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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • knewbieknewbie Posts: 6
    sentra base model brand new how much worth .
    can any one tell me about this deal
    is 10400 OTD is a good price for a 2006 base model sentra with zero mills. no A/C or radio and M/T. they are asking 8299 plus 629 destination charge 299 prossesing fee, and Plus TTL

    thank you
  • 2007 Sentra 2.0 S CV Transmission
    Magnetic Grey/ Charcoal Steel
    Convenience Pkg, Splash Guards, Body Color Molding, Floor Mats w/ Trunk Divider, Tinted Windows.

    Negotiated Price $15,000
    Includes Rebates ($1,000)
    Sales Tax 7.75% $1,270.96
    Dealer Fee $399
    State Title $28.25

    Final Total Price: $16,698.21

    Desert Nissan
    Las Vegas, NV

    Original negotiated price after $500 cash back rebate was $15,500. I was going to pay in full, but was offered another $500 rebate to finance a minimum of $5000 through NMAC. New purchase price before tax, title, and dealer fee was $15,000. I financed the $5,000 for a term of 36 months at 1.90% and paid the balance.

    Details: Best treatment ever, from first internet contact to driving away from dealership. My wife loves this car and she drove all other vehicles in its class. Words cannot express how awesome the bluetooth enabled phone and the keyless entry/ignition features are. I believe the dealer was motivated as we are in the last half of Aug. and the 2008 model is due out in 30 days.
  • Sentra 2.0S
    F02 Convenience Plus Package
    W01 Alloy Wheels/ABS Package
    N10 Front Fog Lamp
    L92 Floor Mats and Trunk Mat
    B92 Body-Color Side Moldings
    B10 Splash Guards
    MSRP $19300, Invoice $17843
    I got it yesterday from Pinebelt Nissan in Keyport for $16850 after $1000 rebate. They charged me only $129 dealer fee additional to MV fees and taxes. I think it was an ok deal. Very happy with the car... :)
  • I picked up a 2.0S (sedan, CVT) with the options varchar32 indicates and the Rockford Fosgate Audio. It was August 31 and this was the only 2.0S with ABS at the dealership. MSRP $20,015; invoice $18,488. Negotiated $750 under invoice.
    $17,738.00 Sale
    $ 1,241.66 Tax
    $ 199.00 Doc
    $ 7.50 Tire
    $ 27.50 DMV
    -$ 1000.00 Rebate
    $18,213.66 Out the door :shades:
    Thank you Edmunds!!!
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    I hate salesmen for precisely these kind of games they play. I admire your patience.
  • stlrodstlrod Posts: 8
    Had researched several car models and ended up getting a Sentra at a price I thought was very, very fair? Was it?

    2008 Sentra 2.0 S (w/ CVT and convenience plus package) for a total of $15,438 plus taxes and title.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I paid around $17k for my Civic last year and was satisfied with the price for the car. Getting out of a cranky '03 Sentra, I didn't want to get the '06 Sentra for fear of similar issues. It was the same model basically anyways. Now if the new Sentra had been out, would've given it a fair shot against the Civic. But it was not on the market yet.
    The new Sentra's I've seen look very nice and it seems to be a more substantial car than the last generation. Though the price has gone up. think you did very good with the price you got the car for. How much under invoice was it?
    Good luck with the new ride.

    The Sandman :)
  • stlrodstlrod Posts: 8
    It looks like I paid about $1581 under invoice per Edmunds ($500 was rebated.) I had been planning on buying a Versa or an Elantra. My daughter's 06 Elantra had been totaled (not her fault.) We got $13,200 for it and I wanted to stay close to the amount I had paid for it originally which was $15,000. 07 Elantras were too hard to find and she liked the styling of the Versa sedan. I was planning on getting an 08 Versa SL w/ ABS but w/o the convenience package which would have had to be obtained from another dealer. The dealer said he was going to throw some advertising dollars at me since I had owned Nissans/Infinitis for 18 years (and he didn't want me going down the street to the Hyundai dealer even though the same family owned it.) The dealer said he would prefer that I take something on his lot and he offered me the 08 Sentra with convenience plus package for $15,438 so I figured it wouold be about what I was going to pay for a new Elantra and took it. It seemed like I was getting a great deal, but it also seemed to be just a little too easy.
  • stlrodstlrod Posts: 8
    Even better deal than I thought. Exactly $2000 under invoice ($500 of which was the current rebate.) I had forgotten to include body side moldings and splash guards. Only extra was $199 documentation fee, so net was $1801 under invoice. It was a cash transaction, no trade.
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996

    Been awhile since i have been to this board. But OK maybe 4 or 5 payments regardless it will only shave a couple payments off. If you do the math 1400/300per month payment = 3.5 payments....

    Just something a salesman would do is say "do the math"

  • can you share your dealership name, city and state for the price that you got at $15438 for 08 sentra 2.0S w/CVT and convenience plus package. any other input on this car?
  • Where did you get your car? I am about to buy and the best I can do is about 17,000.

  • I paid 14700 otd

    but what I realized was they are much less willing to negotiate with internet special prices. I found this car on it was listed at 13900, but when i called the dealer, they said it was 16900. So, i wanted 14 otd, but the best they could do was 14700. But it was acceptable for me. The interest rate I got was 8.25.

    I bought this car in ky, but i am a nj resident so i am going to have to pay an additional 1% sales tax when i get back
  • On January 5th, we purchased a 2008 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SL CVT in Magnetic Gray. This car features charcoal leather, moonroof, etc.

    MSRP $20, 660

    Purchase Price - 19,200

    Rebate - $1250

    College credit - $500

    Freight included

    Tax 3 %

    Dealer processing - 349

    Trade in (1998 Malibu LS w/ 94000 miles) - 900

    Out the door - $17, 584

    Monthly payment with 7.29% APR - $355
  • dsimsdsims Posts: 5
    Haven't bought a new care since 93 so coming here to see if I am getting a decent price

    sentra 2.0 S cvt

    sales price14000

    This includes rebate and 1500 trade in on two vehicles
    tax is 1300

    15500 OTD
  • is quoting $3000 off sticker price for Sentra SE-R Spec V (the top-of-the-line 200HP model) if one uses a California zip code.

    Sacramento-area Dodge dealers advertising the mid-sized Dodge Avenger (2008 models) for only $14,995.
  • I just bought a 2007 Sentra SpecV - at Framingham (Mass) Nissan.

    $17, 417 (IIRC) plus 444 for the dealers to type things up and fill the gas tank.
    So almost $18,000 plus sales tax. (by the way - the sales tax was calculated on the 17,4 number, NOT on the dealer "services").
  • After getting quite a few qoutes and a lot of research on edmonds (mainly), this is my best deal, let me know what you think?
    Tax Free NH, so no tax involved. NEW 2008 2.0S CVT (22 miles), pretty much a basic S with a few small things added, carpets etc... , MSRP of $17710, -$1250 rebate, +$299 dealer fees, +$25 state fees, -500 down (could have gone with 00), I walked out the door with a final price of (drumroll please), !!!!!!!!! $13490.00. Just picked it up this afternoon. No other fees than those listed above, no trade in involved and best of all, no hidden fees and I was never pressured into (was talked to about), extra insurance and extended warranties. I made it a point before I went in to sign that I did not want to be surprised with hidden fees, and they actually listened. Most of the wheeling and dealing was done over the net untill the day before I was going to buy, and I did not let the other dealers know (I will e-mail them tonight) so I would leave my options open if this deal fell short of expectations. I know that never happens with car dealers, but this dealer came thru and kept his word.
    I also opted to go with 72 months financing (You can allways pay the principle down), but you can't tell the bank I only want to pay a portion of this months bill, that does not go over to well with them. 72 months @ 5.19%= $219 a month. Only reason for this rate is a good credit rating. Thanks again edmonds, you gave me the tools I needed to be a well informed consumer. :surprise:
  • jmaxejmaxe Posts: 198
    So your actual contract price was $13,666 (before DP and any fees)? I'd say you did well.
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    I'm currently looking at the new Nissan Sentra and the new Honda Civic. I've read both pros and cons on this site as well as other sites. Of course there's always good and bad things about every car. I like some things about both cars. I know how great Honda's reliability is also. I'm just not quite sold on the new style of the Civic. Does anyone have any help they can give about either car?

    I would appreciate any comments either way. Thanks!!
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    I test drove both. Preferred the Sentra. A more comfortable ride due to the "ripple control" shocks/struts. Seats were also more comfortable than Civic. Driving position I thought was better, more of a taller riding position. Fuel efficiency is slightly better with Civic according to EPA. Resale value would also be better with Civic than with Sentra. However, neither vehicle yet offers VSC for 2008 models. Rest of it really is up to your personal preference. Deals I'm sure can be had on either model. Though Civic appears to have higher priced MSRPs.
    Have you considered the just released 2009 Toyota Corolla? They did a real nice job with that vehicle. Certainly you should compare features and pricing, especially on the base and LE models. XLE, S, and XLR models can get pricey real fast. Toyota is making VSC available as an option, and the northern US cars are coming with power heated outside mirrors, as part of their "weather guard" package, and that includes the base Corolla as well. Also, ABS is now standard on all trim levels across the board. Try that with Civic or Sentra. Hit and miss.
    Have you test driven the Sentra and Civic yet? Are any other small vehicles on the radar for you?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    ABS has been standard on the Civic since the new generation came to market in 2006. Have one and it has it!

    The Sandman :)
  • dallardallar Posts: 15
    Same kind of deal down here in Texas. Walked out the door with a 2007 SER Spec V for 17,946 incl tax. All options incl Rockford Fosgate, XM, Sunroof, Posi, etc. No other car with that kind of performance and equipment even comes close price-wise.
  • wanna buy a car and one dealership offered me
    16,200 the OTD price for sentra 2.0 S. Is it a little bit high?
    let me know that. I originally think Sentra 2.0 S values below 15500(the OTD price)
    - in illinois.
    What do you think about this.?
  • This worked for me and I was in your same price range and I recieved otd price of $13990, on the sentra 2.0S, picked up a few days ago (all fees included in this price).
    You never said what the msrp was on this car, it really doesn't matter and if you follow these guidlines you should get the car for at least $3000 (low side), to $4000 off the msrp. If you haven't bought it yet try this and let me know how you make out. The sentras have the $1250 or $1000 with 3.9% interest untill the end of the month so it should be done in that time frame to get the best deal. You should have your mind made up as to the car and features you want and be flexible as far as color, or if you are not flexible on color Just do not let the salesman know. This is very important, you should only talk car price and NOT payments, use the edmonds finance calculater when getting your prices to figure out the payments at first, use 5.9% as a rate if you have good credit, do not listen to the salesman when they say no one gets it for that now, it's BS. OK here we go:
    1) go to and request quotes for your vehichle, the more dealers the
    2) Wait TWO days to gather all info and have them give you a stock# so you can look at it over the net, make sure they email with the info, at this point make sure they know you will definatly be buying within a few days and you can even tell them a downpayment figure, along with a payment figure that you are interested in, but make sure you lowball the payment figure, ex.. I wanted as close to $200@72 months but knew this was impossible for them and they will problably even laugh, BUT REMEMBER, at this point this is a reference for them and you , still deal with only the figure price of the actual car, not monthly payments.
    3) All your information should be in front of you at the end of two days. Email all of the dealers in ONE email, on the best price you recieved so far for the car, not payment price just full price, in this email start talking about finance rates, and an out the door price with ALL fees included, tell them if they have hidden fees when you go in to sign you will walk, you want all fees to be upront and disclosed now.
    4) Wait two days before doing anything. You will get a lot of offers and you are going to think this is the best I can do, but it will get better.
    5) After the two days pick the two best. You start calling them and tell them what the other dealer is giving you and do not feel guilty. After calling the both of them you should have your best deal( it might take a day or so on this also). Do not tell the other dealer you have made your mind up yet , because if the deal falls thru at dealer one you have dealer #2 to fall back on.
    6) Go test drive your new car, make sure they know you still have dealer #2 to go to and they will not want to let you get out the door without the new car, so they will give you the best rate they can, at this point it should only be about the financing rates and the shape of the car and not the purchase price.
    During all of these negotiations, DO NOT get excited, and do not commit to what you think might be a good deal. You have to let the whole process play out.
    Good luck. :)
  • The starting price for the 2008 Sentra S was $18070. The only additional options were floor mats and a rear spoiler.

    Then they allowed $2,500 for the trade in which reduced the price down to $15,570

    Added 'Document fee' of $279, plus tax of $1,109.43, plus title fee of $21.00 to come to a total of $16,979.43

    Then they 'subtracted' $2,250 in incentives: $1,250 Mfgs Incentive (good til March 8th I believe), $500 for College Grad and $500 for President's Day.

    This brought the final 'out the door' price down to $14,729.43
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    My wife and I purchased a new Sentra SL about a month ago. We thought we were going to buyu the Civic, but we're glad we didnt. Despite all the reviews rating the Civic much higher than the Sentra, I think the Sentra is a much better value for the money. It is much more roomier, very quiet ride, CVT transmission.

    We got the Sl which came with leather, CVT, intelligent key, bluetooth, sunroof, large trunk, nice standard audio system. Overall, so far it's been a great car and I hope it stays that way for years to come. I would recommend test driving one. You won't regret it.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    The SL listed for $20,850. It came with leather, CVT, intelligent key, XM radio, bluetooth, alloys, steering wheel controls for radio and bluetooh and cruise control, sunroof. The bottom line after rebates was $18,899. I'm not sure if I made the greatest deal compared to others, but I didn't think it was too bad. I compared to Honda Civic with same equipment and their MSRP was $23,300. This car rides much smoother and with a lot less road noise. If you have any othe questions, please let me know....Good luck!!
  • anycallanycall Posts: 10
    I got a quote of $18750 OTD. Is this good deal?
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