possible deal but that's only 2-3% difference. If you're gonna be pissed off or bitter because you think you could've saved 2-3% more, what can I say. If you think the car you want is worth what you're going to pay you should just get it. Price and incentives change every quater. You can't wait forever.....
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    For the last few weeks, I've been shopping for an economical commuter car for my dad. He's not very car savvy doesn't like negotiating, so those responsibilities get handed down to the "good son". =)

    The Sentra seems as good as the Civic (and much better than the Hyundai Elantra that was the front-runner for a brief time). All the Honda dealers around Atlanta are expecting full sticker or very close on the Civic, so the Sentra is a no-brainer.

    The best deals I've been able to negotiate are on a couple of 2.0S models with different levels of equipment. One is the 2.0S with the CVT automatic as the only option, MSRP- $17,865, can get it for $15,300 + tax OTD. The other is a 2.0S with CVT, Convenience Plus Pkg & Alloy Wheels, MSRP- $19,065, can get it for $16,250 + tax OTD.

    The alloy wheels look sharp, but the Convenience Plus Package is of questionable value, in my opinion. It adds Intelligent Key, Bluetooth, Drive-N-Hide Trunk System, overhead CD storage and leather-wrapped steering wheel for about $750. My dad will never even figure out how to use most of those things...and apparently the package is required to get the alloy wheels.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • The three most important factors for me in selecting the vehicle were price, safety, and reliability, in that order. And on the first and most important criterion, cost, the Sentra won hands down over the Mazda 3 (and all others) because of two reasons. One you already mentioned, which were the rebates. My Sentra purchase qualified for $2,000 in rebates and incentives and at the time, the Mazda 3 was at maybe only $500 or $1,000 at best. The second was that at the time, after visiting this forum and contacting some dealers, it was apparent that negotiating the car a few hundred dollars below invoice was both prevalent and required just a little effort and cunning. Thus, being able to cut the price down to 600 dollars below invoice and also having rebate incentives that were at least twice as large as any other competing vehicles in the class sealed it for me.

    I will say that if looks and attractiveness of the vehicle were a higher priority for me, it would be harder to move away from the Mazda 3. The look and profile of the car, the 17" alloy wheels (and very nice wheel designs at that), and the rear disc brakes are all very nice at this price point. I personally don't think the Sentra is a good looking vehicle at all, it more like a mini-mini van in shape than a sporty compact sedan, which is really what the Mazda 3 embodies.

    However, the shape of the Sentra does give it a lot of practical, useful, and versatile interior space, no doubt about that. This is very handy for those who have to haul a bunch of stuff or people every so often or college folks that are having to move all their stuff every academic year or so. Also, I do feel from my test drives that the Nissan Sentra engine and transmission is superior to the Mazda engine and transmission. They are both 2.0L but I think the crucial difference is the CVT vs the 4 speed auto. I felt the Sentra powertrain was more powerful, responsive, effortless, and fuel efficient at every point along the power band when compared to the Mazda.

    Also, one last note, I think this current generation of Mazda 3 will be replaced sometime soon, maybe within the next 12 months whereas this current generation Sentra was introduced in the '07 model year.
  • I totally agree that if you're buying a near 1k option package on a 16k car, it better offer some value. I will say this about the convenience package, which I wanted to get and attracted me more to the Sentra, I think it's a relatively low cost way to get bluetooth in your car that's integrated from the manufacturer. What I mean is that if you wanted bluetooth from the factory in a competing vehicle of this class, well, some cars just don't offer it, and others only offer it on the highest level trim. So in other words, configuring the lowest possible cost for a bluetooth equipped car will be cheaper with the Sentra than with competitors in it's class.

    Personally, I think bluetooth should come standard in all cars, it's absurd they don't come in all of them because the parts probably cost the manufacturers a few dollars at most. But of lot of places are now banning talking on your cell phone while driving unless you have a hands free setup, so it might be worth future-proofing.

    I basically bought the convenience package for the bluetooth. One question, what exactly is different on the Intelligent Key with the convenience package than the key without convenience package?

    Also, I never heard that the alloy wheels need to be paired with the convenience package. That's not true at all. Maybe they don't have any on the lot that are like that, but I'm sure you can get a car that way.
  • Thanks for your input. I do tend to beat myself up over buying a car - just don't like to the be their next sucker. I am waiting to hear back from them today.

    I can't wait forever, but I can wait several years to buy a car. I will have to make a decision concerning this car by Saturday b/c my credit union is only offering a lowered interest rate till then.
  • anycallanycall Posts: 10
    My credit union offered 4.99% up to 60 months but I got 3.9% for 48 months + $1250 rebate through NMAC(nissan). Currently Nissan offers 3.9%(up to 60 months) + $1000 rebate or $1500 rebate. When I purchased the car, Nissan offer was either low financing or the rebate but when I gave dealer my final number ($16500), they manipulated(?) the numbers where it looks like I got both low APR and the rebate. I think you can negotiate where you can get the 3.9% + $1500 rebate. good luck!
  • Looking for someone who bought a sentra in phx recently. What dealership? How much did you pay? I hate the negotiating part. I just want to know what is the best deal. (I'm already pre-approved by my credit union)
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    Hi: I'm not from Arizona but I bought a 2008 Sentra SL about five months ago. I'm not sure if I got the best deal or not, but I was able to get the Sentra SL which has leather seats, sunroof, ABS, Intelligent key, bluetooth, CVT, steering wheel audio controls, etc. I was able to buy my car for around $18,500 with the rebates they were offering at that time.

    So I would say you can negotiate quite a bit with this car. By the way, it's been great so far. Very quiet, good pickup, great gas mileage and plenty of interior space. Please let me know how you make out. Best of luck!!

  • jewels8jewels8 Posts: 10
    Has anyone heard about a recall on the 07 and 08 Sentra? I had to take mine in after it hesitated in starting (1250 miles, owned for 2 & 1/2 mos), said they needed to order a part. Then a friend called and told me he heard of a recall. Also, the speaker sound appears to be going in and out, dealer told me they didn't hear anything abnormal, like it was not occurring. Of course, later that day, speakers started again and still doing the same. I will readdress this issue when the part comes in (that will make 3rd time to service dept, don't want to keep going back and forth, time is money and this is aggravating). In fact, you would think they would have the part needed in stock, since it is a new vehicle. After spending 1 & 1/2 hrs on a Sat am, I did not think to question why part not available or trying to spend any more time in the packed waiting room. Also wanted to at least make sure it was documented that these things were happening to a brand new vehicle.
  • hmshahhmshah Posts: 13
    Convinence package IS required to get alloy wheels on the S trim. so your total package cost is about $1k+, which might make you think to buy SL since it's only abt $2k more and has leather seats, trip pc, bigger center display, etc. With rebates and all, SL should be less thak $18 OTD, may be even cheaper for year end deals.
    Compared to Civic, Corolla and Mazda 3, Sentra is the best bang for the money. no other car offers you leather seats, alloy wheels, trip pc, CVT, roomy interiors for this price. Mazda 3 got really close performance wise but has bas safety ratings, Civic is better looks wise but has a weak engine and is more expensive. Corolla, doesn't even come close.

    So overall I would recommend Sentra out of those 4 cars. It definitely NOT the best looking compact car out there, but other than that, it wins in every category. Toyota and Honda seems to be more realiable, but Nissan is not bad either, and costs you a lot less.

    Hope that helps.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    no other car offers you leather seats, alloy wheels, trip pc, CVT, roomy interiors for this price.

    If the CVT is a must, then I agree. If an ordinary AT could suffice, then the Elantra SE with heated leather seats is a good value also, plus it includes ESC which is not offered on the Sentra. Also the Optima EX is a good value, with current incentives (still no CVT, but a 5AT).
  • Hello

    I am in Gilbert, have been looking at Nissan Sentra, Altima and also Hyundai Elentra and Sontana. I have been to tempe and chandler Nissan. I was treated better at tempe. But I have heard pinnacle is ok. But I am still looking. Are you for sure on a Sentra?

  • what car are you looking i mean what sentria moddle s or sl what colors and option packages do you want let us no thanks trying to help you out in any way I can let me no for any mor advice thankyou for reading Marco.
  • rewardsrewards Posts: 1
    $17000+tax+otd ($1000 rebate included). Nissan Sentra 2.0 S CVT

    Conv.package (Bluetooth + CD.. and other stuff) + Alloy Wheels + Sunroof + Mats W/divider + Splash guard + Body Color side M + 3.9% Financing
  • I got the standard version of Sentra 2.0 S a few days ago. But only got 1 key + 2 remote entry. I know definitely 1 key was missing and they are going to duplicate for me. But I heard there is another simplified key which can drive the car but can not open the glove box. Anybody can give me an idea? Also, can anybody tell me is there any difference between the duplicated key and the original key? Thanks. By the way, my car was bought $15306 Out the Door, including tax and MV fees and rebate.
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