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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
    Most of the conversation in our pricing discussions centers around new vehicle purchases. You might visit our topic about Purchasing Used Vehicles to get more feedback on pricing, or our regular Nissan Sentra discussion to talk to those who own this car about reliability.

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  • scoicscoic Posts: 1
    You got a great deal. I should have done more homework. I even went through a friend of a friend and paid $15,000 for mine. I love it but when I see what prices others are paying for it I really get annoyed. Atlantic Nissan near Babylon NY.
  • j2thomasj2thomas Posts: 25
    Spent the day with my SIL and she had her heart set on the Ford Focus, $19K sticker and $16K out the door price with my xplan and their $2500 rebate. Sun roof, heated seats, spoiler, alloys, auto, cruise, (no ABS or side air bags). Disappointed with the ride, interior, price and dealer nonsense. Earlier in the week she tried another dealer and a very similar car but the dealer wouldn't budge off $16.5K.

    We then tried a similarly optioned Nissan Sentra - 1.8 S, special package with sunroof, ABS and side airbags, cabin filter, flaps, mats (all the Ford goodies except heated seats and mirrors), for an out the door price of $15.5K, (includes tax, title, doc and $2500 rebate). The dealer was great to work with and she loves the car. The Nissan is much cheaper to insure, gets better gas mileage and less depreciation. We had a very productive morning.
  • wgd9891wgd9891 Posts: 1
    Dealer quoted me 13,500 for 1.8 S Nissan Sentra. Additonal 800 bucks for Special Edition Package. I work at their place in the parts section. I think they are not giving me a good rate and possible trying to rip me off. I live in Towson, Maryland, what do you guys have to say about his price.

    Thank you.
  • 2005 Sentra 1.8s Special Edition
    out the door 13200

    Good car, nice ride, good fuel economy,

  • 2005 Sentra 1.8s Special Edition
    out the door 13200

    Good car, nice ride, good fuel economy,

  • marklarmarklar Posts: 1
    I'd love to see the 1.8s SE go for 11,888 around me. In receiving quotes the past few days, the lowest I have received (automatic, SE) is 13,500 after the $2500 rebate. This is in the South Jersey area.
  • Can you tell me what dealership is 1.8 SE for 13,500?? is that out the door?? I got a 1.8S 2005 quoted for 13,560 in Central Jersey OTD. Obviously a 1.8SE for 13,500 OTD is awesome. Thanks for your help.
  • amaoamao Posts: 38
    I am in South Jersey and one of the quotes I received is:
    2006 sentra 1.8S Automatic with ABS/side airbag package, floor mats, special edition package, splash guards, and a power sunroof for $15,661 plus tax and tag. Is this a good deal or not?
  • I bought my daughter a brand new 2006 Nissan Sentra on 11/28/05 from Sheehy Nissan in Annapolis, Maryland. Included 1.8 Special Edition Package (Included Audio & Sport Appearance). Automatic trans, Carpeted floor mats and trunk mats, In-cabin microfilter. Vehicle list price was 17,205.00... I got the vehicle on the road for 13,588.60 included 2000.00 rebate. Hope this helps.
  • I just purchased a 2006 Sentra 1.8 S automatic with Special Edition package + floormats. Paid 11,500 that included the $2K cashback. Consumer Reports suggested $11900, so I think I got a good deal. Purchased in Dallas at Urban Nissan. :)
  • Hi Every body,

    I am in the market for new nissan sentra and qualify for
    first graduate rebate $500. But as I understand it has to
    be financed through nissan dealer (or NMAC). Is that

    I have pre-approved loan and I would like to use that.
    Now does that mean I can not get first graduate rebate?

    Also, can I re-finance the loan from another party
    after getting the loan through NMAC; or say pay it off
    completely before the stipulated period?
    In that case are there pre-payment charges? How much?

    Thanks in advance to all who can give some feedback.
  • Just got a 2006 sentra 1.8S Special Edition around central jersey area. Sticker listed for $17,315. I got the car with tag, registration and tax(6%) for $15250(that's after $2,000 rebate) out the door. I hope I got a good deal. :confuse:
  • jdb4jdb4 Posts: 5
    $15,800 'out the door' for 2006 1.8S Speical Edition with Moonroof and SAB/ABS in Annapolis, MD area. Good price or can I do better?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Awesome price there especially with the moonroof and all. Did you have a trade in also?

    The Sandman :)
  • jdb4jdb4 Posts: 5
    No trade in. Actually another dealer lowered the price by another $200.
  • tthotatthota Posts: 45
    It seems like $14700 take home is the target price, for a 1.8s SE with floor/trunk mats, mud guards and interior filter. What do you guys think?

    Anybody paid less than this? by how much?

    How many mpg do you get with the car?
  • jdb4jdb4 Posts: 5
    This is in Maryland.

    1.8 S SE with floor/trunk mats, mud guards and interior filter = $14,250 including taxes(5%), title and freight

    1.8 S SE with floor/trunk mats, mud guards,interior filter, SAB/ABS and Moonroof = $15,647 including taxes(5%), title and freight
  • tthotatthota Posts: 45
    I paid $14700 including title and 6.75% tax, + \epsilon ($45) for license plates.

    The trip computer shows 33mpg in average, while I drive mostly to go to work: 17.5 mile total one way including three pieces of 4 mile stretch highways.

    Wind direction seems to make a 2 mpg difference.

    I am still trying to figure out if the number is accurate. Hope to know other's experience.
  • If you use financing elsewhere you can not get the $500 but if you finance with NMAC you can also use College Connection which will give you tier one credit
  • nyer10nyer10 Posts: 21
    Anyone (preferably in the NYC area) get a 1.8 S special edition package recently? I saw someone say a couple months ago they got one for 11,900 which seemed pretty good and I know there was 750 dealer incentive as well as the 2500 rebate, but not sure if the deals are still THAT good.
    Also, any idea if the rebates will continue each month or finally get cut off? And does anyone know when the 2007 will be released? I figure that should be the best time to get the 2006 if it's not too far away ...
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Just purchased one for $14,595 and the MSRP was $18,715.
  • Just purchased in Atlanta Georgia.

    $14,312 negotiated price of vehicle
    $ 599 dealer doc fee
    $ 42 tag & title
    $ 1,047 7% tax
    (2,500) rebate
    $13,500 out-the-door

    MSRP was $16,915, dealer invoice was $15,719.

    Note that this was *not* the Special Edition package, the only options on this 1.8S are the mats, splash gauards and cabin microfilter.

    I did not hear anything about any factory-to-dealer incentives though.

    I was *not* very happy about the BS dealer doc fee of $599, one of the highest in my area. To help eliminate the effect of it, I negotiated hard on the bottom line OTD price instead of the price of the vehicle before TTL.

    In any case, it's done and I think I did OK at $13,500 out the door for a Sentra that just rolled off the delivery truck yesterday in my first choice of color (8 miles on the odometer). :)
  • akc2akc2 Posts: 2

    This sounds like a great deal. I am getting $14,100 (Drive out price) for 1.8S without the mats, splash guard and cabin filter.

    $15,166 negotiated price of vehicle
    $ 599 dealer doc fee
    $ 42 tag & title
    $ 909 6% tax
    (2,500) rebate
    $14,216 out-the-door

    Was your deal because of end-of-moth quota? Let me knwo the dealership so that I cantry to get the same deal.
  • boxer916boxer916 Posts: 6
    looking to purchase a Sentra.

    Right now Nissan is offering 2.9 % w/ 1000.00 rebate or 1500.00 w/ market finance.

    Whats a reasonable OTD price for an automatic cvt and antilock brakes?
    Is it reasonable to get them under MSRP then apply the 1000 rebate pls the 2.9%?

    Heres what happend. I sent out an email via edmunds. Got multiple responses.

    Elk grove nissan offered to bean everyone by 200.00. Over the phone the sales guy told me he would do 14200.00 + 2.9% after the 1000.00 rebate. Not including T.T.L for a base sentra with cvt. Anyways i go down there and then they change the numbers and come up with a higher figure. Oh I was pissed. wasted my time to go down there. The manager says well the msrp is 17,000.00 Plus and im knocking 362.00 off the msrp so thats why the numbers are higher than the numbers that were given to you over the phone. Tells me that its unreasonable to ask to negotiate on the msrp + get the rebate + 2.9% . Looked at me like I was stupid for asking Starts trying to get me to do regular financing at his new higher price . Then why did your sales rep tell me that you agreed to sell me the Sentra t 14300.00 with 2.9% but not including t.t.l, I asked. They lost my business. I would have purchased the car right there. Elk Grove Nissan lost my business for ever. On a side note: As I was leaving I overheard a mexican sales rep explain to another rep in spanish " Oh the customer is pissed off and he wants his deposit back.... Guess this is normal business for elk grove nissan
  • flboyflboy Posts: 3
    2006 Sentra S automatic, SE, floor and trunk mats, splash guards and microfilter. MSRP $17,415. for $13,500. OTD with 6% tax and tag $14,400.Includes the rebate. Is that okay for central Florida?
  • That's a pretty good deal for a Sentra with the Special Edition package.
  • sk1979sk1979 Posts: 1
    With no additions, including no ABS or side airbags, I've been offered a deal of $1000 down and $199/mo for 36 months at 12,000 miles. I haven't figured out if there are hidden costs yet and I don't know if this includes the delivery price, but can someone tell me if this is a good deal? Thanks a lot.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    That would work out to $8200. over the 3 years excluding any other fees. Wouldn't buying be a better alternative? This model will be replaced within the next 3 months(?) and I would think the dealers would want these puppies gone. Having just traded my '03 GXE for a Civic LX, the Honda is so much better. Something to think about.
    Are you looking at the Special Edition Package? I would if I were you. A bit more pazazz and nicer interior. I almost traded in for another Sentra, but decided I didn't want to live with a model that's been out since 2000. There's much newer technology out now and I'd bet you could get a more up to date car for a similar lease price.
    Just a thought.

    The Sandman :)
  • p_wallacep_wallace Posts: 1
    Local dealer quoted me a price of $13,900 after $2250 rebate. MSRP was $17,315. It seems that some people have received a slightly better price but its hard to compare options. The car I looked at had mud guards and the $500.00 sport package option (Stereo, leather wheel, shift knob, alloy's). I get $16,150 before the rebate? Good or can I do better? There are not many dealerships locally (within 70 miles) of me so I don't have many dealers that I can run back and forth to with deals etc. I am also torn between taking the $2,250 and financing with a Credit union for 5.75% for 66 mts. or taking the 1% for 60 that Nissan is offering. I can come out about $1,200 less by taking the 1% I think if there are no suprises involved does anyone have experience with this offer and is it totally legit? I have done 0% with FOMOCredit and GMAC and it was legit but I haven't dealt with a foreign manufactuer so..... Does anyone have any experience they can shed on this subject?
    I also read somewhere that someone paid $599.00 for DOC fee's . This is a practice that is used in my area so that the dealer can quote a low price and then make $599.00 profit. I haven't got to the point with this dealer I am talking to to find out if they follow this practice but I wouldn't pay that much. I think anything is too much considering they are selling you a car but that seems the way business is being done these days $100.00 seems like that would be more than enough as the papers are already printed and all they have to do is fill in the name of you the buyer. Some dealer's in this area don't charge anything but some do.
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