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Nissan Sentra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Well i purchased my May 30th. 2008 2.0 S Sentra, it only has CVT, ABS, "hand-painted" stripe, and splash guards with taxes, title, and fees TOTAL at $14,895!! I'm noticing i must have gotten a really good deal. My advice. Wait until the end of the month. My car only had 34 miles on it when i purchased it!
  • dr94087dr94087 Posts: 9
    Hi Gentlestorm,

    Will you pls let me know the dealer name and location?

    Is it CA?

  • Boucher Nissan and its in WI...My car doesn't have the fancy stuff like the convenience package. I wish!! So my biggest complaint is that on my key fob there is no trunk release. A 2008 with no trunk release!!!! But still it's pretty good!
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    Hey Redstripe,

    Yeah, I did all of my negotiating online before I even stepped foot in that dealership. I didn't have a trade in or anything. Even more, it was my first new car purchase! I was really excited about the price I got as well. Really, I would just recommend and everyone's advice on this site to help buy a car. That's what I did. Before I purchased, I just let the salesman know that I was going to begin my negotiations at dealerships from invoice before rebates and work downwards, whoever giving me the best price would win. All in all, it paid off. Let me know if I can ever help out.
  • that sounds like a real grate deal I would go for it. it only has 12000 miles on it what color is the car and the interior. Let us no what happens and if you get this car for your daughter thankyou for reading.
  • hmshahhmshah Posts: 13
    Hello folks, I am in a process of buying a 2008 Sentra SL (with floor mats, splash gards). MSRP = 19,935. Invoice = 18,628.
    Invoice - 1500 Nissan Rebate = 17,128 + taxes and TTL ,
    Final OTD price = 18,400.
    Do you guys think its a good price or I can negotiate more and come down couple of hundered dollars. You think I can come down to 17,500 or is that too much to ask for?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Also how is the stero system. Is it worth spending 700 dollars for the upgraded stero system or the stock 160W 6 speakers is good enough?
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Drove this on Sunday with the CVT...outstanding power and smoothness but felt the stock stereo sucked...really bad. Definitely try the better unit if possible. Or consider swapping out the speakers and possibly add more power. Added an amp to my Civic and helped it 100% in both power and sound.
    Definitely go with the CVT!!!

    The Sandman :)
  • "$15512 OTD for my 2.0 S CVT"

    did the 15,112 include the sale tax as well?
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    OTD refers to "Out The Door", which implies taxes, title, fees, and license are included in that price.
  • hmshahhmshah Posts: 13
    $18,000 for 2.0SL (Splash gards, floor mats, spoiler, tints) drive out price. but after listening to $15512 for 2.0s, mine doesn't sound like a good deal :(
  • yes you could do a bit bettor on sentria sl maby $16000 out of the door keep us updated on what you do thanks for reading.
  • hmshahhmshah Posts: 13
    The MSRP of Sentra SL is $18,970 plus taxes, TTL, dealer options. The extras I added was splash gards, floor mats, tint, rear spoiler. Everything combined, the drive out price would be around $21000. My final price was $18000. I might have got a couple of hundered dollars less, but I will probably have to negotiate a lot more. I was shooting for $17500, but it seems like $18000 is not that bad after all. Any other Sentra SL buyers...what did you guys ended up paying??
    I got the exact color combination I wanted, and the car had only 10 miles on it!
  • Bought a new 2008 Sentra 2.0s CVT with Convenience Package, splash guards, floor mats with 30 miles at pickup in the middle of June '08 in SF/Silicon Valley area for $16,536.54 OTD.

    $18,885.00 MSRP for Sentra 2.0S with convenience package, splash guards, floor mats (including delivery charge)

    $17,558.00 Invoice price according to Edmunds and KBB as of 06/2008

    $16,900.00 Negotiated Price including delivery
    $55.00 Document fee
    $16,955.00 Price before tax, license and applicable fees
    $1,398.79 Sales tax (Santa Clara county 8.25%)
    $174.00 DMV
    $8.75 Tire
    $18,536.54 Price before incentives
    -$1,500.00 Factory cash incentive rebate
    -$500.00 College grad program rebate
    $16,536.54 Out the Door price

    A few additional things to note. Reading this forum, the above price in this situation would often be quoted by posters as $14,900 before TT&L. I think that is a little deceptive because it takes into account the negotiated price after rebates but before taxes. However, I had to pay taxes before rebates were applied, which seems to be how it is in most states because I asked this question in post #187, it's actually more like 16,900 before TT&L and then a 2,000 rebate.

    Second, I've noticed that there was an increase in prices in the Sentra (and most other models in the Nissan lineup) vehicles at each trim line but not in the option or packages occurring in April of 2008, and I asked this question in post #183 but have not yet gotten any responses. I think that because of this price change, shows invoice price of "N/A" when pricing Sentras (at least when using their website in June of 2008) since they haven't confirmed invoice prices. seems to have this information though.

    Anyways, a lot of the great deals you read a few pages earlier in this forum seem to be from May and they were probably the Sentras on the lot before the April price increase. I found out that the car I bought was ordered and delivered in March of 2008. The price for the Sentra 2.0S CVT base vehicle was $16,860 MSRP/$15,730 invoice at that time (vs $17,070 MSRP/$15,926 invoice post April prices) and delivery charge was $625 (vs $660 post April prices). So technically, I should have listed $18,640 and $17,327 as the MSRP and invoice prices for the particular vehicle.

    Furthermore, I have noticed the more recently made Sentras have a short stubby (more like a fin) type of antenna as opposed to the longer whip like antenna (about a foot long). I have not read anything else on this. Does anyone know any further information on this? Is this a way to determine which are the pre-April Sentras and those that are post-April Sentras? Nissan actually currently mixes pictures of both types on the website (probably mistakenly).

    Sorry for the long post, but one more comment since I've talked about pricing here. I found out that Nissan has a dealer cash program in June of this year that is called a "Retro Program" that gives dealers cash back from Nissan for selling model year 2008 Sentras. Dealers receive a sales objective for June and they earn $200 if they meet unit volume goals for both the middle of the month and the end of the month. Additionally, they can earn $300 per vehicle if they meet 100-114.9% of the month's unit sales goal or $400 per vehicle if they meet 115% or more of the month's unit sales goal, retroactive to the first Sentra they sold for the month. So that means they can earn up to an additional $600 per vehicle if they hit all the objectives for June. I have not found this information published anywhere else.
  • You'd think I run out of stuff to type, but I did want to say that I was very impressed with the Nissan Sentra, much more so than I thought I would be. This purchase is a gift for someone who needed an economical compact sedan that is reliable and safe. When I initially set out to look for vehicles in this class, I thought I would probably be picking between either a Mazda 3 Touring Value Edition or a Honda Civic LX. The day I set out to test drive vehicles, I went to Nissan first only because it was two blocks in front of the Mazda dealership on my route. In fact, I was just going to do a test drive not because I was seriously considering buying it, but because I wanted to establish a baseline experience for the day. The sales person that helped me was very good at explaining all the features and details of the vehicle, and the test drive was very impressive. I was very pleasantly surprised about how much interior space and passenger room the Sentra has and also how smooth, refined and responsive the CVT and engine were, particularly its power and acceleration for a car of this class when carrying the 3 full-sized adults we had on our test drive. I knew going in that the Sentra had the most incentives at the time (at least 1,500 vs 1,000 for the next best offers in the class), and then when I learned that you could get bluetooth and keyless remote entry for not much more, I immediately thought that this car could be a serious contender for purchase.

    Real quickly my impressions of the other cars I drove that day. The Mazda 3 Touring VE was a very nice car and the one in my mind I liked most when I started out. I liked the looks and features at the price point, particulalry the 17" alloy wheels (everyone else was 16" steel wheels) and the projector style head lights (all cars should come with these now, especially if you're paying more than 15k for a car, I mean, how much better would the Corolla, Civic and Sentra look - a lot!). Handling was very nice, quite BMW like for the price and considering its FWD. Only car to offer a "manu-matic" transmission, though with only 4 gears, the transmission is not really that impressive. Also, all four wheels had disc brakes which is really nice, and I think all the other competitors had drums in the rear.

    Next was the 2009 Corolla, which we really didn't get to test drive as thoroughly as the other cars (only once around the block, no highway time) because of the dealership's asinine policy so I won't comment on ride and handling. On paper, the Corolla is very lackluster, especially given that this is a completely new redsign, this new generation Corolla has come into the competition limping. I mean they carry over the same 1.8 liter engine and 4 speed automatic from the last generation, seriously? And this after the current generation Honda Civic has a 5 speed automatic and a slightly more powerful engine of the same displacement that was introduced almost 3 years ago. I will say this about the experience, Toyota is truly relying on their hard earned reputation to sell their cars, which I guess they can, but their sales and service are horrible, and if continued, will seriously undermine the value of their reputation. I have felt this way for a couple of years now. If they don't improve this aspect of the dealership experience - being the interface between Toyota and the customers - they will eventually lose customers and hurt their reputation in a similar way as the Detroit automakers did in the later part of the last century when they failed to pay attention to quality, details, and innovation. With current production technology and management, Toyota no longer has nearly as large an advantage, if any, on quality and reliability over their competitors, both foreign and domestic. And certainly the value of their cars don't justify the arrogance I have seen from many of the sales people who represent their brand.

    Next was the Mitsubishi Lancer, and I really liked the aggressive looks of this car. Now, this is one good looking redesign. I'm sure they could increase sales volumes by 20% if all they did was use projector style headlights. The only thing I felt lacking in this car was the transmission and the fuel economy. Both the Lancer and the Sentra have 2.0 liter engines with CVT. Nissan does it very well. Mitsubishi does not. The Lancer CVT was a bad performing CVT. Nissan got their CVT right. Main take away, not all CVT's are made equally.

    And finally, we went to the Honda dealership to test drive a Civic, only to find out that there were no Civics to test drive because they were all sold out and the sales people were losing business because they didn't have the cars to sell to their customers. Apparently, a lot of people in June were trading in their SUV's and other vehicles and particularly liked the Civic. Visit the Civic prices paid forum and you will see some first hand experience about this. It was ok, because I actually test drove a Civic back in February when I was looking to buy a Pilot. At the time, I thought it was nice, handling, engine and transmission felt good, but wasn't particularly impressed with anything. The look of the current model was just ok, but clearly would be helped by using projector style headlights (the ones with the frog-eye lens as Paul Wall has described them). But for being considered the best-in-class car and priced that way, I found the lack of alloy wheels and drum rear brakes and folding rear seats with no split in the LX package to be pathetic. Interior and passenger space was average and what you would expect for the compact car size. But nothing about this car really stood out, and being that there were no cash incentives of any type and current market conditions severely reduced consumer leverage on pricing negotiations, it was an easy decision to not consider the Civic any further. Otherwise, I would be mainly buying it for the Honda Civic reputation for quality, reliability and resale value, which I don't doubt, but I didn't value as worth the $2,000 to $3,000 more than a Nissan Sentra 2.0S.
  • hey that is ok I reallly Injoyed reading boath of your Postings. SO you got the 2 point os what color did you get interior and exterior. I like that sand stone co,lor heard to find tho might go with my dad this weekand and Look at one the Sentria is a good car has alwas bin just as good as a sivick or the toyota car. Nissan cars are all just as good just a bit cheeper. so keep on posting the sentrias are selling like hot Cakes thankyou for reading Marco.
  • jaszz88jaszz88 Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm new on this forum. I just got an offer from a dealer to buy the Nissan Sentra '08 2.0S for $14000 (after rebate and discount). That price does not include any taxs or fees at all. They told me that they were going to give $1500 Rebate and interest rate around 5%. What do you guys think? Should I take the deal? Thanks
  • 2008honda2008honda Posts: 17
    Hey that cool man only if the sentra is CVT
    Same here man
    whats ur OTD
    keep trying that rebate for 1500 is cool until july 31 ;)
  • hmshahhmshah Posts: 13
    My dealer told me there was only price increse in the Sentra, no other changes. I cannot gurantee his knowledge but he did seemed to konw a lot of things about the car.

    Also my friend mistakenly did not completely shut off the gas tank round cap, 2 days later the "service engine soon" light came on. I read the manual and it that's how i figured out the problem. It has been day since I tighten the round cap as it should be, the warning light is still on. Any one familiar with this, how long will it take for the light to turn off after I have closed the cap properly. My car has only 350 miles so i don't think there is any other mechical problem.
  • this car is a grate car has bin for years just as good as a honda and toyota and Hundai. anyway about your gass cap good thing that you tightanded it to the way it should be titened it will take 20 tirn offs and start ups you no when you go to drive the car shut it off drive it later on or the next day the ecm will re configure it selfe and the light willl go out. see most peapol go to the dealer just over a loose gass cap and they say this is rong and that is rong with the car and take alot of Hard earned money from Peapol who do not no anything or verry little about cars. do not do that hope I was able to help you out let me no if there is anything elce I can help you out with it thankyou for reading.
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    Any word on this yet? This is the 3rd model year coming up for this current version.
    Improvements and other features are updated. Certainly prices are going up. Any dealer have any advance info yet on this? Again, this pertains to the U.S. market.
    Sentra in Canada makes it standard on the 2 upper trim levels, but not on the base
    model, and has been since introduction.
  • luvcashluvcash Posts: 2
    Price includes 1500 rebate, floor mats, body moldings, splash guards.

    Is this any good at this time of year with rebate?

    Speaking of rebate, I am a college grad (way past grad). Is there a chance to get them to tack on the $500 they are offering or am I hoping for too much?

    Also looking at same model but with CONV PKG, Moon roof, Rear Spoiler, Mats and Moldings with Rebate for $17.879 + TTL (includes $1500 rebate).

    Is there more room since they are covered with the rebate factored in?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Check with your Nissan dealer on the rules for the college graduate rebate to see if you qualify. Sometimes they are good for awhile after graduation. No idea what you mean by "way past grad." If you are like me and are 30 years "past grad", then I'd say you would likely not qualify for the rebate. Sometimes post-graduate degrees count too on these rebates.
  • yes on boath of theese moddles you can haggle quite a bit mor few Hundrid dolers on boath would try for $500 mor off on the price of boath go with the one you like the best they have the colors you want keep us updated hear on the foram thankyiou for reading.
  • luvcashluvcash Posts: 2
    Yes you are right, I went for the model with the added features and got it for $16.800 + TTL and before trade. I think I got a good deal but always second guess myself, thinking I left something on the table, especially as they are making a move to unload for new '09.

    Nissan tried pushing the extended warranty for $1285, with 100% refund at 100k miles if you don't use it at all. I didn't bite.
  • hmshahhmshah Posts: 13
    The 'service engine light' weent off abt after 100 miles and 4 days. The graduate discount is valid if you graduate withni last 2 years. Also I bought SL with floor mates, spoiler, tints, etc. for $18k drive out. So for Sentra S with all those packages anything above $17k OTD would b a little more expensive. Especially Nissan has bottom line event going on right now for 08 models, prices should be cheaper than before.
  • hello redstripe,
    I wish to know which bay area nissan provide you with the 16536 OTD and whom should i contact? i wanted to buy the same exact spec but couldn't get the same offer like you had. thanks.
  • ppk1ppk1 Posts: 1
    Hi. I've been offered a Nissan Sentra 2.0 S w CVT for $14,749 + documentation (249) +TTL.

    It seems like a good deal - what do others think? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    I think you can do better, especially since it is a couple months before the 2009 is coming out. Refer to posts 165, 178, and 193 by me in which I detailed the price I paid for the options I received and how I went about negotiating my price. Please let me know if you have any questions. But keep working with the dealer on getting that price down. I know they can do better since I got a better deal than that on the 2.0 S with CVT, Xtronic CVT convenience plus, alloy wheels, splash guards, floor mats, and body color side moldings. You just really have to be patient and work on them for a couple weeks.
  • I contacted all the ones in the area that I could find from a quick internet search, so that meant Falore, Boardwalk, Capitol, Superior, Daland, Serramonte, and Vallejo.

    The ones at the time that were most willing to deal were Boardwalk, Serramonte, and Capitol, which were all withing 300 of the price I got it at.

    Also, my price included a $500 college rebate program, which may or may not apply to you, and moreover, was a pre-April car, which may or may not still be available at some dealerships.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    In South Carolina, tax is calculated on the net cost, with a $300 max tax cap on any vehicle.
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