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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hopihopi Posts: 1
    CVT = Transmission Xtronic CVT™ (Continuously Variable Transmission)

    and not the

    Xtronic CVT™ Convenience Plus Package
    Intelligent Key keyless entry and ignition system (Requires Xtronic CVT™)
    Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System
    Leather-wrapped steering wheel
    Integrated overhead CD holder
    Divide-N-Hide™ trunk system
    Cargo net and hooks
    Remote trunk release

    can you please clarify... thanks :)
  • podunk503podunk503 Posts: 45
    No typo. $18990 MSRP 2008 Sentra 2.0 S CVT, Conv pkg, alloy wheels, splash guards and floor mats.

    We bought it at $16299 + $134 in dmv fees. Not bad in our opinion as it was tough to find a black one with the conv pkg AND wheels in our area at a decent price.
  • dave175dave175 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2008 Sentra 2.0S, AT, mud guards, and mats for $15,530, excluding taxes and tags at First Team in Roanoke, VA. I test drove the car several times. On the third visit I told them that I had researched prices on and that I would buy the car if they gave me a fair price without haggling, but that I would walk if their first price wasn't right. They gave me the $15,530 price, I took it, and the deal closed smoothly. I believe that I got a fair and reasonable price, but I wonder - how much do you think that I left on the table by not haggling?
  • calc555calc555 Posts: 5
    I was able to get a new 2008 Sentra SE-R with Sunroof and smart key for $18400 out the door (which includes all taxes, dealer fees, and tags). I negotiated this price over the internet and phone with local dealers. I think I got a good price; what do you think? BTW - I am very happy with the Sentra so far.
  • That is a good price nice. anyway I was wondering if Anyone has baught a sentria 2 pointo s in that grean color Nissan has I like the color. and before I go to email menny dealers on if they have one in stock and there best prices I just wanted to no what Peapol thaught of the color. I forget the name of the color sorry guys. has anyone baught a sentria from fits Mall in Pa if so how was there byeing experance. Thankyou so mutch for reading my posting Sorry about the spelling Marco.
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    I just picked up the 2008 Nissan Sentra S CVT with convenience plus, alloy wheels, splash guards, and floor mats with divider for $15400 OTD.
  • tlcruztlcruz Posts: 54
    I think you got a good price on your SE-R. I've been looking to replace my 02 SE-R and I can't get any dealerships to be close enough to my price. You got the same options that I want. Where did you get this fabulous deal? :)
  • I bought the car ON THE ROAD (includes all taxes, title, tags) for $ 15,000. This was a 2008 Sentra, 4-door sedan 'S' package, 6-speed manual transmission.
  • falicity98falicity98 Posts: 4
    I'm in negotiations with a dealer to buy a 2008 Nissan Sentra 2.0S with floor mats, body-side molding for $14843.00 OTD. That includes a trade-in of a 2004 Suzuki Forenza with 54,000 miles. The Suzuki is in good running condition and the body is good except for a dent in front quarter panel.It also has an alarm system, tinted windows, new tires. I owe 2600 on it. The dealer says he's giving me $1400 on my trade.Does this sound like a good deal?
  • noeffortnoeffort Posts: 10
    Thats a good deal, just got a quote for a 08 2.0s for 15,776 + tax + tags.

    How much without sales tax?
    Best to give prices without tax as it varies from state to state.
  • falicity98falicity98 Posts: 4
    I'm in az., the car is in Glendale, sales tax is 8.5%. They are charging $908.55 tax, Doc. fee $399.50, title fee 459.00, Lieu tax $297.00.
  • noeffortnoeffort Posts: 10
    Just got a another quote for 15,100 (price doesn't inlclude taxes and tags (registration).
    Same price range as you.
  • falicity98falicity98 Posts: 4
    Oops, title fee is $59.00 not 459.00 . The OTD price includes the $1500 rebate and the $4000 their giving me for the trade. Where are you located?
  • falicity98falicity98 Posts: 4
    Before tax, rebates, etc. they say the suggested retail is 16,188.80. By the time the rebate, trade-in is taken off, the sale subtotal is 13,288.80. The total OTD with the trade and tax, title, registration is 14843.22.
  • 2008honda2008honda Posts: 17
    Hey Sentra08;

    that is very good price....$15,400 OTD..... Is it Sentra 2.0 S CVT? I think .. With that package it is good deal, What are the numbers? (Sale price + Fees + Tax - $1500.0) etc

    I Got quote for Sentra 2.0S CVT - No option for $15,750.00 OTD (FL - 7% tax + 450.50 fees + 121 Tag fee - Rebate 1500.0). Do you think it is good?
  • camriokidcamriokid Posts: 2
    Got a loss-leader special on a basic model at Silver Star Nissan in Thousand Oaks, CA. Came with A/C, one-disc CD player, CVT, power locks and windows. No Sirius...which I will miss!!! My net cost out the door for this very basic model was $15,100 and that includes the upgrade to the 60month/100,000 mile gold level extended warranty. I am very happy so far. The cabin is VERY quiet, quieter than my Maxima which I traded in. My salesperson was awesome by the way - can't give you the name, but look for the larger guy with the gray hair...tell him Steve sent you. :shades:
  • grate deal a grate price I must say it is a grate car you will love it. What year was the Maxmia good car also what color did you get like that grean color rair thanks Marco.
  • I just was wondering when Nissan might start selling the 2009 sentrias at dealer ships Pleas let me no thinking aug or sept thanks.
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    Hi 2008Honda,

    Yeah, it is the 2008 Sentra 2.0 S CVT. Seeing what others have paid, I think I got a great deal. I was skeptical at first that when I arrived to the dealership, something would be wrong with the car, but it was brand new, no problems, with 19 miles on it.

    With the options I detailed in my original post, the car sale price was 16255 +985 tax +150 doc fees (unavoidable) + 10 plate transfer - 2000 rebates (1000 w/ 2.9% financing +500 recent college graduate + 500 Memorial Day rebate).

    What I did was to send emails via edmunds,, and yahoo autos to all dealerships in my expanded region for price quotes. I did all the haggling via the internet and phone and found a couple dealerships that had the best price. I was in no rush to buy and took a few weeks to make sure I got the best deal, it paid off. Be sure to let dealers know that you negotiate from invoice, not from msrp. Check out, great site that really helped me out in this, my first new car purchase. That is what I would recommend. Drive a little if it means saving 500 to 1000, that is certainly worth a little travel.

    Honestly, knowing what I was able to do, I think they can do a little better for you, try to get that down to 15000 or 15200 if not lower. But check out other dealerships first. The lowest that the dealership in my town could do was 16100 before tax, title, fees, so needless to say, I walked from them since they were way off. Some dealerships just don't understand that we talk about prices and understand what we should be paying and know what their costs really are and those are the dealerships which probably need to charge more to cover the fact that they probably are not selling many automobiles when charging that much, at least in comparison to the dealerships that cater to internet quotes and what not.

    Happy shopping, let me know if I can I help out any more.
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    Probably September because Nissan seems to start production on the new models sometime in August.
  • thankyou sentria08 for the Reply I will keep an eye out on when they start roling on to dealer lots Thankyou.
  • How did you get the $16,255 price? Was that purely through negotiation? Because just the '08 2.0 CVT car costs $15,926, and with the options you listed: convenience plus (+738),
    alloy wheels (+304),
    splash guards (+105), and
    floor mats (+129),
    that comes out to $17,202 at invoice. And if you add the $660 delivery, the invoice price is $17,862.

    Did you negotiate $1,607 off of the invoice price, before even applying the rebates? Was there a trade involved in the deal? Otherwise, that sounds like a monster deal, considering you negotiated $1,607 off of the INVOICE price, and then got another $2,000 in rebates for a new car with only 19 miles.
  • calc555calc555 Posts: 5
    It must have been a decent price because all the other dealers in my area didn't even want to negotiate anymore when I told them the price Bill Ray Nissan (Longwood, FL - close to Orlando) would cut the deal for. And we all know how dealers hound you if they think they can make a buck off you! LOL. I had one yo-yo (Daytona Nissan) tell me he would beat the price but wouldn't say by how much - just come on in. I hate it when these dealers sign up to give you their lowest OTD quotes on these websites and then they call and wont give you the quote. Thats just frustrating. I flat out told the dude why he lost the sale. He essentially told me he makes enough on the suckers to more than make up the loss of my business. Nice!
  • It seems that there was a price increase that took place across many cars in the Nissan lineup (Sentra being one of them) in April of this year. Does anyone have those historical prices they can post for the Sentra trim lines and options, or otherwise post a link to where to find them? Thanks!
  • I have an offer to purchase a 2008 Sentra 2.0 S CVT with Convenience package, splash guards, & side moldings for 16,150 (17,150 minus1,000 cash back) and 2.9 financing.
    The price of 16,150.00 does NOT include TTL and there is no trade in.
    Edmunds lists MSRP as 18,870 and 'invoice' as 18,110;
    Is $16,150.00 a good price for the 08 Sentra S CVT w/ convenience pkg?
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    My 18 year old daughter totaled out 2000 toyota corolla last week. A friend of a friend has a 2003 Sentra SE with 12,000 miles on it that he wants to sell for $7,000. It belongs to his mom who is now in a nursing home. The condition is good - there are some dings and a scratch on the bumper. My big concern is that it does not have side impact air bags, ABS, and VSC like our corolla had. My other concern is that this car has barely been used, and I know my daughter will be putting alot of mileage on it going back and forth to college. Any advice on whether you think this is a reasonable alternative to a new car (which I'm sure she will use as a second closet and trash) would be appreciated. Thanks Marlene
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Should have the 2 airbags in front, as I had a 2003 Sentra until '06. For that price, can't go wrong actually. How much of a settlement check did y'all get from the insurance company? Hopefully almost that much and beats the price of a new car now, as the econoboxes are in quite high demand now with the price of petrol. If I was her, I'd snag this car and use it for a few years until the world situation settles down a bit. Didn't the SE version have the larger tire/wheel combination also? If it does have the 16" shoes, it'll definitely handle better than the 15 inchers. Looks to be a good deal whatever.

    The Sandman :)
  • Does this vary by state or county? For example, the $1,500 current factory incentive, is that taken off before hitting it with sales tax, or after sales tax? Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,887
    It varies, but in most states the amount is taxed before the rebate is deducted..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Here in Illinois the salesman told me that tax is calculated BEFORE the rebate has been applied.
    Bummer, huh? :cry:
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