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Chrysler 300 / 300C Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 28tellicherry28tellicherry Member Posts: 3
    I plan to purchase a chrysler (T&C) in the next two weeks. Test drove them all and hands off the T&C is by far the best price! Many thanks in advance for the code.
  • coolrunningcoolrunning Member Posts: 117
    I highly recommend the Chrysler Town & Country. I have owned two of them over the last 16 years and they are by far the most useable and enjoyable vehicles I have ever owned. I currently own two 300C's, but my wife is missing her van so much I am now considering buying her a new T & C. Even though we no longer have any kids to haul around, we still enjoy the room and utility of using the van as a universal transport. One day it is a car, the next we use it as a truck, then maybe a mini-bus, then it is a really roomy long distance rolling bunkhouse. My wife like to make her bed in the back while I drive for 12 hours or more. When we arrive she is fresh as a daisy! That is a lot harder to do in a conventional car. I am really impressed with the new T & C. It is obvious that they designed it to improve upon an already great vehicle. It has a better engine, transmission, dash layout, seats and I really like the electric side doors with windows that can be lowered. The power lift rear door is cool. Gadget-wise I plan to get the navigation system with the MyGig system, the DVD system, and the U-connect system. I have used these things in my 300C's and I really like them. I also like the overhead console offered in the new T & C, with the led lighting. Chrysler invented the minivan, but now they are setting the standard for all others again. :)
  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    The new T&C and Caravan look great. :shades:
  • dhoolwerfdhoolwerf Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 300C SRT Design at the end of March. MSRP was $40,760, I paid $32,500 out the door, including destination charge, TT&L (tax, title & license) and all other fees. My car was the last 2007 model left on the lot, and it had 975 miles on it (the General Manager used the car to drive to/from work for a few months), however, I still have the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty because I am the first registered owner of the vehicle.

    My advice is to focus on the "out the door" price when negotiating to avoid having the dealer tack on all sorts of extra charges as you write up the contract.

    Good luck!
  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Member Posts: 1,491
    Thanks for all infos guys.
  • silveraasilveraa Member Posts: 1
    I just got the deal of a lifetime. My 2008 300c has a sticker price of 46k. I was looking for a dealer demo online and found one up in San Francisco. I couldn't believe the price when I saw it. This car only had 9k miles and was fully loaded. I mean to the hilt. Even the back seats are heated.

    My final price 24,999.

    Here is why these prices have gotten so low in California. I spoke with the dealer who told me that a bunch of Chrysler Dealers in Southern California have gone out of business. Here is the good part. They can only sell their inventories to other Chrysler dealers at auction.

    Since most dealers are cash poor there are only a few dealers who can afford to buy up the inventory thus creating rock bottom prices. They were not only buying demo's but new cars as well. They showed me a few other cars that were new that they bought for .50 on the dollar.

    I live in the Los Angeles area as was afraid of buying the car online but it was a snap. I made the deal on the phone, hopped a flight to San Fran. The dealer picked me up at the airport, took me to the dealership, filled out the paperwork and six hours later I was back in LA with my new car.

    I would suggest to anyone who is doing this to make sure all your financing is done before you go. Also put a small down payment with your credit card. By doing this they can't sell the car out from under you. Also make sure they send you via email the official quote down to the last penny so you can have it in your hand when you get there. This will avoid any funny business by the finance dept.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    I will be sitting in my car watching cartoon network on my Sirus satellite TV if you need me.
  • notleynotley Member Posts: 1
    i was recently given a quote of $36,499 for a 2009 300c AWD with luxury group II and protection group II packages included. according to the dealer the car is "fully loaded". i can also get 48 month zero percent financing. i was told that this was a "bottom line" price. this sounds pretty attractive to me. can i do better price-wise and if so by how much? are there any other things that i can negotiate that would be to my benefit.

    thank you in advance for reading this and any information or advice given is appreciated.
  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    Edmunds itself says $35,665 if the only options are luxry group and protection II. if there are other options then they are in the ballpark. the zero % financing makes that deal attractive. If you like the car, I'd take it.
  • robw64robw64 Member Posts: 76
    Because of the advertised Chrysler incentives and the federal tax program I decided to send out a few internet quote requests for a 300C. The online inventory showed one at the dealership in my city with everything I wanted (inferno red, genuine wood interior, fully loaded). Their internet quote came back with an excellent price ($8k under MSRP), so I set up an appointment to test drive the vehicle today.

    I was surprised when I was told that Chrysler Financial is no longer writing any loans at all, so the zero percent financing advertised through May 4 is unavailable. I hadn't seen that announced anywhere. In fact, I came home and looked on the Chrysler Financial website to find they are still accepting applications in the space right below the "We are not in bankruptcy like Chrysler Corporation is......." announcement.

    With excellent credit (no rating is in the top 2% of nationwide scores) the dealership quoted me 7.99% for 60 months. My local bank is offering 5.49%.

    I was offered $18,500 for my 2007 loaded Lincoln MKX. Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book both state a trade of approximately $24,500.

    I am realistic when it comes to car buying and I know it can be somewhat of a game. I am also aware they aren't giving their inventory away. However, I wasn't expecting such an extreme attempt at screwing me over at this point in Chrysler's situation.

    It's a beautiful car and I would definitely have considered driving home with it had the offer been reasonable.

    Oh well.
  • slp3slp3 Member Posts: 1
    We've been looking at the 300 C for about a month now. None of the dealerships seem too anxious to make a deal go through. We made 2 offers on one we wanted, and kept having to call them. We were trying to play hard ball, but they didn't want to even call us or counter-offer.
    I know there are a lot of dealerships closing, I've seen many cars listed as "new" with the years being 07 and 08, much less even all the 09s. I'd think they would make some killer deals on a 2007 that's been sitting on the lot for 3 years!

    We're going again tomorrow, so I'll update if we get a good deal. Is anyone else out there buying 300s?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    A reporter from a finance magazine is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a vehicle and ended up with some options by the dealer at little or no extra cost. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to [email protected] by Tuesday, June 16, 2009.
  • coolrunningcoolrunning Member Posts: 117
    Congratulations! What a fabulous deal on a fabulous car! You will love it. :shades:
  • hotrodpahotrodpa Member Posts: 2
    When I bought my 06 200 I wanted a Moon roof installed and i had already did my research and found the cost to be $900 , but the dealer told me it would be $1400. I asked about this & was told that there was two grades of moon roofs. So I accepted tis as the reason. After picking up my car after the roof is installed I decided to add a deflector so i went to the Company that installed the roof to get one, while there i asked about the moon roofs they install on this make/model car I got quite a surprised that they only install one. As you can guess I was angry and disappointed, but vowed never to reccomended this dealership to anyone.
  • lechancelechance Member Posts: 1
    :confuse: Okay I located 2 cars that I like both 2009
    one i love is in vanilla 300c awd 200 miles has luxury and protect group II and is at 43,646 invoice and was put into the showroom last Oct 08
    and the lowest out the door with rebate with new grill is 41,464
    the other is a bright silver with no protect II and they want 39,000 out the door and has 8K miles
    what gives with that?

    Why am I not being able to get the the silver with 8k at 35,000 out the door as it is a demo
    and the other the vanilla is being driven by a dealership owners mother

    what Is up when the 2010 are coming out and the prices are this high

    Please help me suggestions and prices styles!
  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496
    Perhaps there are few AWD's around and the dealer is commanding a high price. Also, you may want to cross shop for an AWD Dodge Charger, a similar car to the AWD 300. Good luck.
  • jpfjpf Member Posts: 496
    You may want to check out Carmax. They have a few late model cars that may be of interest to you. For example, a 2008 AWD Dodge Charger R/T with 9k miles is listed for $22,450. Good luck.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    I don't know where you locate but in carmax you can do NEW car search in ADVANCED search. There're 86 new Chrysler/Dodge available, 300 LX $7,516 and 300C, Limited are with 8,277 off from MSRP.
  • mercmasermercmaser Member Posts: 1
    I live in the Kansas City area and wondered if anybody here has any idea what the best price today (after applying available incentives) would be on either a 2011 Limited (fully loaded with nav., moonroof, and 20" wheels) or a 2011 300C (also fully loaded w/ nav., moonroof, 20" wheels). thanks
  • sayhey3sayhey3 Member Posts: 1
    Do not know how much this helps in KC since I live in the Northeast - but 3 days ago I purchased a 2011 300 Limited (20"" wheels and moonroof, no NAV) for bottom line $27,799 (sticker $34, 285). I suspect that if I financed it, price may have been lower. This is about the 10th new car I have bought in my life and this business has changed - they really do not sell cars anymore - they sell loans.
  • bnoelbarrbnoelbarr San Pedro CaMember Posts: 1
    I'm looking at a 300 base model with 178,200 miles on it. how are these cars at high miles? They are asking $4598.
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