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Chrysler 300 / 300C Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    Whoa! You should be able to get an excellent rate with that credit score. The best thing to do is to apply for financing through your bank or credit union (TODAY!!) or use an online service like eloan.com where you get offers back very quickly. Then you will have at least ONE number that you know you can get. Take it with you to the dealership, but don't show it to them until you've applied for financing through DCX Financial. If their rate comes back higher than what you were able to get on the open market, pull out your quote from the other lending institution and tell them that you need them to beat that rate in order to finance through DCX.

    They'll either be able to do it, or they won't - credit scores don't tell the whole story, but if you have the income, job history, and credit history to back up the score, you should be able to get a good rate. Unfortunately, at least in my area, DCX isn't offering a special APR on this vehicle.

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  • digitalgraveldigitalgravel Member Posts: 14
    So are you saying that I should apply for a loan at my bank, onilne, and at the dealer? Yes, I am aware that DCX isnt offering a special ARR on this vehicle. Do you know if they will be offering any type of deal in the near future. I know the current promotion ends Oct. 3rd which really isnt anything ($500 rebate). So do you have any inside info or projected info on this matter as to when they will offer a special APR on this vehicle? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    No, no inside info - DCX doesn't even release upcoming promotions to dealerships til the time they're offered, and it's difficult to predict future incentives. However, on a hot-seller, I'd say it's not likely.

    And yes, I would apply for a loan at EITHER my bank OR online - no need to do both, really. Then apply at the dealer to see if they meet or beat the offer you've already got.

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  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 197,965
    It isn't a real good idea to put your e-mail address in your post.. You can make your e-mail public in your profile, by clicking on the "preferences" button on the left side of the page.. Then, other members can see your e-mail by clicking on your user name. That will keep it away from the spammers, as well..

    Not only that.. we like to have the information exchanged here... so, everyone can benefit from it.

    Let me know if you want me to delete your post.

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  • goofytimlgoofytiml Member Posts: 41
    We purchased a Chrysler-Certified pre-owned 300C RWD from our local dealer about two weeks ago. We had purchased our T&C Van there 11 years ago. The 300C was purchased in Aug. 2004 originally and driven locally. The owner traded in for some kind of SUV for greater security during WV/OH winters. It was in mint condition as far as I could tell. CarFax and Maintenance/Service history were available. Price was as seen first on AutoTrader.com: $29,999. Dealer website had it listed for $33k+, but the drive-by revealed the $30k value on the window. We traded a '97 Subaru Outback Legacy with 130k for which they allowed $3k.

    We got the remainder of the 3/36k B-to-B and 7/70k PwrTrn warranty. We are considering the extended warranty for B-to-B for 8/100k (i.e., would have 7 years left). I think the price quoted was $2250 for the Max. Protection plan... I know such can be had for less, but most similar coverages seem to be still in the $2k ballpark. What say any of you?

    Here's a pic...
  • calgarydrivecalgarydrive Member Posts: 7
    Sure & thank you
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Member Posts: 960
    Had my M into the dealer for a service yesterday, and saw that he had a Black SRT-8 on the showroom floor. It had 1,500 miles on the odometer, so it must have been an exec car. It looked pretty sweet inside and the 6.1 had my heart pumping hard. Then I looked at the wheels and saw that it was shod with Badyear RS-A tires. You have got to be kidding me. DC just never learns. They should have made Michelins standard. Oh, well, anyone interested in an SRT-8, the dealer in Elizabethtown, KY has one, with the Bentley style grill too.
  • retroericretroeric Member Posts: 4
    In my newspaper today, a local 5 star dealer advertised base 300 (2006, not 2005) at $19,991. How is this possible??
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    Are you sure? Did you read the fine print? A lot of times these offers will have teeny print at the bottom indicating something like "assuming $6,000 trade allowance," and "after all rebates & incentives." I haven't seen one advertised anything like that low, so the catch is likely in there somewhere.

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  • tjbennetttjbennett Member Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me how you go about getting a 300 online? You all talk about invoice + 1% pricing and other things. I went to the local dealers websites and asked for qoutes and all I got back were emails telling me to stop by the dealership and we could talk. How do you purchase on the Internet? :confuse:
  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    Here is what I did to buy our C:

    1. Went to the Chrysler.com website. Put in the zipcode(s) I was willing to drive to to buy one.

    2. Searched the inventory for the 300C equipped the way I wanted. (The VIN and window sticker can be viewed online.) I looked at all dealers within 100 miles of home--all you need is the zipcodes for the towns of those dealers

    3. There was a link to email the dealer. I sent a message to them.

    4. The reply came back that they would sell for invoice + 1% if I was ready to deal on that specific 300C.

    5. I set up the appointment.

    6. Set up financing through my credit union

    7. Drove to the dealership at the appointed time.

    8. Met the internet salesman who gave me a complete demonstration of the car, let me drive it. (Loved it, of course.) It was exactly the car on the website--you can get the VIN and see the window sticker on the computer)We sent inside and went through the numbers one by one.

    9. Bought the C for the invoice +1% (actually for less than invoice given the $500 rebate).

    10. Figured I saved nearly $2000 from what I had been able to do just walking cold into a dealership (believe me, I tried that)

    10. Drove it home.

    11. Answered all the questions from people stopping me on the street. I never got comments about a car like I did when driving this one.

    12. I think I can tell you the dealership is in Myrtle Beach, SC

    13. Enjoying the ride, 6000 miles and 4 months later. :shades:
  • geordie1geordie1 Member Posts: 7
    Intending to get the CRD early 2006. Any info re discount deals available would be appreciated.
  • salc1salc1 Member Posts: 12
    Hi Car_Man;

    I have been looking at the 300C and Limited and am about to start negotiating with local dealers. Before I start the process, I'd like to know what the likelihood is of better incentives in January as opposed to making a deal in December.

  • salc1salc1 Member Posts: 12
    Would appreciate any input on how close to invoice or below invoice people are being quoted on the 300C. I met with a dealer in CT willing to sell a 300C at $100 above invoice.

    Is that a good deal?

  • 2speed2speed Member Posts: 4
    Hey bud.................pretty good deal..........have him show you the paperwork..............We just bought an 06 Hemi C in October. Unfortunately, they only offered a 500 rebate. They gave me 500 more than I originally wanted for my 2000 300M that we traded. Shrunk the gap that much more. Have him put it on paper, and run Forest, run!
  • salc1salc1 Member Posts: 12
    thanks 2speed. How are you enjoying your car?

    I forgot to mention that I would be getting the $1000 rebate from Chrysler in addition to the final negotiated price, putting me $900 below invoice. I guess I should go ahead with the deal.

    Appreciate your feedback.

  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    I think that is a fair deal for you and the dealer. Take it and enjoy the C. :shades:
  • salc1salc1 Member Posts: 12
    I'll be with my local dealer tomorrow looking to finalize a deal on the 300C AWD. Just wanted to check with the forum on latest price quotes. I'm pretty close to invoice right now with the dealer, but would like to know if anyone has found pricing at or below invoice yet.

    Would appreciate any replies by day's end. Thanks
  • digitalgraveldigitalgravel Member Posts: 14
    i thought that i read somewhere if you get the financing through Chrysler then you can get the 1000 cash allowance but what if i pay cash? Can I still get the cash allowance?
    This is the bottom line, I have only $30k cash and I want the Signature Series out the door including tax and all for $30,000. I talked to a salesmen and he said that he would give it to me for invoice plus the additional $1000 cash allowance but I dont know if that would be without financing through the dealer. Can someone please help me out?
  • 300cman300cman Member Posts: 1
    Have been negotiating with my dealer re a 300C AWD. We have agreed to invoice plus $50. However, he lists the invoice of a base price 300C as $32505, while Edmunds lists the price as $32205. Have there been any price increases that have not been captured on the Edmunds.com site. Any replies would be appreciated so that I can deal correctly with my salesman. I will be meeting him again tomorrow to conclude the deal.

  • lennylenny Member Posts: 29
    When I bought my 300c and wanted to pay cash I could not get the $1000 unless I financed. I ended up financing $4000 and you can not pay off for 3 months. The extra $1000 off cost me about $39 in finance charges. Was the way to go as I still saved another $961! (I received the "friends Discount" which was 1% UNDER dealer invoice plus a $25 dollar handling fee)
  • davew68davew68 Member Posts: 3
    Lenny, that 3 month period your dealer was talking about was a recapture period. Basically, if you pay the loan off prior to the 3 months, then the dealer has to pay back a portion of the incentive cash that Chrysler Financial paid them directly. In my case, the dealer charged me 8.99% rate for 60 months when I qualified for 5.5% anywhere else. The dealer was making a huge premium upselling the rate that high, but I had no problems refinancing to the 5.5% rate as soon as I received my account number from Chrysler Financial (about 2 weeks after purchasing). There are no penalties for paying off the loan before 3 months. In my case, it was worth getting the free $1k from Chrysler to pay a higher rate since I knew I would refinance it right away and only pay around a $50 interest premium to do so. As long as you don't have a personal problem with your dealer having to pay some of their back door profit back, then refi that loan asap to a lower rate.

    When I purchased my 300C AWD, I had checked the invoice through Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book. Their listed invoice prices were about $600 lower than the dealer's invoice which I did see. The $600 extra had to do with 2 market adjustments in the Chicago area. I'm sure this is probably true in other parts of the country as well. Bottom line, take your printed copies of Edmunds invoice and make sure the dealer shows you their actual invoice to make sure you are negotiating a fair deal. I paid invoice and also got the $1k Chrysler Finance cash, so was actually $1k under. Not a bad deal on a car of this caliber.
  • prodigousprodigous Member Posts: 7
    does anyone know if you can get a 300c with 20" wheels from a dealer?How much extra would they charge
  • davew68davew68 Member Posts: 3
    If you're not opting for the 300C SRT8, then your car would come with 18" chromes with Continental tires. If you get the 300C AWD, then your car would come with less attractive non-chromed 18" rims. You could have your dealer order you the 20" SRT8 rims, but you'd be looking at roughly $325/rim + approx $275/tire mounted and balanced for the Goodyear F-1's. So figure at least $2500 to upgrade to that package. You'd also want to check to make sure the offset of that rim will work on the 300C. Your dealer should be able to answer that question for you.

    You might be better off ordering some aftermarket 20" rims as there are several choices that are much more attractive than the Chrysler rims, and sometimes cheaper too.
  • prodigousprodigous Member Posts: 7
    Dave,thanks for your comprehensive answer.I was thinking that if the dealer were to charge $2500 for 20" wheels they should give me a credit for the 18" that the car comes with-no?Also from what I read on the forum 20" should be no problem but the 22" are a problem.Do you have any recommendation as to what type wheel to buy?Thanks again.
  • mikehtallymikehtally Member Posts: 2
    Picked up our Vanilla 300C Friday night. Shopped a lot at dealers and online. "Out the door" at $500 below invoice according to TMV. Went for the $1K rebate if financed through Chrysler Credit, so it's a really great deal on a fantastic car. Plan to pay it off, since only financed to get the rebate. Nothing in contract says we have to continue for 90 days, so will pay it off when we get the coupon book.
  • davew68davew68 Member Posts: 3
    There are lots of places to buy aftermarket rims. You might want to try www.bigwheels.net. They have lots of different rims to choose from. You just input the type of car you have and the size rim you're looking for and it will give you lots of choices. Don't expect any kind of dealer credit for your stock 18's even if you do buy rims from the dealer. They will probably just tell you to sell them on E-bay or privately. You probably shouldn't expect much more than $500 even with little to no wear on the tires. You might want to try and sell them to a 300 base owner who is looking to upgrade their steel rims.
  • ttarkingtonttarkington Member Posts: 18
    We purchased a 3006 Heritage - options addeded are navigation, uconnect, sunroof, Sirus, in cool vanilla - cost before taxes, after $300 dealer fee, 36094. Ebay listing 4620943640. Empire Dodge in Wilkesboro,North Carolina.

    We're just trying to decide whether to drive over (about 3 hours to pick it up) or have them deliver it here - $120.

    The internet sales people have been great - very good communication. I'm leaning to the delivery for a few reasons- not paying gas in our Denali XL to get there and back, the drive time, and not having to deal with the finance person! If it's delivered, we handle everything via Fed Ex!
  • robert56robert56 Member Posts: 7
    I purchased a Chrysler 300 Limited edition in Dec.2005.I found out that what I purchased was a 300 Touring edition with a Limited Badge.The Touring and Limited Edition are advertised as having a 5 speed transmission as standard equipment but I have a 4 speed transmission in my Limited {Touring?}Edition.Notified Chrysler in January but they have not got back to me yet.Be carefull when you buy as they don't advertise honestly.All brochures list a 5 speed transmission as standard.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 29,715
    do you have a 3.5 or 2.7? Isn't it simply that the 2.7 has a 4-speed and the 3.5 has a 5? So, if you have a 4-speed, then you have a 2.7 ... which I would think means its neither a Touring nor Limited.

    Is this an '05 or '06?

    '21 Wrangler 4xE, '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '14 Town&Country Limited. 55-car history and counting!

  • kings11kings11 Member Posts: 3
    Picked up from the Portland Metro area a pretty well loaded 300C for $36K. Given the options/packages included, the car's invoice according to Consumer reports was $37K. Financed through a local credit union at 4.99% with $5K down.

    I'm so damn happy with the car, I could do a backflip! After years of buying cars with limitation (money, kid's needs, hauling, functionality), it is a pleasure to drive a nice sedan with a responsive engine and steering wheel!

    Good stuff in these forums. Looking forward to learning a bunch of tips, tricks, and general ideas!

    Scott T
    Portland, Oregon
  • solitarymansolitaryman Member Posts: 1
    Just Bought a New Linen Gold Metallic 300 touring with a 3.5 V6. It,s a beauty. Do you guys have any feedback as far as reliability on these cars?
  • polara60polara60 Member Posts: 9
    Does anyone have the straight line on current discounts available on the 300C?

    -Employee Pricing about 10% below MSRP-is this national?
    -Cash Discount-$1,000 is this additive? I have seen it combined with Employee Pricing
    -Who funds Employee Pricing? Does Chrysler..or the Dealer?

    Thanks to those who might be in the know!
  • varobvarob Member Posts: 15
    So far so good. I have a 2005 300 Limited, loaded, and have been very happy with the car. After some initial complaints about the crappy Continental tires, I've had a couple of warranty fixes---alignment and the radiator brackets. The car drives like a dream and gets reasonable gas mileage. I have just over 34,000 miles on the car.
  • tenmidgetstenmidgets Member Posts: 5
    I can't stand this. I have been waiting & waiting for DC to offer 0% on the 300 and it is STILL excluded in the current promotion. The car is going on its 3rd model year come on, gimme a break! I can get almose any other Chrysler vehicle for 0% for 6 years, but all I can squeeze out of them for a 300 is a $1250 rebate. WHEN WILL THEY OFFER 0%???

    Ok I've vented to you all. But they're still killing me. :cry:

    -Bill H.
  • howdeehowdee Member Posts: 4
    Hey Bill,
    Rebate just went up to 2k, try Ebay ,I just bought one from Nikki at Elikin CJD, picked it up this past weekend, grat price,Honnest folks, even put me up for the night. They have more for auction now with great Buy-it -now savings.
  • tenmidgetstenmidgets Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the heads up howdee. I actually got tired of waiting and bought a used 2005 300C last month. It had 9600 miles on it and after my trade-in ('01 PT Cruiser w/ 72k mi) I paid $18,800 for the car. Its in immaculate condition and feels like a brand new car, so I am thrilled and the monthly payment is where I want it to be.

  • 95maxima95maxima Member Posts: 3
    I'm looking at a Chrysler 300. First time I'm considering a Chrysler product and have a 95 Nissan Maxima. I like the style/looks of the 300. A buddy of mine said that no matter what model you buy, I was leaning toward the Touring Edition, you are to use super unleaded. Is this true? What do other owners use? BTW this is my first post.

    Thanks to all who respond.
  • tenmidgetstenmidgets Member Posts: 5
    I use regular, runs great.
  • lacadelacade Member Posts: 12
    Per user manual 89 ocatane is recommended for the 3.5L. 87 octane can be used but when I tried my milage wend down enough to make regular the more expensive option.
  • cbartlettcbartlett Member Posts: 3
    Monday I picked up a fully loaded used 05 300C w/ 17,000 miles. What a great car. Wow, I thought my last car (maxima)had a lot of options. Purchase price $24880. I do want to warn everyone of the dealer who sold the car to me. Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge(NY) stated that it was a certified pre-owned vehicle of which it is not. They told me that it comes with a 8-80000 powertrain warranty. They even presented the carfax to back it up. Only after calling Chrysler did I find out this is not true. I now need to go to another dealership to pay an additional $150.00 to transfer the powertrain warranty in order to receive the 7-70000 warranty.
  • 95maxima95maxima Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for responding. I read the brochure the dealer gave me and said that 89 octane is recommended for most models but 87 is acceptable. I think the hemi takes super only and the basic model uses 87 octane.
  • greyfox1greyfox1 Member Posts: 28
    You are correct about 89 octane being recommended and 87 octane being acceptable. You are not correct saying the Hemi takes super only ! Using super unlead in the Hemi can cause the PCM to go bonkers and affect your performance as well as possibly triggering the check engine light. I work at a Chrysler dealership and have seen it happen to several Hemi owners. I have an '06 300C and use only 87 octane. I have posted messages previuosly regarding my mileage numbers and I think they are pretty good. ;)
  • dealer4dealer4 Member Posts: 1
    dear proud new owner
    I am the owner of the dealership that you bought the 300 from and tough i am happy that you are happy with the car i am upset that you feel that we misled you in any way i assure you that your vehicle comes with the 8yr80k powertrain warranty ... the only thing i can think off is that chrysler does not have the current information for your car sometimes it takes a little time for it all to be processed if you would like you can contact me at the dealerhip and i would be glad to straigten this out for you. :)
  • donl1donl1 Member Posts: 112
    When did Chrysler start the 8yr/80K powertrain warranty or am I missing something here? :confuse:
  • qbrozenqbrozen Member Posts: 29,715
    I believe its actually something like 7/70 or maybe 7/75? Something like that. In any case, they ended it with the '05s. The '06 and '07 models don't carry it.

    '21 Wrangler 4xE, '07 ML63, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '14 Town&Country Limited. 55-car history and counting!

  • coolrunningcoolrunning Member Posts: 117
    The 2006 Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition was only produced for a 45 day production run ending in May 2006? Only 2000 were built, in three colors: Black Crystal Pearl coat (1200), Cool Vanilla (600)and Inferno Red Crystal Pearl coat (200). The only way to get Inferno Red in 2006 was to buy a Heritage Edition, which was tough considering there were only 200 available in the world. Since they instantly became a limited edition of a limited edition, I bought two of them. I love my twins! :D
  • coolrunningcoolrunning Member Posts: 117
    The first Chrysler 300C appeared in 1956. Since the letter cars were not continuously produced (having a gap between the mid 60's until 1999), it would not be accurate to refer to the 2006 300C as a "50th Anniversary Edition". The Heritage Edition is such a lmited production model, it is destined to become a collectable. Far too many SRT8's are out there, and they are overpriced and stripped when compared to the Heritage Edition. Even if you order every option you can on a 2007 300C, there are features included with the 2006 Heritage Edition that simply are not available on any other car. I f you were lucky enough to find one and take it home, good for you! :D
  • goofytimlgoofytiml Member Posts: 41
    I also am an Inferno Red H.E. owner... and a two 300C owner (our first was/is an Certified Pre-owned Midnight Blue '05 model - build date 6/14/04). Nice to know ya coolrunning!

    I don't know how many H.E.'s were produced, and I would like to know the verifiable source of your info. However, I do know that your 45 day production run information may not be accurate. Why? Because I have been collecting owner's Mfg date and last six VIN numbers, color, etc., in this thread:

    Make our own Build Sequence for Heritage Editions

    over at 300Cforums.com since last April. I would love to have you post up the info on your H.E.'s to see where they "fit" in the growing list of recognized owners!

    The earliest build date registered in my list, is 12/14/05, and the latest build date is 5/31/06... so that makes the overal production run at least 167 days, although the actual number of days on which one or more H.E.'s were produced still could be 45 I suppose, but I think it unlikely.

    I hope you (and any H.E. owner) will add to the info in my list... the more the better for these great cars.

  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Member Posts: 491
    I am looking to purchase a 2007 300 SRT-8. Anybody able to get a deep discount, like a couple of thousand below invoice before the rebate?. TIA
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