Chrysler 300 / 300C Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Share your Chrysler 300 purchase experience here.


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    where is it?
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    Message #2 was probably removed by one of the hosts since it was posted by someone trying to sell cars at discounted rates. I'm sure that's a violation of the "Rules of the Road."

    Now, back to Prices Paid & Buying Experience! I'd be interested to hear if anyone's been hit with an additional dealer mark-up on their new 300. I think the 300 Series is a home run for Chrysler, now let's just hope the dealers don't waste the opportunity!

     -- Mark
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    These dealer added markups are pissing me off. Actually, I don't know what's worse....the dealer markups or the moron's that pay it. I can't find any dealers in Nor. Cal. that will budge from their $5k added markups. I asked a salesman if they would be willing to sell for MSRP (still a ripoff!) and his reply was , "just sold one for $5k over, so the answer is Nope!!" Needless to say the guy was a complete pompous putz and I will never do business there. Oh well the search continues. Anyone in Northern California please post your purchasing experience.
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     Thanks for the info. I will check out Burlingame.
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    I just bought a 300C Magnesium at MSRP from a Lithia Chrysler in Burlingame, CA.

    I've been looking all over the Bay Area and most places were charging $2000-$8000 over MSRP. Lithia was at $2K over MSRP but they wanted a sale and I bet you could get the next one at or near the same price. Bought the car this afternoon and it's sitting in my driveway.

    The salesperson was ------- and SHE was by far the most knowledgeable salesperson I've yet encountered at a Chrysler dealership--and I've been to about five or six in the area.

    For once I found a salesperson who knew more about the car than I and was willing (along with HER manager) to make a sale. I told them I would sing their praises and I am and will continue to anyone who asks (this behavior needs to be rewarded). They are not a five star dealer (according to website) but they offered much more by way of knowledge and willingness to sell me a car at a fair price for all parties.

    CALL them today or tomorrow and get --- to set you up with the next cars that roll in--they have one blue Touring on the lot at this time.

    Good luck, and keep shopping.
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    Why don't you ask for some quotes through the internet even if you have to go outside CA? You will be able to get 300, 300C for under MSRP. Even if you bought a one way air fare ticket to the East coast where you CAN get a deal and drove it home, doing some sight seeing in your great new car, it's not going to cost you anywhere near the price you pay in CA. Enjoy the trip. I'm sure you can get a deal without having to come to the East coast.
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    I called Burlingame but apparently tom you bought the last one they had.... Searched a couple more dealers in the area only to encounter idiotic salesman that wouldn't budge from $7000 dealer added markups. And I quote,"We've sold one a day at this price, we're not budging on the price at all". So, apparently there are plenty of people that don't mind throwing thousands of dollars away. Hard to believe. I am going to search out of state, and have one shipped in as I don't have the time to drive across country...although I would like to do that some day.
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    What is the best internet site to get the best deal for buying the 300 Chrysler? I'm from Buffalo, New York.
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    The same markup nonsense happened with the Infiniti G35 (we considered one before my wife settled on a Mercedes C230) and other cars. Some people just have far more credit than brains.

    In my case, the 2002 Mountaineer I will sell will only lose about $1,000 in value if I keep it one more year, and many more miles. I'd love to get the 300C or Magnum (still haven't decided) now, but I'll wait, then send out bid requests to a bunch of dealers. Stamps are cheap, so I'll send bid forms listing the exact car I want to 30 to 100 dealers.

    Even now, you might get an ordered car close to invoice, as the dealers know it will take months for them to come in.
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    Actually Charles, I may do that. I've found 3 dealers that have a satin Jade C pretty much fully loaded (what I want) in the L.A area through the chrysler dealer inventory. I am going to call them up today and see if they will give me a no nonsense price over the phone. If so, I will definitely drive 700 miles round trip to save thousands...
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    Well, called all of the dealers that said they had satin jade 300C's and exactly 0 of the dealers had any. Apparently the dealer inventory search on the chrysler website is not accurate at all. Or, between all 4 dealers, they sold 7 satin jade 300c's in the last 10 hours(inventories updated at 0600 hours) The good news is all the dealers said they had no added markups. So, looks as if No. Cal is one of the only areas in the country that is tacking on thousands.
    I will probably just buy a one way plane ticket and drive her back as soon as one is available.
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    There are dealers in southern CA with markups of $3,000 to $8,000 on cars in stock.
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    I bought a 300 Touring Edition here in Ann Arbor. It was sold to me at MSRP and they added a discount to finalize the sale. I thought this was very nice as there is a high demand for these cars. So anyone being marked up should go elsewhere.
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    fsmmcsi, found a couple of dealers that have what I want but they have the same $5000k markup as up here in No. Cal. Called another dealer up here and they actually increased their markup from $5000 to $11,000 over sticker price.
    That means it will cost over $50,000 to get a fully loaded C.... absolutely sickening.
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    Did your Touring come with Goodyear "Integritys" or something else? If the former it would be interesting to hear your experience with them as your get some miles on the car.
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    My 1999 RX330 came with Integritys. They ride softly and quietly, have good tread life, and are cheap to replace. Downside: I hit a curb at low speed and the tire blew out the sidewall. So I'm not impressed with their toughness.
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    300C, sunroof, smokers group (don't smoke tho), sound groupII, protection groupII, Magnesium, dk slate, with a 7/70 bumper to bumper, out the door for 34,342. Maybe not great, but it is 36,500 msrp with the warranty, so I feel OK. Pick it up in an hour! Woo Hoo
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    What are people paying for the 300(NON-C models) in the DC area?
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    Magnesium, 300C with med gray int, sunroof, PGII, SGII and Wood trim. Sticker was $35,665, got it for $31,748 (Chrysler Rewards & Loyalty Cash). The dealer said I should have it in 3-4 weeks. BTW the Protection group comes with Continental tires.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Member Posts: 134
    including TAXES, etc? Mine was with the 7/70 $0 ded bumper to bumper too. If you got yours for that with taxes, title, etc , then you musta got a DEAL!! Antway, wait till you get it, and you are driving YOURS!!
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    Those prices are unbelievable. The left coast is getting bent over. Congratulations
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    What is "Chrysler rewards" money? How do you qualify?
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    I too would like to hear about your experience using this. It's from the Chrysler/Dodge Visa card....correct?
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    Not positive, but he may be referring to Chrysler's supplier, or friends and family discount purchase plan. I believe it's called "Affiliate Rewards" or something similar. It allows qualified buyers to purchase at 1.0% under invoice...any applicable incentives can also be applied to the discount price.

    Regards... Vikd
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    There is an incentive listed on Edmunds rebates site that is $1K on the 300 if you have another DC product. The credit card cash deal would probably be independent as you have to get a certificate from the program based on earnings. Don't know if there is ability to use those points on the new car or not. I've got mucho points but have never tried to cash em in for use on a car.
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    Vikd is right. My wife works at a Technical College and they offer an automotive degree...There is a huge list of companies that are part of this program. You have to check with your HR director. BTW, that's NOT including tax.
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    Yes, they have Goodyear Integritys. I will let you know.
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    A midwestern newspaper is hoping to interview owners and shoppers of new Chrysler 300 models. Please respond to [email protected] by Friday, April 30, 2004 with your daytime phone number and a line about the vehicle.
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    Bjsohio - did your invoice under this program include dealers advertising charges? Thanks!
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    Who, on earth, would be silly enough to pay thousands above sticker for a Chrysler! If someone actually did and would like to post their experience and rationale for doing so, please do.

    I used to own a 300M and was somewhat satisfied with the car but I enjoy my Audi a lot better. The new 300 looks like quite a step up from the 300M but I'm not paying thousands above sticker for it. I paid thousands below sticker for mine, thanks to Edmunds. You should be able to buy it for less than invoice if you shop and bargain. I've never paid sticker for any car I've owned.
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    I find it hard to believe that any dealer would even try to mark-up by 5-11K. If they do, they are surely not going to sell many cars.
      Dennis - did you actually see the mark-up? I wonder if some of the sour grapes types are giving you bad info. I'm amazed at how many people are being so negative .... and most haven't even driven the car. It is the most solid car I've ever owned.
  • dennisdennis Member Posts: 50
    I was told about the $11000 markup. But I've actually been to several dealers with markups ranging from $2499,$4999,and $6999. The $4999 is the most common that I've come across. I figure they are just trying to cash in when they can, because as soon as these cars start flooding the lots (and the newness factor is over) the markups will disappear. The price for living in sunny California, I guess. The sales-nerds claim, "they are flying off the lots at this price". So far, I haven't found a dealer that has more than 2 in stock so take that for what it's worth...

    On a side note, I sent an email to Chrysler about this horse manure. I've also been very dissatisfied with the customer service and the pompous attitudes the salesman have. Here is the reply:

    We have received your email regarding your sales experience at
    DaimlerChrysler dealerships in your area.

    Learning of your dissatisfaction with the service you received was
    disappointing. DaimlerChrysler is continually striving to assist our
    dealers in providing complete customer satisfaction. Obviously, the
    exact opposite has happened in your case.
    We appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention. Information
    received from customers better enables us to evaluate dealer service
    activities. Your concern will be retained in our dealer file.

    Let me guess the dealer file = circular file. Oh well I didn't expect any different. They didn't mention anything about the California Markup Package II. Out of all the cars I've purchased (this will be the first Chrysler product), these Chrysler dealers are the worst. I've never been treated this way, which is too bad. It is really discouraging me from even purchasing the vehicle now.
  • bjsohiobjsohio Member Posts: 69
    No. This will be my third purchase from this dealer and they've never had an "extra sticker" on the window.
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    Opinions, please.

    I put a deposit on a car 2 weeks ago. This car was a spec order by the dealer in November, so the assumption is that it should be here any day. The only thing they tell me is that it's "in transit."

    So, I've found a similar car supposedly on a dealer lot. (Jade instead of Blue, but enough people have said positive things about Jade that I can live with it.)

    My question is, assuming I can get a similar deal from the second dealership, how rude would it be to pull out from the first dealer and buy from the second? I assume that my deposit would be gone. But I also would be taking the new car in for service at the first dealership, as it's much closer.

    What does everything think - is this a bad idea?
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Member Posts: 134
    I'm sorry to hear about their attitudes as well as their "need" to mark up the cars. The dealers in this area are not only selling for sticker, but are receptive to normal dealing. So I'm thinking most walk out at less than MSRP. Not to make things worse, but the sales folks here have been super great. Like long time friends, and they know their product. OK, not every dealer near here is that way, in fact I walked out of one due to the salesman not knowing his product and even trying to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about. Look for another dealer? Good luck.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    I'd stick with the first dealer, especially if you want to use it for service. I'd be really PO'd if I was the first dealer and you backed out of the deal then had the gall to bring the car you bought elsewhere in for service. Perhaps a better idea would be to ask the first dealer to trade your incoming car for the one the second dealer has. If they would, you get your car now and everyone is happy in the relationship on down the road. All of this is just my opinion, by the way! My opinion and 50 cents will buy a can of pop. A good dealer/customer relationship is critical in the long run.
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    My dealer was, and is, marking up the cars by substantial amount (didn't run the exact numbers). And he can't keep the cars on the lot longer than a day. I suspect they'll mark them up further if this persists.

    I had ordered back in January, and as of last Friday there was no confirmation either from Chrysler or my dealer that the vehicle had even been built. "In transit"...yet nobody can find it? Sure it is....

    I stormed in Saturday morning when I saw a black, fully loaded, 300C sitting on the lot, with the EXACT options I'd ordered. The car was surrounded with interested people, and fortunately the dealer was wise enough to let me take it for the price I'd previously negotiated: invoice, not a penny more ($34,500). (he saw the potential for customer meltdown and cut it off at the raised eyebrow)

    While I was sequestered there for the afternoon long "please please buy our extended warranty" session..."NO! times fifty! stop asking"...they sold the three other 300s they had in stock, two Cs and a Touring.

    These cars were unloaded, prepped, and sold the same day. I overheard the transaction going on in the room next to mine. The guy spent $39K and change. Sad, truly truly sad.

    Speaking of mark-ups: The dealer brought me to the back room and showed me some sweet 20" wheels they "are gonna stick on a 300C if one will stay long enough for us to do so, or you can buy them for your...". I'm thinking "heck yeah!", and then he has the gall to ask for $4500!! thanks.
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    So you got all the options (sound 2, protection 2, moonroof, u-connect, hid, real wood, pedals, etc.)? I ordered mine with everything but smoker's and cold weather group and am paying $2000 below MSRP (which includes $1000 loyalty discount). It sounds like you saved about another 2k. Is that correct? And how do you like driving yours??? I ordered mine 2 weeks ago. Hope it won't get lost, too.
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    According to their web site, you can order a new 300C for invoice less $319 in Bartlesville, OK at the Chrysler dealer there. You keep the $1,000 loyalty money too.
  • tibbunetibbune Member Posts: 76
    I did not get u-connect or the DVD player. I got the pedals, HID, sunroof, Navigation, wood trim, sound 2, protection 2, Sirius,...uhm...I can't recall if the back-up sensor was optional, but it's there.

    The loyalty discount I had to fight for, and I'm still ticked about that. They claimed no such rebate existed, and I had to literally make them call Chrysler THREE TIMES before they finally relented and took the $1000 off...which got us to 34,500 thereabouts.

    The funny part is, I went to this dealership around the end of January, and they offered me the car right around invoice right then and there, for a pre-ordered allocation. No haggling involved at all! I was stunned. I had downloaded Edmunds invoice price and went in there intent on getting it, and they were so close with their opening offer, I never checked to see if it was exact or not. I imagine they made something, or else the manufacturer's kickback on these was enough.

    Dealerships are funny that way when they're hurting on sales. I remember walking into a Jeep dealership with an Edmunds fax invoice (back before Edmunds was on the internet) and pushed it across to the sales guy and exclaimed "According to this you paid $23750 to get this Jeep and that's all that what I will pay". The salesman smiled, giggled, then explained "You realize the price I handed you when you came in here is less than this figure, right?"

    Oh man, was that ever embarrassing.
  • jeepjeep Member Posts: 86
    I've been lurking here for the past several days. I've been interested in the 300C and have been visiting numerous dealers. Well. today I found what I want. It has a few more options than I needed, however with the brouhaha with the infamous sunroofs, I decided to go for it. I didn't want to wait.

    I am getting the Cool Vanilla, all options except the cell phone u-connect, winter pack and smokers pack. You guys are right. These dealers are tough. The best I could do was $500 below sticker along with an accurate price on my trade. I even went to walk out the door and they were letting me go. I just couldn't do it. I had to get that car.

    I generally buy a new car every year or so and adamantly refuse to pay above invoice. This time I failed. I feel like a loser. Oh well, I pick it up at 5pm.

    By the way you guys that ordered yours are getting the shaft if they haven't been delivered yet. I was at a dealer on Saturday that ordered one in November,it was built in February, and he still hasn't gotten it yet. Now in shopping the internet for dealers in my area, the one I chose showed the Serius radio on the sticker for $195 with one year free service as opposed to the previous $325. charge. I figured that this must be a recently built one. I looked at the build date on the drivers door. It was 5/04. Hell, this is only the 10th. Something is definitely wrong in their distribution train.

    One other thing. I was under the impression that there was a $1000. owner loyalty discount along with the $1000. Chrysler finance discount. Not so. Contrary to everything I read, the finance discount takes place of the loyalty discount. I had the dealer call the regional rep. while I stood there, and I also called Chrysler myself when I got home.
  • cash1cash1 Member Posts: 1
    Just picked up a 300C loaded on Saturday in Gainesville Ga. I live in the Atlanta area and had been looking for a Magnesium 300C with protection group/sound/... everything but navigation. (which no one has anyway) It took a week and searching dealerships all over north georgia but I found it. Paid sticker... no premium. I expected to pay sticker, this car is hot. Am very happy... fantastic car to drive and is turning heads everywhere. I would advise getting the hemi. The v/6 just doesn't cut it.
  • pezlarpezlar Member Posts: 2
    I'd like everyone to know there are deals to be had on 300c's if you are willing to look around. I live in New Jersey and I couldnt find a dealer in my area that would budge on the sticker price. Using the internet I located a fully loaded midnight blue 300c at Reedmans, Langhorne, Pa. The wife and I took the 1 hour ride out there yesterday. The sticker was $38,630. After negotiating with the sales mgr for almost an hour the dealership discounted the car by $1530 and an additional $1000 because our 300m was financed thru chrysler financial. Total cost out the door was $36,100, though I will have to pay sales tax when I register it in NJ. The car is gorgeous, the hemi is powerful, and the navigation/boston acoustics stereo is awesome. I highly recommend this car to anyone in the market for a new set of wheels. The best part of this deal is my wife says she is fine using the 300m as her personal car and I get to drive the 300c!
  • silvercsilverc Member Posts: 10
    I ordered a 300C fully loaded on 27 April, got the VIN today and it is at D1 (scheduled to build). I paid significantly below MSRP and I have a dealer who is willing to place orders for at least $1K below MSRP. Dealer is in the Bay area, I don't want to post name online because of all the screaming the other dealers do about someone having the nerve to place sub MSRP orders. Dennis, or anyone else who want to order (your not going to get a deal on a in-stock) get me an Email address and I'll hook you up.
  • silvercsilverc Member Posts: 10
    See my post #50. If your going to order, I have a good Bay Area source. Disclaimer: I don't work for anybody, let alone a dealer.
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    A magazine reporter is hoping to interview buyers of the new Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum who hadn't previously owned Chrysler products, or who moved from an SUV into one of these vehicles.
    Please respond to [email protected] by Wednesday, May 19, 2004 with your recent automotive history and daytime phone number.
    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director

    Need help navigating? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.
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    I was talking to 2 dealers about a 05 300. One offered me $19k and the other $20k for my loaded 01 Chev Tahoe LT. This Tahoe has every option available. I was not very happy with the trade in price since I work for a financial institution and finance vehicles everyday and know what they will probably sell the Tahoe for. My husband called me from work yesterday and said that he heard that we could get 1% below invoice through a Chrysler program available with his company. I called the dealer and told them what I had just found out and they told me that they could do that but they would have to lower the price on my trade in. This program will not change the amount that they sell my Tahoe for. Sounds like no benefit to having this program. The dealer wants me to pay the same amount out the door. I'm thinking about contacting Chrysler Corp. I'm open for any thoughts or suggestions.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Member Posts: 960
    Nice post, from the dealer's perspective; but I have one comment about your comparison of the pricing/value, etc. versus the 300M. I bought my 99 300M on July 27, 1998. At that time it was the hot new car, and went on to be M/T Car of the Year. I'm 62 and it was my first Chrysler. My car came with every feature, except PHP, smokers group, and a moonroof, none of which I wanted anyway. It stickered for $30,075 and with a little dickering [and I had a trade-in that they jobbed me a little on] I got it for $26,959. Now, outfitting a current 300C on the DC web site with a lot of the available bells and whistles, but less the roof, and Sirius, which I wouldn't want, put me at roughly $38K for the vehicle. When I look at this new car, albeit 6 years almost having passed, and compare it with the aging M, I think that the few additional whiz bang things [like adjustable peddles, 19" wheels?] and the Hemi don't make it a "great value" compared to the M. In fact, despite the M being around for 6 years, if DC kept the M exterior design, made it rear wheel drive and dropped that Hemi into it, I'd probably have one on order now, unless they jacked the price up to the stratosphere like they are doing for the supercharged Crossfire SRT-6. Is it worth 11K more than my M? That's the same question I asked myself when I looked at the under-powered Crossfire. The answer is I am still driving the M and wishing they built the Chronos, 300 Hemi C, or the sketch vehicle on page 21 of the R & T supplement on the new 300. But having said that, many like the design, but I would only get it with the Hemi, as the 3.5 just has to work too hard for such a heavy vehicle. This car is likely to rise and fall on the quality of the parts in the build and the dealer support. Neither were great in many respects for a lot of M owners, myself not included.
  • scottlmcjscottlmcj Member Posts: 5
    Sorry I didn't go into great depth on the "value" story of the 300C. If you take a 300C with the base brice of $32,995 and compare it to the 300M this year that is priced (MSRP wise) at about the same price the value is readily apparent.

    We also sell Lincolns and a BASE V6 Lincoln LS with nowhere near the equipment (or in my opinion the great looks and style) of the 300C is a little over $33,000 MSRP. Thank god theres huge rebates on the LS......
  • dennisdennis Member Posts: 50
    scottmlcj-- sounds fair enough. All I'm trying to do is find a 300c that is at MSRP like you say. All I can find is horrendous dealer greed markups varying from $3000 to as much as $11000 over MSRP. I try and negotiate to MSRP only to be laughed off the dealer lot. Kind of funny how every dealership I have visited just sold one "last night". I'm happy these cars are "flying off the lots" like every salesperson is telling me. However, I won't be plopping down thousands on top of MSRP for this or any other vehicle. That, my friend, is a pure ripoff no matter how you look at it.
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